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Biography of James W. Bradfield

BRADFIELD, JAMES W., Union township, farmer, son of John and Amy Bradfield, was born in Loudoun county, Virginia, December 6, 1819. His father died in 1820. leaving him without paternal care. In 1836 he, in company with his mother, his uncle, James P. Bradfield, and wife, his sister and her husband, Ferdinand Bolon, emigrated to Knox county, and located on a farm now owned by Mr. J. W. Bradfield, adjacent to Danville, where his brother-in-law, Mr. Bolon, died August 28, 1837. His uncle, James P. Bradfield, died on the same farm, in the winter of 1845. During the winter of 1837, the subject of this sketch, and his mother and sister, moved on a farm in Brown township, this county, where his sister married Robert D. Barr, of the same township, and he and his mother made their home with Mr. and Mrs. Barr several years.

Mr. J. W.Bradfield married Miss Sarah A. Sapp, July 6, 1845. She was born in Union township, Knox county, November 6, 1824, and is the daughter of Levi and Mary Sapp. They settled in Brown township, and remained until 1850. He purchased and moved on a farm in Howard township, near the Catholic church, where they lived ten years, and in 1860 he purchased and moved on the farm where they are now living, in Union township, near Danville. They have five sons and four daughters. He was a millwright by trade, and made that his principal vocation until he was about forty years of age, when he turned his attention to farming, and is at present farming and stock-raising, making fine sheep a specialty. He filled the office of county commissioner from 1861 to 1867. He held the office of justice of the peace from 1860 to 1866, and was internal revenue assessor from 1862 to 1869. He is a man that is well known in the county, and highly esteemed by all his acquaintances. After the death of his sister, Mrs. Barr, which occurred April 7, 1848, his mother made her home with him until she died, February 8, 1867, aged seventy-eight years.

History of Knox County Ohio, Its Past and Present, N.N. Hill, Jr, 1881, AA Graham & Co, Mt Vernon, Ohio

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