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Chapter 11 – ELIZABETH HAYES part 3

page 240
Rene Edward Crothers (1-3—1-5-2), born September 4, 1907, married Mildred Cram, daughter of Rem Cram, June 26. 1927, lives in Oklahoma City, and has one child, Rene Edward.

Nine Belle Crothers (1-3-1-5—3), born January 28, 1909, married Taylor L. Sublette, son of Philip Sublette, September 5. 1926. For her second husband she married Paul Raymond Drouilhet, a lieutenant commander in the U. S. Navy, October 19, 1940. Their home is at Arlington, Virginia. Her only child is Nina Marie Drouilhet.

Burney Raymond Crothers (1-3-1-5-4), born April 23, 1911, married Thelma Banker, daughter of Bert Banker, July 4. 1932, and lives at Geary. Children: (1) John Wesley; and (2) Nina Jean.

Edgar Ice (1-3—1-6), born October 16, 1880. married Dora Eastridge, daughter of John W. Eastridge, November 14, 1906, and lives at Geary, Oklahoma. Children: (1) Bessie Lee; and (2) Helen.

Claude Ice (1-3-1-7) married Madell Till, daughter of Edward Till, August 12, 1910, and lived at Enid, Oklahoma. till his death on the 25th day of February, 1926. Children: (1) Hazel May; (2) Alvin; and (3) William Edward.

Hazel May Ice (1-3—1-7-1), born May 28, 1912, married Foster Stoner, son of Ellsworth Stoner, August 4, 1928, lives in Oklahoma City, and has one child, Lila Bernice.

Bessie Lee Ice (1-3—1-8), born January 29, 1882, married Willis Clark, son of Abner H. Clark, August 10, 1912, and lives at Norman, Oklahoma. Children: (1) Gordon; (2) Marguerite; and (3) Laura Jean.

George Ice (1-3-1-9), born October 1, 1884, married Ethel Johnson, daughter of Charles Johnson, October 4, 1908, and lives at Geary, Oklahoma. Children: (1) Wayne; (2) Ralph; (3) Opal; and (4) Jesse.

Antonia Ice (1—3—1—11), born December 19, 1888, married Ethel White, daughter of Lawson White, June 6, 1915, lives in Geary, Oklahoma, and has one child, Ruth.

Ethan Elmus Ice (1-3-2), born October 12, 1848, married Ella Martin, daughter of Evans Martin. For his second wife he married Viola Hayes, daughter of Steenrod Hayes. They lived at Mannington. He died on the 18th of November, 1925. Children: (1) Zana; (2) Phenora Belle: (3) Annie Pearl, died at 9; (4) Mattie; (5) James Neeson; (6) Ella Louise, died at 6; (7) John Riley; and <8> Charles.

Zana Ice (1-3-2-1), born August 31, 1873, married Wesley Potter, son of Samuel Potter, September 22, 1902, and lives at Paragon, Indiana. Children: (1) Esther; (2) George: and (3) Virginia.

Esther Potter (1-3-2-1-1), born July 16, 1907, was single in 1934.

George Potter (1-3—2—1-2), born September 16, 1909, married Hazel Dobbs, January 13, 1932, and lives at Martinsville, Indiana. Children: (1) Larry Ronald; and (2) Norman Edward.

Virginia Potter (1-3—2-1-3), born september 4, 1911, married Orzo

page 241

Brown, son of George Brown, November 20, 1937, and lives at Stilesviile, Indiana. Her only child is Gordon.

Phenora Belle Ice (1-3-2-2), born January 20, 1876, married Marcellus Metz. Her only child is Denver.

Mattie Ice (1-3-2-4), born October 2, 1881, married Anthony Oswald, March 25, 1906, and lives near Gasport, Indiana, on H. F. D. No. 1. Children: (1) Ralph; and (2) Eva May.

James Neeson Ice (1-3-2-5), born November 22, 1883, married Sadie S. Fetty, daughter of George E. Fetty, December 25, 1913, and lives at Farmington. His only child is John Rex.

John Riley Ice (1-3-2-7), born March 12, 1888, married Lulu Cunningham, January 29, 1910. He died on the 28th of September, 1928. Children: (1) George; (2) Ina; (3) Richard; (4) Alma; and (5) Margaret.

Charles Ice (1-3-2-8), born February 14, 1892, married Mattie Looman, March 31, 1910, and lives in Detroit. He has several children.

Silas Jackson Ice (1-3-3), born June 22, 1850, died single on the 3rd of November, 1877.

Hannah Cordelia Ice (1-3-5), born September 12, 1854, married Alpheus A. Neptune, son of John Neptune, December 18, 1873, and lives in Fairmont. Her husband died on the 17th of May, 1930. Children: (1) Allie Aletha; (2) Arlie Jackson; (3) Estella Louise; (4) Newton Ansley; (5) Zoa Luvina; (6) Bessie Dee; (7) Flodie Serena, died at 16; <8> Ernest Ross; and (9) Georgia Opal.

Allie Aletha Neptune (1-3-5-1), born September 21, 1874, married Edward Moore, son of Caleb Moore, August 8, 1924, lives at Mannington, and has no children.

Arlie Jackson Neptune (1-3-5-2), born September 6, 1876, married Bernice Riley, August 20, 1907, lives at Clarksburg, and has no children.

Estella Louise Neptune (1-3-5-3), born November 27, 1878, married Fred E. Reese, son of John Reese, April 27, 1901, and lives in Fairmont. Her husband died on the 31st of January, 1908. Children: (1) Audrey; and (2) Wilma.

Newton Ansley Neptune (1—3-5-4), born May 22, 1881, married May Coffman, daughter of Elmer C. Coffman, April 3, 1905, and lives at Clarksburg. Children: (1) Anile, died in infancy; (2) Virginia; (3) Ansley Newton; (4) Floda; (5) Mildred; and (6) Elma.

Zoa Luvina Neptune (1-3-5-5), born September 3, 1884, married Leonidas P. Kiger, son of Rollo Kiger, December 23, 1905, and lies in Fairmont. Children: (1) Norma Ruth; and (2) Ellen Virginia.

Bessie Dee Neptune (1-3-5-6), born September 10, 1887, married Thomas Tetrick, son of James Tetrick, July 2, 1908, and lives in Fairmont. Children: (1) Ruth Geraldine; and (2) Carroll Edward.

Ernest Ross Neptune (1-3-5-8), born June 17, 1892, married Ada

page 242

Hyman, daughter of J. P. Hyman, June 20, 1913, lives in Washington, Pennsylvania, and has no children.

Georgia Opal Neptune (1-3-5-9), born July 16, 1897, married Albert Roy Addis, son of Walter Addis, May 22, 1918, and lives in Fairmont. Children: (1) Marcalene Louise; and (2) Joan Ananelle.

James Neeson Ice (1-3-6), born September 6, 1856, married Matilda Vangilder, June 9, 1878. She died without children on the 19th of February, 1879; and he afterwards, August 28, 1884, married Minnie B. Snoderly, daughter of Rawley Barnhouse, and lived at Barrackville. He died on the 18th of November, 1925; his last wife, on the 16th of May, 1929. Children: (1) John William; and (2) Eunice Louise.

John William Ice (1-3-6-1), born December 28, 1888, married Cecil Zoe Dragoo, daughter of Peter Dragoo, September 25, 1915, and lives at Barrackville. His only child is James Albert.

Eunice Louise Ice (1-3-6-2), born July 29, 1896, married Arnold D. Mason, son of Robert E. Mason, March 18, 1920, and lives at Detroit, Michigan. Children: (1) James Robert; (2) Margery Ann; and (3) Norma Jean.

Margaret Levina Ice (1-3-7), born April 19, 1858, married Emery Straight, son of Alpha Straight, September 22, 1878, and lived at Barrackville. She died on the 8th of March, 1917; her husband, on the 25th of August, 1929. Children: (1) Ida May; (2) Birdie Olive; (3) Cordelia Belle; (4) Willis Jackson; (5) Leora Mabel; (6) Russell Grover; (7) Glenn Howard; <8> Cecil William; (9) Claude Burl; (10) Roy Jennings; and (11) Jessie Vee.

Ida May Straight (1-3-7—1), born June 21, 1879, married Otis Hibbs, March 11, 1897, and lived at Barrackville till her death on the 16th of December, 1936. Children: (1) Edith May; and (2) Harold.

Birdie Olive Straight (1-3-7-2); born September 12, 1880, married Fleming Wisman, son of James B. Wisman,5 August 26, 1906. He died on the second of January, 1911; and she afterwards, October 30, 1914, married Charles Robinett, son of Benjamin F. Robinett, and lives at Barrackvilie. Children: (1) Edwin Fleming Wisman; (2) Virginia Olive Wisman; (3) Ida Margaret Wisman; (4) Franjt William Robinett; (5) Camilla Rose Robinett; and (6) James Roy Robinett.

Edwin Fleming Wisman (1-3-7-2-1), born July 27, 1907, married Ruby Chamberlin, daughter of John Chamberlin, February 21, 1926, and lives at Barrackville. Children: (1) Eugene Elroy; and (2) Betty Jo.

Virginia Olive Wisman (1-3-7-2-2), born September 26, 1908, married Charles Welty, Jr., son of Charles Welty, June 29, 1930, and lives in Fairmont. Children: (1) Carl Frederick: (2) Michael Fleming and (3) Braiden.

* Fleming Wismans mother was a sister of Dr. Thomas M. Hood. (See 7-4-1 in the chapter on William Fleming, son of Nathan.) His grandmother was a sister of Williampe Temperance Fleming, wife of John T. Fleming. (See chapter on Leven Fleming.)

page 243

Ida Margaret Wisman (1-3-7-2-3), born February 7, 1910, married August Walter Steiss, son of John G. Steiss, June 15, 1930, and lives at Barrackville. Children: (I) Virginia Lee; and (2) Patricia Sue.

Frank William Robinett (1-3-7-2-4), born March 5, 1916, married Barbara Sturm, daughter of Harry Sturm, March 24, 1941, and lives in Fairmont.

Camila Rose Robinett (1-3-7-2-5), born in 1918, married Walter A. Hurt, son of Wiley Hurt, November 28, 1938, and lives at Grant Town. She has one child, Robert Lee.

James Roy Robinett (1-3-7-2-6), born July 17, 1920, is single.

Cordelia Belle Straight (1-3-7-3), born March 25, 1882, married Wayne R. Powell, son of Lamar C. Powell, December 22, 1909, and lives at 1101 Locust Ave., Fairmont. Her only child is Lucie Margaret.

Willis Jackson Straight (1-3-7-4), born April 14, 1884, married Minnie M. Zinn, May 26, 1909, and lives in Fairmont. His only child is Wilbert.

Leora Mabel Straight (1-3-7-5), born April 2, 1886, married Michael Brietenbach, son of Peter Breitenbach, December 23, 1916, and lived in Fairmont till her death on the 4th of April, 1925. No children.

Russell Grover Straight (1-3-7-6), born October 10, 1887, married Margaret Shuck, daughter of Moses Shuck, August 16. 1907, and lived at Morgantown till his death on the 16th of October, 1918. His only child is Everett William.

Glenn Howard Straight (1-3-7-7), born September 16, 1889, married Mary Lakin. daughter of William Lakin, April 17, 1917, and lives at Barrackville. Children: (1) Donald; (2) Mildred Belle; (3) William Emery; (41 Kenneth: and (5) Doris Jeaneene.

Cecil William Straight (1-3-7-8), born July 9, 1892, married Bessie Taylor and lived at 577 W. Myrtle Ave.. Youngstown, Ohio. He died on the 20th of November, 1933. Children: (1) Lois; and (2) Robert.

Claude Burl Straight (1-3-7-9), born September 28, 1894, spent some time in a military camp during the World War but never got to France. He married Ruth M. Ball. daughter of James Ball, December 4, 1919, and lives in Fairmont. Children: (1) Paul James; and (2) Juanita, deceased.

Roy Jennings Straight (1-3-7-10), born May 6, 1897, served 18 months in France during the World War and is suffering yet from the effects of gas.

Jessie Vee Straight (1-3-7-11), born June 16. 1900, married Oral F. Wilson. son of Lloyd Wilson, May 1, 1918, lives in Fairmont, and has one child, Vera Jean.

Fielding Jefferson Ice (1-3-8), born January 30, 1861, married Ida Mae Wells, August 15, 1885, and lives at Clovis, New Mexico. His wife died on the 6th of August. 1920. His only child is Clarence L.

Clarence L. Ice (1-3-8-1) married Leona Ballard, September 25, 1908,

page 244

and lives at 1410 East Adams St., Phoenix, Arizona. Children: (1) Fred L.; (2) Ray J.; (3) Clarence L.; and (4) Nannie May.

Louisa Lee Ice (1-3-9), born May 3, 1863, married Lee Wells, son of Richard Wells, February 25, 1883, and lives at Farmington. Children: (1) Icie Dee; (2) John Emmett; (3) Cleo Edna; (4) Mayo Mattie; (5) Willa Winifred; (6) Gail Teresa; and (7) Mildred Alberta.

Icie Dee Wells (1-3-9—1), born April 29, 1884, married Daniel Ross Pitzer, June 7, 1902, and lives near Fairview, West Virginia, on rural route No. 4. Children: (1) Delbert Gay; (2) James Murl; (3) Dove Lillian; (4) Leroy Wells; and (5) Margaret Louisa.

John Emmett Wells (1-3-9-2), born January 8, 1886, married Myrtle Ferrell, daughter of W. S. S. Ferrell, April 12. 1909, and lives at 1103 East Ave., Akron. Ohio. Children: (1) Ernestine: and (2) William R. Cleo Edna Wells (1-3-9-3), born March 18, 1889, married Larney D. Martin, son of Presley Martin, February 4, 1911, and lives near Morgantown on rural route No. 2. Her husband died on the 13th of December, 1935. Children: (1) William; (2) Richard Russell; (3) Paul; and (4) Arthur.

William Martin (1-3-9—3-1), born July 27, 1911, married Fern Crockett, daughter of James Crockett, September 14, 1931, and lives at Morgantown. His only child is James Crockett.

Richard Russell Martin (1-3-9-3-2) married Ermal Virginia Hardin, April 9, 1939, and lives at Morgantown.

Mayo Mattie Wells (1-3-9-4), born May 5, 1891, married Charles Dunham, son of James R. Dunham, January 1, 1911, and lives near Morgantown on rural route No. 1. Children: (1) Helen Wells; (2) Mary Elizabeth; (3) Sara Nell; (4) Charles Robert; and (5) Leoma Lee.

Helen Wells Dunham (1-3-9-4-1), born October 10, 1911, married Parker Dorsey, son of Clarence Dorsey, September 26, 1931, and lives at Mt. Morris, Pennsylvania. Children: (1) Donna Gene; and (2) Patricia Ann.

Mary Elizabeth Dunham (1-3-9-4-2), born April 6, 1915, married Clayton Lanham, son of Lowrie Lanham, July 25, 1933, and lives near Morgantown. Her only child is Shirley Ann.

Willa Winifred Wells (1-3-9-5), born September 21, 1893, married Roy R. Rutherford, son of Archie Rutherford, January 4, 1913, and lives at Webster Springs, West Virginia. Children: (1) Richard Claremont; and (2) Jack Wells.

Gail Teresa Wells (1-3-9—6), born August 11, 1898, married Hassel R. Lawson, son of C. A. Lawson, Mai 6, 1920, and lives at Bridgeport, West Virginia. Children: (1) Ruth; (2) Robert; (3) Joan; and (4) Nancy.

Mildred Alberta Wells (1-3-9-7), born April 21, 1906, married Roy Griffith, September 22, 1926, lived at Farmington till her death on the 31st of July, 1928, and had one child, Anna Lou.

page 245

John Ice (1-3-10), born June 27, 1865. married Winnie Sarah Gray, daughter of Charles B. Gray, and lives at Seminole, Oklahoma. Children: (1) Beulah Myrtle; (2) Eula Pearl; (3) Walter Orville, died in childhood; (4) William Claude; (5) Luther Clyde; (6) Mabel Claire; (7) Fred Herbert; <8> Wayne; and (9) Alice Loreene.

Beulah Myrtle Ice (1-3-10-1), born December 2, 1886, married Edward Cook in 1905 and lives at 400 S. E. 29th St., Oklahoma City. Children: (1) Evelyn Blanche, deceased; and (2) Wendell Edward.

Eula Pearl Ice (1-3-10-2), born December 11, 1888, married Rossiter M. Simmons in 1914 and lived in Denver, Colorado, till her death on the 8th of June, 1930. No children.

William Claude Ice (1-3-10-4), born February 15, 1892, married Beulah Wilcoxson, daughter of R. F. Wilcoxson, in 1912, and lives near Comanche, Oklahoma, on rural route No. 2. Children: (1) Wilma Claudia; (2) Pauline; (3) Nova Lanora; and (4) Billie Eugene.

Luther Clyde Ice (1-3-10-5), born February 26, 1894, married Lillie McCommon in October, 1917, lives at Van, Texas, and has no children.

Mabel Claire Ice (1-3-10-6), born June 17, 1896, married Frederick L. Schmicke, son of W. H. Schmicke, in August, 1922, and lives at 1331 South Rockford St., Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Fred Herbert Ice (1-3-10-7), born December 27, 1898, married Minnie Cia Dunn, daughter of C. J. Dunn, August 11, 1923, lives at Chandler, Oklahoma. and has one child, Bobba Lorraine.

Wayne Ice (1-3-10-8), born April 7, 1900, married Virgie Harmon, daughter of Thomas Harmon, in May, 1922, and lives at Van, Texas. Children: (1) Richard Wayne; and (2) Orville Neal.

Alice Loreene Ice (1-3-10-9), born September 10, 1903, married W. H. Brandbury, Jr., in August, 1923, and lives at 2609 W. Admiral St., Tulsa, Oklahoma. Children: (1) Imogene Estelle; and (2) Marion Grey.

Jay Calvin Ice (1-3-11), born December 1, 1867, married Caraull Lough, daughter of Hezekiah T. Lough, January 4, 1894, and lived at Farmington. He died on the 1st of January, 1919. Children: (1) Curtis Zack; (2) Thomas Reyleigh; (3) Emma Louise; (4) Rufus Fielden; (5) Carroll V.; and (6) Howard Lough.

Curtis Zack Ice (1-3-11-1), born December 2, 1894, married Bertha Romine, daughter of J. F. Romine, April 16, 1920, lives at Farmington, and has no children.

Thomas Reyleigh Ice (1-3-11-2). born May 2, 1897, married Rena Baker, daughter of C. E. Baker, June 10, 1921, and lives at Farmington. Children: (1) Mary Elizabeth; (2) Calvin Minor, died in infancy; (3) Martha Ellen: (4) Thomas Daniel; (5) Catharine Christine; and (6) Emma Joe.

Emma Louise Ice (1-3—11-3) lives at Farmington.

Rufus Fielden Ice (1-3-11-4). born October 22, 1901, married Leota

page 246

Kerns, daughter of Monroe Kerns, October 30, 1925, lives at Farmington, and has one child, Fielden Richard.

Carroll V. Ice (1-3-11-5) lives at Farmington.

Howard Lough Ice (1-3-11-6), born July 30, 1905, married Florence Cutlip, daughter of A. J. Cutlip, May 20, 1937, lives at Farmington, and has one child, Howard Minor.

Henry Minor Ice (1-5), born June 18, 1826, married Anarah F. Dent, daughter of Dudley Evans Dent, in January, 1849, and lived in Marion County. He was Captain of Company H, 14th W. Va. Volunteer Infantry, during the Civil War, and was severely wounded in the battle of Fisher’s Hill. After the war he served four years as sheriff of Marion County. He died on the 15th of August, 1890; his wife, on the 25th of July, 1905. Children: (1) Pliny Wellington; (2) Ulysses Byron; (3) Casena Herschel; (4) Alva Bascum; (5) Deramus Kieber; (6) Palmyra Jane; (7) Harlin Mead; <8> Sidney Averil; (9) Otis Hampden; (10) Richard Lebbeus; (11) James Wirt: and (12) Lena Marie.

Pliny Wellington Ice (1-5-1), born April 30, 1850, left home at the age of 17 and enlisted in the U. S. Army at Little Rock, Arkansas, in 1868. While stationed at Charleston, South Carolina, he, together with about two thousand other soldiers, left the service of the United States, and, after capturing a vessel, started on the way to Cuba to aid the Cubans in their war with Spain. The captain of the vessel discovered their plot and took them into an armed port, where they were all carried away to prison. The ringleaders were tried and sentenced to be shot. While these prisoners were in close confinement, awaiting execution, the folks back home were making an effort to get a reprieve for Pliny. On account of the services rendered to the Union by Henry Miner Ice. who was personally acquainted with President Grant, and with the assistance of Senator Waitman T. Willey, a reprieve was finally granted and sent immediately to the prison. But the warden telegraphed back that Pliny had made his escape the night before. He and six others had lowered themselves from the third story of the prison into the bay. Ice and two of his companions swam the bay, which is about five miles in width at that point, and escaped. Three of the others were drowned. The seventh one, whose name was Devlin, was eaten by a shark. After his escape Pliny secured employment as a ship steward on a merchant ship and died at Shanghai, China, of typhus or ship fever, August 8, 1878. He had assumed the name of Walter I. Dent, and under that name married Pauline Middleton at Philadelphia. She was living some years ago at Camden, New Jersey. Children: (1) Lenore; and (2) Leon Pliny. The son was reported to be living in Philadelphia in 1931.

Ulysses Byron Ice (1-5-2), born January 5, 1852, married Elvira E. Smith, daughter of Prichard Smith, and lived at Smithfield, West Virginia. He died on the 1st of April, 1906; his wife, about 1931. Children: (1) Thornton Jeptha; (2) Evans Dent: (3) Blanche, deceased; (4) James Odis; (5) Homer; (6) Vernie: and (7) Anna Beatrice.

page 247

Thornton Jeptha Ice (1-5-2-1) married Mary Shreve, daughter of Jackson Shreve, and lives in Clarksburg. Children: (1) Malissa; (2) Otis Richard; and (3) Tracey Robert.

Otis Richard Ice (1-5-2-1-2) married Bertha B. Bice, daughter of Jacob Bice, July 2, 1919.

Evans Dent Ice (1-5-2-2), born April 4, 1876, married Carrie Reed, daughter of Joseph Reed, February 18, 1900, and lives at Glovers Gap. Children: (1) Lester; (2) Harlan, died in childhood; and (3) Evans Dale.

Lester Ice (1—5-2-2-1), born September 6, 1901, married Gertrude Neece in 1926 and lives in Washington, D. C. Children: (1) Virginia; and (2) Norma.

James Odis Ice (1-5-2-4) married Delphia Harbert and lives near Wallace on R. F. D. No. 2. He has one son, Orland Burke, and perhaps other children.

Orland Burke Ice (1-5-2-4-1), born about 1902, married Hazel Jane Scott, June 21, 1924. For his second wife he married Ruth Jean Lyons, daughter of M. C. Lyons, October 22, 1936, and lives at Lumberport.

Homer Ice (1-5-2-5) married Emma Hostutler and lives at Shinnston. Children: (1) Wilbur; (2) Edith; and (3) Vance.

Vernie Ice (1-5-2-6) married N. G. Morris, lives at Littleton, and has one child, Mildred.

Anna Beatrice Ice (1-5-2-7) married Paul Holbert and lives in Charleston. Children: (1) Robert B.; and (2) Elsie, deceased.

Casena Herschel Ice (1-5-3), born October 24, 1854, studied medicine under Dr. Mclntire at Grangeville, Marion County, West Virginia, and practiced his profession at Mannington for about forty years, being well known as a successful physician and surgeon. He never turned down a call, even when he was sick, but would go twenty miles or more in rain or zero weather. Often he was known to tire out five or six good horses in a week’s time in his efforts to take care of the sick. He married Cyrena Hildreth, daughter of Elias Hildreth, August 20, 1878. He died on the 20th of March. 1920. His widow was living in Mannington in 1931. Children: (1) Elias Clark; (2) Luster Garfield; (3) James Emmett; and (4) Nona Belle.

Elias Clark Ice (1-5-3-1), born January 15, 1880, married Isis May Kelley, daughter of Noah Kelley. May 28. 1905, and lives at Clarksburg. Children: (1) Virginia May; (2) Elizabeth Grace; and (3) Elias Clark, Jr.

Virginia May Ice (1-5-3-1-1), born July 4, 1906, married Michael Thomas. son of George Thomas. in 1934, and lives in Clarksburg. Her only child, Virginia Mae. is deceased.

Elizabeth Grace Ice (1-5-3-1-2), born December 18, 1907, married George Stapleford. son of George Stapleford, July 27, 1931, and has no children.


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