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Chapter 3 Andrew Fleming, Son of Mary and Matthew, part 2

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Clarence Victor Lee (3-2-3-4-1), born March 18, 1908, married Ruth Anna Rife, November 11, 1930, and lives in Uniontown.

Willa Jones (3-2-3-5), born September 28, 1893, married Clarence Spragg, son of Lorenza Spragg, October 1, 1914, and lives at Monongah. Children: (1) Helen; (2) Robert; and (3) Mary Jane.

Ollie Jones (3-2-3-7), born April 17, 1896, married Charles Pickard, son of James A. Pickard, August 5, 1921, and lives on Market Street, Clearfield, Pennsylvania. Her only child is Virginia Isabel.

John Fleming Smith (3-2-4), born March 25, 1866, married Lucy Anna Thomas, daughter of Franklin Thomas, March 28, 1888, and lived at Fairmont. He died on the 30th of July, 1936. His widow now (1941) lives at Coyle, Oklahoma. Children: (1) Guy Goff; and (2) John Franklin. (See 6-8-5 in Chapter V.)

Guy Goff Smith (3-2-4-1), born February 24, 1890, married Blanche Matthews, daughter of George W. Matthews, April 6, 1912, and lives near Coyle, Oklahoma, on R. F. D. No. 2. His only child is Lola Autumn.

Lola Autumn Smith (3-2-4-1-1), born January 8, 1913, married Samuel L. Page, November 12, 1933, and has one child, William L.

John Franklin Smith (3-2-4-2), born June 3, 1900, married Helen Beerbower, December 28, 1922, and lives at 7195 Winona St., Alien Park, Detroit. No children.

Clarence Brown Smith (3-2-5), born October 19, 1872, married Marie Herron. Afterwards he married Annie K. Brumage, daughter of James Brumage, April 18, 1918, and lives near Fairmont on R. F. D. No. 1. Children: (1) Harry Edgar; (2) Dorsey, died single; and (3) Wilba Mildred.

Harry Edgar Smith (3-2-5-1), born in 1902, married Minnie Kirk. He died on the 17th of March, 1927. No children.

Wilba Mildred Smith (3-2-5-3), born June 16, 1907, married William Jennings Criss, son of William Criss, December 24, 1930, and lives near Fairmont on R. F. D. No. 1. Her only child is Mary Ellen.

Minerva Fleming (3-3) married William R. Johnson and lived at Waynesburg, Pennsylvania. Children: (1) Ida; and (2) Emma.

Ida Johnson (3-3-1) married Ellis Pierce Lantz and lives at Waynes­burg.

Emma Johnson (3-3-2) married James Fitz Randolph and lives at Waynesburg.

Julina Fleming (3-4), born in 1836, died single at Fairmont on the 4th of December, 1916.

5 ANNA FLEMING was born on the 24th of July, 1803. She married Henry Bunner, October 7, 1824. They apparently lived a short time near Fairmont. He bought 100 acres of land on Dunkard Mill Run of Joseph Richardson on the 7th of December, 1824, and sold it to John

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H. Martin on the 13th of January, 1827. After that time they probably made their home at Uniontown, Pennsylvania. But no trace of the family can be found there. According to records given by other members of the family her death occurred on the 24th of August, 1853.

6 NATHAN FLEMING was born on the 20th of November, 1805. He married Joannah Fleming, daughter of Boaz Fleming, February 12, 1829. They went to Indiana with a number of other Flemings and lived in Henry County. He died on the 13th of April, 1883; his wife, on the 6th of April, 1883. Children: (1) Henderson; (2) Miranda; (3) Huldah; (4) Elmus; (5) Samuel, died in childhood; (6) Andrew; (7) Joseph, died at 18; <8> Mary, died at 17; (9) Mariah; and (10) Louisa, died in childhood.


The picture of Nathan and his wife was bad in the source volume

Henderson Fleming (6-1), born April 27, 1830, married Elizabeth Fadely, daughter of Conrod Fadely, February 20, 1851, and lived at Middletown, Indiana. He died on the 4th of September, 1903. Children: (1) Sarah; (2) William Henry; (3) Andrew, died young; and (4) John, died young.

Sarah Fleming (6-1-1), born June 16, 1852, was still living in 1931 at Newcastle, Indiana. She was not married.

William Henry Fleming (6-1-2) married Dora McCorkle, daughter of William McCorkle, September 6, 1877, and lived at Newcastle till his death on the 4th of October, 1924. His widow was living in 1931 at 128 Burgess Court, Newcastle. Children: (1) Audrey; and (2) Myrtle.

Myrtle Fleming (6-1-2-2) married Charles Baker for her first hus­band. Afterwards she married Edward Crandall and was living in 1931 near Newcastle. Children: (1) Max Baker; (2) Fleming Baker; (3) Evelyn Baker; (4) Mary Crandall; and (5) Martha Crandall.

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Evelyn Baker (6-1-2-2-3) married Howard May and was living in 1931 on llth Street in Newcastle.

The other children in this family were also reported to be in that vicinity in 1931.

Miranda Fleming (6-2), born March 25, 1833, married Christian Brunk, son of Jacob Brunk, July 25, 1852, and lived near Sycamore in Howard County, Indiana. She died on the 16th day of July, 1888; her husband, on the 7th day of November, 1888. Children: (1) Maria Eliza­beth; (2) Joseph Henry; (3) Nathan Riley; (4) William Harrison, died in childhood; and (5) Mary Louisa.

Maria Elizabeth Brunk (6-2-1), born July 30, 1853, married Presley W. Gossett, May 6, 1871. He died September 9, 1874; and she afterwards, August 23, 1877, married Wilson P. Thompson, son of Samuel Thompson, and lived near Greentown, Indiana, till her death on the 14th day of July, 1927. Her last husband died on the 14th day of January, 1927. No children.

Joseph Henry Brunk (6-2-2), born August 10, 1855, married Hester Miller, daughter of Lewis Miller, April 30, 1876, and lives near Greentown, Indiana, on rural route No. 7 from Kokomo. Children: (1) Myrtle Blanche, single; (2) Gladys Luella; (3) Glenn Russell; and (4) Carl Christian.

Gladys Luella Brunk (6-2-2-2), born March 29, 1886, married Vern Manring, son of William Manring, March 9, 1904, and lives at Kokomo, Indiana. Their only child, Raymond Joseph, died single at age of 20.

Glenn Russell Brunk (6-2-2-3), born April 5, 1888, married Rosa Kurtz, daughter of Christian Kurtz, March 26, 1914, and lives at Greentown, Indiana. Children: (1) Merrill Arthur; and (2) Doris Louise.

Carl Christian Brunk (6-2-2-4), born January 9, 1893, married Noma Wooters, daughter of Walter Wooters, February 9, 1916, and lives at Kokomo, Indiana. Children: (1) Kenneth Walden; and (2) Evelyn Hope, deceased.

Nathan Riley Brunk (6-2-3), born October 9, 1858, married Mollie K. Zahn, daughter of Ephriam Zahn, December 24, 1879, and lived near Sycamore, Indiana, till his death on the 23rd day of March, 1907. His widow is still living (1931) at Greentown, Indiana. Children: (1) Daisy Luretta, died in infancy; (2) Lee Raymond; (3) Clyde Kenneth; (4) Omar Alvah; (5) Howard Vernon; (6) Cecile Beatrice; (7) Pearl Marie; and <8> Inez Geneva.

Lee Raymond Brunk (6-2-3-2), born March 28, 1882, married Cora Emma Dailey, daughter of William Dailey, November 23, 1904, and lives at Greentown, Indiana. No children.

Clyde Kenneth Brunk (6-2-3-3), born June 1, 1884, married Ida May Rosa, daughter of Harmon Rosa, December 24, 1903, and lives at Kokomo, Indiana. Children: (1) Gilbert Waldo; (2) Harold Harmon; (3) Lucille Marie; (4) Geneva Beatrice; (5) Rosemary Louise; and (6) Miriam Mildred.

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Harold Harmon Brunk (6-2-3-3-2), born May 3, 1908, married Loretta Marie Bonner, daughter of Otis Bonner, July 9, 1927, and lives at Anderson, Indiana.

Omar Alvah Brunk (6-2-3-4), born July 29, 1886, married Blanche Pearl Rosier, daughter of Frank Rosier, May 1, 1915, and lives at Hem­lock, Howard County, Indiana. Children: (1) Winifred Genevieve; (2) Frederick Gene; (3) Glenda Bernardine; (4) Ethel Imogene; and (5) Nathan Franklin.

Howard Vernon Brunk (6-2-3-5), born August 11, 1888, married Gladys Leone Gentry, daughter of Elisha Gentry, November 23, 1912, and lives at Greentown, Indiana. Children: (1) Donald Vernon; (2) Juanita Ruth; (3) Gerald Edward; and (4) Darrell Howard.

Cecile Beatrice Brunk (6-2-3-6), born July 4, 1891, married Claude Rudy, son of David A. Rudy, October 12, 1912, and lives at Sims, Grant County, Indiana. Children: (1) Norma Pearl; (2) Agnes Claudine; and (3) Vivian Lois.

Pearl Marie Brunk (6-2-3-7), born May 16, 1895, married Carl E. Rudy, son of David A. Rudy, September 10, 1913, and lives at Kokomo, Howard County, Indiana. Children: (1) Williamette Louise; (2) Marjorie Cecile; (3) Mardelee Inez, deceased; and (4) Helen Jean.

Inez Geneva Brunk (6-2-3-8), born December 6, 1897, married Clif­ford David, son of Edward David, December 6, 1916, and lives at Greentown, Indiana. Children: (1) Doyle Edward; and (2) Madonna Jean.

Mary Louisa Brunk (6-2-5), born December 6, 1863, married Franklin Pierce Gates, son of Daniel Cates, August 2, 1879. He died on the 1st day of September, 1923; and she afterwards, September 23, 1929, married Thomas V. Clements, son of James Clements. They were living in 1931 at 1123 S. Ohio Ave., Kokomo, Indiana. Children: (1) Hattie Mabel; (2) Florence Edna; (3) Bertha Frances; (4) Edith Ruth; (5) Ellis Brunk; and (6) Ray Fleming.

Hattie Mabel Cates (6-2-5-1), born August 2, 1881, married Emery E. Creviston, son of Jefferson Creviston, February 11, 1903, and lives at 3225 Felton St., Marion, Indiana. Children: (1) Estel Reid; and (2) Ward Etman.

Estel Reid Creviston (6-2-5-1-1), born October 9, 1904, married Fern Etta Walker, daughter of Otto Walker, January 16, 1924, and lives at Van Buren, Grant County, Indiana. No children.

Florence Edna Cates (6-2-5-2), born August 29, 1883, married Aubrey Brumfiel, son of Sanford Brumfiel, November 19, 1902, and lives at 124 N. 20th St., Newcastle, Indiana. Children: (1) Clarence Cates; and (2) Velma Marie.

Clarence Cates Brumfiel (6-2-5-2-1), born January 10, 1906, married Beatrice Young, daughter of William Young, January 21, 1925, and lives at Newcastle, Indiana. Children: (1) Clarence Cates, Jr.; and (2) Robert William.

Velma Marie Brumfiel (6-2-5-2-2), born September 12, 1910, married

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Earl Sox, son of George Sox, June 4, 1927, and lives at Newcastle. No children.

Bertha Frances Cates (6-2-5-3), born December 28, 1885, married John E. Antrim, son of Clinton Antrim, and lived near Converse, Blackford County, In­diana, till her death on the 5th day of February, 1920. Children: (1) Cedric Gail; and (2) Gerald Emerson.

Cedric Gail Antrim (6-2-5-3-1), born July 28, 1903, married Edna Rudy, daughter of David Rudy, August 16, 1922, and lived near Con­verse, Indiana, till his death by drowning on the 3rd day of August, 1926. His only child is Donnabelle.

Edith Ruth Cates (6-2-5-4), born February 29, 1888, married Herman Hofferbert, son of Jacob Hofferbert, November 15, 1911, and lives at Greentown, Indiana. Children: (1) Albert Herman; (2) Jay Franklin, deceased; and (3) Donald, deceased.

Ellis Brunk Cates (6-2-5-5), born November 15, 1889, married Laura Ellen Mast, daughter of John Mast, September 6, 1912, and lives at Greentown, Indiana. Children: (1) Robert Ellis, deceased; (2) Dorothy Marian; and (3) Doris Ellen.

Ray Fleming Cates (6-2-5-6), born August 10, 1896, married Hester Martin, daughter of John Martin, July 17, 1919. lives at 2701 Midwood Ave., Toledo, Ohio, and has one child, John Martin.

Huldah Fleming (6-3), born September 2, 1835, married Charles Ayers, July 15, 1860. He died not long after their marriage, leaving a small son, Jerome. Huldah and Jerome remained with her parents till 1883. After the death of her father and mother she lived a year or two with her sister, Miranda Brunk. Then she went back to Sulphur Springs, Henry County and married a man by the name of Heath. After the death of Mr. Heath she lived with her brother, Andrew Fleming. She died in 1907.

Jerome Ayers (6-3-1) went to Missouri when he was a young man, married there, and died when he was about thirty years old. No further record.

Elmus Fleming (6-4), born August 27, 1837, married Permelia Ann Marlow, January 11, 1860, and lived near Sulphur Springs. He died on the 4th day of July, 1863. His widow afterwards married John Whitworth and lived at Sulphur Springs till the 24th day of July, 1929. Their only child was William Elmus.

William Elmus Fleming (6-4-1), born September 18, 1863, married Nettie Rader, daughter of William G. Rader, December 4, 1900, and lives at 801 S. 14th St., Newcastle, Indiana. Children: (1) Marcia Charlene; (2) Mildred Permelia; (3) Margaret Ina; and (4) Nettie Louise.

Marcia Charlene Fleming (6-4-1-1), born July 18, 1901, married Robert Chilton Rae, son of Matthew A. Rae, February 24, 1925, and lives in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois. Her husband died on the 30th day of July, 1929. No children.

Mildred Permelia Fleming (6-4-1-2), born March 27, 1903, married

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Claude M. Wilkinson, son of Granville Wilkinson, August 31, 1918, and lives at 121 N. 20th St., Newcastle, Indiana. Children: (1) Edith Nette; and (2) Mary Marcia.

Edith Nette Wilkinson (6-4-1-2-1), born February 6, 1921, married Antonio Orpi, of Arecibo, Puerto Rico, lives in Newcastle, and has one child, Antonia Caroline.

Mary Marcia Wilkinson (6-4-1-2-2), born July 19, 1923, married Richard Warren Jenkins and lives in Newcastle.

Margaret Ina Fleming (6-4-1-3), born August 31, 1905, married Eu­gene H. Steele, October 14, 1939, and lives at 421 S. 12th Street in Newcastle.

Nettie Louise Fleming (6-4-1-4), born October 8, 1908, lives at 108 E. 13th Street in Indianapolis.

Andrew Fleming (6-6), born July 14, 1842, married Ellen Shortridge, daughter of George Shortridge, February 16, 1865, and lived near Sulphur Springs, Indiana. He died on the 8th day of January, 1926; his wife, on the 26th day of November, 1925. Their only child was Olive Gertrude.


Olive Gertrude Fleming (6-6-1), born June 15, 1867, married Charles Young, son of William Young, December 2, 1885, and lives at 402 Wysor St., Muncie, Indiana. Her husband died on the 9th day of January, 1914. Her only child is William Pha.

William Pha Young (6-6-1-1), born September 14, 1886, married Mabel Hayes, daughter of Strod Hayes, June 30, 1908, and lives in Muncie, Indiana. His only child is Carol Hayes.

Mariah Fleming (6-9), born June 10, 1849, married John P. Hendricks, son of Samuel Hendricks, December 23, 1868, and lived in Fulton County, Indiana. After her death John P. Hendricks married Lavernia Fleming, daughter of Joseph Fleming. Marian’s only child was Carrie.

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Carrie Hendricks (6-9-1), born November 1, 1869, married William Gaines, son of Reuben Gaines. She died in 1894. Children: (1) Hazel; (2) Maude; and (3) Mabel.

Hazel Gaines (6-9-1-1), born September 12, 1888, married Wildermouth Koons, son of Jacob Koons, in September, 1912, and lives at Yorktown, Indiana. Children: (1) Mabel; and (2) Kenneth William.

Maude Gaines (6-9-1-2), born June 1, 1890, married Faye Harter, son of George Harter, February 26, 1910, and lives at Mt. Summit, Indiana. Children: (1) Violet Helen; (2) Georgia Lee; (3) Vera Louise; and (4) Richard.

Mabel Gaines (6-9-1-3), born March 8, 1892, married Edward Corey, son of Nathan Corey, January 1, 1910, and lives at Marion, Indiana. Children: (1) Ruth Evelyn; (2) Mary Esther; (3) Thelma Jean; (4) James Lowell; and (5) Philip Edward.

7 MARIAH FLEMING was born on the 27th day of May, 1807. She married William Harrison Robey, son of Jeremiah Robey, in September, 1826. They lived a short time near Middletown, which is now Fairmont, and then went to Indiana, where they lived near Mid­dletown, in Henry County. He was a soldier in the Mexican War and died on the 28th of May, 1848. She died on the 15th of April, 1875. Children: (1) Mary Jane; (2) Evaline; (3) Louisa; (4) Matilda; (5) James A.; (6) Andrew Fleming, died single at 24; (7) Francis Marion; and <8> David Henderson.

Mary Jane Robey (7-1), born August 24, 1827, married Jacob Brunk, son of Jacob Brunk, and lived at Vermont, Indiana, till her death in December, 1885. Her husband died on the 7th of June, 1900. Children: (1) Sarah Elizabeth; (2) Evaline; (3) Barbara Ellen; (4) William Riley; (5) Louisa Jane; (6) Arthur Fleming; and (7) Alice Belle.

Sarah Elizabeth Brunk (7-1-1), born October 20, 1849, married Samuel Crumley, September 23, 1869, and lived at Iola, Kansas. She died on the 6th of March, 1919; her husband, on the 4th of November, 1914. Children: (1) Edgar Cyrus, died at 16; (2) William Aaron; (3) Charles Otto; and (4) Bertha Clydie.

William Aaron Crumley (7-1-1-2), born June 10, 1872, married Marion Evelyn Lamb, daughter of Ulysses Lamb, November 23, 1895, and lives at Greentown, Indiana. His only child is Walter Howard.

Walter Howard Crumley (7-1-1-2-1), born August 19, 1896, married Ethel O. Krieg, daughter of Clarence Krieg, August 30, 1922, and lives at 1732 W. Sycamore St., Kokomo, Indiana. His only child, John Rich­ard, died in infancy.

Charles Otto Crumley (7-1-1-3), born October 16, 1879, married Edythe Lundberg, June 24, 1908, and lives at Holbrook, Arizona. Chil­dren: (1) Daniel; (2) Harold: (3) Margie, deceased; (4) Virginia; and (5) Roscoe.

Bertha Clydie Crumley (7-1-1-4), born May 14, 1882, married Albert

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L. Folkner, son of Fletcher Folkner, January 4, 1896. He died on the 19th of December, 1917; and she afterwards married Davis Lister and lives at 229 Brown Ave., Osawatomie, Kansas. Children: (1) Eula Belle Folkner; (2) Frank Virgil Folkner; (3) Ruth Elizabeth Folkner; and (4) Grace Carmen Folkner.

Evaline Brunk (7-1-2), born March 4, 1852, married Milton Ray, son of Jacob Ray, in 1873. After his death she married James W. DeHaven and lived at Kokomo till her death on the 17th of July, 1930. Her last husband died on the 26th of March, 1912. Her only child is Margaret DeHaven.

Margaret DeHaven (7-1-2-1), born May 8, 1896, married Raymond Gilbert, son of Elvadore Gilbert, March 10, 1928, and lives in Kokomo. No children.

Barbara Ellen Brunk (7-1-3), born July 20, 1854, died September 13, 1864.

William Riley Brunk (7-1-4), born August 19, 1858, married Serella Stone. He next married Mary C. Moon, daughter of W. B. Moon, No­vember 23, 1892, and lived at the time of his death, November 26, 1929, at Graceville, Florida. His last wife was still living in 1931. Children: (1) Cora; (2) Chloe Onda; (3) Omer Russell; and (4) Dewey Raymond.

Cora Brunk (7-1-4-1), born August 14, 1881, married John Carson. He died in 1926. Her only child is Ruth.

Chloe Onda Brunk (7-1-4-2), born July 24, 1894, married Homer H. Newton, October 26, 1909, and lives at Roseland, Florida. Children: (1) Beatrice; (2) Willie Buell; (3) General Pershing, deceased; (4) Homer, Jr., deceased; and (5) Charles.

Beatrice Newton (7-1-4-2-1), born September 5, 1911, married Garfield Abbott, son of Luther Abbott, May 3, 1931, and lives at Mariana, Florida.

Omer Russell Brunk (7-1-4-3), born August 5, 1897, married Fannie C. Meadows, daughter of William Meadows, August 5, 1920. She died on the 14th of February, 1929; and he afterwards, December 5, 1929, married Martha M. Kirkland, daughter of S. R. Kirkland, and lives at Graceville, Florida. Children: (1) Willie Thelma; and (2) Joseph Russell, deceased.

Louisa Jane Brunk (7-1-5), born February 9, 1861, died on the 19th of February, 1862.

Arthur Fleming Brunk (7-1-6), born January 8, 1863, married Daisy Ann Love, January 1, 1890, and lives at York, Nebraska. His only child is Herman Harrison.

Herman Harrison Brunk (7-1-6-1), born February 11, 1892, married Myrtle E. Shafer, daughter of Charles Shafer, June 11, 1913, and lives at York. Children: (1) Charles Arthur; (2) Marjorie Edith; and ,(3) Margaret Irene.

Alice Belle Brunk (7-1-7), born November 27, 1867, married Elmer

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Smith, son of David Smith, October 20, 1886. For her second husband she married John L. Vickers. He died in January, 1924, and she married J. K. Ogle, September 10, 1930, and was living in 1931 at Raymondville, Missouri, R. F. D. No. 1. Children: (1) Lulu Ellen Smith; (2) Claude Bernard Smith, died at 21; (3) Elsie Belle Smith; (4) Verne Leone Smith; (5) Paul Levon Vickers; and (6) John Vickers.

Lulu Ellen Smith (7-1-7-1) married William P. Rogers, son of William Rogers, and lived at Nortonville, Kansas, till her death in 1918. Her only child is Lulu Ellen.

Elsie Belle Smith (7-1-7-3), born September 3, 1900, married Fred Roles, son of Reid Roles, September 28, 1916, and lived at Lamont, Okla­homa. Children: (1) Mildred, deceased; (2) Wayne; (3) Wilber, de­ceased; (4) Evalyn; (5) Harold; and (6) Clarence. She died in 1928.

Evaline Robey (7-2), born May 6, 1829, married Joseph Stewart, son of William Stewart, September 23, 1847, and lived at Moberly, Missouri. She died on the 25th of October, 1906. Children: (1) William Lewis; (2) David Warren; (3) Joseph Henry; (4) Mary Jane; (5) Martha Frances; and (6) Lucy Belle.

Joseph Stewart and Wife

Joseph Stewart and Wife

William Lewis Stewart (7-2-1), born January 12, 1849, married Maggie Branham and lived at Willows, California. He died in 1911. All that is known about his family is that he had a daughter, Mrs. Pansy Northcott, living at Marysville, California, in 1931.

David Warren Stewart (7-2-2), born May 10, 1851, married Anna B. Cecil, daughter of Samuel Cecil, January 14, 1880, and lived at 710 Jackson St., Muncie, Indiana. He died on the llth day of September, 1929; his wife, on the 20th day of May, 1910. Children: (1) Zenobia Cecil; (2) Mabel; and (3) Erville Bowles, died in childhood.

Zenobia Cecil Stewart (7-2-2-1), born January 27, 1881, married Walter E. Ervin, son of Joshua E. Ervin, May 15, 1902, lives at 6545 2nd Ave., South, St. Petersburg, Florida, and has no children.

Mabel Stewart (7-2-2-2), born June 22, 1885, married Amos Whiteley,

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son of Burt H. Whiteley, July 25, 1906, lives near Muncie, Indiana, on rural route No. 5, and has no children.

Joseph Henry Stewart (7-2-3), born July 23, 1853, married Martha Belle Featherston, daughter of Martin Featherston. He died on the llth day of February, 1928. His only child was Myrtle.

Myrtle Stewart (7-2-3-1), born August 27, 1885, married George H. Cook, son of A. H. Cook, September 14, 1908, lives at 5409 Rockhill Road, Kansas City, Missouri, and has no children.

Mary Jane Stewart (7-2-4), born November 6, 1855, married William S. Callaway, son of Joseph B. Callaway, February 13, 1873, and lives at 704 W. Mulberry St., Bloomington, Illinois. Her husband died on the 13th day of February, 1915. Children: (1) Ollie Belle; (2) Omar Warren: (3) Mattie Delia, deceased; (4) Ora Anna; (5) Maude Berleene: and (6) Mamie Lee.

Ollie Belle Callaway (7-2-4-1), born December 2, 1875, married Peter Shinabarger, son of Jacob Shinabarger, January 30, 1899, and lives near Danvers, Illinois, on rural route No. 1. Children: (1) Jacob; (2) Made­line; (3) Edna; and (4) George.

Jacob Shinabarger (7-2-4-1-1), born August 3, 1900, married Lena O’Malley, daughter of James O’Malley, October 25, 1922, and lives in Bloomington, Illinois. His only child is Florence Eileen.

Madeline Shinabarger (7-2-4-1-2), born June 13, 1903 married Alfred Pinneo, son of James Pinneo, March 8, 1919, and lives at Osawatomie, Kansas. Children: (1) Mina Belle; and (2) Bettie Jane.

Edna Shinabarger (7-2-4-1-3), born April 14, 1907, married Carl Parsons, September 9, 1924. They were divorced; and she afterwards, November 25, 1929, married Leroy Griffith, son of Charles Griffith, and lives near Danvers, Illinois, on rural route No. 1. Children: (1) Mary Lucille Parsons; (2) Georgia May Parsons; and (3) Leroy Griffith, Jr.

George Shinabarger (7-2-4-1-4), born May 15, 1908, is single and lives near Danvers, Illinois.

Omar Warren Callaway (7-2-4-2), born February 6, 1879, married Lillian May Harvey, daughter of Antony Harvey, May 24, 1899, and lives at 401 S. Morris Ave., Bloomington, Illinois. Children: (1) Donald;

(2) Gerald; (3) Floyd; (4) Carl; (5) Ralph; and (6) Audrey.

Donald Callaway (7-2-4-2-1), born May 21, 1901, is married and lives in New Orleans. Children: (1) Donald, Jr.; (2) Omar Warren; and

(3) Lillian.

Gerald Callaway (7-2-4-2-2), born April 29, 1905, married Helen Dolen, daughter of James Dolen, and lives at 1008 W. Wood St., Bloom­ington. Children: (1) Norma; (2) Jean; and (3) Omar Warren.

Ora Anna Callaway (7-2-4-4), born January 16, 1887, married Ed­ward Fitzgerald, son of James Fitzgerald, June 14, 1911. They were divorced; and she afterwards, December 17, 1927, married Albert Hobein,

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son of William Hobein, and lives at 116 N. Adams St., Peoria, Illinois. Her only child is Noma Louise Fitzgerald.

Maude Berleene Callaway (7-2-4-5), born July 22, 1893, married Floyd Millinger, son of Samuel Millinger, August 18, 1908, and lives at 704 W. Mulberry St., Bloomington, Illinois. Children: (1) Ora; (2) Leo; and (3) Mary.

Ora Millinger (7-2-4-5-1), born June 6, 1910, married George Waller, son of George Waller, September 26, 1928, lives at 429 Livingston St., Peoria, Illinois. Children: (1) George; and (2) Jackie Lee.

Mamie Lee Callaway (7-2-4-6), born May 25, 1896, married Fred Stuller, son of Justin Stuller, in 1914. They were divorced; and she afterwards married Holland Wilson, son of Andrew Wilson. Their home was at Rock Island. She died on the llth day of June, 1930. Children:

(1) Norma Nell Stuller; and (2) Lois Marian Stuller.

Martha Frances Stewart (7-2-5), born April 12, 1864, married Dr. Norvin G. Perry, son of Washington Perry, April, 27, 1879, and lives at Worthville, Kentucky. Children: (1) Carl Byron; (2) Norvin Green; and (3) Joseph Calvin.

Carl Byron Perry (7-2-5-1), born November 9, 1881, is single and lives at Worthville, Kentucky.

Norvin Green Perry, Jr., (7-2-5-2), born September 21, 1883, married Virginia Smoot, daughter of William Smoot, June 12, 1907, lives at Worthville, Kentucky, and has one child, Martha Maurine.

Joseph Calvin Perry (7-2-5-3), born March 13, 1885, married Alice Gains, daughter of William Gains, March 29, 1909, lives at New Castle, Kentucky, and has one child, Juanita Frances.

Lucy Belle Stewart (7-2-6), born December 2, 1866, married James Harvey Armstrong, and lives at 421 Armstrong St., Slater, Missouri. Children: (1) Bessie; and (2) Norvin.

Bessie Armstrong (7-2-6-1), born September 6, 1887, married Edward L. Milligan, son of I. S. Milligan, September 16, 1908, lives at Slater, Missouri, and has one child, James Lyle.

Norvin Armstrong (7-2-6-2), born October 27, 1890, married Lorena Ehrnman, daughter of George Ehrnman, June 26, 1914, and lives at Pasadena, California. Children: (1) Norvin, Jr.; and (2) James Ehrn­man.

Louisa Roby (7-3), born July 11, 1831, married Norval Fleming, son of William Fleming, February 7, 1850, and lived near Sulphur Springs, Indiana. She died on the 3rd day of July, 1911; her husband, on the 3rd day of August, 1909. Children: (1) infant son, died in infancy; and

(2) Laura Ellen.

Laura Ellen Fleming (7-3-2), born September 7, 1862, married Henry McGuffin, son of James McGuffin, September 2, 1885. Afterwards she married Julius Halsema. Their home was near Sulphur Springs. She died on the 6th day of January, 1909. No children.


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  1. Interesting and extensive information. It appears this includes some of my family lines. This information has often been difficult to locate, and is a godsend. Thanks for all of the work, and publishing this online-open access.

    Comment by Bruce J. Haggart, D.C. | August 4, 2010 | Reply

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