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Chapter 5 Alexander Fleming, son of Mary and Matthew Fleming, part 1

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ALEXANDER FLEMING was born in Kent County, Delaware, January 5, 1770. He married Mary Fleming, daughter of Nathan Fleming, March 27, 1793. She was born on the 20th of December, 1773. Their home was just south of Fairmont along the West Fork River. On the llth day of April, 1817, he bought of Benoni Fleming 123 acres of land, a part of which was then in Harrison County. It adjoined the land of Nathan Fleming. He paid four hundred dollars in cash for this farm. On the 24th day of April, 1830, he bought of Joseph Fleming about six acres of the Nathan Fleming land for $41.45. He was also the owner of a lot in Middletown for several years, having bought Lot No. 39 of Boaz Fleming, April 19, 1822, for $53.00 and sold it to Solomon Holland for $350.00 seven years later.

He probably devoted most of his time to farming. But he also did other work. In the suit of Benjamin Reeder against John Evans, Jr., which was a controversy about the building of a mill on Paw Paw Creek, Alexander Fleming was called as a witness in the case to prove the amount of plank taken from the mill to Morgantown. He testified on the 12th day of November, 1803, that he and William Fleming had taken two boats loaded with plank from Paw Paw to Morgantown for Ben­jamin Reeder, that he had boated a great deal of plank and was well acquainted with the business, and that from the quantity in the boat there must have been ten thousand feet. William Fleming was also called as a witness about the same matter.

The following certificate found among the records of the County Court will show some of the other things the men of those days were some­times required to do:

“We, the subscribers, being first sworn, pursuant to a warrant from Robert McGee, esquire, have this day viewed one yoke of cattle, cart, and driver belonging to Alexander Fleming and impressed by Ebenezer Newcomb to assist in making a road of which he is surveyor, and do value the use of the same to be worth one dollar and eighteen and three-fourths cents per day, and also the use of the above cattle and driver one day to be worth one dollar. Certified the llth day of May, 1826.


I do certify that the cart and one yoke of cattle and driver
were employed one day in the service for which they were
May 20, 1826. EBENEZER NEWCOMB.”

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At the May term of court of each year the County Court would au­thorize payment of claims like the above. Accordingly, we find that Alexander Fleming got an order for $1.18 on the 22nd day of May. For other years his allowances were: 1823, $3.50; 1825, $1.50; 1827, $4.18; 1828, $2.50; 1829, $2.95; and 1831, $3.70.

The matter of laying out and maintaining roads in those days was a matter of grave concern to the people of the county and took up a large part of the time of the County Court. It was rare, indeed, when the County Court was not confronted with a number of requests for roads at almost every session. The following petition, presented to the County Court on the 19th day of January, 1810, will serve to illustrate the part taken by members of the Fleming family in the building of roads in those days:

“TO THE WORSHIPFUL COUNTY COURT OF MONONGALIA: The Petition of the Upper District in Said County Sheweth:

That your petitioners are of opinion it would be of public advantage to have a road viewed and laid out, beginning at the Coal Run and thence through the neighborhood of Benoni and Alexander Fleming’s and to intersect the old road at the farm of Nathan Fleming and the Harrison line. Your petitioners therefore pray this court to appoint viewers for this purpose; and also appoint Benoni Fleming & Reuben Wilcuts & Alexander Fleming and their hands to cut out and work said road and exempt them from working on any other road, & your petition­ers, as in duty bound, will ever pray.”*

This was signed by William Barns, Thomas Barns, Sr., James Barns, Uz Barns, Thomas Fleming, Robert Downs, Reuben Wilcuts, Matthew Fleming, Alexander Fleming, Peter Miller, John Toncray, Boaz Fleming, William Fleming, George Fleming, Leven Fleming, Josias Wilcuts, Elah Hayhurst, and John S. Barns.

The court appointed Asa Hall, Andrew Ice, Jesse Ice, and Joshua Hart to view and lay out the road. After these men made their report the County Court, on the 8th day of October, 1810, ordered the establishment of the road, as follows:

“Beginning at the Coal Run, thence to Benoni Fleming’s Mill Run & R. Willcuts fence, thence to Benoni Fleming’s fence and through his farm as near the water course on the east side of it as conveniently can, thence to Alex Fleming’s farm and so on the north of his house and barn to the Harrison line”.

COPY OF THE WILL OF ALEXANDER FLEMING “I, Alexander Fleming, of the County of Marion and State of Virginia, do hereby make and declare this to be my last will and testament, revoking all other wills heretofore made by me. First: I give and bequeath to my beloved wife, Mary Flem­ing, to hold and enjoy during her natural life all of my estate, both personal and real.

Second: After the death of my said wife I give and bequeath my real estate, being the land upon which I now reside, to

* Evidently the court accepted the proposition set forth in the last part of this petition, for we find as late as 1824 the following order:

“Ordered that the hands residing on the farms of Benoni Fleming, Alex­ander Fleming, and Reuben Wolcott work the road leading from Coal Run to the Harrison line.” (See Book 9, page 76.)

page 86

my son Henry Fleming, William B. Fleming, and my daughter Ann, the wife of John S. Fleming, to them and their heirs for­ever, to be equally divided between them.

Thirdly: I give and bequeath, after the death of my said wife, all of my personal estate that may remain to be equally divided between my children: James Fleming, Ann, the wife of John S. Fleming; William B. Fleming; Zadoc Fleming; Henry Fleming; Joab Fleming; and Andrew, to them and their heirs forever.

Fourthly: I give to my grandchildren, being the children of Richard Patterson by my daughter Rachel, the sum of one hundred and eighty dollars to be paid to them after the death of my wife, should she survive me, and if not, to be paid to them in six months after my death by my said son Henry Fleming, William B. Fleming, and Ann Fleming, the wife of John S. Fleming. I also give to my grandchildren, being the children of John Conaway by my daughter Sarah, the like sum of one hundred and eighty dollars to be paid to them as above-mentioned by my sons Henry Fleming, William B. Fleming, and Ann Fleming, the wife of John S. Fleming, to whom I have willed my real estate, which said real estate is hereby made liable for the payment of the two legacies abovementioned to my grandchildren.

Lastly: I do hereby constitute and appoint my son, James Fleming, to be my executor.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal the 17th day of August, 1847.


The witnesses to this will were Thomas F. Conaway and William C. Haymond. It was probated in November, 1847.

Alexander Fleming died on the 14th day of October, 1847; his wife, on the 15th day of December, 1853. On his grave stone in the little cemetery at the Fleming Memorial Chapel at Fairmont it is written that he “emigrated to Western Virginia in December, 1788.” They had twelve children: (1) James; (2) Ann; (3) Henry: (4) Sarah; (5) William B.; (6) Rachel Hart; (7) Andrew B.; <8> Joab; (9) Zadock; (10), Joshua; (11) Lydia, born December 14, 1808, died October 16, 1820; and (12) George, born October 26, 1812, died July 27, 1837.

I JAMES FLEMING, born January 3, 1794, married Elizabeth Van Zant, daughter of Cornelius C. Van Zant, May 13, 1819. She was born on the 2nd day of November, 1800, and died on the 26th day of December, 1849, near Fairmont. He married for his second wife Mary Lowrie, December 17, 1855. Their home was always in the region around Fairmont. He died on the 27th day of January, 1888; his last wife, on the 7th day of April, 1885. Children: (1) Priscilla; (2) William Christo­pher; (3) Alexander Franklin; (4) Amelia; (5) Mary Margaret; (6) Cornelius Comminges; <of his 2nd wife> (7) Philena; <8> Eliza; and (9) Daniel Tucker.

Priscilla Fleming (1-1), born July 9, 1820, married Jacob Grove, son of Daniel Grove, May 8, 1844. Her husband was a major in the Civil War. Their home was at Fairmont. She died on the 7th day of January, 1887. Children: (1) Melissa Ellen, died single at age of 20; (2) Mary Margaret; (3) Sarah Elizabeth, born October 2, 1850, died

page 87

October 20, 1856; (4) Priscilla Maria, born September 27, 1852, died De­cember 16, 1865; (5) Amelia Katharine; and (6) Alexander Franklin.


Mary Margaret Grove (1-1-2), born March 9, 1848, married Thomas M. Hirons, son of Parker Hirons, December 24, 1874, and lived at DeSoto, Indiana. She died on the 6th of January, 1912.

Amelia Katharine Grove (1-1-5), born October 1, 1854, married William Warren Swearingen, April 21, 1893, and lived at Sulphur Springs, Indiana, till her death on the 22nd day of June, 1919. Her husband was still living in 1930. Children: (1) John Jacob; and (2) Mary Clemenza.

John Jacob Swearingen (1-1-5-1), born June 18, 1894, was single and was living at Sulphur Springs, Indiana, in 1930.

Mary Clemenza Swearingen (1-1-5-2), born May 30, 1900, married Raymond G. Harter, son of George F. Harter, February 14, 1925, and lives at Sulphur Springs, Indiana. (1930). Children: (1) William War­ren; and (2) Romona Kathryn.

Alexander Franklin Grove (1-1-6), born March 11, 1863, married Delia Van Winkle, daughter of Joseph Van Winkle, January 9, 1884. His first wife died on the llth day of August, 1895; and he afterwards, March 19, 1897, married Theresa Campion, daughter of Matthew Campion. She died on the 16th day of April, 1913. He was living at Logansport, Indiana, in 1930, where he had been a city letter carrier for 25 years. Children: (1) infant, died in infancy; and (2) Hazel Waneta.

Hazel Waneta Grove (1-1-6-2), born July 2, 1889, married George Leonard Albright, son of Leonard Albright, and was living at Logans-

page 88

port in 1930. Children: (1) Leonard Franklin; (2) Margaret Louise; (3) Donald William; (4) Helen May; (5) Carl Frederick; (6) George Robert; (7) Mary Madolyn; <8> John Leroy; and (9) Evaline Maxine.

William Christopher Fleming (1-2), born March 13, 1822, married Martha Michael, daughter of John Michael, January 3, 1842. She died on the 17th day of October, 1860; and he afterwards, October 7, 1865, married Levina Silveus. Their home was in Marion County. He died on the 23rd day of July, 1892; his last wife, on the 29th day of August, 1899. Children: (1) Richard Elymas, died young; (2) Joseph Pinkney; (3) Sarah M.; (4) Mariah E.; (5) Gideon M.; (6) Mary, died in child­hood; and (7) James Taylor.*

Joseph Pinkney Fleming (1-2-2), born about 1844, married Jane Barker, daughter of Richard Barker, April 10, 1865, and lived at Zanesville, Ohio. He died several years ago. Children: (1) William; (2) Albert; and (3) Nellie. All of these died in infancy.

Sarah M. Fleming (1-2-3), born in May, 1846, married Joseph T. Crim, son of John Crim, April 9, 1868, and lived near Mannington. She died on the 27th of August, 1875; her husband, on the 18th of June, 1920. Children: (1) Charles; (2) Maynard; (3) Frederick; and (4) Elizabeth Fleming. After the death of Sarah, Joseph T. Crim married again and had several other children.

Charles Crim (1-2-3-1), born in 1869, married for his first wife Bertha Tetrick, February 15, 1890. For his second wife he married Agnes Tilton, November 17, 1920, and lives near Mannington. His only child is Martha.

Maynard Crim (1-2-3-2), born in 1871, married Ollie May Martin, daughter of William M. Martin, November 8, 1903, and lives near Man­nington on R. F. D. No. 4. Children: (1) James Aubrey; (2) Archie Dean; (3) Josephine; (4) Belvia Irene; (5) Evelyn; (6) Howard Gerald; (7) Lora Louvernia; <8> Robert William; (9 and 10) Flora Maxine and Dora Madeline; and (11) Helen Louise.

James Aubrey Crim (1-2-3-2-1), born November 20, 1904, married Madeline Lemasters, daughter of Reuben T. Lemasters, March 29, 1929, and lives at Mannington. Children: (1) Ernest Eugene; and (2) Betty Lou.

Archie Dean Crim (1-2-3-2-2), born November 7, 1906, married Anna Halpenny, daughter of Charles F. Halpenny, October 6, 1934, and lives near Mannington. Children: (1) Donald Leroy; and (2) Archie Dean, Jr.

Josephine Crim (1.-2-3-2-3), born May 4, 1910, married Gay Downs, son of James Downs, November 1, 1929, and lives near Clarksburg.

* These children may not be named in their proper order. This list is made up mostly from information obtained from the county records at Fairmont. Richard Elymas is buried in the little cemetery at the Fleming Memorial Chapel and his grave stone states that he died on the 9th of December, 1846, aged 3 years, 11 months, and 24 days. The death records at Fairmont show that Gideon died on the 1st of May, 1862, aged 10 years and 10 months, and that Mary died on the 18th of May, 1862, aged 8 years, both of diphtheria.

page 89

Children: (1) Patty Louise; (2) James Robert, deceased; and (3) Cath­arine Jane, deceased.

Belvia Irene Crim (1-2-3-2-4), born July 17, 1912, married James R. Ashcraft, son of Francis Jerome Ashcraft, and lives near Mannington. Children: (1) Mary Margaret; and (2) Wornald Glenn, deceased.

Evelyn Crim (1-2-3-2-5), born January 10, 1914, married Kenneth Edmund Traphagen, son of Leroy Traphagen, April 23, 1938, and lives at Wanamassa, New Jersey. No children.

Harold Gerald Crim (1-2-3-2-6), born October 10, 1915, married Pauline Lemasters, daughter of Reuben T. Lemasters, July 26, 1937, and lives near Mannington. He has three children.

Lora Louvernia Crim (1-2-3-2-7), born February 14, 1917, married John W. West, son of Elmer West, July 14, 1934, and lives at Wyatt. Children: (1) Jaqueline Irene; and (2) Leoretta Jean.

Frederick Crim (1-2-3-3), born September 24, 1872, married Harriet Jane Criss, daughter of James T. Criss, May 21, 1903, lives at Mannington, and has one child, Christine.

Christine Crim (1-2-3-3-1), born March 9, 1907, married Russell Beatty, May 28. 1925, and lives at Mannington. She has two children.

Elizabeth Fleming Crim (1-2-3-4), born February 21, 1875, married Edward Moore and lived at Wyatt till her death about 1936. Her only child was Earl.

Earl Moore (1-2-3-4-1) married Hazel Tucker and lives at Wyatt. He has one child.

Mariah E. Fleming (1-2-4), born July 31, 1849, married Henderson Robey, May 17, 1896, and liv.ed near Worthington. She died on the 21st of November, 1900; her husband, on the 29th of January, 1918. No children.

James Taylor Fleming (1-2-7), born August 31, 1866, married Malissa May Tetrick, daughter of F. P. Tetrick, April 20, 1888, and lives at Cadiz, Ohio. Children: (1) Ina Luella; (2) William Archer; and (3) Gypsie Dee.

Ina Luella Fleming (1-2-7-1), born November 23, 1889, married Fred Hatton, son of Alfred Hatton, May 23, 1917, and lives at Cadiz. No children.

William Archer Fleming (1-2-7-2), born July 16, 1892, married Martha Ritchie, daughter of William Ritchie, August 9, 1928, and lives near Cadiz, Ohio, on R. F. D. No. 6.

Gypsie Dee Fleming (1-2-7-3), born December 31, 1893, married Frank E. Mattern, son of Findlay Mattern, June 10, 1920, and lives in Cadiz, Ohio. Children: (1) Dorothy Emaline; and (2) Frank Fleming.

Alexander Franklin Fleming (1-3), born May 18, 1824, married Elvira Ann Hull, May 18, 1847. Having learned the trade of gunsmith, he be-

page 90

came connected with the United States Ordnance Department in 1850 and continued in that service until 1887. He was skilled in a high degree as a mechanical engineer and ordnance expert. Many new meth­ods and machines used in making munitions of war were invented by him. He lived at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, at Watertown, Massachusetts, at Rock Island, Illinois, and at San Jose, California. He died on the 30th day of July, 1897; his wife, on the 4th day of June, 1897. Children: (1) Melissa Elvira; (2) George Alexander; (3) Charles Franklin; (4) May Anna; (5) Lillie Kate; (6) Orpha Ella, born January 27, 1860, died March 16, 1866; and (7) Willard Harris Pratt.

Melissa Elvira Fleming (1-3-1), born June 30, 1848, married Edgar W. Alien, September 27, 1877, and lived at Campbell, California, till her death on the 18th day of January, 1916. Her husband was living at 47 W. Santa Clara St., San Jose, California, in 1930. No children.

George Alexander Fleming (1-3-2), born September 22, 1850, married Fannie L. Benedict, March 1, 1876. His first wife died on the 30th day of March, 1883; and he, afterwards, August 6, 1884, married Jennie L. Hart, daughter of Horace Hart, and was living in 1930 at 1280 Washing­ton Ave., San Jose, California. During the period of his active life he was a prominent landowner and a recognized authority on fruit-raising and commercial packing of fruits. He and his brother Charles were as­sociated in the fruit business for many years. Being a public spirited citizen, he was influential in every movement for good in his community. During the World War he served without compensation as Federal Food Administrator of Tulare County, California, where his business interests then were. Children: (1) Franklin Benedict; (2) Louise Kate; and (3) Grace Eleanor.

Franklin Benedict Fleming (1-3-2-1), born March 20, 1883, married Norma E. Morey, daughter of John J. Morey, August 14, 1907, and lived at San Jose, California, till his death on the 2nd day of November, 1927. His only child is Morey Benedict.

Louise Kate Fleming (1-3-2-2), born April 22, 1885, is single and lives at San Jose, California.

Grace Eleanor Fleming (1-3-2-3), born March 6, 1887, married Ernest O. Billwiller, son of Charles J. Billwiller, January 30, 1912, and lives at 1280 Washington Ave., San Jose, California. Her only child is James Lawrence.

Charles Franklin Fleming (1-3-3), born September 17, 1852, married Lillie M. Dowe, August 21, 1878, and lived at San Jose, California, till his death on the 10th day of March, 1927. His wife died on the 23rd day of January, 1923. He was a pioneer fruit grower in California and in­vented many new appliances and methods used in the marketing and packing of California fruits. Children: (1) Fred Oscar, born July 15, 1885, died single March 24, 1915; and (2) Robert Charles.

Robert Charles Fleming (1-3-3-2), born February 22, 1888, married Carma D. Thornton, daughter of George B. Thornton, June 6, 1915, and

page 91

lived at Oakland, California, till his death on the 27th day of June, 1926. He was a soldier in the World War. His only child is Margaret Anne.

May Anna Fleming (1-3-4), born March 5, 1855, married Ezra T. Beardsley, son of Levi S. Beardsley, December 3, 1874, and lives at Campbell, California. Her husband died on the 6th day of June, 1908. Children: (1) Mabel Lee; (2) John Marvin; (3) Helen May; (4) Charles Alexander; (5) James Smith; (6) Lurane Marie; (7) Allan Duane; <8> Margaret Kate; (9) Edna Florence; and (10) Theodore Fleming.

Mabel Lee Beardsley (1-3-4-1), born August 11, 1875, married George M. Segress, son of J. M. Segress, May 21, 1900, and lived at Gilroy, California, till her death on the 26th day of February, 1915. Her husband was living in 1930 at Fresno, California. No children.

John Marvin Beardsley (1-3-4-2), born July 4, 1877, married Ruby Z. Beardslee, daughter of O. H. Beardslee, March 15, 1911, and lives at San Luis Abispo, California. Children: (1) Ruth Ovelia; and (2) Philip Marvin.

Helen May Beardsley (1-3-4-3), born September 3, 1879, married Ralph Edgar Hess, son of Jesse Myers Hess, October 26, 1901, lives at Visalia, California, and has no children.


Charles Alexander Beardsley (1-3-4-4), born January 14, 1882, mar­ried Agnes Irene Lafferty, daughter of James Lafferty, July 9, 1911, and lives at Oakland, California, where he is a practicing attorney. He has been president of the California State Bar Association and of the American Bar Association. No children.

James Smith Beardsley (1-3-4-5), born March 31,1884, married Lillian

page 92

M. Florida, daughter of David B. Florida, March 25, 1908, lives at Julian, California, and has no children.

Lurane Marie Beardsley (1-3-4-6), born August 26, 1888, married Harry Arthur Rake, son of Henry Edmund Rake, March 12, 1909, and lives at San Jose, California. Children: (1) Lois Marguerite; and (2) Arthur Hillier.

Allan Duane Beardsley (1-3-4-7), born January 28, 1891, married Elma Lorraine Hussey, daughter of Elbridge Lee Hussey, June 19, 1917, and lives at San Jose. Children: (1) Mildred Lorraine; (2) Richard Duane; and (3) Robert Lee.

Margaret Kate Beardsley (1-3-4-8), born February 9, 1893, married Raymond E. Newby, son of Eli Newby, June 19, 1913, and lives at 1617 Lombard St., San Francisco. Her only child is Carol Evelyn.

Edna Florence Beardsley (1-3-4-9), born November 13, 1895, married Leonard D. Webster, son of Arthur D. Webster, September 16, 1918, and lives at Julian, California. Children: (1) David Arthur; and (2) John Dakeyne.

Lillie Kate Fleming (1-3-5), born September 10, 1857, married Rinaldo D. Shaw, June 3, 1886, and lives near Campbell, California, on rural route No. 1. Her husband died on the 4th day of August, 1895. No children.

Willard Harris Pratt Fleming (1-3-7), born April 15, 1870, married Alice Elizabeth Northrup, daughter of Charles L. Northrup, October 28, 1896, and lived at San Jose till his death on the 2nd day of November. 1919. Children: (1) Beatrice Eleanor; and (2) Evelyn Elizabeth.

Beatrice Eleanor Fleming (1-3-7-1), born September 16, 1900, married Rollin Kent Slice, son of Joseph L. Stice, November 15, 1924, and lives at Stockton, California.

Evelyn Elizabeth Fleming (1-3-7-2), born September 25, 1904, married John M. Holmes, son of Maurice Holmes, March 8, 1924, and lives at 1070 Bird Ave., San Jose. Children: (1) David Thornold; and (2) Joyce Maurice.

Amelia Fleming (1-4), born February 27, 1827, married Alien Miller, January 14, 1847, and lived near Muncie, Indiana. She died in 1913; her husband, in 1878. Their only child was James Augustus.

James Augustus Miller (1-4-1) married Nancy E. Thornburg and lived at Muncie, Indiana, till his death in 1924. His wife died on the 13th day of January, 1907. They had four children: (1) Emma J., died in childhood; (2) Ivy B., died in childhood; (3) Oscar J., died in child­hood; and (4) Walter Alien.

Walter Alien Miller (1-4-1-4) married Ida L. Green. She died in 1920; and he afterwards married Mrs. Pearl Greenwalt and lived near Muncie. He died in 1923. No children.

Mary Margaret Fleming (1-5), born July 12, 1829, married Parker Hirons and lived near Muncie, Indiana. No children.

page 93

Cornelius Comminges Fleming (1-6), born October 24, 1834, married Emily Jane Ogden, February 11, 1859, and lived at Hartford City, In­diana. He died on the 23rd day of September, 1919; his wife, on the 14th day of March, 1879. Children: (1) Martha Matilda; (2) James Alien; (3) Minnie Lee; (4) Charles Ogden; (5) Lawrence, died in childhood; and (6) Cora Amelia.

Martha Matilda Fleming (1-6-1), born November 2, 1859, married Eli M. Johnson, son of John M. Johnson, March 21, 1883, and lives at
Hartford City, Indiana. Children: (1) Charles Albert; (2) Lawrence; (3) Margaret Belle; (4) Ora Eliza; (5) Delbert; (6) Burr; (7) Lewis,
deceased; and <8> Olen.

Charles Albert Johnson (1-6-1-1), born August 27, 1884, married Dora K. Fulton, February 13, 1906, lives at Montpelier, Indiana, and has no children.

Lawrence Johnson (1-6-1-2), born September 27, 1886, married Mar­garet Chandler, daughter of Jason Chandler, February 24, 1910, and lives at Montpelier. Children: (1) Velma Lucille; (2) Cecil Murland; (3) Verl Leon; and (4) Lenna Luenna.

Velma Lucille Johnson (1-6-1-2-1), born June 12, 1911, married Hugh H. Sills, son of Alfred Sills, November 9, 1929, and lives at Hartford City.

Margaret Belle Johnson (1-6-1-3), born July 27, 1889, is single and lives at Hartford City.

Ora Eliza Johnson (1-6-1-4), born September 3, 1891, married Chester J. Bird, son of William Bird, and lives at Hartford City. Children: (1) Theron Delmont; and (2) Mary Evelyn.

Delbert Johnson (1-6-1-5), born October 10, 1893, married Beulah Haney and lives at Hartford City.

Burr Johnson (1-6-1-6), born April 7, 1897, is single and lives at Hartford City.

Olen Johnson (1-6-1-8), born December 28, 1902, married Anna Maddox, daughter of Otto Maddox, April 8, 1924, and lives at Hartford


James Alien Fleming (1-6-2), born December 21, 1860, married Laura E. Wilson, June 21, 1901, lives near Eaton, Indiana, and has no children.

Minnie Lee Fleming (1-6-3), born December 3, 1862, married John T. Bocock, son of James Bocock, August 18, 1888, and lives at Hartford City. Children: (1) Margaret Marie; and (2) Edith May.

Charles Ogden Fleming (1-6-4), born May 1, 1865, married Mary Alice Craft, daughter of William L. Craft, May 17, 1890, and lives at Hartford City. Children: (1) Forrest Frances; (2) Walter Lee; and (3) Lois Laura.

Forrest Frances Fleming (1-6-4-1), born December 22, 1891, married Delpha Clayton Garrett, son of Charles M. Garrett, November 16, 1913, and lives at Hartford City. Her husband died on the 7th day of October, 1914. Her only child is Delpha Caroline.

page 94

Walter Lee Fleming (1-6-4-2), born June 4, 1893, married Helen Louise Guckes, daughter of Harry O. Guckes, October 8, 1919, and lives at Marion, Ohio. Children: (1) Harry Charles; and (2) Janet Kathleen.

Lois Laura Fleming (1-6-4-3), born July 24, 1903, married Victor H. Lewis, February 26, 1926, and lives at Seal Beach, California. Her only child is Betty Jean.

Cora Amelia Fleming (1-6-6), born March 12, 1873, married Thomas H. Johnson, May 12, 1897, and lived near Hartford City till her death on the 26th of June, 1905. Children: (1) Francis; and (2) Vaughn.

Francis Johnson (1-6-6-1), born April 20, 1900, lives at Hartford City.

Vaughn Johnson (1-6-6-2), born June 13, 1903, lives at Hartford City.

Philena Fleming (1-7), born September 22, 1859, married James B. McCray, son of George McCray, August 29, 1878, and lived near Fairmont. She died about 1900. Her husband was living a few years ago near Muncie, Indiana. Children: (1) Charles, died at 12; (2) George; (3) Lawrence Earl; (4) Goldie, died at 5; (5) Mary Maude, died at 3; (6) Madge; and (7) Carroll. Diphtheria came into this home in July, 1892, and took three of the children within three days, Goldie on the 17th, Charles on the 18th, and Mary Maude on the 19th.

George McCray (1-7-2), born August 2, 1881, lost his life in a mine accident at Wolf Summit on the 22nd of March, 1901. He was not married.

Lawrence Earl McCray (1-7-3), born about 1885, married Eva Miller, daughter of John D. Miller, December 10, 1915, lives at Enterprise, and has one child, James Earl.

Madge McCray (1-7-6), born August 28, 1895, was reported to be living with her father near Muncie in 1930.


Carroll McCray (1-7-7), born about 1898, was very young when his mother died and was brought up by his Aunt Eliza Bush. He was always called “Carroll Bush” and married Irene Ford, daughter of Benjamin Ford, June 23, 1919. Their home is at Fairmont. Children: (1) Edna, died in infancy; and (2) Carroll.


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  1. I stumbled across your website in my search for early residents of Willow Glen, the Willows, and San Jose. George and Charles Fleming are my primary interest. BTW the “1020 Washington” house still stands at 1516 Newport Avenue, but with three major remodels since 1871 construction. Same location, just new street name. The family was associated with a home on Bird Avenue. George’s daughter Lillie was married at home in 1886, but which house? Back then Bird Av was also called Willow Glen Av. Have any pictures of her wedding? Of the house? Both homes are featured in book: “Touring Historic Willow Glen”. The Bird Av house is a San Jose historic Landmark. Any info about the Bird Av home would be very helpful.

    Comment by Jean Dresden | September 7, 2010 | Reply

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