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JOHN FLEMING was born on the 3rd of August, 1773. He married Jane Hayes in Monongalia County on the 23rd of March, 1797. In the marriage records her name is written “Jennie.” But she is called Jane in his will and in other records. They evidently went to Ohio not long after their marriage.

The deed records of Muskingum County show that John Fleming purchased land in the Second Township, 9th Range, Second Section, of Jonathan Wood, April 4, 1804, for $125.00. His will is found on the records at Zanesville, dated June 4, 1828, and probated on the 26th of August, 1828. It was witnessed by Nathan Baker and Matthew Fleming. By this will he gave to his wife Jane his plantation for life and then to his three sons, Benjamin, Ahijah, and Elmus. His daughters Mary and Sarah Ann were given some personal property and his son John got $5.00.

Among the records in the possession of Claude Fleming, of Fenwick, Michigan, collected by his mother in her life time, are the following lines referring to this family:

Benjamin married Mary Sanders;


Susan married Robert Bonham;

John P. Fleming married a McClure;

Elijah Fleming married Hannah Zane;

Mary Fleming married Benjamin Prickett;

Sarah Fleming married Nimrod Prickett;

Elymas Fleming.

The marriage records of Muskingum County show the date of the marriage of Benjamin Fleming and Mary Sanders, February 23, 1825. Ahijah, which is probably the correct name instead of Elijah, married Hannah Zane, September 30, 1830. Susan Fleming married Robert Bonham, June 15, 1822. Mary Fleming and Benjamin Pickett were married on the 12th of November, 1829. The marriages of John P. Fleming and Sarah Fleming were not found on the records at Zanesville. Unless a mistake was made in copying this will, two of these children are not mentioned in it, Susan and Rebecca. They may not have been living when the will was made.

On April 26, 1838, Elmus Fleming conveyed his interest in the farm willed to him by his father to William M. Chalfant. He was then in Muskingum County and his wife signed her name “Julia Ann.” Shortly after this, on the 9th of May of the same year, Ahijah Fleming conveyed his interest in the farm to the same man. He was also still in Muskin­gum County. Benjamin Fleming held his share in the farm until the 12th of June, 1852, when he sold it to John Fleming, probably the son of

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Nathan. It was by means of this deed that the family of Benjamin Fleming, or that part of it that is given below, was finally located. The deed recites that he then lived in La Salle County, Illinois. His acknowledgment was taken by George S. Fisher in Ottawa, Illinois.

Ahijah Fleming made conveyances of other lands in Muskingum County before 1838. But an extended search of the records of this and other counties in Ohio has failed to disclose any further information in regard to the other children of John Fleming. The Zanes, Picketts, and Bonhams are numerous on the records at Zanesville. But nothing could be found in connection with any of them that would indicate what became of these other children. It should perhaps be noted here that in the marriages of all these children of John Fleming the ceremony was performed by Rev. James L. Fleming, a minister of the M. K. church. The same minister officiated at the marriages of others of the Fleming family of that section, some of them being: Phoebe Fleming and Jacob Jones, January 3, 1828; Permelia Fleming and Michael Brown, November 26, 1846; and Elizabeth Ann Fleming and James Williams, April
23, 1849.*

I BENJAMIN FLEMING, being the only one in the family of John Fleming that can be here accounted for, was probably the oldest child in the family. The inscription on his grave stone in the Brumbach cemetery in Rutland Township states that he died on the 17th of July, 1858, aged 59 years, 8 months, and 8 days. He married Mary Sanders. The date of her death has not been ascertained. Their home was in La Salle County, Illinois. Children: (1) Mary, died young; (2) Ruth; (3) Mark; (4) John; (5) Jane; (6) Luke; and (7) Noah.

Ruth Fleming (1-2) married Elisha Hollowell and lived in La Salle County. Children: (1) Robert; (2) Matilda; (3) Kate; (4) Lot; (5) William; (6) Samuel; (7) Patrick; <8> Elias; and (9) Mary.

Mary Hollowell (1-2-9) married a Hupp and was living at Wedron, Illinois in 1929.

Mark Fleming (1-3) No record.

* It is evident from the marriage records at Zanesville that John, Nathan, and Matthew, who went from Monongalia County, were not the only Flemings in Muskingum County in early days. These are some of the marriages found there:

Robert Fleming and Catharine Glass. May 13, 1816;

Thomas Fleming and Elizabeth Wilson, June 24, 1827;

Abner Fleming, Jr., and Mary Ann Spriggs, April 16, 1829;

Charles L. Fleming and Margaret Sherrard, March 4, 1830;

James O. Fleming and Mary Ann Sherman, April 25, 1833;

James T. Fleming and Pamelia Hoff, March 20,1834;

David Fleming and Margaret Hunter, August 19, 1834;

Alpha Q. Fleming and Rachel Coe. November 27. 1834;

Mary Fleming and David Austin, February 5, 1829;

James Fleming and Almey Moser, July 5, 1822;

Phoebe Fleming and John Dalzell, March 28, 1833;

Nancy Fleming and Eli Grandstaff, August 9, 1831;

Sarah Fleming and George Storer. December 14, 1826;

Maria Fleming and William Giberson, October 2, 1823;

Rebecca Fleming and Hugh Urquhart, February 23, 1824;

Samuel G. Fleming and Ann Bishop, August 4, 1838;

Nancy A. Fleming and William Border, January 29, 1839;

Parmelia Fleming and Michael Brown, November 26, 1846;

Jane Fleming and John Clark, March 7. 1843;

Alonzo F. Fleming and Emza A. Ballenger, September 3, 1855;

Josiah Fleming and Margaret E. Moore. November 27, 1855;

George Fleming and Eleanor Comin, January 1, 1857;

Mary A. Fleming and Isaac Drumm, October 19, 1857;

Almeda S. Fleming and Henry Miller, November 13, 1851;

and Elizabeth Ann Fleming and James Williams. April 23, 1849.

Zadock Fleming, the son of Alexander, married Emma Rowell in Muskingum County.

page 160

John Fleming (1-4) married Caroline Atherton and lived in La Salle County. Children: (1) William Benjamin; (2) Mary Margaret; (3) Julia, died in childhood; (4) John, deceased; (5) Robert; (6) Roland; (7) Jesse; <8> Frank; (9) Fred; and (10) Archie, deceased.

William Benjamin Fleming (1-4-1), born March 1, 1858, married Mary MacFarland, November 8, 1881. Both were living at Dayton, Illinois, in 1932. Children: (1) Mabel, died in infancy; (2) Ruth Evelyn; (3) Kathryn Lee; (4) Hobert MacFarland; (5) Anna Marie; (6) Allan Stewart; (7) Mac William; and <8> Floyd Faye.

Ruth Evelyn Fleming (1-4-1-2), born March 16, 1884, married William Lee Corey and lives at 2155 Vermont Street, Blue Island, Illinois. Children: (1) William Benjamin; (2) Mabel Anna; (3) Robert Lee; (4) Russell Allan; (5) Charles; and (6) Ruth Marie.

Kathryn Lee Fleming (1-4-1-3), born March 10, 1886, married Homer McAllister, son of Charles W. McAllister, February 9, 1910, and lives at 1406 Garfleld St., Laramie, Wyoming. Children: (1) John Charles; (2) Marian Arline; and (3) Dallas.

Anna Marie Fleming (1-4-1-5), born August 9, 1890, married Bert W. Zollinger, lives at 1560 12th Avenue, Sacramento, California, and has no children.

Allan Stewart Fleming (1-4-1-6), born October 29, 1892, married Dotta Solvin, daughter of Neal Solvin, and lives at 733 Watson St., Aurora, Illinois. His only child is Marshall Allan.

Mac William Fleming (1-4-1-7), born May 2, 1896, married Edna May Hill, daughter of Edwin Hill, and lives at 916 Madison Street, Ottawa, Illinois. Children: (1) Marjorie Anna; and (2) Shirley Jean.

Floyd Faye Fleming<1-4-1-8>, born December 5, 1898, married Erma Dell Solvin, daughter of Neal Solvin, lives at 733 Watson Street, Aurora, and has one child, Kathryn Louise.

Mary Margaret Fleming (1-4-2) married a Munson and was living in 1931 at DeKalb, Illinois.

Robert Fleming (1-4-5) was living at Zanesville, Wisconsin, in 1931. Roland Fleming (1-4-6) was living at Sycamore, Illinois, in 1931.

Jesse Fleming (1-4-7), born December 3, 1873, married Sabra Ellen Tobin, daughter of Edward Tobin, March 22, 1904, and lived at Sac City, Iowa, till his death on the 13th of June, 1941. His only child is Chester John, who lives at 1441 John St., Sioux City, Iowa.

Frank Fleming <1-4-8> was at Sac City, Iowa, in 1931.

Fred Fleming (1-4-9) was in the region of Montreal, Canada, in 1931.

Luke Fleming (1-6) died at Wedron, Illinois. His family later went to Kansas. He had three daughters.


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