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Chapter 3 Andrew Fleming, Son of Mary and Matthew, part 1

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ANDREW FLEMING was born in Kent County, Delaware, October 24, 1765. He married Jane Fleming, daughter of Nathan Fleming. She was born on the 24th of September, 1778. They were married about 1794.

On the 9th day of January, 1798, he bought of Henry Barns 125 acres of land for $100.00. This was a part of the tract that was patented to John Bell on the 10th day of May, 1796. In his deed the land is described as the part “that John Fleming now lives on.” It adjoined the farms of Nathan Fleming, Benjamin Veach, and John Wilson. Bell’s Run probably took its name from the man who got this land from the state.

On the 15th of September, 1815, Nathan Fleming gave him 57 acres, extending along the West Fork River for 150 poles.

Later, on the 9th day of August, 1828, he bought 12 acres more from John W. Kelley[1]. This tract adjoined the heirs of Thomas Fleming, Matthew Fleming, and his other land.

He gave to his son Reuben 39½ acres on Bell’s Run on the 8th of August, 1829; and to his son Alexander the same number of acres on Ice’s Run.

He conveyed to Joseph Vandervort[2] 58 Va acres in 1830, which probably represented the balance of the Bell tract.

On the 27th of July, 1831, which was the day before his death, he made a deed to Andrew J. Fleming for his farm in Harrison County, which he received from Nathan Fleming.

He died on the 28th of July, 1831; his wife, on the 11th of October, 1855. Both lie in the cemetery at Fleming Memorial Chapel.

Children: (1) Samuel; (2) Alexander; (3) Reuben; (4) Elizabeth, died in child­hood; (5) Anna; (6) Nathan; (7) Mariah; <8> Mary; (9) Jane; and (10) Andrew Jackson.

1 SAMUEL FLEMING was born on the 25th of October, 1795, in Monongalia County, Virginia. He married Mary Fleming, daughter of Boaz Fleming, January 27, 1820. She was born on the 1st day of April, 1791. They lived in Monongalia County till about 1830, when they went with others of the Flemings to Henry County, Indiana. He died on the 1st of April, 1884; his wife, on the 30th of September, 1856.

Children: (1) David; (2) Sarah Ann; (3) Eugene; and (4) Nathan Riley.

David Fleming (1-1[3]), born February 12, 1821, married Elizabeth Caylor, daughter of Joseph Caylor, January 31, 1845. His first wife died on the 7th of June, 1859; and he afterwards, January 1, 1860,

[1] John W. Kelley was a cousin by marriage.

[2] Vandervort was another relative by marriage

[3] these numbers indicate identity by generation plus 2 ; 1-1 means the first son of the first child of the third generation

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married Frances Caylor, daughter of Noah Caylor. His home was near Paoli, Indiana. He died on the 5th of February, 1882; his last wife, on the 26th of February, 1930. Children: (1) William Riley; (2) Joseph Perry, died single; (3 and 4) Hannah Retta and Mary Jane, both died single; (5) Charles Eugenus, died young; (6) Edward Hamilton; (7) Ida May; <8> Sarah Ann; (9) Francis Marion; (10) Lillie Belle, died young; (l1) Rosa Alice; (12) Dora Maude; and (13) Harley Lee.

William Riley Fleming (1-1-1), born June 14, 1851, married Alice A. Caylor, daughter of Henry Caylor, March 20, 1873, and lived five miles south of Paoli till his death on the 7th of February, 1911. Children: (1) Evelyn; (2) John; (3) Farry May; (4) David Henry; (5) Milton Eugene, died single; (6) Mary Magdalene; (7) Charles Thomas; <8> Kathryn; and (9) Edward Lee.

Evelyn Fleming (1-1-1-1), born February 25, 1874, married Clinton Ridgway, son of Solomon Ridgway, February 6, 1900, and lives at 115 N. Porter Street, Saginaw, Michigan. Children: (1) Ruby Madge; (2) Sarah Genevieve; and (3) Helen Cathleen.

Ruby Madge Ridgway* (1-1-1-1-1), born December 5, 1900, married J. R, Camp, son of Levi Camp, December 21, 1928. No children.

Sarah Genevieve Ridgway (1-1-1-1-2), born April 3, 1905, married Charles Collison, son of Charles Collison, November 28, 1928, lives at Saginaw, Michigan, and has one child, Charles Duane.

John Fleming (1-1-1-2), born August 30, 1875, married Ida Hammond, January 12, 1898, and lives at 2312 New York Street, Indianapolis, Indiana. Children: (1) Dallas; and (2) Golda.

Dallas Fleming (1-1-1-2-1), born October 10, 1899, married Dorothy Wenniberg, April 25, 1930, and lives in Indianapolis.

Golda Fleming (1-1-1-2-2), born June 18, 1904, married Francis Tapp, January 12, 1926, lives at 1462 N. Euclid Avenue, Indianapolis, and has one child, Billie Ray.

Farry May Fleming (1-1-1-3), born December 27, 1877, married Charles N. Jones, son of James Jones, January 22, 1899, and lives at Paoli. Her only child is Kenneth Verne.

Kenneth Verne Jones (1-1-1-3-1), born February 3, 1900, is a graduate of Indiana University and was principal of the Columbia School in Rochester, Indiana, in 1930. He married Edna L. Hawkins, daughter of Tucker Hawkins, October 24, 1921. No children.

David Henry Fleming (1-1-1-4), born October 2, 1879, married Delia Smith, daughter of John Smith, January 12, 1902, and lives at Paoli. Children: (1) Clifford; and (2) Ralph.

* She is the first child of the first child for five generations. Others in the same class are: Evelyn Schrock (Chap. VII), Oren Lattimer (Chap. XIX), and Elinor Runnings (Chap. XXXV). Denzil H. Basnett (Chap. XIX) has six to his credit.

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Clifford Fleming (1-1-1-4-1), born November 2, 1902, married Loma Mason, daughter of Simon Mason, November 25, 1925, and lives at New Albany, Indiana. His only child is Patsy Sue.

Ralph Fleming (1-1-1-4-2), born September 3, 1909, married Ruth Sinclair, daughter of Desco Sinclair, December 24, 1926, lives near Paoli, and has one child, Mary Rose.

Mary Magdalene Fleming (1-1-1-6), born September 24, 1882, married Edwin E. Trimble, son of Joseph Trimble, April 12, 1900, and lives at Paoli. Children: (1) Faye Opal; (2) Carl Milburn; (3) Joseph Merrill; and (4) Edward Fleming.

Faye Opal Trimble (1-1-1-6-1), born October 27, 1900, married Harry Bell, son of Andrew Bell, December 24, 1922, and has been for years a successful teacher in Orange County, Indiana. No children.

Carl Milburn Trimble (1-1-1-6-2), born December 5, 1904, married May McCoy, daughter of James A. McCoy, November 12, 1927, and lives at Paoli.

Charles Thomas Fleming (1-1-1-7), born April 14, 1886, married Agnes V. Hammond, daughter of Richard Hammond, October 10, 1912. He served in Company L, 19th U. S. Infantry from 1908 till 1911 and while in the service visited California, China, and the Philippines. Their home is at Paoli. Children: (1) Geneva Berenice; (2) Evelyn Feme; (3) Alice Rose; (4) Hilda Jane; (5) Bobby Lee; and (6) Billy Gene.

Kathryn Fleming (1-1-1-8), born September 24, 1889, married Emery Hill, son of Bedford Hill, August 8, 1914, and lived in Paoli till her death on the 12th day of May, 1926. Children: (1) Neva Jewel, de­ceased; (2) Noel Leroy; (3) Robert Lowell; and (4) Russell.

Edward Lee Fleming (1-1-1-9), born July 1, 1892, married Nellie Daugherty, daughter of Leander Daugherty, March 12, 1916, and lives near Paoli. Children: (1) Leon; (2) Kenneth; (3) Franklin; and (4) Frederick.

Edward Hamilton Fleming (1-1-6), born September 21, 1862, married Sarah Victoria Carson, daughter of Alexander Carson, September 6, 1885, and lived at Noblesville, Indiana, till his death on the 25th day of August, 1922. His wife died on the 8th day of April, 1925. Children: (1) Everett Earl; and (2) Flossie Lillian.

Everett Earl Fleming (1-1-6-1), born June 18, 1886, married Bessie lone Helmer, daughter of Joseph Helmer, August 16, 1919, lives at Tippecanoe City, Ohio, and has no children.

Flossie Lillian Fleming (1-1-6-2), born October 15, 1887, married Frank Sapper,

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son of Henry Sapper, May 16, 1909, and lives at Noblesville, Indiana, where she is city clerk. Her husband died on the 12th day of January, 1924. Children: (1) Edward Earl, deceased; and (2) Harrell Fleming.

Ida May Fleming (1-1-7), born January 10, 1864, married Charles A. Eudaly, son of John Eudaly, February 4, 1882, and lives at Sheridan, Indiana. Children: (1) Clyde Raymond; (2) William Edward; (3) Harry Gordon, died in infancy; (4) Rufus Albert; (5) Phoebe Vey; (6) Maude Marie; (7) Paul David; and <8> Frances Marian.

Clyde Raymond Eudaly (1-1-7-1), born November 4, 1883, married Bessie Maude Way, daughter of Mirk Way, November 1, 1910, and lives, at Cicero, Indiana. Children: (1) Helen Maxine; (2) Ruth Venna; (3) Charles Richard; (4) John Robert; (5) Mary Kathleen; (6) Rebecca Jane; and (7) James Edward.

William Edward Eudaly (1-1-7-2), born November 27, 1884, married Nellie Plen, daughter of Henry Plen, June 4, 1918, and lived in Sheridan, Indiana, till his death on the 22nd day of June, 1925. Children: (1) Eleanor Ann; and (2) Edwilda.

Rufus Albert Eudaly (1-1-7-4), born September 2, 1888, married Golda Gale Hamblen, daughter of Russell Hamblen, April 15, 1922, and lives at Shelbyville, Indiana. No children.

Phoebe Vey Eudaly (1-1-7-5), born December 25, 1891, married John T. Joyce, son of Michael Joyce, October 23, 1917, and lives at Monrovia, California. Children: (1) Clyde Thomas; (2) John; and (3) Richard.

Maude Marie Eudaly (1-1-7-6), born April 3, 1896, married Matt Dinning, son of Robert W. Dinning, October 7, 1927, lives at Glendale, California, and has no children.

Paul David Eudaly (1-1-7-7), born July 26, 1898, married Dorothy Keller, daughter of John Keller, December 24, 1918, and lives at Carmel, Indiana. Children: (1) Charles John; (2) Donald Edward; and (3) Dorothy May.

Frances Marian Eudaly (1-1-7-8), born May 14, 1903, married Harry M. Quillin, son of Thomas A. Quillin, November 8, 1926, lives at Sheri­dan, Indiana, and has one child, Marian Lee.

Sarah Ann Fleming (1-1-8), born November 9, 1866, married Elbert Morton Branson, son of Levin Hill Branson, February 10, 1889, and lived near Sheridan, Indiana, on rural route No. 3. She died on the 7th day of October, 1930. Children: (1) Mabel Fern; (2) Lelia Eunice; and (3) Vere Maxwell.

Mabel Fern Branson (1-1-8-1), born December 29, 1889, is a graduate of Ball’s Teachers College and is a public school teacher.

Lelia Eunice Branson (1-1-8-2), born November 5, 1891, is a graduate of Sanderson Business School of Indianapolis and is a bookkeeper and stenographer.

Vere Maxwell Branson (1-1-8-3), born September 23, 1897, is a

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graduate of the Sweeny Auto Mechanic’s School of Kansas City and is a teacher of auto mechanics in the Gerstmyer Technical High School of Terre Haute, Indiana. During the World War he served overseas with the 345th Field Artillery, 90th Division. He married Helen Vivian Cole, daughter of Robert Lee Cole, September 24, 1921, and lives at 2440 South 7th St., Terre Haute, Indiana. Children: (1) Robert Morton; and (2) Ralph Eugene.

Francis Marion Fleming (1-1-9), born April 28, 1868, married Cora Edith Anderson, daughter of Orville M. Anderson, lives near Noblesville, Indiana, on rural route No. 2, and has no children.

Rosa Alice Fleming (1-1-11), born September 29, 1872, married Ora Van Winkle, son of James W. Van Winkle, in 1890, and lived at Summitville, Indiana, till her death on the 14th of April, 1901. Children: (1) Vivian Elizabeth; (2) James David; and (3) Louise.

Vivian Elizabeth Van Winkle (1-1-11-1), born October 18, 1892, mar­ried Dr. Robert Masters, son of John Masters, and lives at 42 E. 46th St., Indianapolis, Marion Co, In. Children: (1) John; and (2) Barbara.

James David Van Winkle (1-1-11-2), born August 31, 1894, married Anna Archambault, daughter of William H. Archambault, September 19, 1918, and lives at 1195 Corbett St., Detroit, Michigan. No children.

Louise Van Winkle (1-1-11-3), born February 3, 1899, married Fred McDonald, son of William McDonald, and lives at 1013 W. Washington St., Muncie, Indiana. Children: (1) Richard; (2) Betty; and (3) Thomas.

Dora Maude Fleming (1-1-12), born December 9, 1874, married Fred Vail, son of John Vail, in 1896, and lived in Hamilton County, Indiana, till her death on the 10th of December, 1904. Children: (1) Frances Elizabeth; and (2) Dora Maude.

Frances Elizabeth Vail (1-1-12-1), born August 26, 1898, married Ernest Wise, son of Levi Wise, October 6, 1920, and lives at 1916 Jefferson St., Anderson, Indiana. Children: (1) Mary Edna; and (2) Warren Levi.

Dora Maude Vail (1-1-12-2), born December 4, 1904, married Earl Blackburn, son of Edward Blackburn, May 7, 1927, and lived in Ander­son, Indiana, till her death on the 26th day of April, 1928. No children.

Harley Lee Fleming (1-1-13), born October 19, 1876, married Vallie Pearl Burneau, daughter of Winfleld Burneau, August 21, 1904, and lives near Noblesville on rural route No. 2. Children: (1) Russell Lee; (2) Opal Burneau; (3) Maxine Mardell; and (4) Betty Jean, deceased.

Russell Lee Fleming (1-1-13-1), born July 25, 1906, is single and lives at Noblesville.

Opal Burneau Fleming (1-1-13-2), born November 7, 1908, married George H. Cottrell, son of Thomas H. Cottrell, April 28, 1929, and lives at 122 Johnson Ave., Indianapolis. No children.

Sarah Ann Fleming (1-2), born May 20, 1825, married Samuel Ocker, November 11, 1847, and lived at Springport, Henry Co, Indiana. She died on the 18th day of February, 1910. Children: (1) Josina Elizabeth; (2) Mary

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Marinda; (3) Sarah Amina; (4) David Jefferson; (5) William Riley; (6) George Harvey; and (7) Eugenus Lee.

Josina Elizabeth Ocker (1-2-1), born March 1, 1850, married Anthony Kelly, son of Aaron Kelly, November 13, 1872, and lived at Noblesville, Indiana, till her death on the 1st day of April, 1924. Her husband was still living in 1930 at Noblesville. Children: (1) Charles Ernest; (2) Aaron Monroe; (3) Bertha Sarah Ann; (4) Josie Amina; (5) Delilah Alice; (6) Grace Edith; (7) Stephen Grover Cleveland; <8> Ocie Ione; and (9) Elsie Susanna.

Charles Ernest Kelly (1-2-1-1), born January 17, 1874, married Mary Parnell, daughter of Henry Parnell, January 27, 1901, and lives at Noblesville. His wife died on the 13th day of August, 1929. His only child is Josina May.

Josina May Kelly (1-2-1-1-1), born May 6, 1902, married Floyd Gullage, son of Henry Gullage, January 27, 1929, and lives at Clothier, Logan Co, West Virginia.

Aaron Monroe Kelly (1-2-1-2), born October 27, 1875, married Rosa Teeter, daughter of James Teeter, December 30, 1900, and lives at Noblesville. Children: (1) Oren Monroe; and (2) Anthony Raymond.

Oren Monroe Kelly (1-2-1-2-1), born September 22, 1901, married Murl Leona Shaul, daughter of Winfield Shaul, June 10, 1927, and lives at Noblesville. No children.

Anthony Raymond Kelly (1-2-1-2-2), born February 24, 1905, married Wilma Evelyn Fariss, daughter of Walter Fariss, March 19, 1925, and lives at 2329 Commonwealth Ave., Chicago, Cook Co, Illinois. No children.

Bertha Sarah Ann Kelly (1-2-1-3), born August 11, 1877, married Elmer Harrell, son of Payton Harrell, June 27, 1900, and lives at Traverse City, Grand Traverse Co, Michigan. Children: (1) Aaron Calvin; (2) Letha Gazelle; (3) Bertha Opal; and (4) Josina Frances.

Aaron Calvin Harrell (1-2-1-3-1), born May 23, 1901, married Marian Eleanor Nevins, daughter of Frank Nevins, October 2, 1926, lives at Muskegon, Muskegon Co, Michigan, and has one child, Selma Patricia.

Bertha Opal Harrell (1-2-1-3-3), born August 11, 1907, married Ernest C. Weiselberg, son of Herman Weiselberg, March 31, 1928, lives at Traverse City, Grand Traverse Co, Michigan, and has one child, Pauline Phyllis.

Josie Amina Kelly (1-2-1-4), born February 5, 1879, married Ollie Stage, son of Frank Stage, March 7, 1900, and lives at Strawtown, Hamilton Co, Indiana. Children: (1) Roy Anthony; (2) Worth Arnold; and (3) Grover Kelly, deceased.

Worth Arnold Stage (1-2-1-4-2), born August 31, 1908, married Helen Dresher, daughter of E. M. Dresher, April 27, 1929, and lives at Strawtown, Hamilton Co, Indiana.

Delilah Alice Kelly (1-2-1-5), born October 29, 1880, married Joseph Lehr, son of Henry Lehr, February 21, 1900, and lived at Noblesville

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till her death on the 25th day of April, 1924. Children: (1) Flossie Marinda; (2) Hassel Ione; and (3) Joseph Henry.

Flossie Marinda Lehr (1-2-1-5-1), born December 16, 1900, married Herman Retherford, son of Joseph Retherford, August 4, 1923, lives at Anderson, Indiana, and has one child, Martha Jeanne.

Hassel Ione Lehr (1-2-1-5-2), born November 3, 1902, married Harry Sheets, son of Charles Sheets, August 25, 1929, lives at Anderson, In­diana, and has no children.

Grace Edith Kelly (1-2-1-6), born October 18, 1882, married William Berg, son of Henry Berg, August 16, 1905, and lives at Onalaska, Lewis Co, Wash­ington. Children: (1) Myron Alden; (2) Alberta Louisa; (3) Autumn Marie; (4) Roger Hilmar; (5) Harriet Alice; and (6) Malcolm Eugene.

Stephen Grover Cleveland Kelly (1-2-1-7), born March 24, 1884, married Pearl Plummer, daughter of George Plummer, October 28, 1908, and lives at Elwood, Madison Co, Indiana. No children.

Ocie Ione Kelly (1-2-1-8), born June 22, 1886, married Edgar Heiny, son of Samuel Heiny, January 1, 1922, and lives at Brookhaven, Lincoln Co, Missis­sippi. No children.

Elsie Susanna Kelly (1-2-1-9), born June 6, 1890, married Charles Morris, son of James Morris, March 15, 1911, and lives at Noblesville, Indiana. Children: (1) Max Kelly; and (2) Vey Ione.

Mary Miranda Ocker (1-2-2), born January 18, 1851, married John M. Hale, August 30, 1872, and lived at Springfield, LaPorte Co, Indiana. She died on the 1st of June, 1877. Her husband was still living in 1931 at Greens­boro, Indiana. Children: (1) Odessa; and (2) Lora.

Odessa Hale (1-2-2-1) married Sanford Conn and was living on Broad Street in Newcastle, Henry Co, Indiana, in 1931.

Lora Hale (1-2-2-2) married Joseph Yost and was living in 1931 at Greensboro, Henry Co, Indiana.

Sarah Amina Ocker (1-2-3), born April 25, 1853, married Stephen A. D. Kelly, son of Aaron Kelly, September 6, 1880, and was living at Noblesville, Indiana, in 1931. Children: (1) Anthony Carl; (2) Delilah May; (3) Mary Ethel; and (4) Easter Alta.

Anthony Carl Kelly (1-2-3-1), born December 13, 1881, married Edith Keiser, daughter of Frank H. Keiser, May 10, 1905, and lives at 3355 Graceland Ave., Indianapolis. Children: (1) Martha Louise; (2) Robert Douglass; (3) Elizabeth Josephine; and (4) Alice Gertrude.

Delilah May Kelly (1-2-3-2), born October 8, 1883, married Elmer Stage, son of James F. Stage, February 15, 1911, lives at Noblesville, Indiana, and has no children.

Mary Ethel Kelly (1-2-3-3), born May 8, 1885, married Omer Arm­strong, son of Oliver Armstrong, January 30, 1907, and lives near Noblesville on rural route No. 3. Children: (1) Mildred Irene; (2) James Oliver; (3) Loren Kelly; and (4) Robert Lee.

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Easter Alta Kelly (1-2-3-4), born April 10, 1887, married Frank A. Russell, son of Elbert Russell, August 10, 1910, lives at 737 West St., Anderson, Indiana, and has one child, Frances Opal.

David Jefferson Ocker (1-2-4), born March 30, 1856, married Rhoda Fadely, daughter of John Fadely, February 12, 1880, and lives at Cam­bridge City, Wayne Co, Indiana. Children: (1) Letha Estella; (2) Clancie E.; and (3) Earna Wilburn.

William Riley Ocker (1-2-5), born August 25, 1862, died single on the 25th day of March, 1883.

George Harvey Ocker (1-2-6), born July 16, 1865, married Harriet Bickel, daughter of Daniel Bickel, April 17, 1913, lives at Springport, Henry Co, Indiana, and has no children.

Eugenus Lee Ocker (1-2-7), born February 12, 1868, married Laura Cummins, daughter of Charles Cummins, July 6, 1892, and lives at Springport, Henry Co, Indiana. Children: (1) Cuba Lee; (2) Nannie Pauline, deceased; (3) Lionel William; (4) Pearl Mateas; and (5) Ethel May.

Cuba Lee Ocker (1-2-7-1), born February 1, 1893, married Veo Calvin Abshire, son of James Abshire, January 22, 1916, and lives at Middletown, Henry Co, Indiana. Children: (1) Dolores May; and (2) Lionel Ulysses.

Lionel William Ocker (1-2-7-3), born December 20, 1898, married Cleo Moore, daughter of Albert Moore, January 3, 1920, lives at Middletown, and has no children.

Pearl Mateas Ocker, (1-2-7-4). born March 16, 1900, married Harry Lovella Gibson, son of George Gibson, June 27, 1925, and lives at 322 East State St., Fort Wayne, Allen Co, Indiana. Children: (1) George Lee; and (2) Juanita Mae.

Ethel May Ocker (1-2-7-5), born January 14, 1908, married Ovid Ray Lewis, son of Walter Lewis, September 8, 1928, lives at Springport, Henry Co, Indiana, and has two children: (1) Priscilla Dean; and (2) Wilma Lee.

Eugene Fleming (1-3), born September 23, 1827, joined the gold rush to California when he was a young man and trace of him has been lost.

Nathan Riley Fleming (1-4), born May 25, 1831, married Catharine Harry, daughter of Jeremiah Harry, November 15, 1860.

Jeremiah Harry was born in Maryland. He married Lean Laughman, a daughter of Judge Christian Laughman, and went with the Laughman family to the wilds of Indiana in 1841, locating at the town now called Marion, then but a small hamlet in Grant County. His home was on the lot at the corner of Boots Street and Seventh Street, where six generations of his family have lived. He was a printer and the first newspaper published in Grant County, called the Democrat-Herald, was started by him. There were four children in his family: Catharine; Cordelia, who married David Sanders; Edwin, who married Ella Mather, daughter of the pioneer merchant, H. A. Mather; and Mary, who never married.

Nathan Riley Fleming lived in Kansas till his death on the 19th of

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October, 1867. His widow remarried and lived till 1922. Children: (1) Edwina; and (2) George Harry.

Edwina Fleming (1-4-1), born December 30, 1862, married Thaddeus Butler, son of John Butler, December 1, 1881, and was living in 1931 at 7304 Nebraska Ave., Tampa, Hilsborough Co, Florida. Children: (1) Harry Thaddeus, deceased; (2) Katherine Bernice; and (3) John Edwin.

Katherine Bernice Butler (1-4-1-2), born July 9, 1885, is a graduate of Tudor Hall[1], Indianapolis. She married Earl Newhouse, son of Rev. S. S. Newhouse, March 12, 1908. He died on the 12th of September, 1923; and she afterwards, February 5, 1927, married Charles H. Clewes, son of John L. Clewes, and lives at 172 Richardson Place, Tampa, Hillsborough Co, Fl. No children.

John Edwin Butler (1-4-1-3), born December 19, 1890, married Clarice Hawkins, daughter of Clarence Hawkins, July 8, 1913, and lives at the old homestead on the corner of Boots Street and Seventh Street in Marion, Grant Co, In. He attended Indiana University. Children: (1) John Robert; (2) Mary Virginia; (3) Edwin Richard; and (4) Barbara Bernice.

George Harry Fleming (1-4-2), born April 16, 1865, married Sarah Carl. He died on the 9th of December, 1924. His only child was Carl Harry.

Carl Harry Fleming (1-4-2-1) married Ethel Burns and after her death Rose Laison, and was living in St. Joseph, Missouri, in 1931. Children: (1) Ruth; (2) Carl Laison; (3) Betty Lou; and (4) George Harry.

2 ALEXANDER FLEMING was born on the 28th of June, 1797. He married Jane Hayes, daughter of Henry Hayes, December 7, 1822, and lived at Fairmont. He died on the 25th of April, 1881; his wife, on the 31st of May, 1889. No children.

3 REUBEN FLEMING was born on the 24th day of March, 1799. He married Susan Hayes, daughter of Henry Hayes, June 12, 1826, and lived near Fairmont. He died on the 18th day of February, 1886; his wife, on the 18th of November, 1891. Children: (1) Amanda Melvina; (2) Jane; (3) Minerva; and (4) Julina.

Amanda Melvina Fleming (3-1), married Francis Warren Billingslea, son of Samuel Billingslea[2], June 5, 1845, and lived near Fairmont.

Francis Warren Billingslea was born on Scott’s Run in Monongalia County, March 25, 1819. His father afterwards moved to Paw Paw Creek in what is now Marion County, where he died in 1852 at the age of 80 years. Francis Warren Billingslea was one of the early Republicans of West Virginia and was a loyal supporter of the Union cause during the Civil War. He was offered many offices by his party but refused them all. He died on the 30th day of October, 1889. Children: (1) Ellis

[1] The Reverend James Cunning Smith and Miss Fredonia Allen founded Tudor Hall School for Girls in 1902 so Katherine was one of its earliest pupils. Tudor Hall was founded to provide the kind of education offered by eastern preparatory schools of the era. It operated a country day program and also offered boarding facilities. It was located on Meridian & 16th St and was next door to Park School for Boys. Today, in 2008, the schools have combined to form Park Tudor School, and it has an outstanding national reputation for academic excellence.

[2] A sketch of the Billingslea family is given in the History of Monongalia, Marion, and Taylor Counties, page 86.

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Aretus; (2) Minerva Ellen; (3) Alvah Morton Fleming; and (4) Frank­lin Grant.

Ellis Aretus Billingslea (3-1-1), born February 19, 1847, received his education at Fairmont Academy and at Mount Union College, Ohio. He left college in 1862 to enlist in Company B, 16th Ohio Infantry, then commanded by General A. D. DeCourcey, being soon promoted to first lieutenant. At Murfreesboro he fell into the hands of the Confederates but was recaptured by General Jeff C. Davis’s division and was mustered out of the service as a captain of the scouts. After returning from the army he taught one of the first free schools in Marion County and con­tinued in that profession for four years. Then he embarked in the hard­ware business and followed that until 1876, when he became a traveling salesman for a large mercantile establishment in Baltimore. From 1872 to 1874 he was an assessor of Marion County. In 1883 he was elected Grand Secretary of the Odd Fellows Lodge in West Virginia. Afterwards he engaged in the drug business in Fairmont. He married Alice Zearley, April 25, 1872, and died without children at Smithfield, Fayette Co, Pennsylvania, March 4, 1922. His wife died on the 7th of April, 1923.

Minerva Ellen Billingslea (3-1-2), born September 20, 1851, married Renius S. Clelland, son of James Clelland, January 4, 1872. He died on the first day of August, 1902; and she afterwards married Dr. Harlan Buckingham, who died on the 28th day of December, 1917. She lives at Toledo, Ohio. Children: (1) Olive Myrtle Clelland; and (2) Guy Carlton Clelland.

Olive Myrtle Clelland (3-1-2-1), born May 6, 1873, married Zebulon M. Reese, March 15, 1894. Her husband was postmaster at Watson for about seventeen years. He died on the 4th day of July, 1914. Mrs. Reese lives at 224 Jackson St., Fairmont. Children: (1) Don Lytton; (2) Madge Clelland; and (3) Lena Isabelle.

Don Lytton Reese (3-1-2-1-1), born January 26, 1895, enlisted on the 20th day of March, 1918, in Company C, 60th Railway Engineers, and served in France for eighteen months, being wounded in the battle of St. Mihiel. He married Mary Powell, November 27, 1922, and lives in Wheeling, West Virginia. No children.

Madge Clelland Reese (3-1-2-1-2), born February 26, 1904, married John Franklin Kirby, son of Frank Kirby, November 13, 1926, lives in New York City, and has one child, Barbara Frank.

Lena Isabelle Reese (3-1-2-1-3), born November 27, 1906, married Earl Smith Lilley, son of George Lilley, July 31, 1923, lives in Fairmont, and has one child, Norma Jean.

Guy Carlton Clelland (3-1-2-2), born July 15, 1875, married Jennet Mae Prickett, daughter of John W. Prickett, November 7, 1897, and lives near Fairmont on rural route No. 2. Children: (1) Charles W., deceased; (2) Hugh Vance; (3) Gladys Ruth; and (4) Flora Mae.

Alvah Morton Fleming Billingslea (3-1-3), born August 14, 1854, married Anna Mary Kathmaan, daughter of Joseph Kathmaan, May 12,

page 27

1878, and lived at Toledo, Ohio. Before going to Toledo he had been superintendent for Owen and Whitehurst at Richmond, Virginia, and had charge of Blackburg College [Blackburg became Virginia Tech] for a few years. He died on the 13th of December, 1891. His widow was still living in 1931. Children: (1) Joseph Alvah Warren; (2) Bernice Mary Amanda, died in infancy; (3) Loy Ellis; (4) Estella Mary Amanda, died in infancy; and (5) William John Judson.

Joseph Alvah Warren Billingslea (3-1-3-1), born June 7, 1879, married Lillie A. Roach, daughter of Thomas Roach, June 11, 1903, and lives at 526 W. 174th St., New York City. Children: (1) Marie Anna Ellen; (2) Albert Anthony; (3) Agnes Lillian; (4) Margaret Mary; (5) Bernice Estella; (6) John Joseph; and (7) Francis Henry.

Marie Anna Ellen Billingslea (3-1-3-1-1), born May 13, 1904, was at St. Joseph’s College[1], Emmittsburg, Maryland, in 1931.

Albert Anthony Billingslea (3-1-3-1-2), born December 13, 1905, married Lillian C. Kelly, daughter of Joseph M. Kelly, September 4, 1926, and lives at 803 Avenue C, Brooklyn, New York.

Agnes Lillian Billingslea (3-1-3-1-3), born January 4, 1908, married Aloysius P. Doehler, son of Joseph A. Doehler, January 11, 1929, and lives at 5319 Catalpha Road, Hamilton, Baltimore. Children: (1) Marie Agnes; and (2) Patricia Ann.

Loy Ellis Billingslea (3-1-3-3), born May 16, 1882, married Effie May Rowe, daughter of Henry P. Rowe, November 5, 1919, and lives at 2717 Farragut Road, Brooklyn, New York. Children: (1) Peggy; (2) Katherine; and (3) Jean.

William John Judson Billingslea (3-1-3-5), born August 23, 1886, married Elizabeth Davis, May 10, 1906, and lives at 1302 Harvard Boule­vard, Toledo, Ohio. Children: (1) Edythe Vera; and (2) Frederick Yarnell.

Franklin Grant Billingslea (3-1-4), born May 18, 1860, married Lou Morris, daughter of Elliott Morris, May 30, 1886, and lived at Fairmont. He died on the 9th of January, 1894. His widow now lives at 1732 South Boston St., Tulsa, Oklahoma. His only child is Franklin Ross, who lives in Tulsa.

Jane Fleming (3-2) married James J. Smith, son of John S. Smith, April 12, 1851, and lived near Fairmont. She died on the 5th of May, 1909; her husband, on the 19th of April, 1901. Children: (1) William Leroy; (2) Henrietta; (3) Margaret Emma; (4) John Fleming; (5) Clarence Brown; and (6) Harriet Ellen, died at 17.

William Leroy Smith (3-2-1), born August 3, 1852, married Annie Upton, June 17, 1886, and lived at Fairmont till his death about 1926. His wife died about 1935. Children: (1) Russell; (2) Iva Ethel; (3) Jessie; and (4) Ruby.

Russell Smith (3-2-1-1), born April 30, 1887, married Mabel Powell, daughter of George Powell. For his second wife he married Mrs. Hallie Newhouse. They live in Grafton. No children.

[1] St. Joseph College in Emmittsburg, Md opened in 1809 and closed its doors in June 1973. Mt. St. Mary’s Seminary and College remains.

page 28

Iva Ethel Smith (3-2-1-2), born May 21, 1890, married Charles F. Smith, December 14, 1910, lives at Parkersburg, and has one child, Charles.

Jessie Smith (3-2-1-3) married George Jones and lives at Clarksburg. Children: (1) Junior; and (2) Catharine.

Ruby Smith (3-2-1-4) married Samuel H. Vaughan and lives in Fairmont. Her only child is Samuel H., Jr.

Henrietta Smith (3-2-2), born August 3, 1854, married Lee Roy Davis, son of Richard Davis, October 30, 1879, and lives on Maryland Avenue, Fairmont. Her husband died on the 15th day of March, 1889. Children: (1) Harry; (2) Edward; and (3) Richard.

Harry Davis (3-2-2-1), born November 2, 1880, married Myrtle Yost, daughter of David Yost, April 15, 1912, and lives on Maryland Avenue, Fairmont. No children.

Edward Davis (3-2-2-2), born December 25, 1882, married Maude Jackson, daughter of John Jackson, May 22, 1914, lives on Fairmont Avenue in Fairmont, and has one child, William Edward.

Richard Davis (3-2-2-3), born September 17, 1888, married Anna Giger, daughter of Henry Giger, March 16, 1912, lives on Country Club Road in Fairmont, and has one child, Richard Hugh.

Margaret Emma Smith (3-2-3), born September 17, 1864, married William H. Jones, son of William Jones, May 22, 1884, and lives at 20 Water St., Monongah, West Virginia. Children: (1) Golda Ellen; (2) Joseph Washington; (3) James; (4) Elizabeth; (5) Willa; (6) Clarence, died in infancy; and (7) Ollie.

Golda Ellen Jones (3-2-3-1), born March 28, 1885, married Edward Brown, son of Granville Brown, December 24, 1903, and lives at 1017 McCoy St., Fairmont. Children: (1) Albert; (2) George; (3) Frederick; (4) Harry; (5) James; and (6) Paul.

Joseph Washington Jones (3-2-3-2), born March 19, 1887, married Otie Near, daughter of David Near, December 9, 1909. His first wife died on the 10th day of March, 1916; and he afterwards, August 1, 1916, married Letha Williams, and lives at Grant Town, West Virginia. Chil­dren: (1) Margaret Jane; (2) William Winfield; (3) Betty Lee; (4) Mary Ellen; and (5) Joseph Robert.

James Jones (3-2-3-3), born March 24, 1889, married Edna Powell, daughter of James Powell, October 30, 1907, and lives at Monongah. His only child is Ernest Leo.

Ernest Leo Jones (3-2-3-3-1), born March 17, 1908, married Anna Lucille Snoderly, daughter of John Michael Snoderly, March 26, 1927, lives at Monongah, and has one child, Ernestine Charmaine.

Elizabeth Jones (3-2-3-4), born December 21, 1891, married William J. Lee, son of James Lee, November 28, 1906, and lives in Uniontown, Pennsylvania. Children: (1) Clarence Victor; and (2) William.


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