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Conaway, Henry D. Biography

Corp. Henry D. Conaway – Son of William and Sophia (Conaway) Conaway, the former deceased, but the latter still living (1894), was born in Marian county, Va., Aug. 19, 1844, and settled in Belmont county, O., in 1888, having previously married Oct. 28, 1874, in Marian county, Va., Margaret Wallace, born in the same county as her husband Dec. 4, 1848, of parents, James and Mary (Tygart) Wallace, deceased. Their children are Paul, McCoy, Mary T., and Jessie S., dec. Comrade Conaway was employed as a farmer and was 18 years old when he enlisted Aug. 19, 1862, as a private in Co. F, 12th W. Va. Inf., 2d Brig., 2d Div., 24th A. C., and was promoted to Corp. in 1864. He fought at Winchester, New market, Piedmont, Lynchburg, Lynchburg Campaign, Hatcher’s Run, Petersburg, Lee’s surrender at Appomattox C. H., and several skirmishes, and was honorably discharged at Wheeling, W. Va., in 1865, at the close of the war. Ezra Wallace, a brother of his wife, served in a W. Va. Inf. and is deceased. Comrade Conaway is Chap. of Lupton Post, No. 525, receives a pension of $17 a month and is engaged in farming at Hunter, O., which is his address. [My notes: Sophia’s maiden name was Evans, not Conaway. Marian county is spelled Marion and today lies in WV. Henry’s grandfather was Jeremiah Conaway and grandmother Mary Brown Conaway]

Presidents, Soldiers, Statesmen, 1892 by H. H. Hardesty was a series of books sold to subscribers in different geographic areas. The basis was a group of national biographies and then they sold subscribers the right to publish a personal biography in each volume, so there are many iterations of this book. These were called soldiers editions as they sold the bio space to civil war veterans and their families. This is for Belmont County, Ohio.


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