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Biography of Immigrant Lawrence King from Germany to Knox County Ohio


“We build the ladder by which we rise” is a truth which is certainly applicable to Lawrence King. He is a type of the progressive spirit of the age, a spirit which has given America pre-eminence along its various business lines; and the undaunted enterprise, indomitable perseverance and resolute purpose which have characterized him have been the means of raising him to his present high position.

Mr. King is a native of the far-off country of Germany, his birth having there occurred in Baden, on the 15th of August, 1821. He was reared and educated in his native land until his thirteenth year, when he accompanied his sister Tarecia on the long voyage across the Atlantic to the United States, locating in the state of New York, and for a time after his arrival in this country our subject worked at any honorable occupation which would yield him a living. After two years’ residence in the Empire state he made his way to Ohio, where he found employment on the construction of the road from Rochester to Roscoe, and for a time thereafter he was engaged in agricultural pursuits near the city of Cincinnati. His next place of residence was in Holmes county, this state, where he purchased and improved a farm, but eight years later he sold that place and removed to Harrison township, Knox county, where he was engaged in farming until 1884, the year of his arrival in Howard township. Since his residence in this township he has made his home on one farm, which consists of one hundred and eighteen acres, and in addition he also owns a tract of one hundred acres in Harrison township and one hundred and forty-seven and a half acres in Howard township, the latter being operated by his son. Thus his landed possessions now consist of three hundred and sixty-five acres, and he is regarded as one of the leading and representative farmers of Knox county. In addition to the raising of the cereals best adapted to this soil and climate he has also made a specialty of the breeding of fine horses, in which branch of his business he is meeting with an equally high degree of success. Mr. King has not only worked his own way through life and secured for himself a desirable competence, but he has also purchased a farm in Holmes county, this state, for his sister.

In Holmes county, in 1848, was celebrated the marriage of our subject and Miss Hannah Draper, who is a native daughter of Knox county, born on the 26th of March, 1828. Her parents, Jacob and Mary (Durbin) Draper, natives, respectively, of Pennsylvania and Maryland, came from the former commonwealth to Ohio in a very early day, locating in Union township, having been among the first families to locate there. They were the parents of eight children, of whom Mrs. King was the youngest in order of birth. The father had been previously married, and by the first union there were also born eight children.

The union of Mr. and Mrs. King has been blessed with seven children, all of whom were born in Knox county, namely:

-Mary, the wife of Absalom Buckingham, of Mount Vernon :

-Albert, at home;

-Lillie F., wife of Clem Sapp, a prominent farmer of Howard township;

-Julius, who married Ollie Durbin and is engaged in farming in Harrison township;

-Thomas, who married Agnes Eckenrode and is a stock buyer and shipper in Howard;

-Alice, who is unmarried and makes her home in Columbus; and

-Clem, who married Tina Smithhisler and makes his home at Akron, Ohio. Mr. King is a prominent member of St. Luke’s Catholic church at Danville, and has assisted materially in the erection and maintenance of the church, the edifice having been built at a cost of thirty- two thousand dollars. He also donated two altars for that church, each costing three hundred dollars. In political matters the Democracy receives his hearty support and co-operation, and he is always loyal in his support of all measures calculated to benefit the community or the general public.

pages 301-303

The Biographical Record of Knox County Ohio, Illustrated, Lewis Publ Co, Chicago, 1902

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