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Nosefrida Baby Care – No More Bulb Basters!

I recently made a post about my nephew’s clogged nose and the battle of the snots that ensued, lasting most of the night. A reader, Chris, pointed me to a cool new invention called the “Nosefrida”. This thing is ‘da berries’!

Really, every parent on the planet should know about this cool little tool – no more mini turkey baster bulb squeezing snot suckers! No siree – now I can insert this device in lil nephew’s nostril, suck on the attached tube and sloop the goop right outta Dan Jello! Say what? You suck out the kid’s snot? Through a tube attached to your own mouth? YUCK!?

Okay – at first glance it does sound gross but first the tube is attached to a filter, and a larger cylinder that captures every bit of the goo – nothing gets close to you. And for you mom’s and dad’s out there – it is safe, gentle (much gentler than the bulb thingies that I always fear will end up tearing through those tender nose membranes) and sanitary. There is no chance at all you get baby’s stickies anywhere near your own mouth – you are only providing safe suction. You are in effect a ‘Mommy vac’ – or ‘Daddy-vac’- to give equal billing.

Hey, the important thing is this little invention works and works better than anything else for unplugging the little snots – er – kids. PLUS – it’s cheap! Just follow the link to Nosefrida’s site and read all the pediatrician recommendations, or ‘google’ Nosefrida and see independent reviews from child care experts and other parents – the biggest experts of all.

Grandpockets wishes this thing had been around when I raised my little ones but my grandkids won’t be without one!

Just a disclaimer in today’s affiliate driven web – I DO NOT have an affiliate id for this, or get a thing for plugging it. I just really, really think every parent of small children should take a look at this – from Chris to me to you – Nosefrida gets my highest grandparental seal of approval.



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Kids Say the Darndest Things!

Remember that old Art Linkletter Show and the books that followed? Every parent has those moments when their child says something so funny or embarrassing…last night was one of those moments…Ol’ Grandpockets was babysitting grandsons Nathan, Kordell, Payton and Kade so their Mamas could help Santa Claus at his local Wally World Workshop. It was getting late, around ten and Renee, my wife and a nurse, was in bed because she had a 5 am start for her shift. In an attempt to keep the boys occupied, edified and culturally educated we popped in that wonderfully educational Jackass 2 and when the laughter started getting too loud and raucous, Grandpockets put his foot down.

“Either quiet it down or I turn off your Sesame Street by Johnny Knoxville show” I growled, then repeated, then, well…shouted. Grandpockets has discovered his grandchildren are all nearly deaf because I have to yell before they hear me. The boys had finally quieted down when 7 year old Kade-alator mutters,

“Well, then we’ll all just sit here like monks and masturbate!”

Okay. When a child comes out with something like this, first I smack my ear to clear it from whatever caused me to hear wrong, then I ask for..ummm…clarification?

“What did you say? I asked. His older kith and kin were rolling around the floor, of course, howling with glee to rouse the dead – in this case, Renee from her sleep.

Kade-alator looked at me, baffled at all the laughter and worried because from Grandpockets look he knew he’d said something wrong.

“You know,” he explained, “like those Kung Fu dudes do, they sit around and masturbate.”

It was hopeless. I joined the other boys for a moment of uncontrolled laughter. Even Renee was laughing as she caught the tail end of things.

So what would you have done? Meditate on that for a moment….or maybe, take Kade-alator’s suggestion. Johnny Knoxville would.


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