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Cedar Lake


Awake! Cedar Lake

Dawn blushes to the herald-songs

Of early rising birds: Warm arias

Welcome day and stir small bodies

Cocooned in wool, love-tucked in

Thermal wraps against the chilly

Kisses night steals. Screened porch

Fills with nose tickles; teasing scents

Of syrupy coffee, marshmallowed cocoa

And damp woodland compost. Just

A few more minutes(pulling blankets

Overchin)of sleep? Please, sandman,

Bespell these eyes..oh no, sizzling

Bacon in the big iron pan wakes

Tummies too, now a-grumbling, the

Salty aroma forces the slow climb

From sleep. Little bodies unturtle

From their blanket shells as the old

Trundle bed squeaks and groans

With mutual protest. Slipping from bed,

Brother and sister pad barefoot across

The plank floor, noses lifted to track

The breakfast scents on air. Granma

At the stove, raises her arm and with

A point of her finger sends both to wash

Before eating. Grownups are huddled

Around the table like “Sunday Warriors”

Clutching steaming coffee cups and

Talking plans of the new day. Sunshoots

Stray in streaks through the screens,

Hinting of swimming warmth to come.

Giggling as we eat, anticipating fun,

Last sands of sleep are banished as

Another day at Cedar Lake’s begun.

©Charles Elledge 2000


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