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S. L. Watson Fairmont WV

S. L. WATSON, of Fairmont, Marion County, West Virginia, born December 27, 1848, has devoted his entire life and apparently inexhaustible energy to the development of West Virginia and, particularly, of Marion County. Mr. Watson has been associated with his father and brothers in all stages of the development of the Fairmont Coal field and is one of the leading executive officials of the Fairmont Coal Company. He is personally acquainted with more men of all classes than any other man in West Virginia and has taken an active part in State and county politics, although never an aspirant for office. His keen perception of opportunities combined with an ability to direct others, has inspired the confidence of all who have been associated with him and he has been interested in practically every successful enterprise, including electric light, gas, glass, industrial, development, banking, building and a score of other companies During the past month he has taken over the Fairmont & Clarksburg Traction Company and is devoting his energy to bettering its equipment and service.

Mr. Watson resides on Eighth street and is the father of one daughter and three sons, the sons being actively engaged with him in the various enterprises with which he is prominently identified.

Men of West Virginia, Vol 2, Illustrated, Biographical Publishing Co, George Richmond, Pres.; C. R. Arnold, Sec’y and Treas., Chicago, Illinois, 1903. p5471-472

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