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Bottomless Heart

Bottomless Heart

Empty my heart out, friend,

of all the love within it,

you could fill a riverbed

and still have love left in it.

You can pour it in a million souls

yet never be diminished –

love is not a quantity

mathematician’s can distinguish.

The more you’d try to drain my heart,

The more you drink my love,

The more that love is multiplied –

its not a quotient you divide.

The more I pour my love out,

The more love that I essay,

The more I find my heart

enlarging by giving it away.

© Charles Elledge 1971


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  1. While searching for my elusive ‘Youst’ from Marion Cnty, I hesitated slightly but am very glad I plunged in – for with every word I read … your heart just got bigger and my more full 😉 Thank you! Suzi

    Comment by Suzi Terrell | September 19, 2011 | Reply

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