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Conaway John, Deed from JM Moninger, WV

John “Jack” Conaway, son of Jeremiah, grandson of Thomas of and Sarah Dew, and great grandson of Thomas of Bean’s Cove, bought his sister Hettie’s share in their father’s farm. To identify the “John” Conaways in the deed records you have to follow clues and in this deed its Hetty and the fact she’s selling her 1/7th share. We know she is Jeremiah’s daughter, John’s sister, and it follows that this John would likely be the only John Conaway buying her interest.

J. M. Moninger & wife to John Conaway: Deed

This deed made the 22nd day of May AD 1865 between J.M. Moninger and Hetty his wife grantors & John Conaway, grantee (The grantors are of Washington County, Penna & the grantee of Marion County West Virginia. Witnesseth that for & in consideration of the sum of five hundred dollars the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, the grantors have this day bargained & sold unto the said grantee all their married interest on & to a certain tract or parcel of land lying & being on Rush River in PawPaw Township Marion County W Va adjoining lands of grantee James Wallace & others, The said undivided interest being one seventh of a farm owned & occupied by Jeremiah Conaway dec’d at his decease, said farm containing one hundred & sixty three acres be the same more or less. The grantors hereby covenant with the grantee that they have good & sufficient right to convey and forever defend unto the grantee in in covenants of general warranty the above described one seventh of the farm aforesaid except as against Mary Conaway widow of Jeremiah Conaway dec’d who still retains her dower right in the above described property. In witness whereof the grantors have hereunto set their hands & seals the day and year first above written.
Signed in the presence of Simeon brock

J.M. Moninger
Hetty Moninger

Recorded in Deed Book 15, Page 95 at the Marion County Courthouse.

John was known as Jack and married Dorothy “Dolly” Conaway, his cousin, the daughter of Daniel Conaway and Phoebe See. His father Jeremiah farmed near Basnettsville, where the farm aforesaid is located. This line of Conaways (the children of Thomas and Sarah – I call them the Dew line of Conaways) moved quickly from Marion County, spreading west into Tyler County and into Ohio and Indiana, unlike the Spann line of Conaways (my direct line) who mostly remained in the Marion County area, some still there today.

I am always willing to share documents, research, ideas and seek any wills, deeds, photos, etc. from other Conaway researchers. An now that the “deed” is done, I have to go fix breakfast for my daughter. Its cornflakes time 🙂          ~Grandpockets~

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