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Chapter 5 Alexander Fleming, son of Mary and Matthew Fleming, part 4

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Icie Dora Fleming (2-6-4), born April 10, 1866, married James R. Vincent, December 29, 1892. After his death she married, March 29, 1899, Joseph Irons, and lived at Colfax. She died on the 3rd day of September, 1925. Children: (1) Virgil Edgar Vincent; (2) Goldie Irons, died young; and (3) Orville T. Irons.

Virgil Edgar Vincent (2-6-4-1) married Effie F. McCord, February 5, 1921.

Mary Jeannette Fleming (2-6-5), born September 14, 1869, married Hugh H. McAllister, December 21, 1904, lives at Watson, and has no children.

John Stephenson Fleming (2-6-6), born January 8, 1873, married Minnie Radford, October 6, 1897, and lives near Fairmont. Children: (1) William Arnold; (2) Francis; and (3) Harry Wade.

William Arnold Fleming (2-6-6-1), born March 24, 1899, married Dana Casto, daughter of George F. Casto, November 20, 1920, and lives at Weston. Children: (1) Clyde; (2) Bettie; (3) George; (4) Donald; and (5) Glendary.

Francis Fleming (2-6-6-2), born August 1, 1904, is single.

Harry Wade Fleming (2-6-6-3), born July 23, 1906, married Neva Elaine Morley, November 26, 1927, and lives in Fairmont. Children: (1) John Dennis; (2) Barbara Jean; (3) Harry Wade, Jr.; (4) Frederick Waitman; and (5) Kenneth.

Idella Virginia Fleming (2-6-7), born April 1, 1875, married Austin A. Satterfleld, March 23, 1898, and lives at Colfax. Children: (1) Rus­sell Fleming; (2) Wyona Christine; and (3) Ivetta May.

Russell Fleming Satterfleld (2-6-7-1) married Gladys G. Patterson, daughter of Charles N. Patterson, March 9, 1921, and lives at Colfax.

Carrie Emma Fleming (2-6-8), born September 17, 1881, lives near Fairmont on rural route No. 6.

Charles Edgar Fleming (2-6-9), born July 3, 1883, married Bessie A. Neptune, November 17, 1909, and lives near Fairmont on R. F. D. No. 6. Children: (1) Wilbur Lee; and (2) Elma Jeanette.

Lexina Fleming (2-7), born April 28, 1842, married John W. Everhart, son of John Everhart, November 19, 1863, and lived near Fair­mont. She died in January, 1929; her husband, in 1909. Children: (1) Ida May, died in childhood; (2) William; (3) Edward Fleming; (4) Nellie Wylde; (5) George W.; and (6) Fredda.

William Everhart (2-7-2), born July 22, 1868, died single at Fairmont on the 25th of November, 1893.

Edward Fleming Everhart (2-7-3), born September 7, 1875, married Sarah McCulloh, daughter of William C. McCulloh, June 18, 1902, and lives at Elkins. His only child is Mary Louisa.

Mary Louisa Everhart (2-7-3-1), born June 22, 1904, married William

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D. Walker, February 16, 1927, lives at Elkins, and has one child, Mar­garet Louisa.

Nellie Wylde Everhart (2-7-4), born about 1876, married Millard M. Foster, June 15, 1904, and died in Philadelphia, August 5, 1904.

George W. Everhart (2-7-5) married Dorothy B. King, January 26, 1910, and lives near Fairmont. Children: (1) John Edward; and (2) Joan.

John Edward Everhart (2-7-5-1) married Helen Virginia Cochran, daughter of George Paul Cochran, April 25, 1937, and lives near Fair­mont. (See 3-4-5-5 in Chapter XV.)

Fredda Everhart (2-7-6) married a Price and lives near Fairmont.

3 HENRY FLEMING was born in Monongalia County, Virginia, March 4, 1797. He married Phoebe Hayes, daughter of Henry Hayes, August 18, 1825. She was born on the 16th of November, 1804. They lived near Fairmont. He died on the 3rd of December, 1873; his wife, on the 15th of April, 1891. Children: (1) Enoch; (2) Caroline; (3) Darius; (4) Mary, died in infancy; (5) Josiah, died in infancy; (6) James, died in infancy; (7) Calvin Luther; <8> Harriet; (9) Festus Riley; and (10) Laura.

Enoch Fleming (3-1), born in 1826, married Elizabeth Palmer. They had one child, Mary Ann. For his second wife he married Sarepta Yates, daughter of Elijah Yates, June 6, 1853. They had six children. His third wife was Mrs. Margaret Ragan, a daughter of Richard Ankrom, whom he married on the 21st of November, 1870. Margaret died on the 3rd of July, 1872, leaving one child. He next married Lydia Kelley on the 8th of February, 1373. There were two children of this marriage.

Enoch Fleming lived for a time in Tyler County and afterwards moved to near Cairo in Ritchie County, where he died on the 8th day of September, 1883. His last wife died on the 4th day of November, 1891. Children: (1) Mary Ann; (2) Elias Turner; (3) Martha Jane; (4) Thomas Elijah; (5) Harriet Elizabeth; (6) Amy Ann; (7) Joseph Hoker;  <8> Phoebe Roselea; (9) Isaac Calvin; and (10) Austin Monroe.

Mary Ann Fleming (3-1-1), born September 6, 1845, married Isaac Hunsaker, son of John Hunsaker, March 21, 1866, and lived near Ben-ton’s Ferry, W. Va. She died on the 5th day of October, 1917; her husband, on the 1st day of April, 1911. Children: (1) Isaac Franklin; (2) John Claiborne; (3) Elizabeth Mildred; (4) Jane Britomarte; (5) Charles Russell; (6) James Frederick; (7) William Fay; <8> Neil Carney; and (9) Madge Brownfield.

Isaac Franklin Hunsaker (3-1-1-1), born February 23, 1867, married Rose Belle Welch, daughter of Thomas J. Welch, January 1, 1890. His first wife died on the 13th day of March, 1917; and he afterwards, De­cember 3, 1919, married Laura Griffith and lives at Dillon, Montana. Children: (1) Elotia Fern; (2) Leola Dell; (3) Isaac Franklin, Jr.; (4) Barbara; and (5) Lee Griffith.

Elotia Fern Hunsaker (3-1-1-1-1), born January 18, 1891, married

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Jay S. Baker, son of John S. Baker, June 31, 1914, and lives at 595 N. E. 34th St., Portland, Oregon. Children: (1) Betty; (2) Phillis; (3) Sheldon (4) Rolf; and (5) Frank.

Leola Dell Hunsaker (3-1-1-1-2), born March 25, 1893, married Taylor A. Bradley, son of Charles Bradley, October 25, 1916, and lives at Armstead, Montana. Children: (1) Taylor Alan; and (2) Stanley.

John Claiborne Hunsaker (3-1-1-2), born January 20, 1869, married Freda Kirschman, daughter of John Kirschman, March 15, 1899, and lives at Coalwood, W. Va. His wife died on the 21st day of January, 1916. Children: (1) Gertrude Mayn; (2) Helen Fleming; and (3) John Claiborne.

Elizabeth Mildred Hunsaker (3-1-1-3), born September 10, 1871, lives in Fairmont.

Jane Britomarte Hunsaker (3-1-1-4), born May 24, 1873, married Rolfe M. Hite, son of Peter Y. Kite, February 11, 1898, and lived at Fairmont till her death on the 28th day of March, 1898.

Charles Russell Hunsaker (3Tl-l-5), born November 14, 1874, mar­ried Mary Jane Lamb, daughter of Moses E. Lamb, October 24, 1900. His first wife died on the 15th day of January, 1925; and he afterwards, November 7, 1928, married Nancy Coplin, daughter of David C. Coplin, and lives at Fairmont. His only child is Beulah Catharine.

James Frederick Hunsaker (3-1-1-6), born April 22, 1876, married Davinnia M. Brown, daughter of John Brown, November 10, 1921, lives in Fairmont, and has one child, Mary Davinnia.

William Fay Hunsaker (3-1-1-7), born August 29, 1877, married Avarilla S. Brown, June 16, 1909. For his second wife he married Goldie Gwyn, daughter of James Gwyn, January 24, 1920, and lives at King-mont, W. Va. Children: (1) William Fay, Jr.; (2) Stewart Brown; and (3 and 4) Avarilla and Rolfe Hite.

Neil Carney Hunsaker (3-1-1-8), born February 17, 1880, married Myrtle Lewis, daughter of Arthur Lewis, July 22, 1914, and lives at Greybull, Wyoming. Children: (1) Maxine; (2) Robert; and (3) Betty Jane.

Madge Brownfield Hunsaker (3-1-1-9), born July 31, 1888, married Arlington B. Palmer, son of George W. Palmer, May 30, 1909, and lives at 611 Walnut Ave., Fairmont. Children: (1) Frank Hunsaker; (2) George Isaac; and (3) Mary Elizabeth.

Elias Turner Fleming (3-1-2), the oldest child of the second marriage of Enoch Fleming, was born on the 7th day of February, 1855. He mar­ried for his first wife Mary E. Wince, daughter of Samuel Wince. She died on the llth day of November, 1891; and he afterwards, November 17, 1892, married Susan I. Martin. He died on the 29th day of March, 1931; his last wife, on the 28th of December, 1914. Their home was at Maxwell, West Virginia. Children: (1) Viola Reed; (2) Larnie Clarence; (3) Pear ley Burns; (4) Lee Ellis; (5) Samuel Thomas; (6) Clyde; (7) Elias Turner, Jr.; and <8> Grace Darling.

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Viola Reed Fleming (3-1-2-1), born November 25, 1878, married James Franklin Lindamood, son of Mason Lindamood, March 10, 1897, and lives at Waverly, West Virginia. Children: (1) Charles Herbert; (2) Earl Mason; (3) George William, deceased; and (4) Edna Ann.

Charles Herbert Lindamood (3-1-2-1-1), born November 21, 1897, married Bertha Alice Steed, daughter of James M. Steed, December 25, 1917, and lives near Parkersburg, West Virginia, on rural route No. 6. Children: (1) Edna Kathryn; (2) Herbert Kenneth; (3) Charles Frank­lin; and (4) Bertha Jane.

Earl Mason Lindamood (3-1-2-1-2), born July 3, 1899, married Arzelia Elizabeth Hupp, daughter of Philip Hupp, April 13, 1920, lives near Parkersburg on rural route No. 22, and has one child, Earl Mason, Jr.

Edna Ann Lindamood (3-1-2-1-4), born November 8, 1902, married Herman Daniel Carter, son of John A. Carter, September 29, 1921, lives at Parkersburg, and has no children.

Larnie Clarence Fleming (3-1-2-2), born February 12, 1880, mar­ried Bertha B. Higgins, daughter of G. C. Higgins, April 20, 1915, and lives at Maxwell, W. Va. Children: (1) Nellie; and (2) Freda Lucille.

Pearley Burns Fleming (3-1-2-3), born December 28, 1881, married May Shuman, daughter of Sidney S. Shuman, March 20, 1909, and lived at Vienna, West Virginia, till his death on the 26th day of January, 1928. Children: (1) Helen Ruth; (2) Mildred Grace; and (3) Mary Beulah.

Lee Ellis Fleming (3-1-2-4), born September 22, 1884, married Sena Poynter, daughter of J. E. Poynter, April 11, 1914, and lives at Sun­burst, Montana. His only child is Adrian Brooks.

Samuel Thomas Fleming (3-1-2-5), born September 20, 1886, mar­ried Florence Poynter, daughter of J. E. Poynter, November 13, 1909, and lives at Maxwell, West Virginia. Children: (1) Emza Irene; and (2) Mary Virginia.

Emza Irene Fleming (3-1-2-5-1), born September 10, 1910, married Leonard Laws Wince, July 27, 1935.

Clyde Fleming (3-1-2-6), born February 7, 1890, married Clara Tread-way, daughter of R. T. Treadway, May 23, 1912, and lives at Maxwell, West Virginia: Children: (1) Evelyn Marie; (2) Stanley Eugene; (3) Ollie James; (4) Virgil Ray; (5) Blaine Leroy; (6) Beryl; (7) Marjorie Edith; and <8> Betty Lee.

Elias Turner Fleming Jr., (3-1-2-7), born February 13, 1894, mar­ried Ida M. Dunbar, daughter of George H. Dunbar, August 23, 1915, and lives at St. Marys, West Virginia. Children: (1) Edgar Byron; (2) Robert Dunbar; and (3) Claude Riley.

Grace Darling Fleming (3-1-2-8), born November 24, 1895, married George Frank Miller, son of G. W. Miller, March 20, 1915, and lives near Parkersburg on rural route No. 21. Children: (1) Ensel Frank; and (2) Lewis Clifford.

page 114

Martha Jane Fleming (3-1-3), born July 15, 1856, married Amos Clovis, son of Solomon Clovis, November 18, 1875, and lived at Max­well, West Virginia, till her death on the 14th of January, 1929. Her husband was living at St. Marys in 1930. Children: (1) William Ed­ward; (2) Elijah Ellsworth; (3) Cora Elizabeth; (4) Harry Theodore; and (5) Maurice Laurence.

William Edward Clovis (3-1-3-1), born November 7, 1876, married Mary Angela Varner, daughter of George W. Varner, April 16, 1899, and lives at St. Marys. Children: (1) Eunice Madge; (2) Cora Edith; (3) George Amos; (4) Martha Virginia; and (5) Mary Edna.

Eunice Madge Clovis (3-1-3-1-1), born March 4, 1900, married J. Edward Meixner, son of D. N. Meixner, December 25, 1924, and lives at 705 Main St., Overbrook, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Children: (1) Mary Louise; and (2) Clovis Edward.

Cora Edith Clovis (3-1-3-1-2), born October 23, 1901, married Clif­ford H. Swensen, son of Harold Swensen, September 21, 1925, and lives at 701 Main St., Overbrook, Pittsburgh, Pa. She has one child, Clifford Henryk, Jr.

George Amos Clovis (3-1-3-1-3), born October 25, 1903, married Nelle Daugherty, daughter of John Ray Daugherty, June 6, 1928, lives at St. Marys, and has one child, William Edward.

Martha Virginia Clovis (3-1-3-1-4), born November 21, 1906, married Malcolm S. Hilty, son of C. F. Hilty, December 29, 1927, and lives at Allison Park, Pittsburgh, Pa. Children: (1) Malcolm Sanford; and (2) Jean Seamon.

Elijah Ellsworth Clovis* (3-1-3-2), born August 27, 1879, married Clara May McKnight, daughter of James B. McKnight, January 1, 1904, and lives in Wheeling, W. Va. He graduated from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Baltimore in 1905 and was for many years Superintendent of the Tuberculosis Sanitarium at Terra Alta, West Virginia. He has two children: (1) Mildred; and (2) Madeline Elizabeth.

Cora Elizabeth Clovis (3-1-3-3), born January 6, 1886, married Homer F. Simonton, son of John J. Simonton, November 22, 1908, and lives at St. Marys, West Virginia. Children: (1) Evelyn Virginia; and (2) Maurice Lattimer.

Harry Theodore Clovis (3-1-3-4), born January 27, 1889, married Mamie J. Schofleld, daughter of Jesse Schofield, August 20, 1914, and lived at St. Marys till his death on the 26th day of March, 1926. Chil­dren: (1) Harry Paul; (2) Robert Elijah; and (3) Jimmie Laird.

Maurice Laurence Clovis (3-1-3-5), born October 26, 1899, graduated from the West Virginia University in 1921 and is a pharmacist. He married Louise Pritchard, daughter of Waldo Pritchard, November 30, 1921, lives at 2602 Adams Ave., Huntington, W. Va., and has one child Helen Louise.

* A biography of Dr. Clovis is given in Who’s Who for 1934-35, at page 557.

page 115

Thomas Elijah Fleming (3-1-4), born June 15, 1860, married Maggie L. Martin, daughter of Louis Martin, January 20, 1884. His first wife died on the 8th day of August, 1898; and he afterwards, April 28, 1900, married Caroline L. McFarland, daughter of John F. McFarland. He taught school for twenty-four years, has owned and operated a farm, had a general store at Federal, and was postmaster there for over thirty years. Children: (1) Earle, deceased; (2) Iva Mae, deceased; (3) Emma Nan; (4) Hattie Dean; (5) Mollie Alice; (6) Roseman; (7) Hazel Margaret; <8> Eddie Carson; (9) Glenn Franklin; (10) Ronald Walter, deceased; and (11) Cecil Bertsell.


Emma Nan Fleming (3-1-4-3), born January 29, 1890, married Alva Williamson, son of Ralph Williamson, September 15, 1907, and lives at Leon, Kansas. Children: (1) Irene Virginia; (2) Rollie Wilbur, de­ceased; (3) Dorothy Pauline; (4) Winona; and (5) Margaret Elizabeth.

Hattie Dean Fleming (3-1-4-4), born October 4, 1893, married Clark H. Cunningham, son of George B. Cunningham, November 18, 1912, and lives at Williamstown, W. Va. Children: (1) Clifton Dinsmoor; (2) Wanda Mae; and (3) Opal Pauline.

Mollie Alice Fleming (3-1-4-5), born September 15, 1896, married Layman C. Wagner, son of Thomas J. Wagner, August 24, 1921, lives at Federal, West Virginia, and has no children.

Roseman Fleming (3-1-4-6), born June 23, 1898, married Leona Satterfield, daughter of Hartley Satterfield, August 8, 1914, and lived at Federal till his death on the 20th of November, 1918. Children: (1) Eugene Milton; and (2) Frederick.

Hazel Margaret Fleming (3-1-4-7), born January 24, 1901, married Lysle R. Smith, son of Thomas M. Smith, October 28, 1928, and lives at Hollidays Cove, West Virginia.

Eddie Carson Fleming (3-1-4-8), born May 3, 1904, married Alice Cumblidge, daughter of Waitman T. Cumblidge, November 8, 1922, and lives at Hollidays Cove, W. Va. Children: (1) Donald Eugene; and (2) Mary Lou.

Harriet Elizabeth Fleming (3-1-5), born June 24, 1862, married Le-ander Ellis, son of Aurelius M. Ellis, and lives at 412 Cherokee Ave.,

page 116

Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Children: (1) Archie Gordon; (2) Henry Guy; (3) Barna Clifford; (4) Charles Morgan; (5) Benjamin Lee; and (6) Brooks Fleming.

Archie Gordon Ellis (3-1-5-1), born December 24, 1876, married Maude Mallery, daughter of George W. Mallery, May 29, 1909, lives at 1020 N. Main St., Tulsa, Oklahoma. No children.

Henry Guy Ellis (3-1-5-2), born August 22, 1879, married Mary Elener Smith, daughter of Amos Smith, July 6, 1904, and lives at Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Children: (1) Mildred Evelyn; (2) Gladys Pearle; and (3) Barbara Jean.

Barna Clifford Ellis (3-1-5-3), born October 7, 1882, married Minnie Christie, July 26, 1903, and lived at Oklahoma City until his death on the 27th of May, 1911. Children: (1) Clifford Lee; (2) William; and (3) Harold.

Charles Morgan Ellis (3-1-5-4), born February 23, 1885, married Fannie Pratt, daughter of Samuel Pratt, February 24, 1924, and lives at 37 Williams St., Ashtabula, Ohio. Children: (1) Earl; (2) Charles; and (3) Effie.

Benjamin Lee Ellis (3-1-5-5), born April 19, 1888, married Isabel Pangborn, lives at Muskogee, Oklahoma, and has one child, Jay.

Brooks Fleming Ellis (3-1-5-6), born August 2, 1897, married Nell Leola Reed, daughter of William Edwin Reed, December 25, 1920, and lives at 85 Waller Ave., White Plains, New York. No children.


Martha, Ola, Ida, Charles, Auda, Hattie

Mother, Father

Amy Ann Fleming (3-1-6), born July 4, 1863, married Samuel T. Darnell, son of Aaron Darnell, June 22, 1881, and lives at Central Station,

page 117

West Virginia. Children: (1) Charles Thomas; (2) Martha Dona; (3) Ida Effle; (4) Auda Alice; (5) Willie, deceased; (6) Hattie Elizabeth; and (7) Ola Jane.

Charles Thomas Darnell (3-1-6-1), born June 20, 1882, married Hattie Mason, daughter of Anthony Mason, April 11, 1915, and lives at Greenwood, West Virginia. Children: (1) Edna Ruth, deceased; (2) Wilma Doris; (3) Ernest Gale; and (4) Charles Edwin.

Martha Dona Darnell (3-1-6-2), born November 12, 1883, married Alfred Ferrebee, son of Andrew J. Ferrebee, June 17, 1909, and lives at Deep Valley, West Virginia. Children: (1) Virgil, deceased; (2) Amy Laura, deceased; (3) Olive May; (4) Delbert Carl; (5) Alfred Orean; and (6) Clyde Brooks.

Ida Effle Darnell (3-1-6-3), born February 21, 1886, married Layton Kinney, son of John Kinney, August 21, 1910, and lives at Central Station, West Virginia. Children: (1) Ida Ruth; (2) Ola Florence; and (3) Wetzel Darnell.

Auda Alice Darnell (3-1-6-4), born October 12, 1888, married Friend O. Blake, son of Henry C. Blake, July 6, 1912, lives at Central Station, West Virginia, and has no children.

Hattie Elizabeth Darnel! (3-1-6-6), born March 19, 1893, married Elmer Smith, son of Frank Smith, January 8, 1914, and lives at 207 Austin Ave., Clarksburg, West Virginia. Children: (1) Audra Ellen; (2) Harry Darrell; (3) Vera Geraldine; and (4) Wilma Jean.

Ola Jane Darnell (3-1-6-7), born February 26, 1896, married Ralph Smith, son of Frank Smith, September 25, 1918, and lives at Clarksburg, West Virginia. Children: (1) Amy Florence; and (2) Roy Donald.

Joseph Hooker Fleming (3-1-7), born February 26, 1866, married Dora Dillon, daughter of David Dillon, October 28, 1886, and lives at St. Marys, West Virginia. Children: (1) Ola Ardessie; (2) Arch Elijah; (3) Forest Dillon; and (4) Alice Mildred.

Ola Ardessie Fleming (3-1-7-1), born October 8, 1887, married William D. Williamson, son of Noah H. Williamson, December 24, 1905, and lives at Hebron, West Virginia. Children: (1) Harold Wesley, died at age of 23; and (2) Alice Madeline.

Arch Elijah Fleming (3-1-7-2), born December 11, 1889, married Vesta Ellen Wagner, daughter of Friend Wagner, November 23, 1910, and lives at St. Marys. Children: (1) Mildred Virginia; (2) Vernus Pauline; (3) Doris Ruth; (4) Friend Joseph; and (5) John Clinton.

Forest Dillon Fleming (3-1-7-3), born June 25, 1894, married Sylvia H. Owens, daughter of Robert E. Lee Owens, July 11, 1915, and lives at Morgantown. Children: (1) Nellie Irene; (2) Robert Joseph; and (3) Charles Owen.

Alice Mildred Fleming (3-1-7-4), born April 17, 1899, married Franklin Lee Allender, son of Columbus J. Allender, January 11, 1930. They

page 118

were divorced; and she afterwards, May 21, 1937, married Dr. Duke Lee, son of Francis Lee, and lives at Morgantown. No children.

Phoebe Rosalea Fleming (3-1-8), born November 5, 1871, married Charles Edgar Powell, son of Greenwood Powell, August 17, 1890, and lives in Morgantown. Children: (1) Ethel Aura; (2) Sheridan William;

(3) Zula Edna; (4) Dollie Helena; (5) Arthur, deceased; (6) Ralph Edgar; and (7) infant, died in infancy.

Ethel Aura Powell (3-1-8-1), born October 17, 1891, married John Barker, son of Charles Barker, December 25, 1909. They were divorced in 1918; and she afterwards, August 30, 1919, married Ernest Gamble, and lives at 27 N. Crescent St., Baltimore, Maryland. Children: (1) Edgar Willard Barker; and (2) Karl Powell Barker.

Sheridan William Powell (3-1-8-2), born April 3, 1893, married Mary Frances Johns, daughter of William Johns, April 2, 1915, and lives at Morgantown. Children: (1) Edna Florence; (2) Gladys Helena; (3) Arthur William; (4) Hazen Glenn; and (5) Ralph Sheridan.

Zula Edna Powell (3-1-8-3), born October 27, 1895, married Ernest Ray Taylor, son of Jehu P. Taylor, November 7, 1914, and lives at Mor­gantown. Children: (1) Mary Rose; and (2) Helen Marie.

Dollie Helena Powell (3-1-8-4), born May 9, 1898, married Oliver Shears, son of Thomas Shears, March 1, 1915, and lives at Morgantown. Her husband died on the 2nd day of February, 1929. Children: (1) Charles Oliver; (2) Ralph Thomas, deceased; (3) Wallace Powell; and

(4) Betty Rose.

Ralph Edgar Powell (3-1-8-6), born March 19, 1903, married Lorena Gamble, daughter of Ira Gamble, June 21, 1921, and lives at Fairmont. Children: (1) Virginia Lee; (2) Neal Sheridan; (3) Jean; and (4) Ralph Edgar.

Isaac Calvin Fleming (3-1-9), born October 11, 1875, married Kate Baxter, daughter of Walker Baxter, August 3, 1892, and lives at Parkersburg. His wife died on the 30th day of November, 1921. Children: (1) Delbert; (2) Carl; (3) Amelia Mae; (4) Howard Calvin; (5) Hazel Marqueith, deceased; (6) Ralph Dustin; (7) Millard Fillmore; <8> Forest Gilmore; (9) Helen Ruth; and (10) Virginia Flo.

Delbert Fleming (3-1-9-1), born December 31, 1894, married Thelma Placer, August 28, 1923, and lives in Wheeling, West Virginia. Children: (1) Mollie Mae; and (2) Dorothy Virginia.

Carl Fleming (3-1-9-2), born January 3, 1897, married Ova Zicka-foose, daughter of J. C. Zickafoose, November 10, 1917. She died in February, 1922; and he afterwards, June 2, 1923, married Violet Placer, and lives at Wheeling. Children: (1) Carl; (2) Geraldine; (3) Calvin, deceased; (4) Amelia Mae; and (5) Catharine Leota.

Howard Calvin Fleming (3-1-9-4), born December 19, 1900, married Thelma Jackson, daughter of Stonewall Jackson, June 2, 1920, and lives in Parkersburg. Children: (1) Charlotte Ann; and (2) Howard Calvin, Jr.



  1. I am the daughter of Helen Marie Taylor, who is the daughter of Zula Edna Powell and Ernest Ray Taylor from Morgantown.
    My mother married James Bowman Cole of Fairmont and Morgantown.

    How can I find out more information about any living relatives??

    I’m new at genealogy! I would appreciate any guidance…

    Comment by Catherine Cole | February 14, 2009 | Reply

    • Hello,

      New to genealogy? That’s great! It’s a wonderful hobby if you love history and family. Getting started is easy. What I did years ago was call up every relative I knew well enough to just call and asked them very specific questions about their parents, kids, grandparents etc and asked them if they would share any old photos if I paid to have them reproduced (today with scanners and printers that’s so much easier to do). I wrote everything down on regular paper – I was so new I didn’t even know there were sheets made just for this (which you can download and print out for free at ). At the same site you can download a free program called PAF if you want to use the computer. PAF is very good – I used it for years before switching to Legacy, a paid program. Use this program to enter all the info your family gives you, and everything you can remember. This is step one. If I remember correctly, when I started I wound up with more than 300 names of mostly living people and a few grandparents and great grandparents.

      No need to buy books which are advertised and pushed hard, especially at first. has hundreds of free articles on the how to aspects. They cover everything any book does. I know – I have a half dozen titles and the only one I use regularly anymore is the “Handybook for Genealogists”. If you really get into genealogy it’s worth it, but no need for it to begin. Also – DO NOT get lured into buying a membership in Ancestry or other paid sites especially before you’ve learned enough to make them really worth the money. You can get the same thing FREE! At your public library – almost all libraries have memberships for their patrons use in either Ancestry or Heritage Quest (very similar to Ancestry) and you can access all their records right at your library. Then you can decide if it is worth it or not.

      As for finding new living relatives – that can be more difficult than finding older relatives who are deceased. Privacy has become a major issue. That makes finding the details that link people together hard if they are living (easy to find ‘Joe Smith’ on Google but hard to find who his relatives are so you know if he’s “yours”). I’ve also discovered something sad – most of the relatives I’ve contacted aren’t interested really – UNLESS they are also doing genealogy.

      If you have any specific questions feel free to ask me.


      Comment by Grandpockets | February 15, 2009 | Reply

  2. Hi,
    I have enjoyed reading your blog. I have found some of my family listed in it. I am trying to attach sources to each of my family names. Enoch Fleming & Elizabeth Palmer were my 3rd great grandparents. I am the daughter of Phyllis, d/o Jay S. Baker & Elotia Fern Hunsaker.
    Thanks so much for your help.
    Sue Howell

    Comment by Sue Howell | September 10, 2010 | Reply

  3. I am the grandaughter of William Fay Hunsaker and Avarilla S. Brown Hunsaker. I am trying to find out more about my grandparents. I was born in 1954 and never got to meet either one. My Grandmother died 4 days after givig birth to my dad and aunt with the flu epidemic in 1918. Please e mail me if you can help me…Thank, Darlene

    Comment by darlene hunsaker klonk | October 18, 2010 | Reply

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