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Chapter 11 – ELIZABETH HAYES part 4

PAGE 247

Thornton Jeptha Ice (1-5-2-1) married Mary Shreve, daughter of Jackson Shreve, and lives in Clarksburg. Children: (1) Malissa; (2) Otis Richard; and (3) Tracey Robert.

Otis Richard Ice (1-5-2-1-2) married Bertha B. Bice, daughter of Jacob Bice, July 2, 1919.

Evans Dent Ice (1-5—2-2), born April 4, 1876, married Carrie Reed, daughter of Joseph Reed, February 18, 1900, and lives at Glovers Gap. Children: (1) Lester; (2) Harlan, died in childhood; and (3) Evans Dale.

Lester Ice (1-5-2-2-1), born September 6, 1901, married Gertrude Neece in 1926 and lives in Washington, D. C. Children: (1) Virginia; and (2) Norma.

James Odis Ice (1-5-2-4) married Delphia Harbert and lives near Wallace on R. F. D. No. 2. He has one son, Orland Burke, and perhaps other children.

Orland Burke Ice (1-5-2-4-1), born about 1902, married Hazel Jane Scott, June 21, 1924. For his second wife he married Ruth Jean Lyons, daughter of M. C. Lyons, October 22, 1936, and lives at Lumberport.

Homer Ice (1-5-2-5) married Emma Hostutler and lives at Shinnston. Children: (1) Wilbur; (2) Edith; and (3) Vance.

Vernie Ice (1-5-2-6) married N. G. Morris, lives at Littleton, and has one child, Mildred.

Anna Beatrice Ice (1-5-2-7) married Paul Holbert and lives in Charleston. Children: (1) Robert B.; and (2) Elsie, deceased.

Casena Herschel Ice (1-5-3), born October 24, 1854, studied medicine under Dr. Mclntire at Grangeville, Marion County, West Virginia, and practiced his profession at Mannington for about forty years, being well known as a successful physician and surgeon. He never turned down a call, even when he was sick, but would go twenty miles or more in rain or zero weather. Often he was known to tire out five or six good horses in a weeks time in his efforts to take care of the sick. He married Cyrena Hildreth, daughter of Elias Hildreth, August 20, 1878. He died on the 20th of March, 1920. His widow was living in Mannington in 1931. Children: (1) Elias Clark; (2) Luster Garfield: (3) James Emmett; and (4) Nona Belle.

Elias Clark Ice (1-5-3-1), born January 15, 1880, married Isis May Kelley, daughter of Noah Kelley. May 28. 1905, and lives at Clarksburg. Children: (1) Virginia May; (2) Elizabeth Grace; and (3) Elias Clark, Jr.

Virginia May Ice (1-5-3-1-1), born July 4, 1906, married Michael Thomas, son of George Thomas, in 1934. and lives in Clarksburg. Her only child, Virginia Mae, is deceased.

Elizabeth Grace Ice (1-5-3-1-2), born December 18, 1907, married George Stapleford. son of George Stapleford, July 27, 1931, and has no children.

PAGE 248

Elias Clark Ice, Jr.. (1-5-3-1-3), born May 28, 1909, married Grace Walter about 1934, lives in Elmira, New York, and has no children.

Luster Garfield Ice (1-5-3-2), born March 16, 1882, married Bernice C. Kelly, daughter of C. W. Kelly, January 21, 1909, and lives at Oregon City, Oregon. Children: (1) William Henry; and (2) Jane Coral.

James Emmett Ice (1-5-3-3), born July 16. 1884, married Ora Blanche Hennen, daughter of W. M. Hennen. October 17, 1904, and lives at Salem, West Virginia. Children: (1) Ruth; (2) Alta: (3) Gladys: (4) Helen; and (5) James Emmett, Jr.

Ruth Ice (1-5-3-3-1), born August 11, 1905, married Dayton Lister, son of Oliver Lister, January 19. 1928, and lives at Buckhannon. West Virginia. Her only child is Dayton, Jr.

Alta Ice (1-5-3-3-2), born September 29, 1906, is engaged in missionary work.

Gladys Ice (1-5-3-3-3), born February 19, 1908, married George E. Bland, son of Arthur Bland, December 31, 1928, and lives at Blandville, West Virginia. Children: (1) Blanche Eleanor, deceased; (2) Norma Lee; (3) George Edwin; and (4) Robert Charles.

Helen Ice (1-5-3-3-4), born May 29, 1909, married James W. Mutschelknaus, son of George Mutschelknaus, June 4, 1934, and lives at Salem. Children: (1) Jo Ann: and (2) Clarence Wilson.

James Emmett Ice, Jr., (1-5-3-3-5), born June 27, 1914, married Ernestine May Ward, daughter of Hoy C. Ward, June 24, 1934, lives in Clarksburg, and has no children.

Nona Belle Ice (1-5-3-4), born September 13, 1886, married Ernest Macklin, March 11, 1905, and lives in Parkersburg.

Alva Bascum Ice (1-5-4), born May 6, 1856, married Clara Brown and lived at Pennfleld, Illinois. He was killed in a train wreck at Tiffin, Ohio, January 4, 1887. Children: (1) William; (2) Homer; (3) Charles; and (4) Verne.

William Ice (1-5-4-.1), born May 26, 1879, married Phoebe Steele, August 19, 1920, and lives at 329 Walnut St., Terre Haute, Indiana. His only child is Wilma.

Homer Ice (1-5-4-2), born August28, 1881, married Mollie Catharine Stevens and lives at 329 Walnut St., Terre Haute. Children: (1) Ancel Clyde; (2) Alva Reid; (3) Willard Farrell; (4) Jack Arbuckle; and (5) Maxine Tuttle.

Willard Farrell Ice (1-5—4-2-3), born June 2, 1915, was accidentally blinded when he was four years old and attended the Jacksonville School for the Blind. Later he entered the law school at Urbana, Illinois, and in 1938 won the Judge Parker prize for scholarship, having made the highest average in law subjects for the two years he had been in school. He lives at 803 Sherman St., Danville, Illinois.

Charles Ice (1-5-4-3), born in 1883, has been married twice. His last wife was June Parker. He lives at Alton, Illinois, and has no children.

page 249

Verne Ice (1-5-4-4) married an Anderson and died some years ago She has a son, James Anderson, living (1940) at Hoopstown, Illinois.

Deramus Kieber Ice (1-5-5), born January 6, 1859, married Delphia Watkins, daughter of Henry Watkins, July 16, 1882. He died in Clarksburg in the spring of 1912, where he had been in the saw mill business. His wife died on the 12th of October, 1892. Children: (1) Clyde Carlton; (2) Earl; (3) Alva Bee; and (4) Glenn Goff. (See 2-2-1-2 in Chapter IV.)

Clyde Canton Ice (1-5-5-1) married Mary Elizabeth Graves, daughter of Frank Graves, August 21, 1903. (See 3-3-4-5 in Chapter V.)

Earl Ice (1-5-5-2) married Alice McIntosh and was living several years ago at Brownsville, Pennsylvania. He had one daughter, Elsie, and perhaps other children.

Alva Bee Ice (1-5-5-3), born January 12, 1887, married Angie Pauline Hutson, September 21, 1910.

Palmyra Jane Ice (1-5-6), born April 3, 1861, married Perry Hall, son of Capt. William Hall, January 6, 1881, and lives at Lumberport, West Virginia. Children: (1) Harold Leslie; (2) Howard Otto; (3) Harmer Pliny; and (4) Eva Claire.

Harold Leslie Hall (1-5-6-1), born October 23, 1882, married Nettle Ammons, daughter of Coleman Ammons. February 13, 1906, lives at Charleston, West Virginia, and has one child, Kenneth C.

Kenneth C. Hall (1-5-6-1-1), born about 1907, married Thelma Campbell, lives at Steubenville, Ohio, and has one child, Shirley Joyce.

Howard Otto Hall (1-5-6-2), born June 19, 1884, married Dola B. Rogers, daughter of Lloyd Rogers, November 21, 1904. For his second wife he married Maude Muldrew in 1909 and lives at McMechen, West Virginia. Children: (1) Perry Lloyd; and (2) Virginia.

Perry Lloyd Hall (1-5-6-2-1), born in 1905, married Merlin Frick, lives in Louisville, Kentucky, and has one child, Howard Eugene.

Harmer Pliny Hall (1-5-6-3), born May 19, 1886, married Mary E. Statler, daughter of Newton Statler, October 22, 1917, lives at Lumberport, West Virginia, and has one child, Joseph Henry.

Eva Claire Hall (1-5-6-4), born September 10, 1898, married Charles W. Lovenstein, son of Andrew S. Lovenstein, September 18, 1916, lives at Elkins, West Virginia, and has one child, Charles Maurice.

Harlin Mead Ice (1-5-7), born February 14, 1864, went to the gold fields of Alaska about 1898 and trace of him has been lost. Some members of the family think he died in California.

Sidney Averil Ice (1-5-8), born April 3, 1866, served in the Spanish American War and was living in 1931 at 1405 E. 20th St., Eugene, Oregon.

Otis Hampden Ice (1-5-9), born March 27, 1868, married Emma J. Martin, daughter of Edgar Martin, June 21, 1903, and lives at Brown,

page 250

West Virginia. He served in the Spanish American War. Children: (1) Geraldine Ruby; and (2) Paul Randall.

Geraldine Ruby Ice (1-5-9-1), born August 26, 1910, married D. Arlington Swiger, son of Floyd M. Swiger, February 16, 1934, lives at Brown, and has one child, Mary Frances.

Paul Randall Ice (1-5—9-2), born September 19, 1913, married Martha Hannah Starkey, daughter of George F. Starkey, December 8, 1934, lives at Wallace, and has one child, Kathryn Colleen.

Richard Lebbeus Ice (1—5-10), born September 28, 1869, married Fannie Snodgrass, daughter of Jesse F. Snodgrass, April 19, 1891, and lives at Waynesburg, Pennsylvania. Children: (1) Lena Beatrice; (2) Albert Miner; (3) Edna Genevieve; (4) Walter Forest; (5) John Wesley; (6) Sarah Agnes; (7) Elsie Ruth; <8> Charles Rawley: (9) Helen Marie; (10) Rachel Loraine; (11) Henry Howard; and (12) Russell Bernard.

Lena Beatrice Ice (1-5—10-1), born May 1, 1892, married Daniel Powell, son of John Powell, May 5, 1917, and lives at Marion, Ohio. Children: (1) Daniel; (2) Vernice; and (3) Richard.

Albert Miner Ice (1-5—10-2), born November 9, 1893, married Mary Alice Davis, daughter of James Davis, March 21, 1915, and lives at Reynoldsville, West Virginia. Children: (1) Edith Gem: (2) Ruby Madeline; (3) James Elmer; (4) Sarah Ruth; and (5) Robert Kenneth.

Edith Gem Ice (1-5-10-2-1), born March 5. 1916, married Denzil Wilson Swiger, son of Robert Swiger, January 16, 1937, and lives in Clarksburg. Children: (1) Arlen Wilson; and (2) Carol Sue.

Ruby Madeline Ice (1-5-10—2-2), born June 1, 1918, married Ezra L. Williams, son of Cecil Williams, lives at Reynoldsville, and has one child, Clark Adrian.

James Elmer Ice (1-5-10-2—3), born October 30. 1920, married Maxine Emma Valent, daughter of Philip Valent, January 20. 1941, and lives at Reynoldsville.

Sarah Ruth Ice (1-5-10-2-4), born June 8, 1923, married Ernest Jackson Pierce, son of Gail Pierce, November 23, 1940, and lives at Reynoldsville.

Edna Genevieve Ice (1-5-10-3), born November 2, 1895, married Hartley Thompson, son of R. V. Thompson, and lived at Wallace. She died on the 5th of March, 1918. She had two children.

Walter Forest Ice (1-5—10-4), born April 15, 1897, married Alma Offut, daughter of Charles Enos Offut, June 26, 1930. and lived at Grantsville, West Virginia, till his death on the 25th of May, 1934. Children: (1) William Lawrence; and (2) Clovis Drexel.

John Wesley Ice (1-5—10-5), born October 19, 1902, married Grace Keys, September 10, 1923, lives at Mannington and has five children.

Sarah Agnes Ice (1-5-10-6), sometimes called Agnes Margaret, was born about 1904. She married Admiral Dewey Vanhorn, December 18, 1920.

page 251

Elsie Ruth Ice (1-5-10-7) married Samuel D. Snodgrass, son of W. S. Snodgrass, April 11, 1923.

James Wirt Ice (1-5-11), born October 11, 1871, married Eliza A. Robinson, daughter of Elias Robinson, March 20, 1895, and lives near Wallace, West Virginia, on R. F. D. No. 3. Children: (1) Herbert Roy; (2) Ivoh Elaine; (3) Ernest Miner; (4) Paul Lester; (5) Marjorie Edith; and (6) Harold Otis, died in childhood.

Herbert Roy Ice (1-5-11-1), born December 24, 1895, married Charlotte Starkey, daughter of Enoch Starkey, January 28, 1922, and lives near Wallace. Children: (1) Herbert Archer; (2) Mella Geraldine; (3) Edith Lyle; (4) Thelma Jean; (5) Mildred Louise; and (6) James Gory.

Ivoh Elaine Ice (1—5-11-2), born November 30, 1897, married Stanley C. Rogers, son of Lloyd Rogers, June 19, 1916. He died on the 16th of November, 1922; and she afterwards, November 23, 1924, married Thomas J. Zimmerman, and lives at Pine Grove, West Virginia. Children: (1) Herbert Clair Rogers; (2) Helen Opal Rogers; (3) Robert James Zimmerman; and (4) Charles Allen Zimmerman.

Ernest Miner Ice (1-5-11-3), born June 4, 1902, married Bonnie M. Moore, daughter of Riley Moore, February 6, 1926, and lives at Ovapa, West Virginia. No children.

Paul Lester Ice (1-5-11-4), born September 9, 1906, married Emzie Hayhurst, daughter of James W. Hayhurst, June 8, 1925, and died on the 8th of September, 1931. Children: (1) Betty Lou; (2) Billy James, deceased; and (3) Ernest Russell.

Marjorie Edith Ice (1-5-11-5), born February 14, 1912, married Russell E. Fluharty, son of Arlie Fluharty, March 26, 1927, and lives near Mannington on rural route No. 3. Children: (1) Nyla June; and (2) Twila Dawn.

Lena Marie Lee (1-5-12), born October 12, 1873, married James W. Cunningham, son of Gideon Cunningham, July 3, 1892, and lives near Mannington on R. F. D. No. 2. Children: (1) Sidney Emmett: (2) Grace, died in infancy: (3) Dale, deceased: (4) Nellie, died in infancy; (5) John; (6) Florence, died in infancy; and (7) French.

Sidney Emmett Cunningham (1-5-12-1), born June 4, 1893, married Lennie B. Amos, daughter of Alva Amos, January 2, 1929, and lives near Mannington on R. F. D. No. 2. Children: (1) Geraldine Marie; and (2) Janice Irene, died at birth.

John Cunningham (1-5-12-5), born February 17, 1907, married Elva Mabel Amos, daughter of Alva Amos, July 29, 1929, and lived in Marion County till his death on the 20th of November, 1930. His only child is John Joseph.

Elizabeth Ice (1-8), born November 14, 1833, married Charles L. Gooch, son of Benjamin F. Gooch, about 1849, and lived near Mannington. He was killed in the battle of Carter’s Farm five miles north

page 252

of Winchester, July 20, 1864. After his death Elizabeth married Hiram E. Jones, son of William Jones. February 19, 1874. She died on the 10th of July, 1875; her last husband, in November, 1917. Children: (1) Mazeili Lee Gooch; (2) James Lawren Gooch, died in infancy: (3) Amos Marshall Gooch; (4) Marilli Alvin Gooch, died in infancy; (5) Deforest Marvin Gooch; (6) Emerson Arthur Gooch: (7) Silas Foster Gooch; <8> Charles Ellsworth Gooch; and (9) Olive Elizabeth Jones.

Mazelli Lee Gooch (1-8-1), born September 26. 1850, married John Cartwright, son of Thornton Cartwright, February 5, 1868. After his death she married John S. Musgrave, May 6, 1876, a son of James Musgrave. She lived near Mannington till the 6th of February, 1941. Children: (1) Benjamin Franklin Cartwright; (2) Guy Fenton Musgrave; (3) Sarah Elizabeth Musgrave; (4) Gilbert Haven Musgrave; (5) Perry Cue Musgrave; (6) Lawren Gooch Musgrave: and (7) Gussie Jane Musgrave.

Benjamin Franklin Cartwright (1-8-1-1), born January 20, 1869, married Bessie Cartwright, daughter of Joseph Cartwright, June 28, 1906, and lives near Mannington on rural route No. 2. Children: (1) Marshall; (2) Nellie; (3) Paula; (4> Richard; and (5) June.

Guy Fenton Musgrave (1-8-1-2), born April 15, 1877, was single and was living at Mannington in 1931.

Sarah Elizabeth Musgrave (1-8-1-3), born July 16, 1879, married James T. Long, son of Joseph Long, October 6, 1897, and lives at Toronto, Ohio. Children: (1) Joseph Easton; (2) Mary Mazelli: (3) John Bradley Hoge, died in childhood; and (4) James Gilbert.

Joseph Easton Long (1-8-1-3-1), born February 15, 1899, married Esther E. Paisley, daughter of William S. Paisley, June 28, 1924, and lives at Toronto. He has one child, Thomas Paisley.

Mary Mazelli Long (1-8-1-3-2), born May 8, 1902, married James D. George, son of Thomas George, October 26, 1921, and lives near Hammondsviile, Ohio, on rural route No. 2. Children: (1) Betty Anne; (2) Martha Lou; (3) Marilyn Mazelli; and (4) James Theodore.

James Gilbert Long (1-8-1-3-4), born April 5, 1907, married Mae Rose, March 17, 1927, lives at Steubenville, Ohio, and has one child, Phyllis Lee.

Gilbert Haven Musgrave (1-8-1-4), born January 18, 1883, married Sadie May Freeland, daughter of S. E. Freeland, March 10, 1907, and lives at Mt. Clare, West Virginia. Children: (1) John Howard; (2) Matilda Freeland; and (3) Lauralee.

Perry Cue Musgrave (1-8-1-5), born September 6, 1884, married Ina M. Holbert, daughter of Robert S. Holbert, November 16, 1926, and lives at Mannington. Children: (1) Mary Lee; and (2) Robert Stephen.

Lawren Gooch Musgrave (1-8-1-6), born April 8, 1890, married Lillian Blanche Livezey, daughter of George Livezey, January 15, 1925,

page 253

and lives near Mannington on rural route No. 2. Children: (1) Betty Jean; and (2) Marguerite Alice.

Gussie Jane Musgrave (1-8-1-7), born March 12, 1892, married Alva R. Chesney, son of Ezekiel Morris Chesney, June 12, 1915, lives at Mannington, and has one child, Mary Jane.

Amos Marshall Gooch (1-8-3), born April 30, 1853, married Martha Louise White, daughter of James L. White, November 19, 1872, and lived at Hood River, Oregon, till his death on the 10th of January, 1915. His widow was living in 1929 at 736-1/2 Michigan Ave., Portland. Children: (1) Winifred Lee; (2) Loren Lester; (3) Ade Oren; and (4) Pearl Eleanor.


Winifred Lee Gooch (1-8-3-1), born October 20, 1873, married James Lee Hillyard, son of William Franklin Hillyard, June 28, 1905, and lives at Fremont. Michigan. Her only child is William Franklin.

Loren Lester Gooch (1-8-3-2), born July 8, 1875, married Olena F. Ellis, daughter of Joseph Ellis, January 27, 1923, and lives at Hood River, Oregon.

Ade Oren Gooch (1-8-3-3). born April 2. 1880, married Adell Addison, daughter of Lewis Addison, July 29, 1899, lives at Portland, Oregon, and has one child, Marshall Addison.

Pearl Eleanor Gooch (1-8-3-4). born August 25, 1887, married Eroll Ernest Miller, son of Orin F. Miller, August 4, 1912, lives at 736½ Michigan Ave., Portland, Oregon, and has no children.

Deforest Marvin Gooch (1-8-5), born November 30, 1856, married Clara M. Shaver, daughter of F. R. Shaver, January 16, 1881, and lived at Mt. Shasta, California, till his death on the 29th of August, 1892. His only child is Charles Hollis.



  1. Herbert Roy Ice (1-5-11-1), born December 24, 1895, married Charlotte Starkey, daughter of Enoch Starkey, January 28, 1922, and lives near Wallace. Children: (1) Herbert Archer; (2) Mella Geraldine; (3) Edith Lyle; (4) Thelma Jean; (5) Mildred Louise; and (6) James Gory.

    Hello, this is my husbands maternal grandparents, his mother is Thelma Jean.. was wondering if you have any more information about Herberts parents and grandparents? thank you

    Comment by Kim Tennant | February 10, 2011 | Reply

  2. I am Benjamin Franklin Cartright’s grandaughter, my mother was Wilma June Cartright – I just put his name in the keyword space and found this – I love reading about who’s related to whom – thank you for this – all of her bros and sisters are gone now – i can remember them talking about some of these people as a child – I wish I had written down or recorded some of their conversations – Again – Thanks!

    Comment by Paula Shaffer Dennison | February 11, 2011 | Reply

    • Thanks for the kind words, Paula, this is exactly why I’ve put this up, to help people find their own family and memories.

      Comment by Grandpockets | November 12, 2011 | Reply

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