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Conaway Andrew Fleming, Research Study

Husband: Colonel Andrew Fleming CONAWAY

Born: 1 Nov 1823 – Middleton, Monongalia County, Virginia
Died: 14 Jul 1908 – Barrackville, WV

Buried: 16 Jul 1908 – Barrackville, WV, Clelland Cemetery
Father: John “Big John” CONAWAY (1795-1868>
Mother: Sarah “Sally” FLEMING (1798-1834)
Marriage: 3 Apr 1859                     Place: Farmington, WV
Wife: Elizabeth BOOR
AKA: Elizabeth FLEMING
Born: 12 Sep 1834 – Monongalia County, Virginia

Died: 15 Jan 1907 – Marion County, WV

Buried: 17 Jan 1907 – Conaway Cemetery, Hillcrest Rd, Fairmont, WV
Father: Benjamin Francis BOOR (1811-1847)
Mother: Margaret Jane MASON (1810-1868>
1  M  John F. CONAWAY
Born: 1859 – Virginia
Died: aft 1908
Marr. Date:
2  F  Martha E. CONAWAY
Born: 1861 – Virginia
Died: aft 1904
Spouse: Caleb Davis of Barrackville
Marr. Date: bef 1880
Note: Martha is not on 1880 census with father so she is married by then (to Caleb Davis)
3  F  Minerva Jane CONAWAY
Born: 4 Jul 1863 – Barrackville, Marion Co, West Virginia
Died: 2 Sep 1893 of Typhoid Fever
Spouse: James Fielding SNODGRASS b: 24 MAY 1866 in Marion Co, (W)VA, son of Enos Erwin and Mary Milan Snodgrass
Marr. Date: 6 Apr 1889 in Marion Co, WV

1. He has conflicting birth information of 21 Nov 1823 and Monongalia County, Virginia.

2. Andrew bought a lot on 26 Apr 1849 in Barrackville, WV from Andrew, Edmund and brother Nathan bought a lot in Barrackville from James Barrack on Apr 26 of 1849. The deed was recorded in 1850. Deed Book 3 Page 335
James Barrick
Andrew F Conaway: Deed
This indenture made this 26th day of April in the year one thousand eight
hundred and forty nine between James Barrick and Sarah, his wife of the
village of Barrackville and county of Marion and State of Virginia of the
one part and Andrew F Conaway, Nathan P Conaway, and Edmund M Conaway of
the county and state aforesaid of the other part: Witnesseth that the
said James Barrick and Sarah, his wife for and in consideration of the
sum of twenty five dollars to them in hand paid the receipt whereof is
hereby acknowledged have granted bargained and sold and by these presents
do grant bargain sell a lien enfeoff release and confirm unto the said
Af, NP, EM Conaway their heirs and assigns forever one lott siuated in
the county of Marion at the mouth of Finch’s Run in the town of
Barrackville one hundred feet in front and extending one hundred feet
back beginning at a stone a corner of James Thomas and running north 52
west 6 poles to stake north 25 E 6 poles to stake S 52 E 6 poles to the
beginning to have and to hold with all its appurtenances said lott unto
the said Conaways their heirs and assigns forever and the said James
Barrick and Sarah his wife shall and will forever warrant and defend the
said lott from the claims or claims of themselves their heirs or either
of their heirs and from all persons whatsoever claiming in witness
whereof they the said James Barrick and Sarah his wife have hereunto set
their hand and seals the day and year aforementioned.
James Barrick, seal
Sarah Barrick, her mark, seal

3. On Jun 3rd 1850 he and his brother Nathan bought another lot in Barrackville from James Barrack

4. He was working as a Carpenter on 17 Sep 1850 in Western District of Marion County.

5. He was living with his father’s family in Sep of 1850.

6. On Sep 2 1853 he bought 51 perches of land on Finches Run from James Robinson

7. He and brother Nathan purchased 19A and 60 perches more land and a mill on Finche’s Run from John Brown

8. He and his brother Nathan use the lot they purchased in Barrackville and the land on Finches Run to begin a grist-saw-carding mill

9. On 2 Feb 1857, he and Nathan purchase 88 perches of land in Barrackville from their brother Edmund M. Conaway

10. On Sep 30 1859, he and Nathan buy 32 acres on Missouri Run from Abraham Ice

11. On Mar 31, 1860, he and Nathan purchase 14 acres and 28-1/4 perches on Finches Run from John Robinson

12. He was working as a Farmer on 19 Jul 1860 in Barrackville, WV. His real estate was valued at $2850 and his personal estate at $350.A
Conaway       Andrew F.      37    M   Farmer         2,850     350     Virginia
Conaway       Elizabeth      26    F   Virginia
Conaway       John F.        2/12  M   Virginia
Wilson        Harriet        7     F   Virginia
Conaway       Nathan P.      35    M   Carpenter      2,450     100     Virginia (his brother)

13. On Feb 24, 1864, he and Nathan purchase 38 acres on Ice’s Run from Cornelius Fleming

14. Andrew’s brother Nathan, his business partner and probably closest of the brothers to him, dies as a Confederate prisoner at Camp Chase, the Union hellhole in Columbus Ohio.

15. On Jan 27 1868 Andrew and his brother Edmund’s wife Lydia sell a lot in Barrackville to Barbara S. Fetty

16. On October 18, 1868 his father John dies, Andrew and his brother Edmund are named administrators and are involved in court proceedings dealing with the estate for a full year before a final settlement partition is decreed.

17. On Dec 14, 1868 Andrew purchases 61 acres on Buffalo Creek from William Vandervort

18. From his father John’s Estate settlement deed in 1869:
It is further adjudged, ordered and decreed that Andrew F. Conaway do hold in
fee simple the lot or parcel of land mentioned and described in said report of partition
as Lot No.6. situate in this County containing 48 acres. bounded as follows to wit:
Beginning at a stone pile corner to Lot No.5. and running thence with a line of the same
reversed N21 W.55 poles to a stone in said Ice’s Run thence down the same with its meanders
117 poles to a stone. thence leaving said run N.33 E.8 poles to a stone on a low sharp ridge
corner to said Abraham Ice’s heirs and with lot No.7 S.63 E.30 poles to a stone in the Fairmont
and Wheeling Turnpike road and in a line of the heirs of Allen Hall. thence with the same S.10
E. 64 poles to a stone thence with Jesse Hall’s line S.73 W.128 poles to the beginning.
And the court doth ascertain and adjudge that said John Conaway deceased in his lifetime made
advancements to his children and heirs with which they should be charged in the partition and
distribution of his real and personal estate and the Court doth charge them therewith as follows,
to wit: To Andrew F. Conaway $22.00
It is further adjudged, ordered and decreed that said Edmund M. Conaway and Andrew F. Conaway as
administrators of said John Conaway do pay the costs of this suit also the costs of said partition
amounting to $52.39 out of the assetts in their hands as such administrations for which they shall
be allowed on settlement of this administration account.

18. On 25 Apr 1870 Andrew sells 1 acre and 124 perches in Barrackville to Thomas W. Hastler

19. On May 9 1870 Andrew and Elizabeth sell 76-3/4 acres on Whetstone Run to Levi Kennet

20. On 6 June 1870 Andrew purchases 35.5 acres from his brother Grafton on Ice’s Run

21. Andrew was a farmer in 1870 with Real Estate valued at 10,000 dollars and a personal estate of $600. He had left the sawmill business by this time.

22. On Sep 9, 1870 he buys 41 acres on Ice’s Run from his brother Edmund as he consolidates some of his father’s lands into his own farm which will contain 122 acres all told. In turn he sells his brother 17 acres on Ice’s Run the same day.

23. March 31, 1875 he regains 1 acre and 124 perches in Barrackville from Thomas Hostler in default.

24. On 26 Jul 1875 he sells an acre and 124 perches on Finche’s Run to John M. Harden

25. He has conflicting death information of 21 Apr 1879 and Barrackville, WV. This date is reported on the internet it IS incorrect.Brand claims he died in 1879 but there is an Andrew F Fleming buried in Clelland cemetery with a death date of 14 July 1908 and the same birthdate and he was alive when his bio was published in 1895 and appears in the 1880 census.

26. He appeared on the census on 5 Jun 1880 near Fairmont, WV. (19) line 53 dwelling 55
Andrew F Conaway w-m-56-farmer – Va-Va-Va
Elizabeth Conaway – w-f-45-wife-keeps house – Va-Va-Va
John F Conaway w-m-20, son, at home – Va-Va-Va
Minerva J Conaway, w-f-17, dau, at home – Va-Va-Va
Benjamin King, w-m-20, laborer – Va-Va-Va
Rhoda Conaway, w-f-12, cousin, at home – Va-Va-Va

27. On 2 Jan 1883 he assigns a 1/4 acre of land to the Mannington Board of Education for a school building.

28. On 26 March 1884 he buys an acre on Finche’s Run from John Barrack

29. On June 4th 1887 he sells a lot in Barrackville to George W. Neptune

30. On October 19, 1889 Andrew sells 95-3/4 acres on Ice’s Run to John F. Conaway, his son, who is a dairy farmer

31. On January 27th, 1890 he and Elizabeth lease 362 acres of oil rights to the South Penn Oil Company

32. On 31 January 1891 he sells son-in-law Fielden Snodgrass 131 perches in Barrackville

33. On 7 Apr 1891 he sells coal rights to the TW Fleming Company on 4 parcels on Buffalo Creek

34. On 15 May 1894 he sells 25 acres in Paw Paw District to JH Burns

35. On 29 Jul 1896 he buys 112 acres on Paw Paw Creek from Simon Shriver.

36. On 1 Mar 1897 he sells Moses Ice 13 acres and 47 perches on Ice’s Run

37. On April 1, 1897 he buys 4 acres and 20 perches on Ice’s Run from his son-in-law Caleb Davis

38. On October 1st 1898 Andrew buys a parcel in the Paw Paw District from James D. Boor

39. On 23 Feb 1900 he leases 42 acres in oil rights to CW Swisher

40. On March 19 1901 he leases 2 seperate oil rights on 169 total acres to John F Phillips Oil Co.

41. On 12 August 1901 he sells Susan Tennant 125 Acres near Barrackville

42. On Sep 18, 1901 Andrew buys 5000s/f of land in Barrackville from Martha E. Emminger & husband

43. On May 28 1903 he sells coal rights to 151 acres on Paw Paw Creek to his nephew Charles E Conaway (Grafton’s son)

44. On 9 April 1904 he sells 41 acres and 93 perches to his daughter Martha E. Davis

45. On July 8, 1904 he acts as administrator for the court selling a parcel in judgement to Gilbert Rice

46. On 22 January 1907 he sold lot 2 in Straight Addition to A Jay Michael

47. On January 25th 1909 his son John F, acting as executor sold 2.11 acres to Lulu Conaway and the remaining properties were distributed to the three children as heirs. The sale paid final expenses.


1. 1850 Census of Marion County WV (mf #432-958 at Mid
Continent Library), West District 35, 17 Sep 1850, Jnoi Musgrave, page 206.

2. 1860 Census of Marion County, Virginia,(microfilm 1361)
Andrew F.  line 11 dwelling 1072 family 1070.

3. 1870 Marion Co, Virginia Census, Andrew F Conaway.

4. 1880 Census of Marion County WV, pg1B, SD1, ED87,
Fairmont Distr, 5 June.

5. Franklin Marion Brand, The William Fleming Family (A Genealogy) With a Brief
Account of Some Other Flemings of Delaware (1941: Morgantown, WV: Reprint
2001: Higginson Book Co: Salem, Ma), p126.

6. Tombstone inscription. Clelland Cemetery

7. Conaway, Orrin Bryte, Conaway Family History W929.2 C743.c
WVU Library, Morgantown, WV (Boston Univ Press, 1951
Xerox Copy reproduced by the library for Patty Cox and mailed to me), p26.

8. Franklin Marion Brand, The William Fleming Family (A Genealogy) With a Brief
Account of Some Other Flemings of Delaware (1941: Morgantown, WV, p 126.

9. International Genealogical Index v4.02 North America (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day
Saints), film 452882 reference 16763.

10. Marion County WV Recorder, Grantee & Grantor Index to Deeds, Marion County,
WV (Marion County Recorder of Deeds), v3 pg335.

11. Rush, West & Co, Biographical and Portrait Cyclopedia of Monongalia, Marion
and Taylor Counties, West Virginia,(Philadelphia, PA: Rush, West & Company,
1895) p82.

12. Tombstone Inscription Conaway Cemetery

13. Marion County Deeds

14. Estate Settlement Deed for John Conaway, his father, Deed Book 19 pgs 506-510

15. Ancestral File AFN: 2RD9-FC (Andrew) AFN: BWQV-XV (Elizabeth Boor)

Biography: Biographical and Portrait Cyclopedia of West Virginia, 1895, Marion County, WV.
“Mr. Conaway was reared upon his father’s farm, and attended the
subscription schools, learned the carpenter trade and worked at it a few
years. In 1855, he and his brother Nathan, purchased a grist and saw-mill
and carding-mill at Barrackville, which they operated until 1870, doing
an extensive business along these lines for the locality. Since 1870, he
has been extensively engaged in farming, owning a farm where he now
resides of one hundred and thirty acres, and another of one hundred and
eight acres in Fairmont district. He takes active interest in the schools
of the county, and is a member of the board of education of his district.
He gets the title of colonel from the position he, for ten years, held in
the State militia of Virginia. He married on April 3, 1859, Elizabeth, a
daughter of Benjamin F. Boor, of this county. They are the parents of
three children: John F., a dairyman on the old homestead; Martha, wife of
Caleb Davis, a farmer of Barrackville; and Minnie J., deceased, was the
wife of J. F. Snodgrass, a school-teacher of Fairmont district.”


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