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Chapter 11 – ELIZABETH HAYES part 2

page 231

Laura Frances Ice (1-2-3-9), born November 26, 1880, married David Creel Walker in 1916, lives at Elkhorn, Montana, and has one child, David Dent.


Nellie Gertrude Ice (1-2-3-10). born December 18, 1882, is a graduate of Chicago Musical College. She married Delbert Ward, son of Russell Ward, May 2, 1909, and lives at Harlingen, Texas. Children: (1) Delbert Russell; (2) James Sterling; and (3) David Lewis.

Constance Ice (1-2-3-11), born September 28, 1885, married Leslie Frank Braman, son of John A. Braman, December 21, 1906, and lives at 2807 College St., Jacksonville, Florida. She is a graduate of the Chicago School of Expression and Dramatic Art and studied under Mrs. Letitia V. Barnum at the Chicago Musical College. For several years she has been Director of Expression Department of the Institute of Musical Art at Jacksonville and is Chaplain of the D. A. R. Children; (1) Kempster Dent, deceased; and (2) Janeice.

Noel Carlyle Ice (1-2-3-13), born March 31, 1890, married Zelma Jockisch. daughter of Victor Jockisch, June 1, 1918. He is a graduate of the University of Illinois and also of the Western Reserve Medical School. His home is at Willoughby, Ohio. where he practices medicine. Children: (1) Marjory Hortense; (2) Barbara Johanna; and (3) Noel Victor.

Mary Virginia Ice <1-2-8>, born May 6, 1854, married Jerry M. Brown, son of John Brown, April 30, 1876, and lived at El Reno, Oklahoma. She died on the 9th of August, 1929; her husband, on the 31st of March,

page 232

1909. Children: (1) Harry Edward; (2) Ora May; (3) Josie Florence; (4) Rawley Oliver; (5) Grover Cleveland, deceased; (6 and 7) Otis Finley and Archie Turner; <8>Ervin Jay; and (9) Freddie Shannon. Another daughter died in infancy.


Harry Edward Brown (1-2-8-1), born February 7, 1877, married Nellie Nance, daughter of Jesse Nance, and lives at Mabton, Washington. Children: (1) Freddie J.; and (2) Alice Jane.
Ora May Brown (1-2-8-2), born September 16, 1878, married Carl Merveldt, son of Clements Merveldt, April 11, 1893, and lives at El Reno, Oklahoma. Children: (1) Jennie Florence; (2) Gussie, deceased; (3) Herman Oswald; (4) Viola, died in infancy; (5) Carl Emil; and (6) Ferdinand.


Jennie Florence Merveldt (1-2-8-2-1), born April 6, 1894, married Stephen Lucus, son of John Lucus, November 28, 1917, and lives at Banner, Oklahoma. Her only child is John Leon.

Herman Oswald Merveldt (1-2-8-2-3), born December 4, 1897, mar-

page 233

ried Nellie Mae Little, daughter of Elmer Little, December 19, 1917, and lives at 1012 S. Barker St., El Reno, Oklahoma. Children: (1) Dorothy Mae: and (2) Le Roy.

Carl Emil Merveldt (1-2-8-2-5), born February 24, 1902, married Vera Elnora Minard, daughter of James E. Minard, January 21, 1928, and lives at 219 N. Evans St., El Reno. Children: (1) Bonnie Carlene, deceased: and (2) Carl Glenn.

Ferdinand Merveldt (1-2-8-2-6), born January 30, 1906, married Nellie Margaret Smith, daughter of Samuel F. Smith, January 21, 1928, lives at El Reno, and has one child, Betty Dean.

Josie Florence Brown (1-2-8—3), born February 18, 1881, married Orta J. Combs, son of William C. Combs, December 21, 1899, and lives at Poplar, Ivlontana. Children: (1) Lewis Lee: (2) Iva Pearl; (3) Ora May; and (4) Jay.

Lewis Lee Combs (1-2-8-3-1), born August 19, 1901, married Gladys Martin, daughter of E. W. Martin, September 29, 1928, lives at Poplar, Montana, and has one child, Bertha Lee.

Iva Pearl Combs (1-2-8-3-2), born June 20, 1903, married Lewis J. Ernst, son of Joseph Ernst, September 6, 1930, and lives at Poplar.

Ora May Combs (1-2-8-3-3), born February 17, 1905, married Harry C. Stedman, September 14, 1926, and lives at Los Angeles, California.

Jay Combs (1-2-8-3-4), born February 5, 1910, married Ethleen Ruth Barker, daughter of John A. Barker, May 24, 1928, lives at Poplar, and has one child, Billy Leon.

Rawley Oliver Brown (1-2-8-4), born November 6, 1882, married Addie Irene David, daughter of Wesley David, April 27, 1902, and lives at 1706 Main St., Vancouver, Washington. His only child is Velma Evelyn.


page 234

Velma Evelyn Brown (1-2-8-4-1), born March 31, 1907, married Thomas Stangbye, son of Johanna Stangbye, April 17, 1926, and lives at 1706 Main St., Vancouver, Washington. Children: (1) Irene Johanna; and (2) Thomas Roy.

Otis Finley Brown (1-2-8-6), born March 1, 1889, married Anne Helton, daughter of Jackson Helton, February 22. 1905, and lives at Geary, Oklahoma. Children: (1) Jessie May; and (2) Iva Fern.

Archie Turner Brown (1-2-8-7), born March 1, 1889. married Eresta Hazel Dell Ervin, daughter of Andrew J. Ervin, January 20, 1915, lives at 3620 West Snoqualmie St., Seattle, Washington, and has one child, Frances Marie.

Ervin Jay Brown (1-2-8-8), born January 24, 1894, married Jessie Marie Stroud, daughter of William Stroud, June 26, 1921, and lives at Calumet, Oklahoma. He is a veteran of the World War. Children: (1) Ervin J., Jr., deceased; and (2) Paul Pershing.

Freddie Shannon Brown (1-2-8-9), born October 9, 1896, married Zoe A. Blasdel, daughter of Smith R. Blasdel, April 30, 1918. and lives at Attica, Kansas. Children: (1) Veda Mae: and (2) Virgil Jay.

Olieva Ice (1-2-9), born February 5, 1856, married Leander B. Clift, son of Perry P. Clift, February 11, 1875, and lives at Yakima. Washington. Children: (1) Edna; (2) Birdsell, died in childhood; (3) Howard Stanley; (4) Maude Belle; (5) Annie Martina; and (6 and 7) Alvin Benton and Austin.

Edna Clift (1-2-9-1), born November 19, 1875, married Christopher Columbus Cooper, son of Isaac Cooper, October 8, 1893, and live at Washougal, Washington. Children: (1) Isaac Lee; (2) Oliver Ray; (3) Ivan Murel, deceased; and (4) Edna Madonna.

Isaac Lee Cooper (1-2-9-1-1), born April 18, 1895, married Kathryn Finn, daughter of William Finn, April 16, 1917, and lives at 619 S. Miles St., El Reno, Oklahoma. Children: (1) Patricia Ann; and (2) Kathleen Ellen.

Oliver Ray Cooper (1-2-9-1-2), born August 2, 1897, married Pearl Fletcher, daughter of William Fletcher, January 9, J.926, and lives at Washougal, Washington. He has one child, Donna Jean.

Howard Stanley Clift (1-2-9-3), born April 3, 1880, married Delorous Robertson, daughter of James Robertson, January 10, 1904. She died on the 18th day of July, 1904; and he afterwards, March 4, 1906, married Zella Fern Robertson, daughter of James Robertson, and lives at Yakima, Washington. Children: (1) Stanley Grant; and (2) Vernon Howard.

Maude Belle Clift (1-2-9-4), born July 8, 1882, married Jesse Franklin Green, son of Benjamin Green, August 2, 1911, and lives near Yakima, Washington, on rural route No. 3. Children: (1) Marjorie Olivia; (2) Clifford Forrester; and (3) Jesse Harlan, deceased.

Annie Martina Clift (1-2-9-5), born August 26, 1884. married James Thomas Mingus, son of Enos J. Mingus, May 2, 1902, and lives in

page 235

Yakima, Washington. Children: (1) Herbert Howard; (2) Hazel; and (3) Harold Thomas.

Herbert Howard Mingus (1-2-9-5-1), born May 10, 1904, married Dorothy Dimmick, November 18, 1930, and lives at Yakima, Washington.

Hazel Mingus (1-2-9-5-2), born December 9, 1906, married Murray M. McCullom, son of M. B. McCuIIom, July 15, 1926, lives at Toppenish, Washington, and has no children.

Harold Thomas Mingus (1-2-9-5-3), born March 17, 1909, married Helen Evelyn Berg, November 25, 1930, lives at Yakima, Washington, and has one child, Helen Genevieve.

Alvin Benton Clift (1-2-9-6), born March 17, 1887, married Amy Julia Hulse, daughter of John E. Hulse, July 25, 1909, lives at Yakima, Washington, and has one child, Harland Benton.

Harland Benton Clift (1-2-9-6-1), born August 12, 1912, is a major league baseball player, having been playing with the St. Louis American League team.

Austin Clift (1-2-9-7), born March 17, 1887, married Alma Catharine Rinderhagen, daughter of George Rinderhagen, July 10, 1910, and lives at Yakima, Washington. Children: (1) Louis Bernard; and (2) Austin Eugene.


Sherrard Clements Ice (1-2-10), born July 22, 1858, married Minerva Ann Roughton. daughter of William Roughton, December 20, 1883, and lived near Urbana, Illionis. He died on the 29th of May, 1930, at Paris, Tennessee. His wife died at Urbana on the 24th of February, 1913. Children: (1) Katherine Belle: (2) Nelle Florence; (3) Dora Mabel; (4) Bernard Eden; and (5) Margaret Elizabeth.

page 236

Katherine Belle Ice (1-2—10-1), born January , 1885, married Samuel R. Taylor, son of William Taylor, December 30, 1906, and lives near Urbana, Illinois, on rural route No. 3. Children: (1) Lillian Irene; (2) Bernard Curtis; (3) Evelyn Alberta; and (4) Melford Dean.

Lillian Irene Taylor (1-2-10-1-1), born November 7. 1907, married Russell L. Halberstadt, son of John Halberstadt, April 9. 1925, and lives in Urbana. Children: (1) Derrol Philip: and (2) Vernon Eugene.

Bernard Curtis Taylor (1-2-10-1-2), born November 21, 1909, graduated from the University of Illinois with the class of 1931. He married Elizabeth Higginbotham, June 15, 1935, and lives at Freeport, Illinois.

Evelyn Alberta Taylor (1-2-10-1-3), born September 14, 1913. married Homer Jarrett, son of Jonas Jarrett, December 9, 1933, and lives near Urbana, Illionis. Children: (1) Nancy Kay; and (2) Delores Ann.

Melford Dean Taylor (1-2-10-1-4), born November 21, 1919, is a freshman in the University of Illinois.

Nelle Florence Ice (1-2-10-2), born January 12, 1887, married George Franklin Thompson, son of Columbus M. Thompson, March 29, 1903. They were divorced in 1914; and she afterwards, June 12, 1914, married Frank Russell, son of William Russell, and lives in Los Angeles. Children: (1) Miriam Ann Thompson; (2) Nelle Madge Thompson; (3) Helen Meredith Thompson; and (4) Dorothy Virginia Thompson.

Miriam Ann Thompson (1-2-10-2-1), born December 22, 1903, married Andre Voster, son of Andre Voster, in 1922. They were divorced in 1927; and she afterwards, November 29, 1928, married Milton Kelso Crews, son of Milton Crews, and lived at Fort Worth, Texas. She died at St. Louis on the 3rd of February, 1936. Her only child is Gordon Montgomery Voster.

Nelle Madge Thompson (1-2-10-2-2), born July 8, 1905, married Frank Kager, son of Albert Kager, October 3, 1923, and lived at 1428 S. Boston St., Tulsa, Oklahoma. She was drowned at the same time as her sister, Dorothy Virginia, on the 4th of July, 1927. Her only child is Paula Madge.

Helen Meredith Thompson (1-2-10-2-3), born January 10, 1908, married Vaughn Christie, son of Hugh William Christie, March 7, 1927, and lives in Los Angeles. Children: (1) Virginia Madge; and (2) David Byron.

Dora Mabel Ice (1-2-10-3), born March 8, 1889, married Bernard Jacobs, son of Peter Jacobs. She later married Sergeant Earl Cox, who is stationed at Fort Warren. Their home is at Cheyenne, Wyoming. Her only child is Thelma Beatrice Jacobs.

Thelma Beatrice Jacobs (1-2-10-3-1), born December 9, 1906, married Verne Hoag, son of Arthur Hoag, July 29, 1926, and lives at Urbana, Illinois. Children: (1) Sallie Marlene; and (2) Thomas Verne.

Bernard Eden Ice (1-2-10-4), born March 6, 1891, married Jessie B. Roberts, daughter of Daniel R. Roberts, November 18, 1911, and lives

page 237

at 819 Stoddard Ave., Wheaton, Illinois. Children: (1) Katherine Glendora, deceased; (2) Dorothea Lenore; (3) Glenlois; and (4) David Loren.

Margaret Elizabeth Ice (1-2-10-5), born July 2, 1894, married Frank Smith. son of Beatty Smith. Afterwards she married Cecil Fitzgerald and lives in Los Angeles. Children: (1) Mildred Bernice; and (2) Lesla Margaret, died in infancy.

Margaret Elizabeth Ice (1-2-11), born May 14, 1860, married William Baker, son of Abraham Baker, and lives at Dearing, Kansas. Children: (1) John Pennington; (2) William Vorhees; (3) Ethel Vern; (4) Zilpah Margaret; (5) Birdie Pearl; (6) Orville C.; (7) Clyde Abraham, deceased; and <8> Bleuma Ola.

John Pennington Baker (1-2-11-1), born February 22, 1876, married Leona Bennett, daughter of Frank Bennett, March 5, 1902, and lives at Dearing, Kansas. Children: (1) Frank William; (2) Nell May; (3) Ethel Lucille; (4) Myrtle Thelma; (5) Ralph Eugene; and (6) Lena Rachel.

Frank William Baker (1-2-11-1—1), born December 14, 1902, is single.

Nell May Baker (1-2-11-1-2), born May 1, 1904, married Paul Waddle and lives at Golden City, Missouri. Children: (1) Lois May; and (2) Evelyn Jo.

Ethel Lucille Baker (1-2-11-1-3), born July 28, 1909, married C. C. Broch, lives at Conroe, Texas, and has no children.

Myrtle Thelma Baker (1-2-11-1-4), born May 14, 1911, married a Kirkland, lives at Houston, Texas, and has one child, Shirley B.

William Vorhees Baker (1-2-11-2), born October 8, 1877, married Rosa Belle Ramby. daughter of Jonathan Ramby, January 1, 1909, and lived at Nowata, Oklahoma, till his death on the 17th of August, 1936. No children.

Ethel Vern Baker (1-2-11-3), born January 1, 1880, married Orlando Pickering, son of Jesse Pickering. August 17. 1912, and lives at Independence, Kansas. No children.

Zilpah Margaret Baker (1-2-11-4), born September 13, 1882, married Ralph Perry Sircoulomb, son of Arthur W. Sircoulomb, June 21. 1905, and lives at Havana, Kansas. Children: (1) William Vaughn; and (2) Ava La Rue.

William Vaughn Sircoulomb (1-2-11-4-1), born November 10, 1908, married Lois Adams, November 10, 1933, lives at Bartlesville, Oklahoma, and has no children.

Ava La Rue Sircoulomb (1-2-11-4-2), born April 16, 1912, married Jack Sanders. son of J. H. Sanders, June 12, 1937, and lives at Emporia, Kansas.

Birdie Pearl Baker (1-2-11-5), born August 21. 1884, married Herman Henry Giliman, son of Henry Gillman, May 23, 1906, and lives at Lenapah. Oklahoma. Children: (1) Jessie Margaret; (2) Paul Thomas; (3) Perry Herman: (4) Agnes Pearl; (5) Frederick: (6) Mary Ellen;

page 238

(7) William Clifford; <8> Veronica Marie; (9) Richard Alford; and (10) Clyde Baker.

Orville C. Baker (1-2-11-6), born September 7, 1887, married Vivian Elizabeth Coahran, daughter of Samuel W. Coahran, February 20, 1915, and lives near Coffeyville, Kansas, on rural route No. 4. Children: (1) Norman Grant; (2) James Donald; (3) Bertha Margaret; and (4) Thomas Edwin.

Clyde Abram Baker (1-2-11-7), born September 20, 1888, married Florence Dennis and lived at Coffeyville, Kansas, till his death on the 29th of July, 1926. No children.

Bleuma Ola Baker (1-2-11-8), born October 24, 1894, married Lester William Sircoulomb, son of A. W. Sircoulomb, June 29, 1913, and lives at Caney, Kansas. Children: (1) Erline Iris: and (2 and 3) Lester Clair and Esther Clyrine.

Erline Iris Sircoulomb (1-2-11-8-1), born March 12, 1915, married George Miller, October 3, 1937, and lives at Salinas, California.

Fielding Riley Ice (1-3), born February 8, 1823, married Louisa Dragoo, daughter of Ephriam Dragoo, March 8, 1846, and lived on Dunkard Mill Run, Marion County, West Virginia. He died on the 19th day of May, 1899; his wife, on the 30th day of January, 1895. Children: (1) Alva Newton; (2) Ethan Elmus; (3) Silas Jackson; (4) Zacharjah, died in childhood; (5) Hannah Cordelia; (6) James Neeson; (7) Margaret Levina; <8> Fielding Jefferson; (9) Louisa Lee; (10) John; and (11) Jay Calvin.

Alva Newton Ice (1-3-1), born January 8, 1847, married Laura Jane Broome, daughter of Cicero Broome, November 15, 1868, and lived at Geary, Oklahoma, till his death on the 11th day of March, 1920. His widow is still living (1931) at Geary, Oklahoma. Children: (1) Lue Belle; (2) Charles Walter; (3) Benjamin; (4) Nettie May; (5) Josie; (6) Edgar; (7) Claude; <8> Bessie Lee; (9) George; (10) Lemoyne, died in childhood; and (11) Antonia.

Lue Belle Ice (1-3-1-1), born November 15, 1869, married John Edward Cross, son of Granville Cross, January 2, 1890, and lives at 401 S. Choctaw St., Geary, Oklahoma. Her husband was killed while discharging his official duties as city marshal on the 7th day of July, 1902. Children: (1) Alice; (2) Laura; (3) Eva; (4) Lucian, died in infancy; (5) Josie, died in infancy; (6) Rene; and (7) Velma.

Alice Cross (1-3-1-1-1), born November 11, 1891, married C. P. Box, son of Frank Box, December 20, 1908, lives at Geary, Oklahoma, and has no children.

Laura Cross (1-3-1-1-2), born April 23, 1893, married Forest Major, son of Clarence Major, August 15, 1910, lives at Bristol, Oklahoma, and has one child, Forest Lee.

Eva Cross (1-3-1-1-3), born April 17, 1895, married Roy Frazier, son of Joseph Frazier, August 8, 1912. Her husband died on the 12th day of

page 239

January, 1918. She lives at Norman, Oklahoma. Children: (1) Maxine; and (2) Leroy.

Rene Cross (1-3-1-1-6), born June 26, 1901, married Emma Lou Admire, daughter of Eli Admire, April 3, 1921, and lives at Geary. Children: (1) Rose Mary; (2) Jo Ann; and (3) Nina Belle.

Velma Cross (1-3-1-1-7), born September 17, 1903, married Binian Tarr, son of John Tarr, March 13, 1920, lives in Kansas City, Missouri, and has one child, Kent.

Charles Walter Ice (1-3-1-2), born September 12, 1872, married Ella Loflin, daughter of Andrew Loll in, September 30, 1901, and lives at Apache, Oklahoma. Children: (1) Charles Walter, died in infancy; (2) Wayne, died in early youth; (3) Rene; (4) Magdalene; (5) Clark: (6) Athale Belle; and (7) Donithan.

Rene Ice (1-3-1-2-3), born October 6, 1907, married Irene Copp, daughter of John Copp, June 17, 1929, lives at Fletcher, Oklahoma, and has one child, Charles David.

Benjamin Ice (1-3-1-3), born August 31, 1874, married Bessie Fulke, daughter of John N. Fulke, May 12, 1901, and lives at Geary, Oklahoma. Children: (1) infant, died in infancy; (2) Ray; (3) Norma Lee: (4) Laura Belle; and (5) Joseph.

Ray Ice (1-3-1-3-2), born May 27, 1904, married Mary Irene Hill, daughter of Edward Hill, August 27, 1925, lives at Geary, Oklahoma. and has one child, Alva Newton.

Norma Lee Ice (1-3-1-3-3), born June 6, 1907, married Dwight W. Peters, son of William T. Peters, November 26, 1924, and lives at Geary, Oklahoma. Children: (1) Bonnie Joe; and (2) Lois Jean.

Nettie May Ice (1-3-1-4), born December 6, 1876, married Joseph Cordell, son of Joseph Henry Cordell, May 2, 1892, and lives at Alpena, Arkansas. Children: (1) Vinita; (2) Leo; and (3) Maria.

Vinita Cordell (1-3-1-4-1). born October 6, 1893, married Fred Alexander, son of Abner Alexander, October 10, 1911, and lives at Boulder, Colorado, and has one child, Leo.

Leo Cordell (1-3-1-4-2), born March 30, 1895, married Eva Loveless, June 6, 1922, lives at Davenport, Oklahoma, and has one child, Joseph.

Maria Cordell (1-3-1-4-3), born September 12, 1897, married Dr. William J. Neal, son of William Neal, lives at Drumright, Oklahoma, and has no children.

Josie Ice (1-3-1-5), born January 16, 1878, married John Wesley Crothers, December 12. 1901, and lives at Geary, Oklahoma. Children: (1) Louie Lawrence; (2) Rene Edward; (3) Nina Belle: and (4) Burney Raymond.

Louie Lawrence Crothers (1-3-1-5-1), born December 22, 1905, married Amber Jane Dabney. daughter of Edwin Dabney, June 6, 1928, lives at Casper, Wyoming, and has no children.


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  1. Just noticed the following “Velma Evelyn Brown (1-2-8-4-1), born March 31, 1907, married Thomas Stangbye, son of Johanna Stangbye, April 17, 1926, and lives at 1706 Main St., Vancouver, Washington. Children: (1) Irene Johanna; and (2) Thomas Roy.
    Thomas Stangbye was my Uncle and the two kids were my cousins. My mother was born June Stangbye (the 8th child of Idar and Johanna Stangbye)
    Just to add to that Tom jr. Died in Hawaii in the 70’s

    Comment by Joan Keith | November 3, 2010 | Reply

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