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Thomas Condit Miller of Fairmont, WV

Thomas Condit Miller

Thomas Condit Miller

THOMAS CONDIT MILLER, State Superintendent of Free Schools of West Virginia, and editor of the West Virginia School Journal, is one of the leading educators of the State and a man of scholarly attainments as well as of good business capacity. Professor Miller was born at Fairmont, Virginia, now West Virginia, July 19, 1848, and is a son of William E. and Nancy J. Miller, residents of Fairmont, both of whom yet survive.

Our subject received his early educational training in private schools in his vicinity, and under the inspiring teaching of Dr. William R. White, who afterward became the first State Superintendent of Free Schools; but the troubles incident to the Civil War interrupted his schooling, and in the last year of the war, when only 16, he enlisted for service in Company E, 7th Reg., West Virginia Vol. Inf., and served as sergeant until July 10, 1865, when he was honorably discharged. He then resumed his studies and alternated the same with teaching, upon which work he entered in November, 1867. After its organization, Professor Miller became a student at the Fairmont State Normal School, where he continued until 1873, completing the prescribed course under Dr. J. G. Blair, a most helpful instructor, and having spent one year under Prof. J. C. Gilchrist, who had graduated at Antioch College, under Horace Mann.

He also spent a year at Adrian College, Michigan, but was compelled on account of ill health to leave college in the junior year.

Professor Miller held the position of principal of the Fairmont High School for a period of 21 consecutive years, and his devotion to the interests of his home town were much appreciated and became widely known, for many and tempting offers were made him from various parts of the State and from other States. In 1893 he accepted the position of principal of the preparatory department of the State University, and later he was also appointed to fill the chair of pedagogy in the same institution, his active interest in teaching showing him the need of instruction to students in this important branch. Until chosen to his present position, in 1900, he most efficiently discharged the duties of both positions. He is popular as an institute lecturer and has probably addressed as many educational gatherings of this kind as any one in the State. He has also visited Maryland, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Ohio and Kentucky in this capacity.

For the second time in the history of the State, the Fairmont State Normal School has one of its alumni as State Superintendent, Hon. B. L. Butcher sharing this honor with Professor Miller, both being most highly valued members of that body.

Professor Miller is a member of Meade Post. No. 6, Grand Army of the Republic, and has served as assistant adjutant general and assistant quartermaster general of the Department of West Virginia for several years. It was mainly through his efforts that the monuments now standing in honor of the fallen heroes of this State, at the battle of Gettysburg, were erected. In church work he has also been prominent. In 1866 he became a member of the Methodist Protestant Church, and ever since has devoted time and energy to the work of this religious body. For 20 years he was superintendent of the Sunday-school and he has served as president of the State Sunday-school Association. In all his work he brings to bear years of mental training and discipline, together with a wide educational experience. His methods are broad, progressive and liberal, and the honor in which he is held by the public is only equalled by the affection given him in private life.

In 1876 Professor Miller married Drusilla C. Hamilton, daughter of Elmus and Louisa S. Hamilton, a prominent familv of Fairmont, and to this union four children have been born: Archie U., Dwight E., Dana Paul and Pauline.

Men of West Virginia, Vol 2, Illustrated, Biographical Publishing Co, George Richmond, Pres.; C. R. Arnold, Sec’y and Treas., Chicago, Illinois, 1903. p560

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