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Chapter 5 Alexander Fleming, son of Mary and Matthew Fleming, part 3

page 103

Inez Fletcher (2-1-6-1), born November 24, 1887, married Alexander Whinnie, February 25, 1908. He died on the 6th of June, 1918; and she afterwards, March 9, 1923, married George H. Collins and lives near Farmington on R. F. D. No. 2. Children: (1) Alexander Whinnie, Jr.; (2) Curtis Whinnie; (3) Lottie Whinnie, died in childhood; (4) Thomas Fletcher Whinnie; (5) John Whinnie; and (6) Harold Lee Collins.

Thomas Fletcher Whinnie (2-1-6-1-4), born February 14, 1914, married Agnes Lucille Rexroad, August 14, 1937.

Ettie May Fletcher (2-1-6-2), born September 8, 1889, married Harry L. Hall, son of Harry T. Hall, November 15, 1916, and lives at Harwick, Pa. Children: (1) Marietta; (2) Harry Lee; (3) Charles Edward; (4) Frank McDowell; (5) William Paul; (6) Hilda Marie; and (7) Emma Louise.

William Curtis Fletcher, (2-1-6-3), born June 19, 1891, married Ellen Benglass, November 15, 1913, and lives at Rachel, West Virginia. Children: (1) Warren Curtis, Jr.; (2) William; (3) John; (4) Lottie; (5) James; (6) George; (7) Sarah Ellen; and <8> Dorothy Delores.

Russell John Fletcher (2-1-6-4), born August 19, 1893, married Bernice Ramage, daughter of Andrew Ramage, September 1, 1914, and lives at Rachel. Children: (1) Grace; (2) Andrew; (3) Russell; (4) James; and (5) Sylvia May.

Goldie Fletcher (2-1-6-5), born April 21, 1895, married a McDowell and lives at Uniontown, Pennsylvania. No further record.

William Nelson Fletcher (2-1-6-6), born April 15, 1901, married Elda Malinda Mahaney and lives at Rachel. Children: (1) Alice Jane; (2) Clifford Eugene; and (3) son (name not learned.)

James Riley Fleming (2-2), born November 6, 1824, married Caroline M. Barns, daughter of Thomas Barns, March 26, 1850. In early life he learned the hatter trade with his Uncle Benjamin Fleming, with whom he was in partnership for a few years. He was also a merchant in Fairmont for many years. Associated with members of the Barns family and Elmus Hamilton he helped erect the Barnsville Woolen Mills, which did a large business in the vicinity of Fairmont. He died on the 1st of April, 1912; his wife, on the 27th of September, 1906. Children: (1) Margaret Virginia; (2) James, died at 9; and (3) Clara, died at 5.

Margaret Virginia Fleming (2-2-1), born January 19, 1851, married George Thomas Watson, son of James O. Watson, October 17, 1872. He died on the 18th of June, 1874; and she afterwards, May 21, 1879, married Clarence L. Smith, son of Fontain Smith, and lived at Fairmont. She died on the 4th of May, 1930; her last husband, on the 5th of February, 1905. Children: (1) Earl Herndon; (2) Elizabeth, died in childhood; (3) Clarence Edwin; and (4) Caroline, died in childhood.

Earl Herndon Smith (2-2-1-1), born March 27, 1880, married Alice West, June 24, 1904, and lived at Fairmont. For several years he was a

page 104

State Senator. He died on the 29th of May, 1941. His only child is Earl Herndon, Jr.

Clarence Edwin Smith (2-2-1-3), born July 11, 1885, married Elsie Juanita Fleming, daughter of Ulysses Sydney Fleming, May 25, 1909, and lives in Fairmont. For several years he has been editor of the Fairmont Times and has held several responsible governmental positions. Children: (1) Caroline Fleming; (2) Elizabeth Randolph; and (3) Clarence Edwin, Jr.


Benjamin Dolph Fleming (2-3), born September 28, 1827, married Jennie R. Mayers, daughter of John Mayers, November 7, 1865. He was for many years in the lumber business in Fairmont and then engaged in fruit culture and dairying. For a long time he was a director in one of the banks of Fairmont and was vice-president a part of the time. He died on the 22nd of October, 1915; his wife, on the 9th of February, 1914. His only child was Horace Glenn.

Horace Glenn Fleming (2-3-1), born October 5, 1866, was a graduate of the University of Michigan. He married Hattie Trimble and died without children on the 22nd of May, 1910.

Eunice Fleming (2-4), born March 15, 1829, married James W. Boggess, March 6, 1851, and lived near Monongah. She died on the 3rd of June, 1897; her husband, on the 22nd of August, 1894. Children: (1) Leslie; (2) Mary Emma; (3) Lina; (4) Florence May; (5) Herbert; (6) Millard Fleming; and (7) Malinda.

Leslie Boggess (2-4-1), born about 1853, married Florida Robey, November 22, 1877, and lived at Fairmont. He died in 1934. His wife died on the 28th of October, 1912. Children: (1) Edna Earl; (2) Addie Claudie; and (3) Lawrence.

page 105

Edna Earl Boggess (2-4-1-1), born September 22, 1880, married Thomas Burchinal, June 2, 1898. For her second husband she married Dr. J. McCue Bowcock, May 24, 1904, and lived at Monongah till her death on the 13th of November, 1911. Children: (1) Leslie Carroll Burchinal; and (2) Eugene McCue Bowcock.

Leslie Carroll Burchinal (2-4-1-1-1), born about 1900, was brought up by his Boggess relatives and was called by their name. He married Ruth Wilson, June 29, 1918, lives at Shinnston, and has one child, Reginald Brooks.

Eugene McCue Bowcock (2-4-1-1-2), born August 28, 1906, lives at Williamson, West Virginia.

Addie Claudie Boggess (2-4-1-2), born February 6, 1883, married Howard Fesler, son of Asberry Fesler, July 24, 1902. For her second husband she married Hoy Cristner and was living in 1934 at Cumberland. No children.

Lawrence Boggess (2-4-1-3), born February 10, 1885, married Laura Moon and was living in Cumberland a few years ago. Children: (1) Helen M.; (2) Eugenia May; (3) Gypsie; (4) Mary A.; (5) Lawrence C.; and (6) Dunward.

Mary Emma Boggess (2-4-2), born about 1858, married Thomas E. Russell, January 26, 1882, and lived at Boothsville. She died on the 2nd of November, 1898. Her husband died about 1934. No children.

Lina Boggess (2-4-3), born about 1860, married Jacob F. Cooper, February 13, 1883. He died on the 5th of February, 1896; and she afterwards married Jerome Hobbs and lives near Fairmont on R. F. D. No. 1. Children: (1) Fay Cooper; (2) Frederick Cooper; (3) Nina Cooper; (4) Herbert Cooper, deceased; (5) Letha Hobbs, died in infancy; and (6) Harry Jerome Hobbs.

Harry Jerome Hobbs (2-4-3-6), born November 29, 1901, married Clarice R. Oakes, June 10, 1926, and lives near Fairmont on R. F. D. No. 1. Children: (1) Harry Jerome, Jr.; (2) Thomas Oakes; and (3) Nancy Ruth.

Florence May Boggess (2-4-4), born about 1861, married William Shaver, son of Napoleon B. Shaver, February 10, 1883, and lived at Monongah. She died on the 30th of May, 1933. Children: (1) Earl; (2) Beatrice; (3) Scott; (4) Tivy; and (5) Novella.

Earl Shaver (2-4-4-1), born April 9, 1885, is single and lives at Monongah.

Beatrice Shaver (2-4-4-2), born March 11, 1888, married Joseph Martin, December 31, 1910, and lives near Kingwood. Children: (1) Mina; and (2) Charles.

Scott Shaver (2-4-4-3), born about 1892, married Ollie D. Clark, June 1, 1912, and lives at Monongah.

Tivy Shaver (2-4-4-4), born April 19, 1895, married John Scritchfield,

page 106

May 16, 1914, and lives in Fairmont. Children: (1) Louis; (2) Ellen; (3) Frank; (4) Florence; (5) Douglass; and (6) James.

Novella Shaver (2-4-4-5), born February 1, 1903, married Howard Keener, June 30, 1920, and lives at Monongah. Children: (1) Jackleen; and (2) Donley.

Herbert Boggess (2-4-5) lost his life in an automobile accident when his car plunged into the Tygart’s Valley River several years ago. He was not married.

Millard Fleming Boggess (2-4-6) is married and lives near Monon­gah. No children.

Malinda Boggess (2-4-7), born January 11, 1870, married William Shaver, son of Benjamin Shaver, in 1894, and lives at Monongah. Her husband died on the 25th of July, 1922. Children: (1) Carroll Vaughn; (2) William Denzel; (3) Paul Parks; (4) Benjamin Ward; and (5) James Boggess, died in childhood. (See 1-2-4-2 in Chapter IV.)

Carroll Vaughn Shaver (2-4-7-1), born January 6, 1896, married Phyllis Margaret Brumage, daughter of Joshua Hedges Brumage, August 18, 1925, and lives at Phoenix, Arizona. Children: (1) Carroll Vaughn; and (2) Paul Edward. (See 1-5-1-1-2 in Chapter IV.)

William Denzil Shaver (2-4-7-2), born March 14, 1899, was living in Fairmont in 1931.

Paul Parks Shaver (2-4-7-3), born May 23, 1902, married Lucy May Lambert, daughter of Joshua Lambert, November 29, 1922, and lives at Monongah. Children: (1) Rose Ann, deceased; and (2) Doris June.

Benjamin Ward Shaver (2-4-7-4), born November 22, 1905, married Virginia Ice, daughter of Clyde Carlton Ice. (See 2-2-1-2-1 in Chapter IV, 1-5-5-1 in Chapter XI, and 3-3-4-5 in this chapter.)


Joseph Minor Fleming (2-5), born June 25, 1832, married Pleasant Eakin, daughter of Josephus Eakin, January 18, 1866, and lived near

page 107

Fairmont. In 1856 he went to California and worked in the gold mines for seven years. He then returned to Fairmont and erected a plaining mill, which he operated for several years. It is claimed that he brought the first circular saw to Marion County. He also managed a large farm. His death occurred on the 15th of June, 1921. His widow lived till the 24th of March, 1937. Children: (1) Lovie Helena; (2) Harold Spragg; (3) John Wade; (4) Forest Hunter; (5) Achsah Maude; (6) Chauncey Brooks; (7) Eva Laveda; and <8> Joseph Coleman.

Lovie Helena Fleming (2-5-1), born March 28, 1869, married Frank H. Shore, son of Simon Shore, October 16, 1890, and died on the 6th of March, 1891.

Harold Spragg Fleming (2-5-2), born April 17, 1871, married Georganna Brown, daughter of William Brown, August 27, 1891, and lives on Field Street, Fairmont. Children: (1) Harold Edwin, died at 7; (2) Douglas Riley; (3) Helen Loretta; (4) Martha Lillian, died in childhood; (5) Paul Wade; and (6) William Franklin.

Douglas Riley Fleming (2-5-2-2), born December 27, 1893, married Serilda Short, daughter of Luther Alien Short. For his second wife he married Dorthea Van Wee. Their home is on Field St., Fairmont. Children: (1) Douglas Riley; (2) Marie Aileen; and (3) Harold Alien.

Helen Loretta Fleming (2-5-2-3), born May 31, 1896, married Mark Rollins, January 7, 1916. For her second husband she married Vincent Runner, Jr., son of Vincent Runner. Their home was in New York City. She died on the 1st of February, 1937. Children: (1) Mark Doug­las Rollins; and (2) Joe Ann Rollins.

Paul Wade Fleming (2-5-2-5), born March 7, 1902, married Josephine Turley, daughter of John H. Turley, May 5, 1923. For his second wife he married Dorthea Jackson, daughter of A. E. Jackson, March 7, 1941. They live at Clarksburg. His only child is Paul Turley.

William Franklin Fleming (2-5-2-6), born December 17, 1906, mar­ried Evelyn Rice, daughter of Ellery Rice, August 30, 1930, and lives on Country Club Road, Fairmont. His only child is Carol Louise.

John Wade Fleming (2-5-3), born September 8, 1873, married Emma Mclntire, daughter of Joseph Mclntire, March 24, 1904, and lived in Fairmont. He died on the 9th of November, 1941. Children: (1) infant, died in infancy; and (2) June Wade.

Forest Hunter Fleming (2-5-4), born November 21, 1875, married Oriole Ora Fortney, daughter of Jacob L. Fortney, September 14, 1905, and lives in Fairmont. His only child is Mary Fairfax.

Mary Fairfax Fleming (2-5-4-1), born April 12, 1909, married Herford Gray Currey, son of Carroll Currey, December 22, 1935, and lives in Fairmont. Children: (1) Philip Gray; and (2) Judith Lynn.

Achsah Maude Fleming (2-5-5), born April 6, 1877, married Archi­bald Fleming, son of Harrison Fleming, October 19, 1898, and lived in

page 108

Fairmont. She died on the 24th of September, 1938; her husband, on the 14th of April, 1939. Their only child is Joseph Archibald.

Joseph Archibald Fleming (2-5-5-1), born February 4, 1900, married Irene Stanhagen, daughter of W. E. Stanhagen, March 17, 1922, and lives in Fairmont. His only child is Joseph Robert.


(This is Joseph Robert Fleming, born April 2, 1931. who seems to be the only one in the family able to show descent from five of the grandchildren and from three of the children of William Fleming.)

Chauncey Brooks Fleming (2-5-6), born February 17, 1880, married Isabel Burton, daughter of Daniel E. Burton, June 8, 1901, and lives in Fairmont. His wife died on the 31st of October, 1940. Children: (1) Edwin Forest; (2) Laveda Madeline; (3) Lillian Pleasant; and (4) Robert Burton.

Edwin Forest Fleming (2-5-6-1), born June 23, 1902, married Irene Morgan, daughter of Arthur V. Morgan, December 31, 1937, and lives at 220 First St., Weston, West Virginia. No children.

Laveda Madeline Fleming (2-5-6-2), born June 2, 1904, married Vic­tor Wyatt Brandon, son of C. W. Brandon, February 20, 1925, and lives on 9th St., Fairmont. Children: (1) Isabella; and (2) Robert.

Lillian Pleasant Fleming (2-5-6-3), born September 22, 1911, mar­ried Robert Sloan, son of Matthew Sloan, July 9, 1929, and lives at Winchester, Indiana. Children: (1) Betty Jean; (2) Robert; (3) Mary Ellen; and (4) Dovie Lee.

Robert Burton Fleming (2-5-6-4) married Evaline Valentine, daugh­ter of Jeremiah Valentine, and lives on Country Club Road, Fairmont. Children: (1) Robert Brooks; and (2) Joyce Ann.

Eva Laveda Fleming (2-5-7), born June 3, 1881, married Emery

page 109

Jackson Snyder, son of Henry Jackson Snyder, June 20, 1902. For her second husband she married Isaac Richards in 1938. Their home is in Fairmont. No children.

Joseph Coleman Fleming (2-5-8), born August 9, 1884, married Florence Belle Eddy, daughter of J. Clark Eddy, January 8, 1916, and lives in Fairmont. Children: (1) Elizabeth Pleasant; (2) Virginia Alice; (3) Bonnie Laveda; and (4) Josephine Maude.

Elizabeth Pleasant Fleming (2-5-8-1), born March 2, 1917, married Stanley A. McElroy, son of Everett McElroy, November 27, 1937.

Edgar Wilson Fleming (2-6), born May 6, 1837, married Mary E. Thomas, daughter of Elisha Thomas, November 17, 1858, and lived near Fairmont. He died on the 4th of November, 1900; his wife, on the 1st of July, 1893. Children: (1) Clara Olive; (2) Adney May; (3) James Wilbur; (4) Icie Dora; (5) Mary Jeannette; (6) John Stephenson; (7) Idella Virginia; <8> Carrie Emma; and (9) Charles Edgar.

Clara Olive Fleming (2-6-1), born October 16, 1859, married Edward V. Vincent, son of Edward Vincent, January 20, 1887, and lived near Fairmont. She died on the 7th of November, 1909. Children: (1) Mabel, died young; (2) Glenn Whalen; and (3) Grace May.

Adney May Fleming (2-6-2), born March 9, 1862, married Samuel J. Williams, son of Henry L. Williams, May 22, 1890, and lives at 607 Palatine Ave., Fairmont. Children: (1) Louis Edgar; (2) Stella; (3) Delia; (4) Lenora; and (5) Georgia.

Louis Edgar Williams (2-6-2-1), born April 28, 1892, married Maude Tustin, daughter of Abijah Tustin, January 20, 1918, and lives at South Heights, Pennsylvania. Children: (1) Harold; (2) Billie; and (3) Ruth.

Stella Williams (2-6-2-2), born January 14, 1894, married Thomas Graves, son of William Graves, June 4, 1918, and lives at Colfax, West Virginia. Children: (1) Adna; (2) Josephine; (3) Thomas; and (4) Walter.

Delia Williams (2-6-2-3), born January 31, 1896, married Raymond Malone, son of James Malone, November 30, 1922, and lives at Booth, West Virginia. Children: (1) Russell; and (2) Betty.

Lenora Williams (2-6-2-4), born October 10, 1897, married Okey Chapman, December 22, 1926, and lives near Fairmont on rural route No. 3. Children: (1) Kenneth; (2) Paul; and (3) Dencil.

Georgia Williams (2-6-2-5), born November 11, 1899, married Ephriam Hayhurst, son of James Hayhurst, April 22, 1922, and lives at Fairmont. Children: (1) Helen; and (2) Betty.

James Wilbur Fleming (2-6-3), born August 20, 1864, married Ivy Hayhurst, daughter of William H. Hayhurst, October 11, 1910, and lives near Fairmont on rural route No. 6. Children: (1) Mary Marguerite; (2) Edgar William; and (3) Gail.

Edgar William Fleming (2-6-3-2) married Mary Elizabeth Smith, October 20, 1934.


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