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Chapter 4 Jane Wolcott, Daughter of Mary and Matthew Fleming, part 1

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JANE FLEMING was born in Delaware on the 6th of December, 1767. She married Reuben Wolcott, a son of Joseph and Rachel (Bowen) Wolcott, February 5, 1786. Reuben was born on the 5th of February, 1761. It is likely that he was a descendant of that Henry Wolcott who came from England in the “Mary and John” in 1630 to Dorchester, Massachusetts.

Reuben Wolcott purchased 76 acres of land of Thomas Barns, the deed being made to him on the 15th of May, 1799. It may be, however, that he had located on this land when he first came from Delaware. Such was the common practice in those days. It was part of the land that was granted to Thomas Barns by patent on the 26th of December, 1795. The land had been surveyed for Barns long before that. What is now Coal Run was the dividing line between Boaz Fleming and Reuben Wolcott. The distance from a white oak at the upper corner down Coal Run to the river is given as 89 poles. From a sycamore on the river bank at the mouth of the run up the river to the David Morgan line (Benoni Fleming’s land) was 190 poles[1].

He disposed of this land in parcels. His son Josiah got a portion of it in 1820, and another son, James, 2-1/2 acres in 1830. He sold Samuel Jackson 5 acres in 1820 for $80.00. In 1833 he conveyed to Richard Patterson one acre and ninety-six poles at the extreme northwest corner of his tract. It was on this small parcel that Richard Patterson made his home. The deed says it was on Bell’s Run. In 1835 Octavius Ray­mond got 4-1/2 acres from the northeastern part for $45.00. Benjamin Fleming and Simon Shore paid him $5.00 for a half acre near the end of Washington Street in 1836. The remainder of the tract was acquired by William Nuzum on the 6th of April, 1838.

Reuben Wolcott also owned 93-1/2 acres in Harrison County. This he sold to David Cunningham in 1828.

Jane Wolcott died on the 15th of September, 1838; her husband, on the 3rd of August, 1854. Children: (1) Elizabeth; (2) Josiah; (3) Mary, died in childhood; (4) Ann; (5) William; (6) James; (7) Sarah; <8> Matilda; (9) Phoebe; and (10) Rachel.

1 ELIZABETH WOLCOTT was born on the 12th day of January, 1787. She married Joshua Hedges King, a son of Samuel and Sarah Hedges King, January 19, 1809. He was born on the 18th of October, 1779. They lived at White Rocks in what is now Marion

[1] For those unfamiliar a pole is defined as 16.5 feet legally, also called a perch or rod. Chains were the old standard surveyor measure, a chain being 66 feet. Each chain was divided into links, 25 of which made 1 pole or rod. 4 pole or 100 links make a chain. 320 poles make a mile. An acre is 160 poles square. And for horse race fans, 10 poles make a furlong, or 1/32nd of a mile. This surveying standard was established in 1620 and used in metes and bound surveying for many decades. In European surveys a pole was also called a lance.

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County. She died on the 4th of April, 1866; her husband, on the 10th of April, 1863. Children: (1) Jane Frame; (2) Sarah Hedges; (3) William Wolcott; (4) John M. King; (5) Thomas Dunn; (6) Mary Ann; (7) Maria, died in childhood; <8> Elizabeth; and (9) Dorcas Leaper.


Jane Frame King (1-1), born December 25, 1809, married Thomas Holbert, son of Michael Holbert, April 14, 1856, and lived in Marion County. She died on the 29th of September, 1885; her husband, on the 6th of March, 1857. No children.

Sarah Hedges King (1-2), born June 13, 1812, married Samuel Holbert, son of William and Jane Evans Holbert, September 17, 1835. He was born on the 30th of January, 1812. They lived in Marion County. She died on the 21st of March, 1875; her husband, on the 28th of February, 1866. Children: (1) William Buckley; (2) John King; (3) Jane Eleanor; (4) Frances Helen; (5) Mary Matilda; (6 and 7) Joshua Hedges and Reuben Wolcott; and <8> George Leslie.

William Buckley Holbert (1-2-1), born July 12, 1836, married Margaret Nixon, daughter of Samuel P. Nixon, May 25, 1862, and lived at Monongah. He died on the 22nd of July, 1919; his wife on the 20th of December, 1926. Children: (1) Samuel Ray; (2) John Thomas (3) Ida Belle; (4) Rosa Ellen; (5) Lucy Jane; (6) Sarah Elizabeth; and (7) William Walter.

Samuel Ray Holbert (1-2-1-1), born May 24, 1863, married Zana B. Janes, daughter of Robert Janes, August 27, 1891, and lives in Fairmont. His wife died on the 15th of September, 1913. Children: (1) Nellie Mildred, died in childhood; (2) Irene Margaret; (3) Hayward James (4) Carroll Nixon; (5) Edith Elizabeth; and (6) Robert Trawin, deceased.

Irene Margaret Holbert (1-2-1-1-2), born January 16, 1895, married George W. Lieving, son of Charles Lieving, March 6, 1920 lives at Monongah, and has no children.

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Hayward James Holbert (1-2-1-1-3), born February 11, 1900, was in New York City in 1931.

Carroll Nixon Holbert (1-2-1-1-4), born April 24, 1903, married Helen Irene Jolliffe, daughter of Charles Jolliffe, October 13, 1923, and lives
in Fairmont. Children: (1) Suzanne; and (2) James Carroll.

Edith Elizabeth Holbert (1-2-1-1-5), born July 30, 1906, married H. J. Ross, September 6, 1927.

John Thomas Holbert (1-2-1-2), born November 2, 1865, is single and lives in San Diego, California.

Ida Belle Holbert (1-2-1-3), born June 24, 1867, married Flavius J. Pepper, son of Thomas Pepper, June 28, 1893, and lives at Salem, West
Virginia. Children: (1) Harold Dever; and (2) Doris Elizabeth.

Doris Elizabeth Pepper (1-2-1-3-2), born July 7, 1900, married Troy Everett Davis, son of Freeman Davis, June 16, 1920, and lives at Salem,
West Virginia. Children: (1) Rosalee; and (2) Kenneth Harold.

Rosa Ellen Holbert (1-2-1-4), born June 3, 1869, married James J. Thomas, son of John R. Thomas, May 19, 1897, and lives at Baxter
Springs, Kansas. Children: (1) Lewellyn Holbert; (2) Margaret Anna; (3) James J.; and (4) Ruth.

Lucy Jane Holbert (1-2-1-5), born January 1, 1872, married Jeter Weeks, son of S. L. Weeks, December 26, 1906, and lives at Mannington.
Children: (1) Thomas Hunter; (2) William Holbert; and (3) Dorothy Lois.

Sarah Elizabeth Holbert (1-2-1-6), born February 15, 1875, is single and lives at San Diego.

William Walter Holbert (1-2-1-7), born June 21, 1878, married Naomi Snyder, daughter of Enoch Snyder, December 16, 1903, and lives at
Philippi, West Virginia. Children: (1) John Lester; (2) Eugene; and (3) Margaret.

John Lester Holbert (1-2-1-7-1), born April 20, 1905, married Ruth Zinn, daughter of E. D. Zinn, August 9, 1927, and lives at Philippi,
West Virginia.

John King Holbert (1-2-2), born March 14, 1838, married Phoebe Jane Garlow, daughter of Alfred Garlow, September 15, 1870, and lived
at Monongah. He died on the 15th of June, 1913; his wife, on the 1st of June, 1915. Children: (1) Sarah; (2) Frances Helen; and (3) Georgia

Sarah Holbert (1-2-2-1), born June 24, 1871, married Bruce Wyckoff, December 30, 1890, and lived at Monongah till her death on the 29th of
October, 1892. Her only child was John Cleon.

John Cleon Wyckoff (1-2-2-1-1), born October 19, 1891, married Hattie Pople, daughter of E. P. Pople, July 8, 1916, and lives at Fairmont. No children.

Frances Helen Holbert (1-2-2-2), born August 22, 1875, married

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Thomas Esketh, son of Henry Esketh, December 22, 1897, and lives at Monongah. Her husband died on the 7th of February, 1925. Children:

(1) Merlin Holbert, died in childhood; and (2) Joseph Noel.

Joseph Noel Esketh* (1-2-2-2-2), born August 17, 1903, married Claire Beeler, daughter of M. A. Beeler, April 5, 1926, and lives at
Syracuse, New York.

Georgia May Holbert (1-2-2-3), born May 3, 1880, married Harley Davis, son of Lee Davis, September 3, 1899, and lived at Monongah till

her death on the 20th of July, 1906. Children: (1) Pauline O.; and (2) Margaret Frances.

Margaret Frances Davis (1-2-2-3-2), born August 4, 1901, married Hial Utterback, son of Steve Utterback, December 5, 1918, and lives at
Grafton. Her only child is Georgia Leon.

Jane Eleanor Holbert (1-2-3), born May 25, 1840, married Thomas Vincent, son of Edward Vincent, January 1, 1861. He was killed in the
Civil War in 1862. She died on the 24th of August, 1881. No children.

Frances Helen Holbert (1-2-4), born November 22, 1842, married Benjamin F. Shaver, son of William Shaver, November 3, 1864, and
lived near Monongah. She died on the 14th of April, 1923; her husband, on the 30th of March, 1910. Children: (1) Carrie Delphia; (2) William
Isaac; (3) Rose Holbert; (4) Hustead Brownfield; and (5) Thomas Russell.

Carrie Delphia Shaver (1-2-4-1), born September 27, 1865, married Patrick H. Flaherty, son of Patrick Flaherty, September 20, 1891, and
lived at Monongah. She died on the 27th of October, 1910; her husband, in June, 1928. Children: (1) Anna Lenora; (2) Frances; (3) Virginia
Rose; and (4) Amy Lowena.

Anna Lenora Flaherty (1-2-4-1-1), born April 15, 1893, married Walter S. Perry, son of George W. Perry, and lives in Charleston, West
Virginia. Children: (1) Alice Virginia; and (2) Pattie Ann.

Frances Flaherty (1-2-4-1-2), born March 30, 1895, married Dr. J. W. Fernely and has no children.

Virginia Rose Flaherty (1-2-4-1-3) married Charles McNabb, son of Dr. Charles McNabb, of Knoxville, Tennessee, and has one child, Dorothy Lee.

Amy Lowena Flaherty (1-2-4-1-4) married Captain George Morton McDonald, August 7, 1922, lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and has no

William Isaac Shaver (1-2-4-2), born March 21, 1868, married Malinda Boggess, daughter of James W. Boggess, in 1894, and lived at Monongah.
(See 2-4-7 in the Alexander Fleming family.)

Rose Holbert Shaver (1-2-4-3), born August 21, 1873, married

* Here is a second child of a second for four generations. Another one Is Fannie
Fay Rogerson in the Hamilton family.

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George Cook Stone, son of Selden S. Stone, October 3, 1895, and lives at Belpre, Ohio. Children: (1) Frances Victoria; (2) Edith Elizabeth;
and (3) George Selden.

Frances Victoria Stone (1-2-4-3-1), born July 10, 1896, married D. Raymond Rogers, son of Ferdinand Rogers, in February, 1918, and lives
at Lumberport, West Virginia. Children: (1) George Ferdinand; (2) Roseann; and (3) D. Raymond.

Edith Elizabeth Stone (1-2-4-3-2), born March 28, 1898, married Howard Fleming McTaggert, son of Alexander McTaggert, June 25,
1924, lives at Vincent, Ohio, and has one child, Jane Eleanor.

George Selden Stone (1-2-4-3-3), born May 30, 1900, married Dorothy Dee Curry, daughter of Edward Curry, June 4, 1924, and lived at Park-
ersburg till his death on the 18th of May, 1926. His only child is George Cook.

Hustead Brownfield Shaver (1-2-4-4), born August 17, 1877, married Gettie Gather, daughter of Robert Willa Gather, October 11, 1905, and
lives at Elkins, West Virginia. Children: (1) Robert Benjamin; and (3) Mary Frances.

Thomas Russell Shaver (l-2-4-5) died single in 1920.

Mary Matilda Holbert (1-2-5), born in 1846, died single in 1928.

Joshua Hedges Holbert (1-2-6), born February 20, 1850, married Mary M. Manley, daughter of Harrison Manley, September 5, 1878, and
lives at Monongah. His wife died on the 27th of June, 1919. Children:

(1) Charles Manley; (2) Annie Virginia, died at 16; and (3) Lawrence Grove.

Charles Manley Holbert (1-2-6-1), born December 29, 1881, married Eunice M. Saunders, daughter of James W. Saunders, January 4, 1911, and lives at Twin Bridges, Montana. Children: (1) Howard Saunders; (2) James Millard; and (3) Eunice Mildred.

Lawrence Grove Holbert (1-2-6-3), born September 28, 1883, was single and was living in Fairmont in 1931.

Reuben Wolcott Holbert (1-2-7), born February 20, 1850, married Helen Virginia Shaver, daughter of William Shaver, January 18, 1877,
and lived near Fairmont till his death on the 14th of August, 1911. His widow was living in Fairmont in 1931. Children: (1) Samuel Burton;
(2) Josina Shaver, died single; (3) Edward Fletcher; and (4) Albert Sidney.

Samuel Burton Holbert (1-2-7-1), born December 8, 1877, is married and lives at 2002 West First Ave., Spokane, Washington.

Edward Fletcher Holbert (1-2-7-3), born January 30, 1881, married Lucy Haymond, daughter of Judge William S. Haymond, November 8,
1911, and lives in Fairmont: Children: (1) Agnes Helen; (2) Mary Haymond; and (3) Ann Franklin.

Albert Sidney Holbert (1-2-7-4), born January 21, 1886, married

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Adell Cooper, daughter of James E. Cooper, January 6, 1912, and lived at Newton, Kansas. He died on the 27th of April, 1937. Children: (1)
Albert Sidney; and (2) Helen Virginia.

George Leslie Holbert (1-2-8), born August 23, 1854, married Mary Ross, daughter of Henry Ross, November 16, 1882, and lived at Dale-
ville, Indiana. He died on the 12th of April, 1929. Children: (1) Harry L., died at 8; and (2) James Ransom.

James Ransom Holbert (1-2-8-2), born July 18, 1890, married Bertha Roberts, daughter of Dr. W. Z. Roberts, June 21, 1916, and lives at
Bloomington, Illinois, where he is a corn expert. Children: (1) Ruth Marie and (2) James Roberts.

William Wolcott King (1-3), born July 23, 1814, married Roanna Cooper, daughter of Hiram and Nancy Cummings Cooper, May 21, 1835.
She was born on the 3rd of January, 1814. They lived near Buckhannon, West Virginia. He died on the 25th of December, 1890; his wife, on the
25th of May, 1880. Children: (1) Joshua James; (2) Cyrus Bristol; (3) Elizabeth; (4) John Rufus; (5) Hiram Cooper; (6) Alice; and (7)
Ulysses Willey.


Joshua James King (1-3-1), born February 21, 1836, gave his allegiance to the North during the Civil War period, while two of his
brothers went into the Confederate Army. Joshua James was in Company H, 17th W. Va. Infantry. He married Anarah Kendall, daughter
of Zebedee Kendall, December 10, 1857, and lived near Mannington, West Virginia. He died on the 12th of March, 1905; his wife, on the
23rd of April, 1911. Children: (1) William Zebedee, died in childhood; (2) Frances May, single; (3) Joseph Lee; (4) Cornelius Ulysses; (5)
Lawrence Ellsworth; and (6) Cora Samantha, died single on the 30th of January, 1919.

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Joseph Lee King (1-3-1-3), born September 17, 1861, married Philena Wilfong, April 2, 1892, and lives at Coolville, Ohio. No children.

Cornelius Ulysses King (1-3-1-4), born September 16, 1864, is not married and lives at Jackson, Ohio, rural route No. 3.

Lawrence Ellsworth King (1-3-1-5), born May 2, 1868, married Flora Belle McMelleon, daughter of George Washington McMelleon, February
14, 1895, and lived at Jackson, Ohio. He died on the 13th of November, 1933. Children: (1) Cosby Blanche; and (2) Ralph Ernest, born July
20, 1899, died single May 30, 1928.


Cosby Blanche King (1-3-1-5-1), born November 23, 1895, lives near Jackson, Ohio, on rural route No. 2.

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Cyrus Bristol King (1-3-2), born December 5, 1838, went with John Rufus to Warm Springs, Virginia, where they both enlisted in the Con-
federate Army on the 17th of May, 1863, and both served till the end of the war. Cyrus Bristol was severely wounded “in the Valley of
Death” and was taken prisoner. He was exchanged in 1864, but remained in the South till the war was over. He married Rachel Rebecca
Matheny, May 1, 1878, lived near Buckhannon, West Virginia, and had no children. He died on the 27th of February, 1920; his wife, on the
18th of November, 1905.

Elizabeth King (1-3-3), born August 25, 1840, married Samuel K. Nelson, son of Elijah Nelson, June 4, 1864, and lived at Horton, West Virginia.
She died on the 25th day of March, 1924; her husband, on the 23rd day of September, 1924. Children: (1) Roanna Ella; (2) William Ulysses,
born June 5, 1869, died July 15, 1876; (3) Martin Harper; (4) Minnie May; (5) Samuel Kincaid, died in childhood; (6) John Edward Kincaid;
(7) Isaac Jay; and <8> Warren Vernon.

Roanna Ella Nelson (1-3-3-1), born November 4, 1866, married Joseph Elza, son of Solomon Elza, and lived at Horton, West Virginia,
till her death on the 5th day of December, 1900. No children.

Martin Harper Nelson (1-3-3-3), born February 9, 1871, married Rosa Flynn Day, and lives at Glady, West Virginia. -Children: (1) Edna
Elizabeth; (2) Daily Lue; (3) Luvella; (4) Margaret; and (5, 6 and 7)* Minnie May, Mona Jane, and Mabel—Mabel died in infancy.

Edna Elizabeth Nelson (1-3-3-3-1), born December 6, 1905, married John Kerns, son of Job Kerns, December 24, 1928, lives at Glady, West
Virginia, and has one child, Julia Jean.

Minnie May Nelson (1-3-3-4), born December 20, 1873, married Dewitt Clinton Gatewood, son of John Gatewood, January 25, 1889, and lives at Glady, West Virginia. Children: (1) Chloe May, died in infancy; (2) William Nathan; (3) Russie; (4) Sidney Fleming; and (5) Charles Henry, born May 10, 1897, died single October 17, 1918.

William Nathan Gatewood (1-3-3-4-2), born June 6, 1891, married Hassie Wymer, daughter of Sylverius Wymer, July 3, 1919, and lives at Glady, West Virginia. Children: (1) Virginia; (2) Dewitt Clinton; (3) Martha May; (4) Wilma; and (5) Bonnie Lou.

Russie Gatewood (1-3-3-4-3), born July 15, 1893, married Arthur Semones, son of Joshua Semones, July 5, 1909, and lives at Elkins, West
Virginia. Children: (1) John Gatewood; (2) Mary Geneva; (3) Opal, died in childhood; (4) William Arthur; (5) Lona Virginia; (6) Alice
Rosalie; (7) Sidney Carl; <8> Roy Clinton; (9) Charles Glenn, died in childhood; (10) Dorothy Jean; and (11) James Allen.

John Gatewood Semones **(1-3-3-4-3-1), born March 20, 1910, married

* As far as I have been able to observe, the only other triplets in the family are recorded at 6-5-2 in the chapter on Alexander Fleming.

**It here appears that John Gatewood Semones is in the 9th generation. By referring to 3-1-1-1-1-1 in the Hamilton family we find that Oren Fay Lattimer is also in the 9th generation. Both these boys were born on the same day, March 20, 1910. They come close to being the oldest representatives of that generation. So far as I have been able to find the only other person in the family able to
deprive them of that distinction is Wilma Irene Paton, 2-1-1-1-3-1 in this chapter.

page 58

Georgia Poling, daughter of Ira Clarke Poling, June 24, 1931, and lives at Montrose, West Virginia. Children: (1) John Gatewood, Jr.; (2)
Gary; (3) Lois Lee; (4) Ardith Ann; and (5) Georgia Adrienne.

Mary Geneva Semones (1-3-3-4-3-2), born November 24, 1911, married Kirby O. Digman, April 15, 1931, and lives at Cumberland, Mary-
land. No children.

William Arthur Semones (1-3-3-4-3-3), born October 5, 1914, is not married (1939).

Lona Virginia Semones (1-3-3-4-3-4), born August 11, 1916, married Blaine Carrick and lives at Cumberland, Maryland. Children: (1)
Helena Mae; (2) Patricia Jean; and (3) Mason Arthur.

Sidney Fleming Gatewood (1-3-3-4-4), born November 17, 1895, died on the 8th of October, 1918.

John Edward Kincaid Nelson (1-3-3-6), born June 16, 1876, married Stella Vance, daughter of Leve Vance, in 1906, and lives at Horton, West
Virginia. Children: (1) Donna; (2) Stanley; (3) Forest; (4) Opal; (5) Mayme; (6) Samuel; (7) John; <8> Arzola; (9) Percy, died in
infancy; (10) Kathleen; and (11) Roosevelt.

Isaac Jay Nelson (1-3-3-7), born September 19, 1880, was single in 1930 and was living at Glady, West Virginia.

Warren Vernon Nelson (1-3-3-8), born September 24, 1884, married Bertha M. Judy, daughter of George A. Judy, September 25, 1904, and
lives at Whitmer, West Virginia. Children: (1) Roscoe Dewitt; (2) Warren Vernon, Jr.; (3) Jefferson; (4) Evelyn May; (5) Racy; (6)
Monroe; (7) Gertrude; and <8> Lowell Clyde, died in infancy.

Roscoe Dewitt Nelson (1-3-3-8-1), born February 24, 1906, married Myrtle White, daughter of Bert White, December 24, 1927, and lives at
Whitmer. Children: (1) Twilla Eveline; (2) Obeline; and (3) Leonard Elwood.

Warren Vernon Nelson, Jr., (1-3-3-8-2), born December 9, 1907, married Virginia May Carr, daughter of Grover B. Carr, January 28,
1928, and lives at 402 Robert St., Akron, Ohio. Children: (1) Richard Warren; and (2) Ada May.

John Rufus King (1-3-4), born April 8, 1842, went with his brother into the Confederate Army. Both were in Jones’s Brigade, Company
B, 25th Virginia Infantry, Johnson’s Division, Ewell’s Corps, under the command of Robert E. Lee. Their company was known as the “Upshur
Grays.” They were in some of the severest battles of the war, including those of Winchester and Gettysburg. John Rufus took part in the
Wilderness struggle and the terrible fight in the “Bloody Angle” at Spottsylvania Court House, where he was taken prisoner, remaining
more than a year at Point Lookout, Maryland, and at Elmira, New York.

He married Ellen Waggy, daughter of Jacob Waggy, and was still living at Roanoke, West Virginia, in 1929. His wife died on the 27th of

page 59

January, 1889. Children: (1) Margaret Roanna; (2) Laura May; (3) Cyrus Clifton; (4) Cora Belle; (5) Michael Edward; and (6) John


Margaret Roanna King (1-3-4-1), born February 24, 1868, married Gideon Draper Stump, son of Bailey Stump, September 6, 1892, and
lived in Ashtabula County, Ohio, till her death on the 25th of May, 1928. Her husband lives at Pierpoint, Ohio, on R. F. D. No. 2. Children: (1)
Ruby; (2) Bailey; (3) Garrett Draper; (4) Laura; (5) Sterling, died in childhood; (6) Mary Ellen, died in childhood; and <7 and 8> Fred
and Frank.

Ruby Stump (1-3-4-1-1), born July 23, 1893, married Harry E. Cashbohm, son of Christian Cashbohm, December 19, 1918, and lives at
Springboro, Pennsylvania. Children: (1) Earl Harry; (2) Clair Draper; (3) Laura Florice; and (4) Gerald Lile.

Bailey Stump (1-3-4-1-2), born March 5, 1895, married Lela M. Reger, daughter of J. R. Reger, February 28, 1918, lives at Pierpoint, Ohio, and
has no children.

Garrett Draper Stump (1-3-4-1-3), born July 18, 1896, married Irma Hudson, daughter of A. P. Hudson, June 27, 1922, and lives at Ashtabula,
Ohio. Children: (1) Robert Howard, deceased; (2) Doris Hazel; and (3) Mabel Marie.

Laura Stump (1-3-4-1-4), born May 13, 1898, married Charles C. Brandt, son of Charles H. Brandt, December 10, 1924, lives at 10111
Nanford Road, Cleveland, Ohio, and has no children.

Laura May King (1-3-4-2), born May 20, 1872, married Jacob Franklin Maxson, son of John A. Maxson, August 27, 1908, and lived near
Chillicothe, Ohio, till her death in March, 1932. Children: (1) James Rufus; (2 and 3) Isaac and Jacob—both died in infancy; and (4)
Robert Dorsey, died in infancy.

James Rufus Maxson (1-3-4-2-1), born April 24, 1910, married Ruby

page 60

Irene Strausbaugh, daughter of Alva Strausbaugh, May 20, 1932, and lives near Chillicothe on rural route No. 2. Children: (1) James Alva; and (2 and 3) Marol June and Carol Jean.

Cyrus Clifton King (1-3-4-3), born April 3,1874, married Lura Stump, daughter of Bailey Stump, September 28, 1908, and lives near Roanoke, West Virginia. Children: (1) Edward, died at birth; and (2) Robert Clifton.

Cora Belle King (1-3-4-4), born February 5, 1876, married George Hamilton Moore, son of Adam Moore, October 23, 1898. He died on the 8th of July, 1920; and she afterwards, July 6, 1924, married George Oscar Baker and lives at Button, West Virginia. Children: (1) Lester Hamilton Moore; (2) Rufus Adam Moore; and (3) Glenn Berkeley Moore, died in childhood.

Lester Hamilton Moore (1-3-4-4-1), born March 4, 1900, married Helen Brokenshire, daughter of James Brokenshire, June 12, 1928, lives in Washington, D. C., and has one child, James Homer.

Rufus Adam Moore (1-3-4-4-2), born November 20, 1901, married Irene Moyers, daughter of Wirt Moyers, May 20, 1923, and lives at Gassaway, West Virginia. Children: (1) Rufus Adam, Jr., died in in­fancy; (2) Paul; and (3 and 4) Dennis and Denzil—Dennis died in infancy.

Michael Edward King (1-3-4-5), born December 13, 1882, married Alice Cora Burkhammer, daughter of Thomas Burkhammer, September 24, 1905, and lives near Roanoke. Children: (1) Mary Ellen; and (2) Hessie Edith.

John William King (1-3-4-6), born December 16, 1884, was single in 1929 and was living at Glady.

Hiram Cooper King (1-3-5), born April 25, 1848, married Permelia Ann Frances Tenney, daughter of George W. Tenney, April 9, 1873, and lived at Vernon till his death on the 27th of June, 1917. His widow was living at Caress in 1941. Children: (1) Lorena Catharine; (2) Olin Crown; (3) Roy Melvin; (4) George Washington; (5) Bertha May; (6) Bethuel Wolcott, died at 14; and (7) Beecher Donald.

Lorena Catharine King (1-3-5-1), born July 18, 1874, married Albert L. Harris, son of James Harris, July 16, 1893, and lives at Wheeler. Her husband died on the 18th of September, 1925. Children: (1) Moses Benjamin, died in infancy; (2) Zona Dena; (3) Lucy Bertha; (4) William Elmer; (5) George Roscoe, died in childhood; (6) Nelson Varner; (7) Dorothy Viola; and <8> Virgie Agnes.

Zona Dena Harris (1-3-5-1-2), born September 6, 1895, married Grover L. Pugh, son of L. L. Pugh, September 22, 1915, and lives at Hacker Valley. Children: (1) Russell Oden; and (2) Hilma.

Lucy Bertha Harris (1-3-5-1-3), born October 3, 1897, married Denzil Clark Craig, son of A. L. Craig, April 20, 1923, and lives at Walkersville, W. Va. Children: (1) Zula Catherine, deceased; (2) Oral; (3) Ronald; (4) Frank; and (5) Charles.



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  3. No relative to Samuel Harris, Clara or Rossie. Just a collector.

    Comment by Dave Beyer | September 3, 2009 | Reply

  4. Hello. I am the granddaughter of Roscoe Dewitt Nelson. My father is Douglas Nelson. I find this page very interesting but it only lists 3 children of Roscoe and Myrtle Nelson. They went on to have more children, including my father douglas. I wondered why they only included 3 children? I can get more info for you if you are interested.

    Comment by christy nelson | September 10, 2009 | Reply

  5. Are you descendents of William Robert and Agnes Reece Holbert?

    Comment by Charlene Holbert McDade | September 16, 2009 | Reply

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