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The Virginia Line


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Edwin Conway of Worcester County, England, came to Northampton County, Virginia, in 1640. He married in England, Martha Eltonhead, daughter of Richard Eltonhead, of Eitonhead, of Lancaster, Esquire. He later lived in Lancaster County. He was born in England, 1610, and died in Lancaster County, 1675. His second wife was a sister to Robert Carter of Corotoman.

Edwin Conway, son of Edwin, was born in Lancaster County, 1640, and died 1698 in Richmond County, He first married Sarah Fleete, daughter of Lieutenant Colonel Henry Fleete, of Lancaster County, and second wife was Elizabeth Thompson, also of Lancaster County.

Eltonhead Conway married in 1662 Henry Thacker, son of Richard Thacker, Vestryman of Middlesex Parish 1664-1700. The Thackers were large land owners in the early days of the colony of Virginia.

Agatha Conaway of the line of Edwin of Lancaster, married Captain Cuthbert Spann, Northumberland County, on October 1, 1773. He was

A vestryman of St. Stephen’s Church of Northumberland County in 1742 and Burgess in 1748. Their children were Richard, who married December 30, 1750, Priscilla, daughter of Colonel Armistead and Hannah (Harrison) Churchill. By this marriage much property passed from the Conway to the Barnes(?unclear type) family.

Major Peter Conway of Lancaster County married Elizabeth Spann, daughter of Richard Spann, of Northumberland County. He was Justice of Lancaster County in 1742 and Burgess for Lancaster 1748 and 1752.

Richard Spann of Northumberland County mentions John Spann Conway in his will, also Richard Conway, Mrs. Hannah Churchhill, Priscilla Spann, his wife, and Frances Sinah Spann, who married John Conway, son of Thomas. The children of Richard Spann were Captain Cuthbert Spann, who married Agatha Conway, Elizabeth, who married Major Peter Conway, Convey and Frances Sinah Spann, who married John Conway, son of Thomas. He also mentioned in his will Peter and Walker Conway, sons of his Uncles, Peter and George Conway.

Richard Spann lived in Kent County, Maryland in 1642. In 1651 he owned 350 acres in Northumberland County. Captain Richard Spann was Vestryman, St. Stephen’s Parish in 1714 and Sherriff in 1721. Rev. John Spann was Minister, St. Stephen’s Parish 1712-1722. Mary Spann married Robert Coats, Nov 16, 1782. Peter and Fanny Conway, his wife of Lancaster, deeded, May 11, 1778 to Thomas Conway of Northumberland, land

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In Cupid’s Neck, devised by Cuthbert Spann to his son, Richard Spann, and to him by Peter Conway.

Francis Conway (Edwin 2, Edwin 1), was born in Richmond County in 1697 and married Rebecca Catlett, daughter of Colonel John and Elizabeth (Gaines) Catlett of Essex County in 1718. Their children were Catlett, Francis, who married Sarah Taliaferro, Elizabeth, who married James Taylor, Reuben, Sarah, who married Dr. Charles Taylor, and Eleanor Rose, who married Colonel James Madison, September 13, 1749. Francis Conway was appointed one of the Justices of Caroline County in 1728. The second husband of Rebecca Catlett Conway was John Moore, son of William Moore and their children were: William, and Jane, who married Erasmus Taylor. Francis Conway had a grandson Thomas, son of Catlett.

Elizabeth Conway, of the line of Edwin of Lancaster, (Edwin 3, Edwin 2, Edwin 1), married Christopher Garrington of Northumberland County on May 5, 1724.

George Conway, of Wicomico, married in 1739 Ann Heath, daughter of Samuel Heath of Northumberland County.

Millicent Conway of Lancaster married Sunday, March 28, 1742, Colonel James Gordon of Lancaster. James Gordon’s second wife was Mary Harrison, daughter of Colonel Nathaniel Harrison of Surry.

Francis Conway, of King George County, born in Richmond County, married Sarah Taliaferro in 1744, daughter of Colonel John and Sarah Smith Taliaferro of Williamsburg, and granddaughter of Charles and Mary Taliaferro of Caroline County.

Eleanor Rose Conway, of Caroline, married on September 3, 1749, Colonel James Madison, Senior, of Montpelier, Orange County, son of Ambrose and Frances Taylor Madison. She was named for her great aunt, Eleanor Brocos.

Edwin Conway Carlington, of Lancaster, married November 13, 1774, Susannah Dickie.

Agatha Conway (George) of Stafford, married May 15, 1757, Issac Eustace, son of William and Ann (Lee) Eustace.

Colonel Edwin Conway (George) of Lancaster, married in 1765. His wife’s name is not known. He sold his land, closed up his affairs and then moved away. It is he who is mentioned in “Papers relating to the Maryland Line.” He left his estate to the direct heirs of brothers and sisters; where he relocated is not known. See Seventy-Six Society, 1857.

George Conway (George) of Fauquier County, married Ann Dowman in 1770, daughter of Frances and Grace (Ball) Dowman. About 1750 she married Spencer Carter.

Walker Conway (George) of Lowellfield, Lancaster County, married in 1775, Anne Moncure, daughter of Reverend John and Frances (Brown) Moncure; on the watch of Walker Conway when he was drowned were en­graved the Conway “Arms”. He was great grandson of Samuel Heath. On December 17, 1785, he gave bond to John Hull for tract of land inherit­ed from Richard Spann. Both he and Hull were of St. Stephen’s Parish, Northumberland County. The bond was witnessed by Edwin and Joseph Conway. On April 24, 1786, he made deed to Joseph Conway of Northumberland County for land whereon he lately resided.

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Captain Francis Conway (Francis) of “Port Conway”, King George County, married March 20, 1770, Elizabeth Fitzhugh, of “Belle Aire, daughter of John Fitzhugh and Alice, his wife, daughter of Richard and Elizabeth (Catlett) Thornton, and granddaughter of Henry Fitzhugh and his wife, Susanna, daughter of Mordecai Cooke, Gloucester, Virginia, son of Colonal William Fitzhugh of Beford, England, who married Sarah Tucker of Westmoreland County.

The second husband of Mrs. Elizabeth Conway was Colonel James Taybil. In 1784, Captain Conway laid out ten acres of his land on Rappahannock River in King George County, in 1/2 acre lots and became the founder of the town of Port Conway.

Captain Catlett Conway (Francis) of Hawfield, Orange County, in 1775 married Sussannah Fitzhugh, daughter of John Fitzhugh of Belle Aire. He was a Justice in Orange County and Captain of Calvary in Revolutionary War.

Agatha Ann Eustace (Edwin Conway) married General John Blackwell in 1779. He was captain in Revolutionary War and sheriff, Fauquier County, 1783-85.

Anne Eustace (Edwin Conway) married Captain Edward Hull, killed during the Revolution while enforcing the conscription. Her second husband was Major Joseph Blackwell, son of Joseph and Lucy (Steptoe) Blackwell, whom she married in 1783.

Captain Hancock Eustace (Edwin Conway) of “Woodford”, Stafford County, married June 4, 1789, Tabitha Henry, daughter of Judge James Henry of Fleet’s Bay, and his wife, Sarah Scarborough of Northumberland County. He was Justice, Stafford County; Vestryman, Aquia Parish 1815-23; warden, 1822.

John Monroe Conway (Edwin Conway) of Stafford County, married December 29, 1802, Catherine Storke Peyton, daughter of Dr. Valentine and Mary Butler (Washington) Peyton. He was appointed Clerk of the County and Superior Courts of Stafford, 1804, and held office until 1851, when succeeded by son, Henry R., who held office until his death in 1863.

Sarah Talliafarro Conway (Edwin Conway) married Lawrence Catlett of ”North Garden”, Caroline County, in 1802. He was son of John, of John, of John, of John.

Edwin Conway (Edwin Conway) married May 20, 1806, Mary Jackson Dade, daughter of Captain Francis and Sarah (Talliaferro) Dade.

John Conway, “Mt. Scion”, Caroline County, married Harriet Elizabeth Thornton, daughter of Dr. Henry Thornton, March 22, 1865.

Thomas Conway (Edwin Conway) married Mary Hawes Bickner, daughter of Richard Henry and Charlotte (Hawes) Buckner.

Catlett Conway (Edwin Conway) married Verlinda Talliaferro, daughter of Colonel Lawrence and Sarah (Wade) Talliferro, “Rose Hill”; his second wife was Harriet S. Taylor, daughter of Dr. Charles and Sarah (Conway) Taylor.

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Valentine Yelverton Conway, (Edwin Conway), M.D., of Stafford County, married December 22, 1824, Mary Catherine Washington Henry, daughter of Edward Hugh and Elizabeth Washington (Peyton) Henry. He was graduate U. Pennsylvania, Delegate from Richmond and Lancaster Counties, 1837.

Walker Peyton Conway (Edwin Conway) of Stafford County, married Margaret Eleanor Daniel, May 28, 1829. She was the daughter of John Moncure Daniel, M.D., of “Crow’s Nest”, Stafford County, and his wife, Margaret Stone, daughter of Thomas Stone of Maryland. He was Presid­ing Justice for 30 years and Member House Delegates, Banker, Methodist. His son, Moncure Daniel, became a lawyer and later a Methodist Minister. He was an author of distinction.

Richard Moncure Conway was appointed Unites States Consul at Port Hope, Canada, by President Cleveland in 1887. Lived at “Conway Farm” in Spotsylvania County.

Eustace Conway (Edwin Conway) of Spotsylvania County, married Maria Tomlin, daughter of Williamson Ball and Ann Catherine (Carter) Tomlin. Distinguished lawyer and judge. Was elected February 26, 1850.

The will of Richard Spann clearly indicates that another family of Conway not descended from Edwin of Lancaster, but having a common origin, was located in the northern neck of Virginia.

Captain Sir Thomas Conway, son of Sir Edward Conway of Raglay, Warwick County, was an incorporator of the Third Virginia Charter, 1611, and was knighted at Theobald’s with his uncle, Captain Sir Thomas Conway, July 14, 1624. He was a cousin of Lady Dale. His father, Sir Edward, was Secretary of State and one of the King’s Commissioners for Virginia, 1620.

Harman Blennerhassett was the scion a distinguished English family that could trace its lineage back to Edward III. The ancestral manor house of Flimby Hall was situated in the County of Cumberland, where its massive walls, with their crests of stone, still grimly defy the corroding tooth of time. During the reign of Queen Elizabeth, Thomas Blennerhassett and his son, Robert, went forth from its great door-way across the sea to the County of Kerry in Ireland. There Harman’s grandfather, Robert, became the progenitor of Ballyseedy; the second, of Conway Castle, both in the County of Kerry, while the third established himself in the County of Limerick. Conway Blennerhassett of Conway Castle, Killorglin, was the father of John, Thomas and Harman and five daughters. Harman attended West Minister School and was graduated from Trinity College, Dublin, with honor. He began the study of law at King’s Inns, at Michaelmas term, 1790. At twenty-five he completed his studies. He married, at the age of thirty-one, Margaret Agnew, age eighteen. She was the daughter of Captain Robert Agnew, of the County of Durham, England, and granddaughter of James Agnew, who fell at German town during the Revolution.



  1. Have done extensive research on the Conway lines, and found a minimum of four family members who served as officers in the Revolutionary War: Presley Thornton, Gustavus Brown, M.D., Francis Conway and General Nathanael Greene. Would like to join the Society of the Cincinnati but these ancestors are already represented, and they won’t tell you until you’ve already expended time and resources on the research! Does anyone know any potential candidates I can research? The Conways were married into the children of Major John Fitzhugh (1727 to 1809). He had eight sons: Henry, John, George, Thomas, William, Francis, Daniel and Thornton. Does anyone know if any of these sons served as officers in the Revolutionary War? One of their sisters, Susannah Fitzhugh, married Captain Catlett Conway, one of my great-etc. grandfathers. That would qualify me. But the data on these brothers appears to be sketchy. Timothy Reid Conway,
    Ellerslie Estate, Box 61, Pratts, Va. 22731.

    Comment by Timothy Reid Conway | May 28, 2011 | Reply

  2. Actually, any genealogical information that might be of assistance to my efforts would be greatly appreciated.

    Comment by Timothy Reid Conway | May 28, 2011 | Reply

  3. Correction: I didn’t fill in the blanks right. My email is

    Comment by Maureen Hyde | October 25, 2014 | Reply

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