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Colopy Family of Knox County Ohio

COLOPY, JOSEPH, farmer. Union township, post office, Gann, born in Maryland, June 3, 1802. In 1804 he was taken to Virginia, and remained there until 1813, when he came to Knox county and settled south of Mt. Vernon. In 1825 he married Delila Sapp, and settled on the farm which he now owns and occupies. When they came here it was all timber land, but they cleared it up and now he owns a good little farm. His wife died in 1861, and left nine children. The oldest son died in California, and two of the daughters died later. He was married afterward to Mrs. E. Myers in 1868. She was a daughter of Mr. Chase, who is a second cousin of Governor S. P. Chase. She was the first white girl born in Massillon. Joseph and Levi Colopy remain at home on the farm. Joseph was married to Jennie Durbin in 1871. They have one child, Bessie, born in 1878.


Jacob Colopy

COLOPY, JACOB, Union township; retired farmer, was born near Baltimore, Maryland, June 3, 1802. With his father, Timothy Colopy, he came to Knox county in 1812. He first settled in Miller township, five miles south of Mt. Vernon, and resided there until he was twenty-two years of age, when he removed to the southern part of Jefferson township, now included in Union. He was married September 18, 1825, to Delila Sapp, who was born August 23, 1804. Their children were: Timothy W., born October 31, 1826; Jonathan A.. July 17, 1828; Sarah C., February 27, 1830; George E., March 12, 1832; Joseph H., December 1, 1834; Levi F., December 31, 1838; Delila A., July 7, 1841; Mary M.. July 29, 1844, and Sarah C., April 29. 1849. Timothy died in California in about 1851. First Sarah C. died in about 1849, and second Sarah C. died June 5, 1855. Mrs. Colopy died May 19, 1861.

Mr. Colopy was married second time, September 15, 1867, to Mrs. Emily V. Myers, who was bom in Massillon, Ohio, September 20, 1822. When he removed to Jefferson, it was almost a wilderness. Deer, wolves and wild animals were numerous. Possessing an indomitable spirit, he went to work with a determination to succeed, and by dint of perseverance and hard work he was at one time the owner of seventeen hundred acres of excellent farming land lying in Jefferson and Union townships. Owing to his advancing years and loss of health and strength, he divided this among his children some years since. He voted at the first election held in Jefferson township, and is the only one living of those who voted at that election. He has been a life long member of the Catholic church, and has always voted the Democratic ticket.

[Jacob Colopy has resided in this township since 1825. He is a son of Timothy, a native of Ireland, who emigrated from Virginia in 1813. Jacob married a daughter of George Sapp, in 1825. They have eight children—five now living in the eastern part of Knox. John Hibbets, Joseph Critchfield, Josiah Trimbly, Matthew Davidson, Charles Miller were also much respected. fm “A History of Knox County Ohio from 1779-1862”]

COLOPY, MRS. HULDA, Miller township, was born in this township February 12,1817, and was daughter of Alpheus Chapman, who was born in Vermont in 1786 served in the War of 1812, was taken prisoner at Malone, New York, and was confined in Montreal, Canada, during the winter. His father was a soldier of the Revolutionary war. After Mr. Chapman was discharged from the army, he went to Vermont, where he remained for some time, and then came to Miller township, where he married Emma Ward, daughter of Rufus Ward, a pioneer of Miller township, about 1816. They remained some time in Miller township, and then went to Licking county (Homer), where Mr. Chapman died in 1832. His wife survived until 1839. They had a family of five children, viz: Hulda, the subject of this notice; Lucinda, married to James Stone; Julia, married to Royal N. Hickox; Henry C.; Fannie, married to George Wykman.

Hulda married John Colopy October, 1842, He was a native of Virginia, born in 1812, and died in 1871. Farming and raising sheep was his principal business. He kept hotel in Brandon for a number of years, and was widely known. They had three children, viz: Albina, married to Charles J. O’Rourke; William C., and Emma C, wife of Shelton R. Butcher. Albina and William C. have deceased.

Mrs. Colopy taught school for a number of terms, and is a woman above the average in intelligence. Her father, A. Chapman, was a commissioned colonel, and took an active interest in military affairs.

COLOPY, TIMOTHY, Miller township, farmer, was born in Miller township, March 8. 1823. His father, William Colopy, was a native of Ireland, who emigrated to America a few years prior to the War of 1812. He married Mary Fitzpatrick, in Baltimore, Maryland, a native of county Limerick, Ireland, and in the spring of 1813, the young couple came as far west as Wheeling, Virginia, where they remained a few years and then came to Miller township. Mr. Colopy died on the farm now owned by his son, on the Granville road. His wife still survives him (December, 1880). They had seven children; the living are: Catharine, widow of Elijah Colony; Mary Ann, wife of Oliver Squires; Timothy; Ellen, widow of Jacob Row; and Sarah J., wife of T. L. Marquand; John, and Thomas have died.

The subject of this notice was reared on a farm, and has followed farming as his occupation. He enlisted in company F, First battalion, Eighteenth United States infantry, October, 1861, at Ml. Vernon, Ohio, and served with the armies under Generals Buell, Rosecrans, and Thomas. He was in the battles of Chickamauga, Mission Ridge and. Buzzard’s Roost, besides a number of skirmishes. He was taken sick and discharged on account of physical disability, after serving about two years and eight months. He was slightly wounded at Mission Ridge, on the chin. He married Miss Theresa Doyle, daughter of James Doyle, deceased, of Mt. Vernon, Ohio. They have five children, viz: Mary A., James W., Francis T., Nellie M.. and John P.

[Timothy Colopy, a warm-hearted Irishman, had lived in Maryland and Virginia until 1813, when he settled in this township. He died in Mt. Vernon in his 68th year, and his widow died about 1852, aged 72 years. His surviving children are Jacob, Mary, Mrs. Levi Sapp, Sarah, Mrs. F. J. Zimmerman, and Matilda, wife of H. Conley, in Iowa. Timothy was a devout Catholic and a zealous Democrat, liberal and generous, public-spirited and benevolent. He was an excellent Justice of the Peace, and a much-esteemed citizen. fm “A History of Knox County Ohio from 1779-1862”]

COLOPY, JONATHAN, farmer and stock-raiser, Brown township; post office, Democracy; son of Jacob and Delila Colopy; born July 17, 1828, in Jefferson township, Knox county, Ohio, where he was reared, receiving a common-school education, after which he remained with his father until the nineteenth of February, 1856. when, at the age of twenty-eight years, he was united in marriage with Sarah J. Berry, daughter of James and Lucy Berry, born in Guernsey county, October 1, 1832. He afterwards located in Brown township, Knox county, on a farm of eighty acres, given him by his father-in-law, James Berry. Three years afterward, in the spring of 1859  he bought, adjoining him on the west, forty acres; and in 1861, two hundred and seventy-five acres adjoining on the south and southwest; in 1868, ten acres on the west; in 1871, eighty-two acres on the north; in 1872, twenty more on the north; in 1878 and 1880, forty-five acres on the southeast, making in all five hundred and ninety-two acres, where he now resides. He is also the owner of three hundred and eighty acres in Union township, Knox county, making a total of one thousand acres. Mr. Colopy also owns a share in the woollen mills at Gann; is also the owner of a portable saw-mill. He is considered an energetic and shrewd farmer.

Notwithstanding all his losses, he has accumulated a large amount of property. From 1877 to 1880 he paid ten thousand dollars security money, but is nevertheless at present erecting a very fine dwelling house at a cost of five thousand dollars. The union of Mr. and Mrs. Colopy resulted in three children, viz: James E., born December 6. 1856; Lucy B., born October 13, 1858; who, on the seventh day of October, 1879, married Louis G. Welker, of Howard township, Knox county, where she at present resides on a farm given her by her father; Mary A., born May 3, 1864. all of whom are living. Mrs. Colopy died September 17, 1864, aged thirty-two years. Mr. Colopy at present remains a widower. He and his family are members of the Catholic church, located near Danville.

COLOPY, JOSEPH H., farmer, Union township; post office, Gann; was born in Jefferson township, Knox county, in 1837, and married in February, 1871, to Jennie Durbin, and settled on the old homestead. He has one child, Bessie, born August 29, 1873. His business is farming and raising stock.


History of Knox County Ohio, Its Past and Present, N.N. Hill, Jr, 1881, AA Graham & Co, Mt Vernon, Ohio

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