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Chapter 4 Jane Wolcott, Daughter of Mary and Matthew Fleming, part 4

page 75

William Harrison Bowman (2-1-1), born December 20, 1836, served in the Union Army and married Roanna Davis and lived in Marion
County. He died on the 9th of January, 1930; his wife, on the 26th of December, 1921. Children: (1) Laura Belle; and (2) Ulysses Grant.

Laura Belle Bowman (2-1-1-1), born September 25, 1860, married Henry Clark Jones, son of John L. Jones, August 11, 1881, and lived
at 716 Walnut Avenue, Fairmont. The family resided for a time in Monongalia County. Henry Clark Jones served as deputy sheriff of
Monongalia County under his brother Barton M. Jones. He died in Marion County on the 16th of May, 1917. His wife died on the 15th
of November, 1938. Children: (1) Mollie Kate Morris; (2) Audra Blake Price; (3) John Bowman Smith; (4) Roanna Maria Blanche; (5) Henry
Benjamin Barton; (6) Charles Milton Glen; (7) Martha Alice Bess; <8> Thomas Grant Lloyd; (9) William Harrison Hugh; and (10) Laura
Brandon Madge.

Mollie Kate Morris Jones (2-1-1-1-1), born May 16, 1882, married Leonidas H. Davis, son of Clement Davis, January 18, 1912, and lives
near Fairmont on rural route No. 1. Children: (1) Clement Henry Jones; (2) Laura Elizabeth; and (3) James Melton.


Audra Blake Price Jones (2-1-1-1-2), born October 15, 1883, is single and lives in Fairmont.

John Bowman Smith Jones (2-1-1-1-3), born January 12, 1835, married Winnie Maude Downs, daughter of Ulysses Downs, and lives in
Fairmont. Children: (1) Wilma Irene; and (2) Margaret Elizabeth.

Wilma Irene Jones (2-1-1-1-3-1), born June 30, 1909, married Harry Mason Paton, son of Alexander Paton. June 4, 1930, and lives at Fair-
mont. Her only child is Lucille Lenore, born September 19, 1931.

Wilma Irene is probably the oldest representative of the 9th generation in the entire William Fleming family.

Her daughter appears to be the oldest one of the 10th generation.

page 76


Roanna Maria Blanche Jones (2-1-1-1-4), born March 4, 1887, is single and lives in Fairmont.

Henry Benjamin Barton Jones (2-1-1-1-5), born October 26, 1888, married Bertha Gertrude Paxson, daughter of Charles Paxson, June 16,
1914, and lives near Fairmont on rural route No. 1. His only child, Charles Henry, died in infancy.

Charles Milton Glen Jones (2-1-1-1-6), born July 19, 1890, is single and lives in Fairmont.

Martha Alice Bess Jones (2-1-1-1-7), born July 23, 1892, died in Fairmont December 11th, 1939.

Thomas Grant Lloyd Jones (2-1-1-1-8), born November 13, 1887, married Forest Dale Haught, daughter of Thomas J. Haught, August 11,
1917, and lives near Fairmont on rural route No. 1. Children: (1) Frances Maxine; (2) Annabelle Betty; (3) Thomas Lloyd, died in infancy;
(4) infant, died in infancy; (5) Billy; (6) Alberta Jean; (7) Edwin Earl; <8> Geraldine Louise; and (9) Margie Lee.

William Harrison Hugh Jones (2-1-1-1-9), born May 4, 1900, married Mary E. Hamilton daughter of Charles H. Hamilton, May 6, 1922, and
lives near Fairmont on rural route No. 1. Children: (1) Hugh, Jr.; and (2) James Edwin. (See 1-4-7-6 in the Hamilton family.)

Laura Brandon Madge Jones (2-1-1-1-10), born June 25, 1902, married Dale Stutzman Taylor, son of Nelson Phay Taylor, May 14, 1922,
and lives in Fairmont. Children: (1) Ida Belle; (2) Donald Earle; and (3) Theda Pauline.

page 77

Ulysses Grant Bowman (2-1-1-2), born June 30, 1866, married Laura A. Cunningham, daughter of Anthony Cunningham, and lives at 711
Ridgeley Ave., Fairmont. Children: (1 and 2) Jessie Jeannette and Bessie Blaine; (3) Flossie Gem; (4) Georgia Belle; (5) Lynn Dale; (6)
Ada Delmo; and (7) Hazel May.

Jessie Jeannette Bowman (2-1-1-2-1), born November 26, 1888, married Harry A. Hamilton, son of James M. Hamilton, April 19, 1919,
lives at Rachel, West Virginia, and has one child, Violet Waneta. (See 2-3-5 in the Hamilton family).

Bessie Blaine Bowman (2-1-1-2-2), born November 26, 1888, married Raymond Ford, January 1, 1926, lives in Fairmont, and has no children.

Flossie Gem Bowman (2-1-1-2-3), born May 26, 1891, married Walter Garrison, son of A. C. Garrison, August 2, 1913, and lived at Fairmont
until her death in November, 1914. Her only child is Waneta Gem.

Georgia Belle Bowman (2-1-1-2-4), born March 15, 1896, married Harry Adams, son of Elza Adams, October 25, 1915, lives in Fairmont,
and has one child, Harry, Jr.

Lynn Dale Bowman (2-1-1-2-5), born February 24, 1899, married Florence Vance, daughter of M. E. Vance, July 12, 1923, lives in Fair-
mont, and has one child, Marilyn Ruth.

Ada Delmo Bowman (2-1-1-2-6), born June 11, 1901, married Alpha O. Rowand, son of Thomas L. Rowand, October 31, 1920, and lives at
2010 Commerce Street, Wellsburg. Her husband served in the World War. Children: (1) Alpha, Jr.; and (2) Edwana Bowman.

Hazel May Bowman (2-1-1-2-7), born February 28, 1903, is single and lives at Fairmont.

Virginia Bowman (2-1-2), born October 7, 1842, married D. M. Duncan, July 3, 1872, and lived near Farmington. She died on the 25th of
October, 1891.

Isabel Bowman (2-1-3), born in 1858, married Aaron B. Morgan, March 24, 1881, and lived in Fairmont. She died on the 25th of Febru-
ary, 1931. Children: (1) Larney B.; and (2) Robert M.

Larney B. Morgan (2-1-3-1), born December 13, 1881, married Alma Reger, August 19, 1809, and lives in Fairmont. Children: (1) Lewis;
and (2) Catharine.

Robert M. Morgan (2-1-3-2), born November 30, 1887, married Martha Laura Cordelia Jones, daughter of Thomas Jones, October 15, 1912,
and lives in Fairmont. His only child is Emma Belle.

Elizabeth Wolcott (2-2) married Daniel D. Tucker, August 3, 1840. He was born on the 29th of June, 1818, and died on the 12th of July,
1896. She died on the 21st of January, 1893. Their home was in Marion County. Children: (1) Mary Ellen; (2) Rebecca Ann; (3) Josiah Kid-

page 78

well; (4) Margaret Jane, died at 9; (5) John Rhe; (6) Isaac William, died at 20; <7 and 8> Jasper George and Newton—Newton died in in-
fancy; (9) Gabriel Wimer; (10) Thomas Fleming; (11) Benjamin Franklin; and (12) Carrie Belle.


Mary Ellen Tucker (2-2-1), born May 3, 1841, married Henry J. Watkins, son of James Watkins, and lived on Flaggy Meadow in Marion
County. She died on the 16th of August, 1892; her husband, in 1891. Children: (1) Daniel Tucker; (2) Delphia Anna; (3) Aretas Brooks;
(4) Carrie Elizabeth; and (5) James Frederick. Some other children died in infancy.

Daniel Tucker Watkins (2-2-1-1), born March 7, 1861, married Mary Ellen Crim, daughter of James Allison Crim, September 2, 1886, and
lived in Fairmont. He died on the llth of April, 1924. After his death his widow married John I. Spragg, who is now deceased. She lives
(1937) in Edgemont, Fairmont. Children: (1) Lawrence Millard: (2) Effie Blanche, died in infancy; (3) Georgia Anna; (4) Garrett Arthur
Hobert, died single at 25; and (5) Eva Lena.

Lawrence Millard Watkins (2-2-1-1-1), born July 15, 1887, married Anna Mae Smalley, daughter of Charles Smalley, December 3, 1916,
and lives at 124 Jackson Street, Fairmont. Children: (1) Charles William; (2) Martha Ellen, deceased; and (3) Lena Pearl.

Georgia Anna Watkins (2-2-1-1-3), born January 21, 1893, married Clarence Street, son of John Street, December 31, 1912, and lived at
Fairmont till her death on the 30th of April, 1917. Her husband died on the 15th of March, 1919. Their only child, Clarence, Jr., is deceased.

Eva Lena Watkins (2-2-1-1-5), born May 12, 1903, married Jacob L. Smalley, son of Charles Smalley, November 25, 1922. For her second
husband she married Okey Amos Straight, son of James L. Straight, June 25, 1938, and lives in Fairmont. No children.

Delphia Anna Watkins (2-2-1-2), born June 10, 1863, married Deramus Kleber Ice, son of Henry Minor Ice, and lived for a time in

page 79

Marion County. She died on the 12th of October, 1892. Her husband died at Clarksburg in the early part of 1912. An administrator was appointed for his estate on the 24th of January of that year. Children: (1) Clyde Carlton; (2) Earl; (3) Alva B.; and (4) Glenn Goff.

Clyde Carlton Ice (2-2-1-2-1), born April 7, 1883, married Mary Elizabeth Graves, daughter of Frank Graves, August 23, 1903. (See 3-3-4-5 in the Alexander Fleming family). No definite records of the other children have been obtained.

Aretas Brooks Watkins (2-2-1-3), born June 15, 1865, married Lucy Bice, daughter of David Bice, in December, 1885, and lives at Clarks­burg. Children: (1) Artie; (2) Archie; (3) Frederick, deceased; (4) . David, deceased; (5 and 6) Dana and Zana; (7) Agnes; <8> Bertha; (9) Eva; and (10) John.

Carrie Elizabeth Watkins (2-2-1-4), born December 24, 1868, married Robert Ellsworth Reese, son of William Reese, November 4, 1894, and lived at Watson till her death on the 22nd of December, 1935. Children: (1) Gerald Bronson; (2) William; (3) Clifford; (4) Violet Gem; (5) Averil: (6) Delmar Calvin; and (7) Lillie.

Gerald Bronson Reese (2-2-1-4-1), born April 13, 1896, married Hazel Drake, daughter of W. M. Drake, February 23, 1315, and lives at Watson. Children: (1) Henry; (2) Robert; (3) Lena Belle; (4) Gerald; (5) Donald: (6) Dale; (7) Jerry; <8> Caroll; and (9) Charles Lee, de­ceased.

William Reese (2-2-1-4-2), ‘corn March 25, 1899, married Nettie Vin­cent, daughter of Freeman Vincent, September 19, 1921, and lives at Rivesville. Children: (1) Betty Lee: (2) Joann; and (3) William, Jr.

Clifford Reese (2-2-1-4-3), born May 16, 1902, married Biddie Harris, daughter of William E. Harris, June 4, 1921, and lives at Rivesville. Children: (1) Elizabeth; (2) Wanda; (3) Clifford, Jr.; (4) Mamie; (5) lona, deceased; and (6) Herschel.

Violet Gem Reese (2-2-1-4-4), born August 24, 1903, married Julius M. Stahl, son of Joseph Stahl, January 10, 1925, and lives at Terra Alta. Her only child is Frederick Ray.

Averil Reese (2-2-1-4-5), born May 25, 1907, married Iva Lambert, daughter of Arie Lambert, May 12, 1928, and lives at Kingmont. Children: (1) Kenneth; (2) Louise; (3) Hazel; (4) Dannath; (5) James; and (6) Paul.

Delmar Calvin Reese (2-2-1-4-6), born July 6, 1909, married Helen Slusser, daughter of Herbert Slusser, May 5, 1939, lives in Fairmont, and has one child, Delmar Eugene.

Lillie Reese (2-2-1-4-7), born January 3, 1912, married Edward West, son of Marion West, May 16, 1931, and lives at Kingmont. Children: (1) Edward Lee; (2) Charles Calvin; and (3) Janet Gem.

James Frederick Watkins (2-2-1-5), born November 9, 1871, married Georgia Woods, daughter of James Woods, December 8, 1895. She died

page 80

about 1917, and he afterwards married again and lived at Fairmont till his death on the 19th of August, 1926. Children: (1) Clyde; (2)
Claude; (3) Blanche; (4) Chester; (5) Arthur; (6) Glenn; and (7) Carrie. The last four are of the second marriage.

Rebecca Ann Tucker (2-2-2), born November 15, 1843, married Benjamin Riley Brumage and lived in some of the western states. Her only
child was Elmus Madison.

Josiah Kidwell Tucker (2-2-3), born October 22, 1844, married Lucinda Watkins and lived near Mannington. Children: (1) James
Brooks; and (2) Daniel.

James Brooks Tucker (2-2-3-1), born February 22, 1862, married Carrie Bowman, July 7, 1889, and lived near Mannington. He died on
the 23rd of February, 1930. Children: (1) Ocea, died in infancy; (2) Orval; and (3) Hazel B.

Orval Tucker (2-2-3-1-2), born in 1891, married Artie V. Arnett, August 13, 1914, and lives in Joilet, Illinois. No further record.

Hazel B. Tucker (2-3-3-1-3), born February 6, 1896, is married and lives near Mannington on R. F. D. No. 1. No further record.

John Rhe Tucker (2-2-5), born December 29, 1848, married Sarah Sharp, daughter of Thomas Fleming Sharp, June 24, 1875. She died on
the 16th of July, 1887; and he afterwards, October 3, 1889, married Delia Hamilton, daughter of Fielding Madison Hamilton. They lived
near Fairmont. He died on the 19th of March, 1922. The children of his first wife are: (1) Ora; (2) Ira; (3) Zoe; and (4) Von. (For the children
of his second wife see 1-6-5 in Chapter XIX).

Ora Tucker (2-2-5-1), born October 12, 1877, married Melvin A. Snyder, February 17, 1898, and lives near Fairmont.

Ira Tucker (2-2-5-2), born June 3, 1879, married Essie O. Jones, daughter of Robert T. Jones, and lived on Ice’s Run near Fairmont till
his death on the 26th of January, 1939. No children.

Zoe Tucker (2-2-5-3), born about 1881, married J. Hugh Martin, son of John J. Martin, June 11, 1901, and lives at Miami, Florida. Her only
child is Julian J.

Julian J. Martin (2-2-5-3-1) married Ruth Klepinger, lives in Charleston, West Virginia, and has one child, Dennie Lee.

Von Tucker (2-2-5-4), born May 16, 1882, married Mary Eleanor Peterson, lives in Fairmont, and has no children.

Jasper George Tucker (2-2-7), born October 11, 1853, married Susannah Nichols, daughter of Thomas Nichols, January 29, 1874. He
was drowned several years ago in the Ohio River. No children.

Gabriel Wimer Tucker (2-2-9), born December 29, 1855, died single on the 27th of January, 1880. He was a saddler.

Thomas Fleming Tucker (2-2-10), born September 12, 1858, married Johannah Roach, daughter of Patrick Roach, January 22, 1874. For his

Page 81

second wife he married Mary Harrison, daughter of George W. Harrison, May 19, 1889, and lives at 717 Walnut Avenue, Fairmont. Children:
(1) Gabriel; (2) Harrison Roy; (3) Robert Robinson; and (4) George Paul.


Gabriel Tucker (2-2-10-1), born November 3, 1880, married Beatrice Jarvis and is a practicing physician in Philadelphia. He was a captain
in the medical corps during the World War. Children: (1) Gabriel; (2) Thomas Chevalier Jackson; and (3) John Anwell.

Harrison Roy Tucker (2-2-10-2), born February 12, 1891, married Helen Slaymaker in 1918 and lives in New York. He was an aviator in
the World War. No children.

Robert Robinson Tucker (2-2-10-3), born October 6, 1893, married Alice Alien, daughter of James W. Alien, August 5, 1929, and lives at
Winfield, Kansas. He also served in the World War. Children: (1) Daniel Robert; and (2) Richard Paul.

George Paul Tucker (2-2-10-4), born December 29, 1898, married Thelma Lydick, daughter of Grant Lydick, November 25, 1929, and
lives at 717 Walnut Avenue, Fairmont. Children: (1) Mary Elizabeth; and (2) Martha Wolcott.

Benjamin Franklin Tucker (2-2-11), born February 20, 1860, married Ellen M. Boord, daughter of Peter Boord, January 7, 1883, and lived
near Fairmont. Both are now deceased. Children: (1) Blanche; and (2) Gabriel Wimer.

Blanche Tucker (2-2-11-1), born January 14, 1884, married Homer Nicholas, August 17, 1907, and lives in Fairmont. Her only child is

Carrie Belle Tucker (2-2-12), born June 20, 1864, married George Raymer Morgan, son of Silas P. Morgan, April 2, 1882, and died in San
Diego, California, in July, 1936. Children: (1) Arda; (2) Earl: (3) Opal; and (4) Beatrice.

page 82

4 ANN WOLCOTT was born on the 7th of February, 1793. She married Boaz Fleming, son of Benoni Fleming, January 12, 1819. (See Chapter XXXV.)

5 WILLIAM WOLCOTT was born in 1795. He died single on the 5th of March, 1825. Elisha D. Barrett, Benoni Fleming, and Alexander Fleming were appointed appraisers of his estate on the 6th of August, 1825. Reuben Wolcott was his administrator.

6 JAMES WOLCOTT was born in September, 1799. For a short time he owned a small parcel of land along the river bank adjacent to his brother Josiah. But he sold this to Thomas Fleming on the 12th of November, 1830, for $32.50. His wife’s name was Lydia. He probably left the state soon after this. No further record of him can be found. Some members of the family think he went to Lancaster, Ohio, but the records there disclose no trace of him.

7 SARAH WOLCOTT was born on the 7th of November, 1804, she married William Nuzum, their marriage bond being dated on the 21st of June, 1823. Their home was at Fairmont. She died on the 13th of October, 1879; her husband, on the 18th of June, 1877, aged 78 years. Children: (1) John; (2) Elias; (3) Joseph; and (4) William F.

John Nuzum (7-1) was born in 1829 and died on the 30th day of May, 1872.

Elias Nuzum (7-2), born July 4, 1833, married Emily S. Marstiller, daughter of Burr P. Marstiller, September 22, 1858, and lived in
Marion County. She died on the 15th of October, 1868. (See 10 below).

Joseph Nuzum lived in Fairmont and had a family. But no record has been obtained of them.

Likewise no record has been secured of William F. Nuzum

8 MATILDA WOLCOTT was born on the 19th of July, 1807. She was deaf from childhood and died on the 25th of September, 1883.

9 PHOEBE WOLCOTT was born on the 3rd of February, 1810. She married John Vansickle, their bond being dated on the 14th of
March, 1829. Their home was at Fairmont. It is said by some members of the family that John Vansickle went to St. Louis where he was em-
ployed by the government in freighting goods across the plains, and that he was killed by the Indians while engaged in this business.
Phoebe Vansickle was burned to death at Fairmont on the 17th of June, 1880, when her clothes caught fire. They had two children: (1) Eliza-
beth; and (2) Anthony.

Elizabeth Vansickle (9-1) was born about 1830. She was married twice. Her last husband was Isaiah Freeland. They were married on the
7th of January, 1865, and lived at Fairmont.

Anthony Vansickle (9-2) was born about 1832. He married Sarah

page 83

Smith in 1875 and lived in Fairmont till his death in August, 1901. Nothing is known as to his family. He was a printer.

10 RACHEL WOLCOTT was born on the 10th of October, 1812. She married Burr P. Marstiller, son of Aaron Marstiller, April 1,
1847. He had been married previously, his first wife having been Elizabeth Freeman, whom he married on the 12th of May, 1835. Rachel
Marstiller died on the 11th of June, 1872; and her husband afterwards, January 23, 1873, married Catharine Taylor.

It appears that this Marstiller family lived at Stewartstown in Monongalia County. He was a marble cutter. In 1884 the heirs of Burr
P. Marstiller sold a small parcel of real estate to Rebecca Cunningham, being named in the deed as follows: Catharine Marstiller, widow, Ann
L. Fleming and Robert J. Fleming, her husband, Elias J. Nuzum and Eleanor C. Nuzum, his wife, Harry F. Nuzum, Eugene B. Nuzum and
Mary E. Nuzum, his wife, Cornelius B. Nuzum, Strother F. Marstiller and Eleanor H. Marstiller, his wife, and Susan F. Danser and William
Danser, her husband. Cornelius B. Nuzum was then in Fayette County, Kentucky. Strother F. Marstiller was in Lewanee County, Michigan.
Eugene B. Nuzum was in Tuskaloosa County, Alabama. The others were in Marion County.

From this it is apparent that Elias Nuzum had married again and that his first wife’s children were Harry F. Nuzum, Eugene B. Nuzum, and
Cornelius B. Nuzum. The marriage records show that Ann Fleming and Emily S. Nuzum were children of the first marriage of Burr P.
Marstiller. Ann was 26 years old when she married Robert J. Fleming, January 31, 1866; and Emily was past 22 when she was married. So
both were too old to be Rachel’s children. This Robert J. Fleming was born in East Hampton County, Massachusetts, and is not one of the
family being considered here.



  1. Hi, a Google search on Mrs. Cornelius Nuzum led me to your blog. I’m wanting to learn more about the writer of the book, The Life of Faith – Mrs. C. Nuzum. She was an Assembly of God missionary to Mexico.

    Do you think this would be the same Cornelius Nuzum as in your blog?

    Kind regards,

    Steve Correll

    Comment by Steve Correll | September 10, 2009 | Reply

    • I have researched about Cornelia Nuzum who wrote the Life of Faith.

      Cornelia Nuzum (1856 – 1942)

      Cornelia Nuzum was born Cornelia Marshall in Greenbrier County, West Virginia on 19th August 1856. She married Staats Nuzum (1858 – 1904) who was of Irish descent.

      In 1911 some years after the death of her husband, she became involved in the Home of Peace in Oakland, California which was run by Carrie Judd Montgomery. She also assisted in weekly divine healing meetings with Mrs Montgomery. She became respected as a writer of articles on faith and healing. From this time through to the 1940s, she was a regular contributor to Mrs Montgomery’s monthly “Triumphs of Faith” journal.
      Mrs Nuzum became known for her devotional writings, many which were published as tracts under the name, Mrs. C. Nuzum. A number were collected into her only book publication, The Life Of Faith, which was released by Gospel Publishing House in 1928. The Life of Faith has become a classic and has remained in print for almost 80 years.

      Mrs. Nuzum was associated with the Assembly of God fellowship from 1914. She was greatly blessed in a ministry of healing which is reflected in many of her tracts. Her particular emphasis was always faith and the blood of Jesus. Her writings also appeared in the Pentecostal Evangel.

      Cornelia Nuzum died on 1st August 1942. She lived the latter part of her life in San Diego, California.

      Richard Ford

      Comment by Richard Ford | July 15, 2010 | Reply

  2. I am so glad to be able to read about my father’s side of the family – William Bowman was my great-grandfather, Grant Bowman was my grandfather and my father was Lynn Dale Bowman.

    Comment by Marilyn (Bowman) Carr | June 19, 2010 | Reply

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