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The Conaways of Marion and Tyler Counties, West Virginia, part 2


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married Maude Reed of Athens, West Virginia; Oliver C., who married Alice McCoy; James whose second wife was Belle Barett (his first wife was a Smith); Amanda, who married John Woodburn and Laura, who married William Patton of Sardis, Ohio. The children of William and Margaret Ankrom Wells, a daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth Ankrom of Green County, who were married October 2, 1821, were Oliver Phelps and Amanda. Jacob Ankrom was descended from John and Charlotte Westhaven Ankrom of Washington County, Pennsylvania, and Frederick County, Virginia. John Ankrom was born at Kesteven, Lincolnshire, England, July 8, 1716, and was a son of Jaelres and Valdecie Ancheim. The children of Jacob and Elizabeth Ankrom were Jacob J., Margaret A., Cassie, Julian, Rachel, Delia, John and William. Jacob Ankrom was the first settler in Tyler County and built his house in 1783 near the present county home where he and his wife are buried. This farm was sold to James Stealey and later to the county. He bought the farm from John Caldwell of Ohio County. Cassie married John Bowman, William married Elizabeth Wells and John married Sarah Lewis.

William Wells devised Stonehurst to Oliver and devised certain other real and personal property, including negroes, to Amanda. The Ankrom family was old and influential in western Virginia. On June 24, 1841, Amanda was married to Doctor Samuel C. Morey of Lake Morey, Vermont. They lived in Middlebourne in the home now owned by Ann T. Conaway. Their children were William Swift, drowned at the mouth of McElroy in 1865, David H. and Margaret, who married David M. Smith. Harrison Smith, editor and political writer, was the son of David and Margaret Smith.

Amanda’s second husband was Harrison H. Hardman of Harrison County, born in 1814, the grandson of Joseph. He came to Tyler County in 1832 and was sheriff for many years. He died in 1864. Their children were Oliver Waitman Orr, Henry Clay, who died in childhood, Frank D., Henry H., Florence and Harriet. Oliver Waitman Orr married Lydia Ann Peterson, daughter of Sydney Mountain and Catherine Luvisa Huffman Peterson. Their children were Benjamin, who married Mabel Howard, and Margaret, who married William Henry Theiss. The children of Benjamin and Mabel are Sue and Sarah and the daughter of Henry and Margaret is Ann Hardman who married Orrin B. Conaway, Jr. Sydney M. Peterson was a delegate to the convention that nominated Lincoln at the Wigwam in Chicago in 1860. The Petersons and Huffmans lived near Pittsburgh but Sydney M. went from there to Wood County and later in life to New Martinsville. He was a delegate to the Wheeling Conven­tion of May 13, 1861. They are buried at Jefferson Methodist Church at Gill Hall, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, which is southeast of Pittsburgh and near Cochran s Mills.

Parthenia’s third husband was Issac Smith, whom she married on February 26, 1851. They are both buried in Beechwood Cemetery. Parthenia died in 1873 at the age of sixty-four years, eight months and thirteen days. Issac Smith was the father of David M. Smith and Mary Ann who married Thomas B. Conaway. Their children are Eli, Parthenia, who married John Howard, son of Henry; and Lee, who married Emory Riggs. Their son Eston maarried Helen, daughter of James E., and Margaret Spencer Sellers. The children of Parthenia were Clinton, married Willa Bond, Nettie, married John Maple, Mabel, married Benjamin Hardman, Frank, Thomas, Henry and Harold.

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Frank D. Hardman married Victoria, daughter of Zane and Elizabeth Davis Underwood. Their children were Carl, Lena Hardman Richardson and Roy. Frank and Victoria Hardman are buried in California. Harri­son married Hattie Briggs of Penn Yan, New York, and is buried there. Florence married Thomas Smith of Stonehurst and Harriet married W. Henry Furbee and became the mother of Daisy Wells and Hazel Tuttle.

The Hardman family is old and prominent in the Virginias. Joseph Hardman, founder of the family in America, came from Germany via England about 1750. He was neighbor and associate of George Washington and a soldier of the Revolution. Joseph Hardman married Dorcas Riddel. Ha died at Reedy, Roane County, age 96. His daughter Nancy married first a Parsons and second a Kearn. His son James married Phoebe Cunhingham, his son Thomas married Rebecca Goff and his son George Washington married Rachel Goff, His son Benjamin once lived at Smithville, but died at Reedy, He married Sara Leah Cunningham. James Hardman, son of Joseph, was a soldier in the War of 1812 and George Washington Hardman, son of Joseph, was a major in the Mexican War of 1847. M. L. Hardman lived on the old Hardman homestead of 600 acres on Skin Creek in Lewis County. He was the son of Marcillus, the son of H.D. and Mary West Hardman, born on Hacker’s Creek in 1803. Sophia Hardman married Robert C. Orr and theiir children were Harriet Ann who married Hiram Underwood, Amanda who married Richard Williams, Alstorpheus and William Harrison. Lewis county was formed out of Harrison in 1816, and Ritchie from Wood, Harrison and Lewis in 1843. Doddridge was created from Harrison, Tyler, Ritchie and Lewis in 1845.

The Hardmans are now rather numerous in Harrison, Lewis, Gilmer, Clay, Calhoun and Roane Counties. Among the more prominent is Thomas Porter Hardman, Dean of the College of Law of West Virginia University.

The children of Oliver P., Susan Furbee Wells, were Lamarr, who married Ella Riggle, one daughter being born to them, James M., Frances and Nancy. James M. married Sadie, daughter of Andrew and Mariah Smith Conaway. Mariah Smith was the daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Smith, who lived across the creek from Stonehurst. Frances married Gilbert D. Smith. Susan Furbee was daughter of Bowers and Nancy Bond Furbee, married February 8, 1824.

Frederick Theiss was the son of John and Barbara Theiss who lived in Monroe County, Ohio, after 1848, and there owned much land. They were descendants of John and Anna Mary Richle Fuchs of Oberdenlinengen, Wurtemburg, Germany. Their children were said William Henry and James, who married Frances Donley. John Theiss is buried at Salem Church about five miles west of Sardis, Ohio, on Route 255.

Thomas Conaway, son of Andrew D., for whom the village of Conaway Tyler County, was named, and brother of Alpheus, married Mahala Jane, sister of Armstrong Smith, and their children were Mariah R., who married Peter U. Ash, Abigail, who married David Ash, and Nancy E., who married Caleb B. Riggs. He owned 1,100 acres on Elk Fork including the site of the Conaway Methodist Church. Cheerful W. Ash is grand­son of David Ash.

James Stealey, who was born May 18, 1792, and who died February 2, 1881, was the son of Jacob, of Clarksburg, and was first married on October 4, 1821 to Elizabeth, daughter ot Thomas Ingram who came to Tyler in 1816 from Greene County, Pennsylvania. Thomas Ingram was descended fron Uriah Ingram of said Graene County. He was a

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brother-in-law to Kenner Seaton Boreman, who married Sarah Ingram, and father-ln-law of Ducket Wells who married Matilda Ingram, father of Thomas S. Wells, father of Claudia, wife of Charles B. Carpenter. The children of Thomas and Martha Ingram were Mahala, wife of John J. Ingle of West Union who was the son of Ezra Engle of said Greene County. Matilda, wife of Duckett Wells, son of Daniel and Elizabeth, wife of James Stealey. The children of James and Elizabeth Stealey were Catharine, who married Doctor Israel T. Nicklin of Loudoun County, Virginia; Martha, who married William Ingram Boreman, Thomas Ingram Stealey, born May 15, 1830, Circuit Judge from 1881 to 1889, who married Caroline, daughter of David Hickman of Hardy County and Tyler County, and William Stealey, born May 25, 1825, died at the age of fifty-seven years, one month and two days, May 27, 1847, married Adaline, daughter of James and Elizabeth Morris who came to Tyler from Greene County, Pennsylvania in 1916. James Morris was descended from Sir John Morris, of Kent, England, and was a member of the Morris family of Washington and Greene County, Pennsylvania. Elizabeth Davis was a daughter of William Davis of said Greene and Washington Counties and a granddaughter of Zedekiah Davis of King and Queen County, Virginia. William and Adaline are buried at Greenwood Cemetery at Middlebourne. Their children were Mary Didd, who married George F. Myers, and their child is Claude Myers; William Morris, who married Agnes Bell, both being buried at Parkersburg; James, buried in Greenwood Cemetery, who married Ella Gallaher of Pleasants County, and Elizabeth Virginia, who married Charles I. Conaway as stated above. The children of Duckett and Matilda Wells were: Agnes, wife of Eli Kerns; Elizabeth, wife of John J. Jamison; Clemenza and Virginia, wife of John Gregg, whose father was William. The second wife of James Stealey was Nancy, sister of Levi and Arthur Ankrom, whom he married May 5, 1833. Their children were Mansfield, James, Oliver, Lloyd, John, Sophia, wife of Dr. Myron R. Maloy, Mary A. and Nancy, wife of John R. McCoy. Beth and Belle Stealey of Clarksburg were well known there in social and financial circles. They were of the Clarksburg aristocracy, along with the Davis, Bassell, Llondes and Goff families.

John Boreman of London went to Philadelphia before the Revolution, during which he was a paymaster in the American Army. From Philadelphia he went to Greene County, Pennsylvania, and was clerk of the courts of Greene County, where he died in 1813. He was married to a Miss Seaton.. Their son Kenner Seaton, born in 1790, was a merchant and recorder. In 1827 he came to Tyler County, went to Marshall County in 1840 and to Parkersburg in 1850. He married Sarah Ingram, a sister of Thomas and Arthur, and seven sons and two daughters were born to them. Among his sons were Arthur I., Judge, Governor pnd United States Senator; William I; and Kenner Seaton, father of R. J. Boreman, of Parkersburg. Agnes Boreman married James M. Stephenson, father of Kenner Boreman Stephenson, on February 18, 1830. The children of William I. Boreman and Martha Stealey were James; Kenner S.; Agnes; Kate, wife of Floyd F. Furbee, father of Martha Furbee Huth; Lillie; Theresa; and Sarah E., wife of the second David Hickman, Clerk of County Court. The children of Kenner S. and Eve Wells Boreman are Robert; William; and Herbert.

David Hickman, son of Adam, whose father came from Germany and whose wife was Mercy Pickering, the first Clerk of County Court, was born in Hardy County, West Virginia, on December 21, 1792, married Nancy Wells, daughter of Daniel and Elizabeth Ankrom Wells, in August of 1818 and died July 18, 1863.

His children were Eliza, wife

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Doctor William Williamson; Laura, wife of Doctor Isreal Weirich of Martins Ferry, Ohio; Marcy P., wife of Phillip W. Wells; Caroline, wife of Thomas I. Stealey, Circuit Judge; Roselia, wife of Mansfield H. Stealey; Mary Hickman Arthur and David Hickman. His second wife was Mahala Harrison of Grantsville, Monongalia County.

The heirs of David Hickman, the second, also Clerk of County Court, were; Martha B., wife of Lloyd Smith, Francis R., Catherine, wife of John A. George, and Sarah E. Hickman, his widow. The children of Thomas I. and Caroline Hickman Stealey were Nannie, wife of Benjamin Engle, Attorney-at-law; Kate; David H.; Eliza and Nellie I. Gibson.

The children of James and Elizabeth Davis Morris, buried in Stealey Cemetery, who came from Greene County to Tyler in 1816, were William H.; Byron M.; Meigs J.; Eugene; Writ; DeWitt; Harriet S., who married Francis D. Hickman of West Union, Ohio, of whose children was May Somers Hick, who married Elias Jeffrey and their daughter Hattie married Benton Ash and their children were Roy and F. Guy Ash; Adaline, who married William Stealey, as related above; and Mary Jane, who married Bani Ramsey, September 15,1840. Mary Jane was the mother of Greed T. Ramsey by her first husband and Orrin Bryte by her second. Orrin Bryte left for the Confederate States Army and never returned.

Among the well known descendants of James and Elizabeth Davis Morris were Presley Morris, Editor of the Parkersburg News and his son, Robert, Editor and Publisher of Harrisville, West Virginia. The best known of the Morris family is William Morris of England, social philosopher. James Morris was a descendant of Jonathan Morris living in Greene County in 1772.

Ezra Engle of Greene County was the son of Peter, the son of John P., born in Saxony. The Ingles were at Blacksburg, Virginia, in 1784. The children of Ezra Engle were John J.; Salina, wife of James Kramer, Christian, Circuit Clerk; Margaret Cluster; S. Ann Young; Sophia, who married Arthur Ingram, February 28, 1847; Nancy Lacy; James; and Charles. The children of Christian and Amy Hartley were Laura, wife of Robert Martin; Peter H.; Lydia, wife of John B. Riggles; Benjamin; and Nancy, wife of William H. Huth. The children of James and Salina Engle Kramer, Sheriff of Brownsville, Pennsylvania were: Mary, wife of Granville L. Lowther; Nancy, wife of Albert G. N. Swan; Margaret, wife of Ulysses Fletcher; and Frances, wife of Joseph Schneider Carpenter, son of John and Mary Schneider Carpenter of Calais, Monroe County, Ohio. The Carpenter family is old in Virginia. Nathan Carpenter owned the site of White Sulphur Springs in 1774. Nicholas Carpenter of Clarksburg was ambushed by the Indians under Tecumseh in Wood County in 1791. He was justice of peace, trustee of Randolph Academy at Clarksburg, and sheriff of Harrison County.

Th. children of Joseph Schneider and Frances Kramer Carpenter were Cora, wife of Claude Robinson, and their children are Mabel; Richard; Dorothy; and Cummings, and they reside in Circleville, Ohio; Louise, wife of Edward Hudson, and their children are Byron; Joseph and Harry and thy live in Merced, California; Myron R. who married Laura Eddington and their children are Wanda; Phyllis and Robert and they live in Middlebourne; and Maude Kramer, wife of Orrin Bryte Conaway, as above mentioned; and Charles V., who married Claudia

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daughter of Thomas S. Wells, and granddaughter of Duckett Wells, and their children are Earl, Frances and Betty of Middlebourne.

The children of Andrew D. and Rebecca Luman Conaway, buried at Spring Hill, were Alpheus, Thomas, Lewis, Eli, a Colonel in the Civil war, Nancy, wife of James Joseph, mother of Josephine Cobb, whose daughter is the wife of Alfred M. Landon; Mahala, wife of Ulysses Cox; and Theresa, wife of Benjamin Wells, Jr., brother of Miss Mary Ruffner Wells and grandson of William Wells of Stonehurst.

The children of Charles Harvey and Mary Holt Polson Conaway, buried at Spring Hill, were Edgar, Harry, William Harvey, John D. , Clark P., Ermina, wife of George W. Davis; Elizabeth, wife of Boreman Smith; Laura, Ida, mother of Alton L. ; and Mary, mother of Carroll.

The Conaways, Conwys, or Conways, seem to be rather numerous in this country. I have seen the name spelled in many ways, including Connaway, and Connyway, but the root spelling, and the English one, is Conwy or Conway. There is a Conway River in Virginia as well as the village of Port Conway. In New Hampshire there are three villages named Conway. And there is a Conway Arkansas; Conway, Pennsylvania; Conway, North Carolina; Conway, South Carolina; and Conway, Georgia, as well as the hamlet of Conaway in Tyler County. Yet, however the name is spelled and wherever they may reside, all the people of this name are descended from the Conways of Great Britain. Edwin, of Lancaster County, 1540, wrote his name: Edwin Conaway.

In North Wales there are a river, a town, and a castle all named Conway. Wordsworth wrote in WE ARE SEVEN, “And where are they? I pray you tell.” She answered, “Seven are we; and two of us at Conway dwell, and two are gone to sea.” I have always supposed that the Conaways, or Conways, of this country stemmed from that locality. However, I cannot establish that relationship. Some Conways have been prominent in English history and several were members of the peerage, notably Sir Edward of Conway Castle, knighted in 1596. He was Baron of Ragley, Warwick, and Viscount of Conway Castle. I have no knowledge, however, of any direct relationship of my family to them.

The first Edwin Conway came to Lancaster County, Virginia, in 1640, from Worcester County, England, having married in England Martha Eltonhead of Eltonhead. His second wife was a daughter of Robert Carter of Corotoman at Kilmarnock, Virginia, on the Rappahannock River. He was the third Clerk of Northampton County and died in Lancaster County in 1675. The second Edwin, born in 1654, married two wives, Sarah Fleete and Elizabeth Thompson. The sons of Edwin and Elizabeth Thompson Conway were Colonel Edwin and Francis, whose daughter, Eleanor Rose, commonly called Nelly, married James Madison on September 15, 1749, and she was the mother of President Madison. Francis Conway married Rebecca Catlett. Colonel Edwin Conway married Anna Ball, daughter of Joseph Ball, half-sister of Mary Ball, mother of Goorge Washington, and nine children were born to them. The first Wife of Joseph Ball was Elizabeth Rogers Romney and his second wife Bennett Montague.

Francis Conway owned much land, one of his many tracts containing 10,000 acres. Colonel Edwin Conway was a member of the House of Burgesses. The marriage record of his daughter, Anna, displays the


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  1. Thank you for your posting about the Conaway family. I am a descendant of this family through the Hickman and Isbell families.

    I am Canadian but my mother was American and so I have this marvelous heritage. It has given me much pleasure and has caused me to learn much about the make-up of the various states through which I have tracked them.

    My Hickman is the Edwin Hickman family of Stokes Co., NC.

    Comment by Maureen Hyde | February 19, 2009 | Reply

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