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Poetry and memoirs

My collection of poetry – written over many years, some isn’t bad,  some is horrible. All of it reflects my feelings and emotions and observations at one point or other during my life. Rather than posting it  – since the genealogy draws 95% of this blog’s visitors I decided to move it to a set of pages of its own and use posts to notify of updates to the pages and genealogy – family history topics.  That makes it easier to ignore if you’re here for genealogy reasons (and you’re very welcome to skip it by – I would if I was searching for genealogy).  And, it gives me a place to store them where my kids and grandkids can access them should they choose to and to place purely personal reminiscences, too – things they may be interested in someday but most of you probably aren’t.

Love Poems


Art in Forms Of Each Other

Bottomless Heart


Cedar Lake

A Boy Fishing


Body Language


Book Browse

Jesus Was a Carpenter


Common Man


Bottomless Heart


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