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Sapp Family of Knox County Ohio

Having traced out the Critchfields, Darlings, and other families who have contributed abundantly toward the peopling of this county, we cannot pass by the Sapps. Four brothers—Daniel, George, Joseph and William—emigrated from Allegheny county, Md., in 1806, and the Sapps of the present day are descendants of them, and of their uncle George, who came out in 1810; of another Sapp, Adain, who came about 1820; and of yet another, a cousin, known in the neighborhood as “Kentucky/ George,” to distinguish him from the other Georges, who had preceded him. Daniel had a dozen children, of whom Hon. Wm. R>., S.W., Dr. Enoch and Dr. Silas have been widely known. Mrs. J. Wauls, of Brown, and Mrs. J. Stover, of Mt. Gilead are only daughters living. George married Catharine Arnold; and of their nine children six are living in the county. Levi is upon the old homestead. He has had eleven children; and of this number is Wm. 0., merchant, Mt. Vernon. Joseph’s numerous family went to Illinois. William’s dozen children are scattered—only two of them are in Knox now. Of Kentucky George’s fourteen children we have not space to give an account. James, associated with Wm. J. Morton, in the shoe store in Mt. Vernon, is his grandson. The original roots above named have produced over 200 shoots. from “The History of Knox County Ohio from 1779 to 1862” pg 385.

Biographies that follow from: “History of Knox County Ohio, Its Past and Present”

SAPP, JONATHAN, Howard township, farmer, post office, Howard, was born July 17, 1809, in Union township. He was married to Miss Mary Durbin. July 15. 1830. He lived on the old farm with his father thirty years. He then bought the old Bradfield farm just across the line in Howard township, where he still lives.

They had eleven children: Simon, Catharine, Susan, Frances, William, Francis, Edmond, Susanna, John, Timothy, and Sarah Ann. Catharine died at nineteen years of age; William, at thirty; Edmond, at twenty-two; Susanna, at three; Francis, at three; and Sarah Ann, at three.

SAPP, ROBERT, Union township, carpenter, post office, Gann. He was born September 10, 1813, in Alleghany county, Maryland, and came here in June, 1818. He settled in Howard township, and lived there until his twenty-second year.

In 1834 he was married to Rosanna Lose, and settled in Jefferson township, where he still remains. His business has been farming and carpentering. He had eight children: Joseph, who died at nine years of age; Margaret, born June 16, 1839; Brasilia, January 19, 1840; Adam, August 21, 1841; Emma, March 4, 1843; M. E., March 2. 1845; M.E. October 30, 1846; Henry, March 3. 1848; Frederick, June 5, 1850; R. D.January 8, 1857; all living and doing well.

SAPP, CALVIN, M. D., deceased, son of Joseph and Drusilla Sapp, was born near Danville, this county, on the twenty-first day of December, 1821. He was educated at Kenyon college. In 1842 he commenced the study of medicine in Danville with Dr. Houtz. He read one year there and then went to Loudonville, Ashland county, where he completed his course with Drs. Fuller and Whitney.

In the winter of 1846-7 he attended his first course of lectures in Cleveland. He then engaged in the practice of medicine, and continued to practice twenty-three years, and in the winter of 1869-70 he graduated in the Cleveland Medical college. March 4, 1847 he married Miss Sarah B. Baker, born near Danville, this county, in June, 1824, and settled in Loudonville. In the spring of 1847 he became a partner of Dr. Fuller in the practice of medicine, and remained as such about four years, when their partnership ceased.

In the spring of 1851  leaving his wife at home, Dr. Sapp went to California, where he continued in his profession. He located first in Sacramento City, and remained about six months; from thence to Weaverville, where he remained nine months; then went to Portland, Oregon, where he remained about six months. In 1852 he returned to San Francisco and remained there about nine months. In 1853 he went aboard a merchant vessel, as physican and surgeon, bound for Philadelphia by way of China, East and West Indies, reaching Philadelphia in the fall of 1853; and from thence he returned home to his family.

In the spring of 1854 he commenced the practice of medicine in Danville, and continued until 1870, when he moved to Gambier, where he resided until his death. He left a family of five children—Clinton E., Laura C., Dora, Victoria and Luetta. His son, Clinton E., was educated at Gambier, read medicine with his father, attended his first term of lectures at Cleveland, and graduated at Cincinnati in the Ohio Medical college in the winter of 1874-5, and is a partner of his father’s in the practice of medicine at Gambler.

Dr. Sapp died on Sunday, February 27, 1881. His life was closely devoted to his profession, in which he became eminently successful.

SAPP, JAMES, with the firm of M. C. Sapp. boot and shoe dealer, Rogers’ Arcade block, east side south Main street, Mt. Vernon. Mr. James Sapp was born in Knox county, October 2, 1832. He remained on a farm until his seventeenth year, when he went as an apprentice to the boot and shoe trade, and served three years, and then worked as a journeyman for six months. He then entered the employ of Messrs. Miller & White, at Mt. Vernon, and continued with them for four years. He then went to Cleveland and engaged with the firm of Webster, Spencer & Miller, and remained one year.

On his return to Mt. Vernon he entered the boot and shoe store of Nathaniel McGiffin as salesman, with whom he remained two years. In 1860 he purchased the stock of Mr. McGiffin. and continued the business for five years, and then sold out to Mr. W. J. Morton, and went to New York city and engaged with the wholesale house of Howes, Hyatt & Co., with whom he remained one year. He then returned to Mt. Vernon and repurchased the stock he had previously sold to Mr. Morton.

In 1866 he sold his stock in trade to Mr. W. T. Patton, and remained in his employ as salesman for ten months. His next engagement was with the firm of Miller & Houston, Columbus, Ohio, as travelling salesman. For one year he remained with the above mentioned firm. He commenced business in his present location in the fall of 1878, and has retained it ever since. He carries a stock of about one thousand five hundred dollars, comprising boots, shoes, and rubbers; also does manufacturing and repairing in all its branches.

SAPP, WILLIAM G. Union township, farmer, post office Gann, born in Gann. March 3, 1840. In 1861 he enlisted in the Fifty-first Ohio volunteer infantry, company I., and served his full lime and returned with the honors of a brave soldier, September 3, 1865. He was married to Margaret Gann. and settled in Union township, where he has since remained. His business is chiefly agricultural. His children are: George, bom May 30, 1868; John, November 23, 1870, Sarah Catharine, August 2, 1875; and Samuel, November 20, 1876. Oscar died October 3, 1878, and Samuel, November 22, 1876. The living children are all at home and attending school. William Sapp was wounded in the hip at the battle of Stone River Tennessee. He was in about thirteen battles, but sustained no other injuries, except a deficiency in his eyesight, which has never been removed.
History of Knox County Ohio, Its Past and Present, N.N. Hill, Jr, 1881, AA Graham & Co, Mt Vernon, Ohio

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