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Conway – Ball Family Connection

The following pedigree from “Colonial Families” shows the link between the Conways of Faquier County, Va and the Ball family

“Colonial Families of the Southern States of America: A History and Genealogy of Colonial Families Who Settled in the Colonies Prior to the Revolution”; by Stella Hardy Pickett; Tobias A. Wright; Printer & Publisher NY, NY 1911

COL. WILLIAM BALL, (9—1), of Lancaster Co., Va., b. 1676; d. 1745; eldest son of Capt. William and Margery (Downman) Ball; made will Aug. 14, 1744, probated March 8, 1745; served as Surveyor of Northumberland Co., 1724; was a staunch and liberal supporter of the Established Church, and a Vestryman of Christ Church; m. Hannah Beale, d. prior to 1744. Issue:

GEORGE BALL, (10—2), of Richmond and King George Co.’s, Va.; was a prominent, influential citizen of affairs of Church and State; m. Oct. 10, 1735, Judith Payne, dau. of Merriman Payne. Issue:

WILLIAMSON BALL, (11—1), of Cobham Hall, Lancaster Co., Va., b. 1740; d. 1790 or 1804; served as a member of the House of Delegates, from Northumberland Co.,1780-85; m. (first) Miss Beale; (second) Miss Cash; (third) 1765, Priscilla (Churchill) Spann, wid. of Richard Spann, dau. of Col. Armistead and Hannah (Harrison) Churchill. (See Harrison lineage.) Issue by first marriage:

12—1. Dau., m. Mr. Dade, and had issue; untraced.

12—2. Dau., m. Mr. Sydnor, and had issue; untraced.

Issue by second marriage:

12—3. Priscilla, m. prior to 1789, Col. Walker Tomlin, of Richmond Co., Va., served as Justice, 1786 and 1802; Deputy for Richmond Co., 1787, 1790-91; Member of Virginia Convention, 1788. Issue:

13—1. Williamson, b. Feb. 27, 1792; m. Ann Katherine Carter, dau. of Col. Landon and Katherine Griffin (Tayloe) Carter, of “Sabine Hall.” (See Carter and Tayloe lineage.) Issue:

14—I. Mary, m. William Conway Eustace, son of John Conway and Mary (Leland) Eustace, and had issue.

14—2. Lucy Walker, d. 1844; m. June 16, 1841, James Flexmer Ball, son of Joseph and Olivia (Downman Chinn) Ball, and had issue.

14—3. Maria, m. Hon. Eustace Conway, of Spotsylvania Co., Va., a distinguished lawyer and Judge, of Virginia Legislature, 1847-50; visitor of William and Mary College, 1849; of Constitutional Convention, 1851, and author of the “Conway Resolutions”; Judge of the 8th Circuit; son of John Moncure and Catherine Storke (Peyton) Conway, and had issue.

14—4. Frances Dulany, m. May 9, 1850, Hon. John Conway Moncure, C. S. A., of Shreveport, La., entered the C. S. A. as a private in Capt. L. M. Nutt’s Co.; commissioned Capt., Adjutant General’s Department, 1862; assigned to duty on Staff of Gen. C. P. Polignac; after the battle of Mansfield, he was made Major; in 1865 he went to France with Prince Polignac on C. S. service; returning to Louisiana, he resumed his practice of law; served as a member of the Legislature, 1871-2, 1873-4 and 1879; was Speaker of the House, 1873-4; son of Hon. Richard Cassius Lee and Mary Butler Washington (Conway) Moncure, and had issue.

13—2. Lucy Harrison, m. (first) Capt. Benjamine Oliver, Jr.; (second) Feb. 9, 1825, Dr. William Randolph Nelson, son of Col. William and Lucy (Randolph) Nelson, and had issue.

COL. JAMES BALL, (10-9), of “Bewdley,” Lancaster Co., Va., b. Dec. 31, 1718; d. Nov. 24, 1789; served as a Vestryman of St. Stephen’s Parish, Northumberland Co., 1744-89, and Warden in 1745; and Treasurer in 1785; was a Burgess from Lancaster, 1755; High Sheriff and of the Convention of 1788; m. (first) unknown; (second) Mildred, b. 1725; d. Dec. 1, 1751; (third) 1753, Letitia Lee, b. 1731; d. Nov. 17, 1811, dau. of Col. Henry and Mary (Bland) Lee, of “Lee Hall,” Westmoreland Co., Va. (See Lee lineage.) Issue by second marriage:

11—I. Jesse, m. March 9, 1765, Agatha Conway, dau. of Major Peter and Elizabeth (Spann) Conway, of Lancaster Co., Va., and had issue.

11—2. Mildred, unm. in 1765.

11—3. Anne, d. young.

11—4. Sinah, m. May 19, 1779, Thomas Beale, son of William and Anne (Harwar) Beale; Thomas Beale, m. (first) Jane Currie, dau. of Rev. David and Ann (Corbin) Currie, of “The Glebe,” Lancaster Co., Va. (See Corbin lineage.)

Issue by third marriage:

11—5. Judith, m. (first) Nov. 3, 1772, Leroy Griffin; (second) John Fauntleroy, of Richmond Co., Va., who served as a Burgess; son of Col. William and Peggy (Murdock) Fauntleroy, and had issue.

11—6. JAMES, b. Feb. 20, 1755; of whom later.

11—7. Anne, b. 1757; m. May 31, 1779, James Wallace Ball, of Lancaster Co., Va., a Vestryman of Christ Church, 1784; and Warden; he was Justice, 1781, and of the House of Delegates, 1788-91; son of Richard and Mary (Wallace) Ball, and had issue.

11—8. Sarah, b. 1760; m. 1780, Robert Fauntleroy, of Lancaster Co., Va., son of Col. William and Peggy (Murdock) Fauntleroy, and had issue.

11—9. Frances, m. George Lee, son of Kendall and Betty (Heale) Lee; and had issue.


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