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Fleming Alexander to Joab Fleming Deed Marion County WV

Alexander and Mary Fleming made a deed to their son Joab in 1845, said deed being a good proof of parentage of Joab, the deed also tells us that Matthew Fleming was a Justice of the Peace, and reiterates Mary as Alexander’s wife, locates them on Ices Run, with neighbors of James Fleming, Benjamin Veach, John L. Smith and William McDougal. For direct descendants of Joab this is a very important instrument.

Alexander Fleming


Joab Fleming: Deed

This indenture made this 9th day of August in the year 1845 by and between Alexander Fleming and Mary his wife of the one part and Joab Fleming of the other part, all of the county of Marion and State of Virginia.

Witnesseth that the said Alexander Fleming and Mary his wife for and in consideration of the sum of one hundred dollars and their love & respect they have for their son, said Joab Fleming they have granted bargained and sold and by these presents do grant bargain sell alien enfeoff release and confirm unto the said Joab Fleming his heirs and assigns a certain tract or parcel of land situated on Ice’s Run adjoining lands of James Fleming John L. Smith William McDougal & Benjamin Veach and bounded as follows: Beginning at a hickory on the top of a ridge corner to said James Fleming and with his line S89-1/2 W25 poles small white oak in said ridge S53-1/2 W20-1/2 poles white oak S40 W45 poles hickory S80 W19-1/2 poles pointer in a line of Benjamin Veachs and with his line n5 E100 poles 2 Beeches N84-3/4 E88 poles white oak corner to said Smith & McDougal and with said Smiths line S1/4 E 48 poles, Beginning containing thirty six acres by survey be it the same more or less, to have and to hold the above described premises with all and singular the appurtenances thereunto belonging or in any wise appertaining to the only proper use benefit and behoof of him the said Joab Fleming his heirs and assigns forever and the said Alexander Fleming and Mary his wife for themselves and their heirs do covenant to and with the said Joab Fleming his heirs and assigns that at time of sealing and delivering of these presents they was seized of a good and perfect and indefeasible estate of inheritance in fee simple in the above described premises free from all claims liens or incumbrances and that they have good right and authority to convey the same in manner and form and that they will warrant secure and forever defend the said premises to the said Joab Fleming his heirs and assigns free from all claims whatever.

In testimony whereof we the said Alexander Fleming and Mary his wife have hereunto set our names and affixed our seals the day and year above written.

Alexander Fleming (seal)

Mary Fleming (her mark, seal)

Marion County, to wit:

(abridged) Alexander and Mary were examined and certified as to the deed by Matthew Fleming and John L. Smith, Justices of the peace for marion County on 9 August 1845.

19 February 1847 Thomas L. Boggess recorded the deed. Deed Book 2 page 320-321.

In left margin: “Delivered June 26th 1847”

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