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Conaway John – Moses Ice Title Bind Deed

John Conaway loaned Moses Ice $100 for some purpose in 1862 and received back this bind deed as collateral for the loan. John died and in December 1869 his heirs presented the deed for collection to the county Court. The Ice, Fleming and Conaway families are firmly interwoven. John and Moses are related.

Moses Ice


John Conaway: Title Bind

Know all men by these Presents, that I Moses Ice of the County of Marion and State of Virginia am held and firmly Bound unto John Conaway of the same County and State as aforesaid in the sum of one hundred and fifty dollars lawful money of the State of Virginia to be paid to the said Conaway his Executors administrators or assigns for which Payment well and truly to be made I bind myself my heirs Executors and administrators firmly by these presents sealed with my seal dated 25 day of May one thousand eight hundred and sixty two, the conditions of the above obligation is such that of the above bounden Moses Ice shall make or cause to be made unto the said Conaway or his heirs a good and Sufficient warranty deed to the following described Parcels of Land to wit: all that Portion of Land that the said Ice got from his fathers Estate South of agreed Line Commencing in the top of a Ridge Known as the hog back at 2 hickorys and with the top of said Ridge to Ices Run thence up with the meanders of said Run to Ices Upper Line. Whenever called for then the above obligation to be void:otherwise to remain in full force and virtue –

sealed and delivered in presence of

Moses Ice (his mark, seal)

West Virginia to wit:

Be it remembered that on the 21st day of December 1869 the foregoing instrument of writing bearing date on the 25th day of May 1862 was presented to me John B. Crane Recorder for the County of Marion (by the administrators of John Conaway deceased), and entered into record.


John B. Crane Recorder

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