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Moore-Peterson-Mick-Lucas-Prather Index

This page indexes the families of William Davis Moore and Sarah Ann Mick of new Vienna Ohio and the descendants and ancestors. William Davis or W.D. as he was known, is my 2nd great grand father. His mother, Sarah Peterson is of Walloon Dutch ancestry with the name changing to Pittinger, then Pieterson, and then into patronymics, and reaches back into Canterbury, England and Flanders and the Gelderland in Netherlands.

The line to me is W.D. Moore > Louisiana N Moore + John G Montgomery > Mary Ellen Montgomery + L.J. Gould > Patricia Gould + Russell Oran Elledge Jr > Charles Lawrence Elledge (me) and my sisters, Carol Lynne, Susan and Leigh Ann.


1. William Davis Moore Biography from The History of Clinton County, Ohio, 1882, WH Beers & Co, page 1008 & 1009

2. James Baldwin Thomas of Winchester, Adams County, Ohio Biography.

3. Moore Facts from Adams County Ohio. Tidbits and errata concerning the Moores, esp. Aaron, and some about Spriggs, Peterson and Prather, too.

4. Captain William Hannah of Adams County Ohio.

5. John Patterson of Adams County Ohio

6. Colonel Oscar F. Moore of Portsmouth Ohio

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