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page 174

REBECCA FLEMING was born on the 7th of October, 1785. She married Samuel Hendricks. Their home was in Marion County, prob­ably near Barrackville. She died on the 24th of October, 1845. The date of her husband’s death is not known. Children: (1) Eliza; (2) Rhoda; and (3) John.


ELIZA HENDRICKS married Thomas Sharp, son of Aaron Sharp, and lived at Worthington, West Virginia. She died about 1852. She had at least four children, but not much can be said about two of them. Members of the family now living mention these four: (1) Thomas Fleming; (2) William G.; (3) Barney; and (4) “Tip”, whose real name is not known.

Thomas Fleming Sharp (1-1), born May 7, 1827, married Josephine Cochran and lived near Worthington. He died on the 22nd of October, 1887. His only child was Sarah E.

Sarah E. Sharp (1-1-1), born April 1, 1852, married John R. Tucker, son of Daniel D. Tucker, June 24, 1875, and lived on Mill Fall Run near Fairmont. She died on the 16th of July, 1887. (For her four children see 2-2-5 in Chapter IV).

William G. Sharp (1-2), born May 3, 1830, married Irene Martin, November 27, 1851, and lived at Worthington. He died on the llth of November, 1912; his wife, on the 25th of August, 1885. Children: (1) Emery; (2) Eliza; (3) Riley Fleming; (4) Taylor; and (5) Frank M.

Emery Sharp (1-2-1), born September 16, 1852, was living a few years ago at 2008 W. 106 Place, Chicago, Illinois.

Eliza Sharp (1-2-2), born September 2, 1854, married James C. Wood on the 1st day of July, 1877, and lived at Worthington. She died on the 4th of November, 1936. Their only child was Eva Leone.

Eva Leone Wood (1-2-2-1) married A. Dow Ireland, September 22, 1901, lives at Worthington, and has no children.

Riley Fleming Sharp (1-2-3), born June 24, 1856, married Alice L. Shore, daughter of Raymond Shore, December 16, 1875, and lived at Worthington. He died on the 26th of December, 1913; his wife, on the 16th of May, 1910. Children: (1) Zella May; (2) Robert A., died in infancy; and (3) William Claude.

Zella May Sharp (1-2-3-1), born December 11, 1876, married William

page 175

E. Stanhagen, son of William Stanhagen, November 21, 1900, and lives at 623 Jamison St., Fairmont. Her only child is Mary Irene.

Mary Irene Stanhagen (1-2-3-1-1), born October 5, 1901, married Joseph Archibald Fleming, son of Archibald Fleming, March 17, 1922, lives in Fairmont, and has one child, Joseph Robert. (See 2-5-5-1 in Chapter V and 4-3 in Chapter XVII.)

William Claude Sharp (1-2-3-3), born April 6, 1881, married Lina Phillips, September 28, 1901. His only child is William Harold.

Taylor Sharp (1-2-4), born January 1, 1859, married Martha A. Mor­gan, July 2, 1882. His only child was Bertie.

Bertie Sharp (1-2-4-1), born July 11, 1886, married Albert Brooks, August 26, 1905.

Frank M. Sharp (1-2-5), born July 2, 1865, married Delia Smith, daughter of Captain John Smith, May 13. 1886. His only child was Opal Gay.

Opal Gay Sharp (1-2-5-1) married Zedekiah C. Talkington, December 30, 1908.

The members of the family who are now living say that Barney Sharp was married and lived in the region of Parkersburg. His wife’s name was Rose. They think that “Tip” Sharp was never married and died in the neighborhood of Worthington.


2 RHODA HENDRICKS was born on the 20th of February, 1812. She married William Willison Conaway, son of John Span Cona­way, February 7, 1828. He died on the 25th of June, 1851; and she after-

page 176

wards, November 27, 1857, married James Everly, who was a soldier in the War of 1812. She died on the 23rd of June, 1899. James Everly died on the 7th of October, 1862. Children: (1) Alfred Franklin Conaway; (2) George Snoderly Conaway; (3) James Everly Conaway; (4) Celia Margaret Conaway; (5) Mary Frances Conaway; (6) Byrum Fleming Conaway; (7) Rebecca Hendricks Conaway; <8> William Sanford Conaway; and (9) Elizabeth Everly.

Alfred Franklin Conaway (2-1), born March 13, 1829, married Elizabeth Clayton, daughter of John Clayton, November 20, 1856, and lived near Mannington. He died on the 11th of April, 1879; his wife, on the 13th of February, 1913. Children: (1) Othelia, died in childhood; (2) David Breckinridge, died in childhood; (3) Margaret, died in childhood; (4) John William, died in childhood; (5) Louise Belle; (6) Edgar Peter; (7) Walter James; and <8 and 9> Benjamin Franklin and Margaret Frances—Margaret Frances died in childhood.

Louisa Belle Conaway (2-1-5), born January 2, 1866, married Henry E. Baker, November 9, 1893, and lives at Mannington. Her husband died on the 10th of January, 1929. Children: (1) Edith May; (2) Mabel Virginia; (3) Harry Conaway, died in infancy; (4) Mary Elizabeth; (5) Sarah Catharine; and (6) Marian Louise.

Edith May Baker (2-1-5-1), born September 6, 1894, married Clyde David Helmick, son of Seldon F. Helmick, October 13, 1919, and lives at Mannington. Children: (1) Malee; and (2) Bee Baker.

Mary Elizabeth Baker (2-1-5-4), born March 15, 1900, married Floyd L. Carlisle, son of John Carlisle, December 23, 1922, and lives at Columbus, Ohio. Her only child is Robert Burch.

Sarah Catharine Baker (2-1-5-5), born January 5, 1902, married Richard L. Carson, son of Edward L. Carson, September 16, 1927, lives at East Liverpool, Ohio, and has one child, Richard Lewis, Jr.

Marian Louise Baker (2-1-5-6), born November 17, 1904, married Edwin J. McCarnes, son of Edwin C. McCarnes, October 5, 1928, lives at Mannington, and has no children.

Edgar Peter Conaway (2-1-6), born July 20, 1867, married Olive M. Elliott, daughter of George F. Elliott, April 10, 1901, and lives at Mannington. His only daughter is Leila Grace.

Leila Grace Conaway (2-1-6-1), born August 22, 1906, married Arnold G. Oettmeier, son of Nick Oettmeier, June 13, 1936, and lives in Wheeling.

Walter James Conaway (2-1-7), born December 8, 1869, died single on the 13th of April, 1928.

Benjamin Franklin Conaway (2-1-8), born December 21, 1877, is single and is a practicing physician at Mannington.

George Snoderly Conaway (2-2), born December 13, 1830, served in the Civil War. He married Christina Fortner, daughter of Nathan Fortner, and lived at Barrackville. His death occurred on the 20th of Octo-

page 177

ber, 1902. His wife died on the 13th of October, 1900. Children: (1) William, died in infancy; (2) Edward, died in infancy; (3) James Reed; (4) Celia Frances; (5) Rebecca Ellen; (6) Thomas Jefferson; (7) Rhoda Edith; <8> George Nathan; and (9) Nora Virginia.

James Reed Conaway (2-2-3), born July 5, 1854, married Sarah Bowman, daughter of Louis Bowman, November 20, 1887, and lived at Barrackville. He died on the 23rd of April, 1928; his wife, on the 6th of November, 1904. Children: (1 and 2) Mary Martha and Elizabeth; and (3) George.

Mary Martha Conaway (2-2-3-1), born August 9, 1889, married Robert E. L. Perrine, son of Samuel Perrine, November 6, 1913, and lives at Barrackville. Children: (1) Ruth Elizabeth; (2) Virginia Lee; and (3) Robert.

Virginia Lee Perrine (2-2-3-1-2), born May 16, 1917, married Marvin Francis Wilson, June 11, 1935.

Elizabeth Conaway (2-2-3-2), born August 9, 1889, married Lloyd Stewart, son of Martin Stewart, September 25, 1918, lives at Monongah, and has no children.

George Conaway (2-2-3-3) has been married twice. His last wife was Ethel Mason. He lives at Ambler, Pennsylvania. Children: (1) Ruth; (2) George; (3) Betty Arleen; and (4) Robert Reed.

Celia Frances Conaway (2-2-4), born May 8, 1859, married John Coleman Fleming, son of Alfred Fleming, April 24, 1879. (See 1 in Chapter XXXVII.)

Rebecca Ellen Conaway (2-2-5), born about 1860, married Frank Ridgely, son of William Ridgely, December 20, 1886, and lived in Fairmont. She died several years ago. Her husband died on the 14th of August, 1934. Children: (1) Harold; and (2) William.

Thomas Jefferson Conaway (2-2-6), born November 25, 1862, married Rosa Kinney, daughter of Patrick Kinney, September 2, 1886, and lived at Barrackville. He died on the 7th of November, 1939; his wife, in 1920. Children: (1) Robert Girstell; and (2) Pansy, died in childhood.

Robert Girstell Conaway (2-2-6-1), born April 27, 1889, married Edith Pearl Nims, daughter of Minor Nims, July 14, 1917, and lives at Terra Alta. He served in the World War. No children.

Rhoda Edith Conaway (2-2-7), born about 1867, married Donald Dougan, December 2, 1890, and lives at 720 Locust Avenue, Fairmont. Her only child is Nelle.

George Nathan Conaway (2-2-8), born April 4, 1870, married Catharine Postlewait, daughter of John B. Postlewait, March 21, 1897, and lives at Barrackville. Children: (1) Mary Christina, died in infancy; and (2) Joseph Herman.

Joseph Herman Conaway (2-2-8-2), born April 15, 1900, married

page 178

Beulah Newbraugh, daughter of Otto Newbraugh, September 8, 1923, and lives at Barrackville. His only child is Joseph Herman, Jr.

Nora Virginia Conaway (2-2-9), born March 10, 1872, married George W. Ice, son of Andrew Ice, October 10, 1895, and lived in Fairmont till her death on the 13th of July, 1928. Children: (1) Joseph Earl, died in infancy; (2) Herschel Conaway; and (3) Helen Christine, died in infancy.

Herschel Conaway Ice (2-2-9-2), born January 12, 1900, served in the World War. He married Genevieve Stephens, daughter of Benjamin Stephens, October 14, 1924, and lives at 617 Walnut Ave., Fairmont. Children: (1) Emily Ellen; and (2) Robert Stephens.

James Everly Conaway (2-3), born June 30, 1833, was a major in the Confederate army. He married Maranda Ice, daughter of William Bayles Ice, May 8, 1852. She died on the 31st of July, 1901; and he afterwards married Louisa Kennedy. He died on the 19th of November, 1910. Children: (1) Theresa; (2) Thomas Franklin; (3) Calvin David; (4) Mary Helen; (5) James; (6) Musa Bernice; (7) Nellie Jane; and <8> Lloyd Kennedy.

Theresa Conaway (2-3-1), born January 9, 1855, married Samuel Smith Dunn, son of Dr. Thomas Dunn, April 3, 1878. Samuel S. Dunn served with a Missouri regiment in the Confederate army. They lived at Barrackville. She died on the 16th of February, 1935; her husband, on the 17th of July, 1906. Her only child is Ida Conaway.

Ida Conaway Dunn (2-3-1-1), born March 1, 1879, married Clyde Hayes, son of Horatio Hayes, April 2, 1902, and lives at Barrackville. (See 7-2-6 in Chapter XI.)

Thomas Franklin Conaway (2-3-2), born November 23, 1856, married Georgianna Robison, daughter of James Z. Robison, January 27, 1884, and lived at Barrackville. He died on the 20th of January, 1934. His widow was living at Barrackville in 1937. Children: (1) James Lawrence; (2) Harry Amos; and (3) Oscar Robison.

James Lawrence Conaway (2-3-2-1), born October 26, 1887, married Enola Wagner, daughter of Summers Wagner, June 7, 1917, and lives at Barrackville. Children: (1) James Thomas; (2) Calvin; and (3) Mary Susan, died in infancy.

Harry Amos Conaway (2-3-2-2), born May 17, 1892, married Thelma A. Ely, daughter of O. R. Ely, May 7, 1920, and lives at Barrackville. Children: (1) Harry Robert; (2) Frank Howard; (3) Jack Ely; and (4) Fred Carroll.

Oscar Robison Conaway (2-3-2-3), born November 4, 1899, married Helen Atha, daughter of Gordon Atha, December 16, 1920. For his second wife he married Glenoka Alberta Drummond, daughter of Lommond J. Drummond, and lives at Barrackville. His only child is William Atha.

Calvin David Conaway (2-3-3), born August 3, 1864, married Clara Hunter, daughter of Joseph Hunter, February 21, 1886, and lived near

page 179

Barrackville. In 1912 he was elected sheriff of Marion County and in 1918 became a member of the County Court of that county. He died on the 15th of August, 1936; his wife, on the 18th of September, 1923. Children: (1) Olive Blanche, died single at 21; and (2) Nannie Maranda.

Nannie Maranda Conaway (2-3-3-2), born July 16, 1891, married Arch F. Sandy, son of Frank Sandy, December 6, 1911, and lives near Barrackville. Children: (1) William Calvin; and (2) Archie Francis.

William Calvin Sandy (2-3-3-2-1), born April 3, 1913, married Velma Margaret Miller, daughter of Marion S. Miller, November 26, 1932, lives near Fairmont on rural route No. 1, and has one child, Mary Sue. (See 3-10-6 in Chapter V.)

Mary Helen Conaway (2-3-4), born January 14, 1867, married Brooks Floyd, son of Robert Floyd, February 8, 1890, and lived at Barrackville. She died on the 12th of October, 1921; her husband, on the 25th of June, 1917. Children: (1) Oolah; and (2) Ruby.

Oolah Floyd (2-3-4-1), born April 17, 1892, married Ernest Bales, son of Enoch G. Bales, April 13, 1916, and lives at Barrackville. Children: (1) Betty Lee; (2) William Brooks; and (3) James E.

Ruby Floyd (2-3-4-2), born May 30, 1894, married Charles M. Charlton, son of W. B. Charlton, April 4, 1918, and lives at Mannington. Children: (1) Mary Jeane; and (2) Charles Morton.

James Conaway (2-3-5), born April 5, 1871, is single and lives at Barrackville.

Musa Bernice Conaway (2-3-6), born April 19, 1873, married Edgar L. Tennant, son of Milton Tennant, February 13, 1905, and lives at Barrackville. Her husband died on the 24th of March, 1924. Children: (1) Edwin Conaway; (2) James Milton; (3) Robert Henry; and (4) Thomas Etley.

Nellie Jane Conaway (2-3-7), born June 15, 1878, married Jesse T. Roberts, son of David Roberts, August 31, 1904, and lived at Mannington till her death on the 2nd of December, 1937. Her only child is Virginia.

Lloyd Kennedy Conaway <2-3-8>, born September 28, 1902, married Katherine Emerick, November 8, 1925, and lives in Fairmont. Children: (1) Julia Katherine; and (2) Sandra Lou.

Celia Margaret Conaway (2-4), born September 29, 1835, married James M. Burgess, May 6, 1869, and lived at Barrackville. She died on the 13th of August, 1881; her husband, on the 1st of January, 1879. Children: (1) Mary; (2) Carrie, died in childhood; and (3) James, died in childhood.

Mary Burgess (2-4-1), born February 10, 1871, married Thomas Hair son of James Hair, March 10, 1889, and lived in Fairmont. She died several years ago. Children: (1) Maude; (2) Marie; (3) Carroll; and (4) Maxine.

page 180

Mary Frances Conaway (2-5) went south during the Civil War and was never heard from afterwards.

Byrum Fleming Conaway (2-6), born December 31, 1837, married Rebecca Clayton, daughter of Ezekiel Clayton, December 18, 1858, and lived at Barrackville. He served in the Union army during the Civil War. His death occurred on the 28th of February, 1876. His wife died on the 8th of October, 1876. Children: (1) Mary Alice; (2) William Hendricks; (3) Emma Virginia; (4) Carrie Millan, died young; (5) Fannie Kerr, died in childhood; (6) Lucy, died single in 1924; and (7) Bessie, died in infancy.

Mary Alice Conaway (2-6-1), born May 28, 1860, married Milton C. Hood, son of Alfred Hood, November 28, 1878. He died on the 26th of October, 1919; and she afterwards, September 13, 1922, married Harvey J. Middleton and lives at Barrackville. Children: (1) Delia Kate; (2) Alfred Fleming, died in infancy; and (3) Dorothy Ice.

Delia Kate Hood (2-6-1-1), born September 3, 1879, married Joseph Wullenschneider in 1908 and lives at Coffeyville, Kansas. Children: (1) Joseph Benjamin; and (2) William Hood.

Dorothy Ice Hood (2-6-1-3), born May 18, 1894, married Otto Schauffner, May 30, 1913, and lives at Rivesville. Children: (1) Ottola Virginia; (2) John Alfred; (3) David Milton; and (4) Mary Catharine.

William Hendricks Conaway (2-6-2), born March 22, 1863, married Anna Horan, daughter of Michael Horan, and lived in Wheeling. He died on the 4th of October, 1906. His widow afterwards married a Sullivan and lives at 407 Monroe St., Fairmont. Children: (1) John; (2) Joseph; (3) James; (4) Raymond; (5) Bryan; and (6) Charles Earl.

John Conaway (2-6-2-1) is now deceased.
Joseph Conaway (2-6-2-2) No record.
James Conaway (2-6-2-3) No record.

Raymond Conaway (2-6-2-4) married Burl Smith and lived at Sheridan, Pa. He died without children when he was about 20.

Bryan Conaway (2-6-2-5) was married and was in Detroit a few years ago.

Charles Earl Conaway (2-6-2-6), born July 4, 1899, is single (1941) and lives at 811 Davis Ave., McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania.

Emma Virginia Conaway (2-6-3), born June 10, 1866, married Noah William Brown. They had no children. Afterwards she married Henry Homer, son of Nicholas Homer. He died on the 12th of November, 1931. She lives at 366 Central Ave., Newark, Ohio. Children: (1) Joseph Boyd; and (2) Kathleen.

Joseph Boyd Homer (2-6-3-1), born July 10, 1898, married Eva I. Johnson, daughter of Daniel Johnson, April 20, 1921, and lives at Newark. Children: (1) Dorothy Jean; and (2) Patricia Lee.

Kathleen Homer (2-6-3-2), born January 13, 1905, married E. L.

page 181

Henry, son of John Henry, May 26, 1924, lives at Steubenville, Ohio, and has one child, Robert Lawrence.

Rebecca Hendricks Conaway (2-7), born March 26, 1840, married William C. Parker, son of John D. Parker, March 15, 1857. He was a captain in the Union army. They lived on Big Paw Paw Creek in Marion County. She died on the 10th of October, 1932; her husband, on the 30th of April, 1921. Children: (1) Milly G., died in infancy; (2) Rhoda Annis; (3 and 4) Eli Sigel and Joseph S.; (5) Ida E.; (6) Martha Virginia; (7) Cora Jane; <8> William C., died young; (9) John S., died in infancy; (10) Hester, died in infancy; (11) Abbie Belle; and (12) Addie Lessie.

Rhode Annis Parker (2-7-2), born February 23, 1860, married Elias S. Amos, son of Edgar W. Amos, December 25, 1879, and lived in Fairmont till her death on the 16th of February, 1940. Her husband died on the 8th of December, 1916. Children: (1) Elsie Ola; (2) Curtis Edgar; (3) Frank Rezin; and (4) Paul Emery.

Elsie Ola Amos (2-7-2-1), born August 24, 1882, married Dr. Claude L. Holland, son of Charles Holland, October 28, 1903, and lives at 420 Locust Avenue, Fairmont. Children: (1) Eugene Amos; and (2) Mary Edith.

Eugene Amos Holland (2-7-2-1-1), born May 19, 1905, married Mary Becker, daughter of Peter Backer, lives in Fairmont, and has no children.

Mary Edith Holland (2-7-2-1-2), born June 20, 1911, married Raleigh Lee Stubbs, lives in Fairmont, and has no children.

Curtis Edgar Amos (2-7-2-2), born June 28, 1887, married Beryl Morgan, daughter of Lloyd Morgan, August 2, 1922, and lives at 801 Locust Ave., Fairmont. He served in the World War and is an attorney. Children: (1) Elsie Beryl; (2) Robert: and (3) Elizabeth Ann.

Frank Rezin Amos (2-7-2-3), born April 15, 1890, married Katheryn Donham, daughter of Lloyd Donham, August 15, 1915, and lives in Fairmont, where he is associated with his brother in the practice of law. He served one term as prosecuting attorney of Marion County. Children: (1) John Donham; and (2) Mary Katheryn.

Paul Emery Amos (2-7-2-4), born February 6, 1894, married Madonna Cans, daughter of George G. Gans, July 25, 1919, and lives in Fairmont. He served in the World War. No children.

Eli Sigel Parker (2-7-3), born April 9, 1862, married Clara Ice, daughter of Andrew Ice, December 19, 1885. She died on the 23rd of March, 1896; and he afterwards married Maude Clayton. He died at Philippi about 1935. Children: (1) Daisy; (2) Charles S.; (3) Hartigan; and (4) Daughter.

Daisy Parker (2-7-3-1) married William Burner and lives at Philippi, West Virginia. She has several children.

Joseph Parker (2-7-4), born April 9, 1862, married Virginia West,

page 182

daughter of James West, January 1, 1887, and lived at Fairmont till his death on the 17th of June, 1937. His only child was H. Wilbur.

H. Wilbur Parker (2-7-4-1) married Laura Meiggs and lived in Fair­mont till his death in 1941. He left one son.

Ida E. Parker (2-7-5), born September 27, 1864, married Cyrus Hall, March 23, 1884, and lives at Fairview. Children: (1) Linnie Foster; and (2) Hattie Rebecca.

Linnie Foster Hall (2-7-5-1), born August 29, 1887, married Edward J. McKinley, son of Jonathan McKinley, June 2, 1907, and lives in Parkersburg. Her only child is Evelyn Louise, who married a Schneider.

Hattie Rebecca Hall (2-7-5-2), born July 12, 1893, married William S. Swiger, son of Ahijah Swiger, December 25, 1919, and lives at Fairview. Children: (1) Richard William, deceased; and (2) Ruth Hall.

Martha Virginia Parker (2-7-6), born August 18, 1867, married Columbus C. Talbott, November 15, 1893, and lived near Philippi till her death on the 1st of July, 1907. Her only child was Forest Fred, who is now (1941) in Philadelphia.

Cora Jane Parker (2-7-7), born February 14, 1870, married Percy B. Henry, September 6, 1899, and lives at 706 Gaston Ave., Fairmont. Children: (1) Lucille; and (2) Percy Byron.

Lucille Henry (2-7-7-1), born September 29, 1900, married Felix Robinson and lives at Oakland, Maryland. Children: (1) Ariel; (2) Heather; and (3) Muriel.

Percy Byron Henry (2-7-7-2), born in 1907, married Rebecca J. Ridgely, October 10, 1941.

Abbie Belle Parker (2-7-11), born April 11, 1880, married Charles Toothman, son of Christopher Toothman, March 4, 1904, and lives at Baxter. Children: (1) Rebecca Ruth, died in infancy; (2) Charles Al­bert; (3) Lessie Corrinne; (4) William Christopher; (5) Paul Henry; (6) Jesse Ray; (7) Elsie Olive, died in infancy; and <8> Alma Isabel.

Charles Albert Toothman (2-7-11-2), born April 8, 1906, married Nila Godby, daughter of Gail Godby, March 8, 1926, and lives in Marion County. Children: (1) Paul Albert; (2) Blanche Elizabeth; (3) Kathryn Louise; and (4) Melba Corine.

William Christopher Toothman (2-7-11-4), born February 28, 1910, married Louise Carpenter, July 4, 1933, lives near Fairmont on rural route No. 2, and has one child, William Donald.

Paul Henry Toothman (2-7-11-5), born October 10, 1912, married Mabal Mayfield, daughter of George Mayfield, November 5, 1932, and lives in Marion County. Children: (1) Dewayne; (2) George Marshall; (3) Cora Isabel; and (4) Malissa Blanche, deceased.

Alma Isabel Toothman <2-7-11-8>, born October 28, 1919, married Edward Rutherford, April 17, 1937, and lives at Watson.

Addie Lessie Parker (2-7-12), born March 14, 1880, married John


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