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page 183

McCoy, March 3, 1915, and lives at Grant Town. Children: (1) Ernestine; (2) Nelson; and (3) Luther Isaac.

Ernestine McCoy (2-7-12-1) married Stanley Sterling, son of Ralph Sterling, July 8, 1938.

William Sanford Conaway (2-8), born February 2, 1847, married Mary Arnett, January 1, 1868. They had four Children. She died on the 2nd of July, 1876. He next married Matilda A. Shinn, daughter of Samuel Shinn, April 3, 1879. They had two children. She died on the 29th of July, 1886. His last wife was Elizabeth Jolliffe. They were married on the 5th of April, 1888, lived at Barrackville, and had a son that died in infancy. He died on the 8th of May, 1890; his last wife, in 1929. Children: (1) Charles Clarence; (2) Waitman Harrison; (3) William Willison; (4) Anna May; (5) Linnie May; (6) Emma H., died in infancy; and (7) Clark J., died in infancy.

Charles Clarence Conaway (2-8-1), born May 19, 1869, married Christine Bartholow and lives in Fairmont. His wife died in 1936. No children.

Waitman Harrison Conaway (2-8-2), born March 8, 1871, married Mary Willis Cavender, daughter of James M. Cavender, December 27, 1898, and lived in Fairmont. He died on the 26th of November, 1929. His only child is Harrison.

Harrison Conaway (2-8-2-1), born July 13, 1903, married Louise Johnson, daughter of H. Russell Johnson, November 6, 1930, and lives in Fairmont. He is now (1941) the prosecuting attorney of Marion County. Children: (1) Harrison; (2) Russell Johnson; and (3) Mary Elizabeth.

William Willison Conaway (2-8-3), born January 30, 1873, married Lillian Neuberger, daughter of Franz L. Neuberger, February 16, 1898, and lived at Fairmont till his death on the 8th of November, 1935. His only child is Mary Josephine.

Mary Josephine Conaway (2-8-3-1), born December 2, 1906, married Lewis Edmond Johnson, son of Ernest L. Johnson, October 26, 1927, and lives at 724 Mt. Vernon Ave., Fairmont. Her only child is William Ernest.

Anna May Conaway (2-8-4), born October 1, 1874, married George McClelland Clark, son of George Clark, May 1, 1895. He died on the 9th of February, 1907; and she afterwards. March 9, 1908, married Guy W. Weatherhead, son of James A. Weatherhead. He served in the Spanish American War and now lives at 269 Northridge Road, Columbus. Ohio. His wife died on the 5th of March, 1932. Her only child was Adah Louise Clark.

Adah Louise Clark (2-8-4-1), born June 25, 1897, married Emmet G. Smith, son of William Evan Smith, January 26, 1927, and lives at 269 Northridge Road, Columbus. Her husband served in the World War. Children: (1) Emmet Clark; and (2) Nancy Lou.

Linnie May Conaway (2-8-5), born June 30, 1880, married Edward

page 184

Wadsworth, June 6, 1899, and lives at Clarksburg. Her only child is Edith.

Elizabeth Everly (2-9), born about 1857, married Marshall Clayton, son of Alpha Clayton, February 20, 1879. He was killed by a train at Mannington on the 28th of May, 1880. She afterwards, May 29, 1892, married Elbert W. Freeland and died in Iowa about 1921. Her last husband now lives at Spencer, West Virginia. Children: (1) Marcia Clayton; (2) Grace Regenia Freeland: (3) Vergie Beryl Freeland, died in childhood; (4) Leolia Gail Freeland; and (5) Cyril Arthur Freeland, deceased.


Marcia Clayton (2-9-1), born May 5, 1880, married Kenneth Core, son of John Core, April 1, 1906, and lives at Williamsburg, Iowa. Children: (1) Goldie Lorraine; (2) Helen Louise; (3) John Coleman; (4) Nedra Virginia; (5) Dean Robert; (6) Merle Eugene; and (7) Betty Jean.

Goldie Lorraine Core (2-9-1-1), born July 19, 1908, died single on the 13th of February, 1926.

Helen Louise Cure (2-9-1-2), born March 13. 1911, married a Royal for her first husband and afterwards, April 1, 1937, married James C. Riley, son of John C. Riley. They live at Marengo, Iowa. Children: (1) Phyllis Jean Royal; (2) Janet Ann Royal; (3) William Russell Royal; (4) Corale Elaine Riley; and (5) Beth Evelyn Riley.

John Coleman Core (2-9-1-3). born October 11, 1912, married Frances Moitzfield, daughter of Otto Moitzfield, March 7, 1937, lives at Williamsburg, and has no children.

Nedra Virginia Core (2-9-1-4, born October 26, 1914, married Alfred W. Hite, son of Emmet A. Hite, December 12, 1930, and lives in Cedar

page 185

Rapids, Iowa. Children: (1) Merlyn Eugene; (2) Kenneth Alfred; (3) Richard Wayne; (4) Shirley Ann; and (5) Danny Lee.

Grace Regenia Freeland (2-9-2), born July 24, 1893, married Lester Conner, son of Jesse Conner, August 14, 1909. He died on the 27th of August, 1927; and she afterwards, July 2, 1938, married George W. Dickey, son of Martin F. Dickey, and lives at 2038 E. Walnut St., Des Moines, Iowa. Children: (1) Cecile Kenova Conner; (2) Randall Willis Conner; (3) Nelda Elizabeth Conner; and (4) Garnett Arlene Conner.

Cecile Kenova Conner (2-9-2-1), born June 11, 1910, married Arthur Rockey, April 7, 1931. For her second husband she married Leo Caudle and lives at Earlham, Iowa. Her only child is Larry Rex Rockey.

Randall Willis Conner (2-9-2-2), born December 12, 1912, married Helen Truax, daughter of Charles Truax, October 4, 1937, lives at 1176 5th St., Des Moines, Iowa, and has one child, Gary.

Garnet Arlene Conner (2-9-2-4), born March 23, 1918, married Frank Alien, son of Luther Alien, July 3, 1937, lives at 3113 E. Washington St., Des Moines, and has no children.

Leolia Gail Freeland (2-9-4), born October 11, 1898, married Kenneth Fletcher and lives at 1347 E. 25th St., Des Moines.

9 JOHN HENDRICKS was born about 1820. He married Margaret McCray, daughter of George McCray, December 22, 1842, and lived for a part of his life at Barrackville. The date of his death is not known. His wife died in February, 1898. Children: (1) William; (2) Sarah; (3) Frances; (4) Rhoda; (5) George; (6) Wilford; (7) Rebecca; <8> Robert Lee; and (9) Charles, died young.

William Hendricks (3-1) was a lieutenant in the Confederate army and later became an engineer on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. He was killed at Moundsville in a train wreck, leaving one son, William. The name of his wife is not known.

Sarah Hendricks (3-2), born October 2, 1845, married Thomas Hart­ley, son of Joseph Hartley, November 20, 1866, and lived at Fairmont. She died on the 12th of November, 1924; her husband, on the 2nd of July, 1913. Children: (1) Mary; (2) John; (3) Charles; (4) Minnie; (5) George; (6) Viola; (7) James; <8> Ida; and (9) Martha.

Mary Hartley (3-2-1), born October 12, 1867, married Edgar Vincent, son of Steenrod Vincent, September 12, 1886, and lived at Sarietta, West Virginia. She died on the 17th of August, 1936. Children: (1) Maggie; (2) Clarence; (3) Jennie Belle, died in infancy; (4) John, died in child­hood; (5) Lillie; and (6) Louis.

Maggie Vincent (3-2-1-1) married Charles Griffith, son of Orlando Griffith, and lives at Sarietta. Children: (1) Lena, deceased; (2) Fred: and (3) Lawrence.

Clarence Vincent (3-2-1-2) married Nellie Currey, daughter of Nathan Currey, lived near Fairmont, and died about 1927. Children: (1) Rosaline; and (2) Kathleen.

page 186

Lillie Vincent (3-2.4-5), born in August, 1897, married Lewis Hammond, February 16, 1924, lives in Fairmont, and has one child, Jack.

Louis Vincent (3-2-1-6) married Blanche Wilt, daughter of Lloyd Wilt, and lives near Watson, West Virginia, on rural route No. 7. Children: (1) Louise; and (2) Jack.

John Hartley (3-2-2), born March 3, 1869, married Annie Vincent, August 23, 1891, and lives in Fairmont. Children: (1) Thomas; (2) Earl; (3) Eva; (4) Goldie; (5) Virginia, single; (6) Opal, died in childhood; (7) Helen Louise; and <8> Sarah.

Thomas Hartley (3-2-2-1), born April 4, 1893, married Roxina Helsell, January 1, 1923, and died in November, 1931. His wife died about 1930. No children.

Earl Hartley (3-2-2-2), born April 24, 1894, married Pauline Talkington, daughter of Russell Talkington, January 1, 1918, and lived at Fairmont till his death on the 8th of October, 1932. No children.

Eva Hartley (3-2-2-3), born July 28, 1897, married Bertram Cousins, son of Bertram Cousins, June 7, 1924, and lives in Fairmont. Children: (1) Bertram, Jr.; and (2) John Hartley.

Goldie Hartley (3-2-2-4), born September 29, 1899, married Leslie Haught, son of Andrew J. Haught, January 3, 1936, and lives at Hinton, West Virginia.

Helen Louise Hartley (3-2-2-7), born September 15, 1912, married Lawrence W. Hall, son of Hayes Hall, August 4, 1934, and lives in Fairmont.

Charles Hartley (3-2-3), born January 18, 1871, married Nettie Reese, December 22, 1892. He died in December, 1912. Children: (1) Alice; (2) Maude; (3) William; and (4) Nellie.

Alice Hartley (3-2-3-1) married Clay Willey and lives in Fairmont. Children: (1) Charles; (2) Emzie; (3) Mary; (4) Adell; and (5) Junior.

Maude Hartley (3-2-3-2) is married and lives in some of the western states.

William Hartley (3-2—3-3), born July 27, 1898, is married, lives in Washington, D. C., and has several children.

Nellie Hartley (3-2-3-4) lives in Washington.

Minnie Hartley (3-2-4), born January 27, 1873, married Lewis C. Smallwood, April 29, 1890, and lives at Watson, West Virginia. Children: (1) Claude, deceased; (2) Rufus Glenn; (3) Alma Pearl; (4) George; (5)Merle; (6) Anna; and (7) Hazel Wilma.

Rufus Glenn Smallwood (3-2-4-2), born January 23, 1893, married Effie Ethel Mason, July 6, 1912, lives at Pruntytown, West Virginia, and has several children.

Alma Pearl Smallwood (3-2-4-3), born April 5, 1895, married Harry West, December 24, 1910, and lives at Fairmont. Children: (1) Leroy; (2) Harold; (3) Violet; and (4) Helen.

page 187

George Smallwood (3-2-4-4), born December 14, 1897, married Ada Enochs, November 6, 1920, and died on the 9th of February, 1931, leaving one child, William.

Merle Smallwood (3-2-4-5) married Meade Shaffer, October 22, 1916, and lives in Ohio. Children: (1) Waneta; (2) Paul; and (3) Robert.

Anna Smallwood (3-2-4-6) married Lester Cox and lives at Weston. She has several children.

Hazel Wilma Smallwood (3-2-4-7) married Ulrich A. Metz, April 5, 1925, lives in Fairmont, and has one child, Donald.

George Hartley (3-2-5), born May 9, 1875, married Carrie Louden, daughter of George Louden, and lives at 2969 Lawn Avenue, Detroit. His only child is Mildred.

Viola Hartley (3-2-6), born July 29, 1877, married Walter Wilt, son of Washington Wilt, December 20, 1899, and lives near Morgantown on rural route No. 1. Her husband died on the 20th of March, 1920. Children: (1) James Leo; and (2) Kenneth Leon.

James Leo Wilt (3-2-6-1), born September 28, 1900, married Edna Weaver, daughter of Lon Weaver, August 15, 1925, lives at Masontown, West Virginia, and has no children.

Kenneth Leon Wilt (3-2-6-2), born June 27, 1902, married Ida May Kinsley. daughter of James A. Kinsley, March 28, 1925, and lives near Morgantown on rural route No. 1. Children: (1) Robert Leo; (2) Betty Lou, deceased; (3) Billy Gene; and (4) Shirley Ann, deceased.

James Hartley (3-2-7), born February 3, 1880, married Myrtle Wolford, daughter of Wesley Wolford, September 10, 1903, and lives on Stansberry Ave., Detroit. Children: (1) Pauline: (2) Charles; (3) Irma; (4) James; and (5) Evelyn.

Ida Hartley <3-2-8>, born November 6, 1884, married John Little, son of Amos Little, September 6, 1905, and lives at Sarietta. Her only child is Marshaline.

Martha Hartley (3-2-9), born August 27, 1887, married Wayman Wilt, son of Washington Wilt, March 7, 1906, and lives at Benton’s Ferry, West Virginia. Children: (1) Lillian; (2) Delbert; and (3) Ruby.

Ruby Wilt (3-2-9) married Lawson Smell, lives near Boothsville, and has no children.

Frances Hendricks (3-3) married Patrick Ryder and lived at Fairmont. She died on the 23rd of December, 1936. His death occurred many years ago. Children: (1) Mary Regina; (2) Elizabeth; (3) George Patrick; and (4) Rhoda.

Mary Regina Ryder (3-3-1), born April 27, 1872, married Vincent Glasgow, September 7, 1904, and lived at Fairmont till her death in August. 1936. Children: (1) Harold; and (2) Raymond.

Harold Glasgow (3-3-1-1), born July 29, 1905, married Marie Bush,

page 188

daughter of William Bush, June 1, 1935, and lives at Logan, West Virginia. No children.

Raymond Glasgow (3-3-1-2), born August 6, 1911, married Murney Miller, August 4, 1933, and lives at Fairmont. Children: (1) Mary; and (2) Rose Marie.

Elizabeth Ryder (3-3-2) married Nathan Davis and lived at Grafton till her death several years ago. Her only child, Kenneth, died in childhood.

George Patrick Ryder (3-3-3) married Ella Sculty and lives at 201 East Park Ave., Fairmont. Children: (1) Vincent; (2) Mary; (3) Patricia; (4) Bernadine; (5) Gertrude; (6) Cloid; and (7) Donald.

Rhoda Ryder (3-3-4) was married and died several years ago. Her only child died in infancy.

Rhoda Hendricks (3-4) married William Campbell, son of Hugh Campbell, and lived at Bellaire, Ohio. He died on the 7th of September, 1907; his wife, in 1877. Their only child was William J.
William J. Campbell (3-4-1), born September 7, 1875, married Pearl B. Chambers, daughter of John Chambers, June 19, 1899, and lives at 3347 Worthington St., Bellaire, Ohio. His only child is Mary Jeanette.

Mary Jeanette Campbell (3-4-1-1), born January 18, 1904, married Edward Crosby, son of George B. Crosby, November 17, 1925, lives at Wheeling, West Virginia, and has one child, Philip Bayard.

George Washington Hendricks (3-5), born May 30, 1850, married Minnie A. Forrest, daughter of Andrew Forrest, June 9, 1895, and lived near Mt. Pleasant, Pa. He died on the 4th of July, 1914. His widow afterwards married Daniel R. Eutsey and lives near Mt. Pleasant on rural route No. 2. Children: (1) John Andrew; and (2) George Wilfred.

John Andrew Hendricks (3-5-1), born December 11, 1896, served in the World War. He married Mildred O’Flaherty and lives at 17953 Erwin Ave., Reseda, California. His only child is Edith May.

George Wilfred Hendricks (3-5-2), born August 24, 1899, married Grace B. Mardis, daughter of Thomas Mardis, May 1, 1919, and lives near Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania, on rural route No. 2. Children: (1) Eugene; (2) Charles Wilfred; (3) Dolly Gertrude; (4) Geraldine; (5) George Wilfred; and (6) Sarah Louise.

Wilford Hendricks (3-6) was in the United States army with Crook’s division that went in the attempt to rescue General Custer in his battle with the Indians. He served in the Spanish American War and died in the Soldiers’ Home at Dayton, Ohio. He was married but had no children.

Rebecca Hendricks (3-7), born July 2, 1862, married Frank Goodwin, January 1, 1880, and lives at 222 Marshall St., McMechen, West Virginia. Children: (1) John E.; (2) Maude E.; (3) Charles A.; (4) Lora E.; (5) Frank H.; (6) Booth; and (7) Myrtle I.

page 189

Robert Lee Hendricks (3-8), born in 1864, married Jennie Boor, June 22, 1886, and lives at Charleston, West Virginia. Children; (1) Nellie Frances; and (2) George Washington.

Nellie Frances Hendricks (3-8-1), born October 4, 1887, married Walter Blame Huffman, December 26, 1904, and lives at West Union, West Virginia. Children; (1) Herman Wayne, died in infancy; (2) Melba Geraldine, died in infancy; (3) Harriet Isabella; (4) Paula Juanita; (5) Mary Ellen; and (6) Thelma Elizabeth.

George Washington Hendricks (3-8-2), born February 1, 1890, married Myra Esther Horton, daughter of George E. Horton, March 30, 1910, and lives at 2400 Capitol Ave., Des Moines, Iowa. He is a conductor on the Rock Island Railroad between Des Moines and Council Bluffs. Children; (1) George Donald; (2) Althea Elizabeth; (3) Alfred Bernarr; (4) Mary Alaire; and (5 and 6) Robert Vincent and Virginia Esther.

George Donald Hendricks (3-8-2-1), born December 13, 1911, married Mary Herdt and lives at 2181 18th St., East Moline, Illinois. No children.

Althea Elizabeth Hendricks (3-8-2-2), born April 5, 1913, married Orrin Fowler, son of O. C. Fowler, and lives at 2115 Capitol Ave., Des Moines. Children; (1) infant, deceased; (2) Orren Vincent; and (3) Phyllis Janine.

Alfred Bernarr Hendricks (3-8-2-3), born April 3, 1915, is single and lives at 2181 18th St., East Moline.

Mary Alaire Hendricks (3-8-2-4), born October 4, 1917, married Martin Widrig and lives at 1231 West 85th St., Los Angeles, California.


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