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Fleming Mary, daughter of William Fleming

From Marion Franklin Brand’s book “The William Fleming Family (A Genealogy) With a Brief Account of Some Other Flemings of Delaware”, Morgantown WV, 1941

Addenda in blue has been added by Charles L. Elledge from his research. More on the Flemings here and here.




MARY FLEMING was born in Kent County, Delaware, on the llth of March, 1745. She married Matthew Fleming in 1761. They came to Monongalia County, probably at the same time Nathan Fleming, Boaz Fleming, and Benoni Fleming came, which was evidently in the latter part of the year 1788. On the 18th of October, 1799, Matthew bought of John and Mary Sisco for two hundred pounds a tract of 86 acres of land on the east side of the Monongahela River about a mile and a half below the mouth of the Tygart’s Valley River. Later, in 1809, he bought another tract of 192 acres in the same section from the heirs of William Pettyjohn for $300.00. Matthew Fleming died about 1810, the exact date of his death not being known. The inscription on his gravestone in the cemetery at the Fleming memorial chapel cannot be deciphered. Mary Fleming died on the 20th of May, 1815, being then 70 years old. This Matthew was evidently a son of Alexander[1] and Isabel Fleming (McKnitt/McKnith[2] ), who are mentioned in the last chapter. [3]

The children of Mary and Matthew Fleming were:

ELIZABETH, born September 16, 1763;

ANDREW, born October 24, 1765;

JANE, born December 6, 1767;

ALEXANDER, born January 5, 1770;

JAMES, born December 18, 1771;

JOHN, born August 3, 1773;

NANCY (ANN), born October 23, 1775;

MARY, born December 18, 1778;

MATTHEW, born September 6, 1781; and

REBECCA, born October 7, 1785.

Nothing is known in regard to James and Mary, who are mentioned as children in this family. It may be assumed from the fact that they did not join in the deeds that conveyed the property of their father that they died young. (Later researchers, including Don Norman, have found information for James showing he married a Nancy McClure and died in 1817)



On the 20th of May, 1814, six of the children of Matthew sold their interests in the Pettyjohn tract to Moses Jeffers for $500.00. Andrew, Ann, and Rebecca then lived in Harrison County. Jane, Alexander and Matthew lived in Monongalia County. Mary, the widow of Matthew, was also in Monongalia. Five days later these same six sold their interests in the Sisco land to Joshua Miller. The other two children, John and Elizabeth, conveyed their shares to Jeffers and Miller on the 15th of September, 1815. But neither the wife of John, nor the husband of Elizabeth joined in these deeds. John acknowledged the deed in Monongalia County and stated that he resided in Muskingum County, Ohio. It was acknowledged by Elizabeth in Wood County, Virginia, which was her place of residence. (Note that all these Virginia counties mentioned are today part of West Virginia and that the area of Monongalia county mentioned is now in Marion County.)

As the record of one of these children will be very short, it will be given here. About all that can be said about the oldest daughter, Elizabeth, is that she married John Stephenson and lived in Wood County. The records at Parkersburg do not furnish sufficient evidence to justify the conclusion that she left a family.[4] The deed records there show that one John Stephenson and Elizabeth, his wife, conveyed a house and lot in Newport to Thomas Neale on the 30th of June 1809. An inventory and appraisement of the estate of one John Stephenson Sr., was filed on the 28th of March, 1836, wherein John Stephenson, Jr., was the administrator, but the widow and heirs are not named.

Nancy Fleming, usually called “Ann,” married William Fleming, son of Nathan, and will appear in Chapter X.

Rev. Archibald Fleming (9 in Chapter VII), who could not be present at the first reunion in Fairmont, addressed a letter to the assembly dated August 7, 1891, from which the following is quoted:

“My Dear Friends and Relations:

I sincerely regret that I am not permitted to meet with you and mingle in your society at the grand reunion at Fairmont, the place of my birth and the home of my childhood, as many pleasing associations cluster around the place.—In 1846 I visited the home of William Fleming (Chapter XXX) in Ross County, Ohio.—I saw old Uncle Benoni in 1840. Though then old, he was a fine specimen of physical manhood. It has been fifty-years since I visited at Middletown[5] and spent six weeks in the most happy manner.—I suppose that among all those loved ones there but two live to remember me, cousins Joseph and Harry. I love to cherish the memory of Uncle Archibald and family, Capt. Matt, the three Johns, the two Benjamins, Allison, Marshall, Henry, Albert Shore, and many others. I feel inspired by the light of hope, as one by one passes away, that they go to join those that have passed on before, where, after while, we shall have a grand reunion in the Paradise of God that shall never end.”

[1] Internet records, from several GEDCOMS and websites, claim Alexander and William are brothers, sons of William Fleming and Jane Clark.

[2] Isabel McKnith’s maiden name comes from Don Norman’s Family Files found at

[3] When I began work on this genealogy Mrs. George C. Stone, of Belpre. Ohio, sent me some records pertaining to the Flemings and Wolcotts which show Matthew as a son of Alexander and Isabel. Afterwards I saw the Fleming papers in the possession of William B. Tharp and also examined the records at Dover, Delaware. My conclusion was that this is correct. It seems to me however, that if Matthew is to be classed as a son of Alexander this fact will be rather strong evidence to show that the Archibald named in a later chapter was not a son of Alexander. Francis A. Fleming mentions the cousins of his grandfather who came to Virginia but says nothing about Matthew, who, if his statement is correct, was closer in relationship than a cousin.

[4] Elizabeth did indeed leave a family, finds in Parkersburg after Brand’s book came out included discovery of the burial place of the Stephensons – in an oil refinery’s property in town that was being removed. Computerization and availability of other records since have shed more light on the Stephenson’s than could have been discovered by earlier researchers.

[5] Middletown is now Fairmont

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