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Durbin-Jacquet-Smithheisler Family Index

Charles Terrell Durbin, or Terry Durbin, was my biological father. I was adopted by Russell Oran Elledge, Sr. and honor him by researching his family, but I’ve also begun investigating my “blood” line through Terry’s parents Charles and Viola Durbin. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Jim Jacquet for his terrific website on the Jacquet family Jacquet Genealogy and Betty Jewell Durbin Carson’s Book “The Durbin and Logsdon Genealogy”, although the latter had quite few errors in the most recent generations, it was an essential reference in getting off the ground and for earlier Durbin-Logsdon connections. It is on CD-Rom from Heritage Books #1698 ISBN 0-7884-1698-7. Heritage is a good resource for acquiring genealogical titles that may be out of print or too expensive in print – they have most on CD.


1.jacquet_josephine_dcJosephine Bonvalet Jacquet’s Death Certificate, daughter of Peter Bonvalet




2. Henry I. Durbin Biography, Knox County Ohio with a couple paragraphs about his son Thomas Durbin

3. Dwight and William Sapp Biography Knox County Ohio

4. George Sapp of Maryland and his grandson George Sapp of Knox County Ohio

5. John J. and Benjamin Blubaugh Biography of Knox County Ohio

6. James McGinley Biography of Knox County Ohio

7. John C. Durbin Biography of Knox County, Ohio

8. Benjamin Durbin Biography Knox County Ohio

9. Mathew Welsh Biography of Knox County Ohio

10. Chris Swingle biography of Knox County Ohio

11. mt-mora-jaquetLouis A. Jaquet (1867-1907) and Marie M. Jaquet (1871-1960) headstone in Mt. Mora Cemetery Saint Joseph Missouri, possibly part of the Ohio Jacquets? who moved to Missouri in the post civil war years.



12. Benjamin Durbin, W. S. McGinley, William McGrew and the 96th Ohio Infantry in the Civil War

13. Sapp, Durbin, McGrew in the 142nd Ohio National Guard in the Civil War

14. Lewis and Leander Durbin and the 121st Ohio Infantry in the Civil War

15. Biography of Wilson F. McGinley of Knox County Ohio

16. Biography of Lawrence King, Immigrant from Germany to Knox County Ohio

17. Biography of Charles Wright Durbin of Knox County Ohio

18. Biography of Raphael Durbin of Knox County Ohio

19. Durbin and Sapp Errata – short facts from Knox County History

20. Ira L. Lockwood Biography of Knox County Ohio

21. Frank Logsdon Biography Knox County Ohio

22. Sapp Family of Knox County Ohio

23. Durbin Family of Knox County Ohio

24. Colopy Family of Knox County

25. James W. Bradfield Biography of Knox County

26. James Braddock of Knox County Ohio

27. Balizet double Wedding Announcement – Stark County, Ohio

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