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West Virginia’s Big John Conaway Biography

Today, I’m giving a short synopsis of the story of Big John Conaway. My plan is that  following installments will cover his sons and daughters and their lines. John, through his son Edmund, and Edmund’s daughter Eliza, who married my great grandfather are my link to the fascinating history of West Virginia. Eventually I’ll get to other lines, like my Elledge surname, and the Flemings but let me build up some Conaway data first. Do you have a particular family line that fascinates you a lot for no real reason you can put your finger on? The Conaways are that line for me, so hoping I don’t raise the ire of other ancestors (please don’t hide behind those brickwalls, grandfolk) I’m starting this journey with Big John.

The Biography


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Deed “Big John” Conaway to Asberry Roberts West Virginia

Asberry Roberts sold some land to John Conaway – Deed Book 3 Page 124 Marion County Courthouse (also available on microfilm from the LDS Library). In November of 1847 Big john acquired a tract on the Warrior Fork of Buffalo Creek from Asberry Roberts for ten bucks. It’s ubnbleievable to me sometimes how cheap land was then.

See the entire deed here


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