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0 Conaway-Fleming-Gould Family Index

This pages indexes records and pages concerning the lines of Thomas Conaway and Eleriah Aker/Dorothy Fleming, which includes John Spann Conaway & Sarah Fleming/Hannah Randall’s lines through Edmund Macaulay and Lydia Clelland’s family;

The Gould line beginning with George Gould and Lydia Atkins, of Pennsylvania, down through James Aaron Gould and George Washington Gould and their families in West Virginia;

The Clelland line beginning with James Clelland and Ann Pierpoint down through Patrick Clelland to Lydia who married Edmund Conaway mentioned above;

The Fleming line beginning principally with William Fleming and Jane Clark (or Martha N. His first wife), the immigrants, and their children’s lines, especially those of William Fleming and Jane Frame, and Alexander Fleming and Isabel McNitt (McKnith), down through Sarah who married John Spann Conaway mentioned above;

and the Metz, Shalley, Pierpoint, Martin, Randall, Nichols and other related lines from the Eastern coal region of West Virginia, principally Marion County but also Harrison, Monongalia and Tyler counties. Some of the records are in Pennsylvania – in Greene, Fayette, Bedford and Lancaster counties. And of course, the parent Virginia, which includes records from old Augusta county where most of these other counties originally came from. In the very earliest records the Flemings and Conaways of my lines were located in Maryland & Delaware, in Kent, Sussex and Somerset counties.

The West Virginia lines then migrate west into Ohio and Indiana, and finally in modern times all over the country.


1. Conaway Deed Index for Marion County, WV. This will be added to and updated through the year 1912 or so.

2. Clelland Deed Index for Marion County  WV. 1840s to 1882 as updates are completed.

3. Fleming Deed Index for Marion County, WV. 1842 to1853 part 1.

3A. Fleming Grantee Index Marion County 1842-1854 part 1

4. Gould Deed Index for Marion County WV. 1851 to early 1900s when complete.

5. John Conaway Estate Settlement Deed in Marion Co WV between Edmund M. Conaway et al & Grafton S. Conaway

6. Edmund Conaway – Francis McCray Deed Marion Co WV

7. Jack Conaway JM Moninger Deed Marion County WV

8. Patrick Clelland William Boor Deed 1844 Marion Co WV

9. Big John Conaway – Asberry Roberts Deed 1847 Marion County WV

10. gould_rozetta_dcRozetta Gould Death Certificate, daughter  of George Gould, of Clermont County, Ohio




11.gould_eliza_dcgould_eliza_dc2 Eliza Conaway Gould’s Death Certificate and a Correction by son Glenn Gould, she was my great grandmother, wife of Charles Luther Gould




12. gould_charles_luther_dcCharles Luther Gould’s death certificate, husband of Eliza above, he was my great grandfather





13. Descendant Register for John “Big John” Conaway

14. Waitman Conaway Bio Photo and Sources

15. James D. Joseph Bio and Sources

16. Aretas Brooks Fleming Biography & Photo from Butcher’s “Upper Monongahela Valley”

17. William R. Fleming Bio with Photo and Sources and Addenda. He was a grandson of Boaz Fleming of Marion County by his son William Fleming. His father moved to Henry County Indiana where this sketch is made.

18. Matthew Davis biography. He married Rose Fleming, a daughter of William C. Fleming and granddaughter of Caleb Fleming.

19. Flemings of West Virginia, from Butcher’s Upper Monongahela Valley, with the photographs of 5 Fleming ancestors, from William Fleming and Jean (Jane) Frame & Anne Hudson forward.

20. Fleming Family Origins. An overview of early Fleming family in Scotland and history.


Marker of Lawrence Jay Gould and Mary E (Montgomery) Gould, at Miamiville cemetery near Loveland, Ohio. Lj was the son of Charles Luther, grandson of George Washington and great grandson of James Aaron, all born in WV. Mary Ellen was the daughter of James Grafton and Louisana Nan (Moore) Montgomery of Clinton County, Ohio.



marker of Charles Gould at Miamiville cemetery near Loveland Ohio. Charles was my great Uncle and married to Martha Stagge. He was Lawrence Jay Gould’s brother and lived in Clermont county, Ohio.


23. William Fleming Biography from Marion Franklin brand.

24. James Clelland Will Monongalia County Virginia, dated 1814.

25. Calvin D. Conaway Biography, Marion County WV

26. Caleb Conaway Will Abstract Monongalia County Virginia (WV)

27. Boaz Fleming Will Abstract dated 1830 Monongalia County Virginia (WV)

28. William Fleming Will Abstract, dated 1853. Husband of Nancy Donaldson, son Of John, grandson of Archibald, great grandson of Alexander and Isabel McKnith. Monongalia County, Va.

29. Some early Monongalia County Deaths from Register and Wills Indexed for Conaway and Gould families.

30. John Pierpoint Will Abstract dated 16 May 1796. Monongalia County Virginia

31. Josiah Prickett Will Abstract dated 28 Mar 1807. He was the husband of Charity.

32. Thomas F Conaway to Leonard Metz Deed 1855 Marion County WV for estate of Joshua Boyles

33. John “Jack” Conaway Deed Simeon & Susan Brock Grantors Marion County WV 1865

34. Mary Fleming, daughter of William Fleming

35. Orasha King to John Conaway. John Conaway – John Orasha King – Henry & Martha Jane McGumphey Deed 1850 Marion County WV

36. John W. Davis for James McDefet to John Conaway Deed at Auction 1857 Marion County WV

37. Moses Ice deed binding debt to John Conaway 1862 Marion County WV

38. John F Smith, Thomas Boggess, Joshua Hutchison trust deed. 1844 Marion County

39. Alexander Fleming to Zadoc Fleming Deed Father to Son Marion Co WV 1844

40. Fielding R. Ice Bill of Sale from William Whitehead for a Sorrel Horse, a saddle & some hardwood 1845

41. Alexander and Mary Fleming Deed to their son Joab Fleming 1845 Marion County WV

42. Big John Conaway Biography

43. The William Fleming Family by Franklin Marion Brand

44. The Conaway Family by Orrin Bryte Conaway, Sr.

45. John Stephenson Graveyard and Family Notes

46. Conway – Conaway Pedigree from Wm & Mary Quarterly

47. Conway & Fleming Bios from the Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography

48. Fleming Family Traditions Tested

49. Conway – Ball Family Connection in Virginia

50. Deed from James Barrick to Andrew, Nathan and Edmund Conaway April 1849 Marion County WV

51. Henry D. Conaway Biography

52. Wellington Conaway – Whiteside County Ill, Report on his farm

53. Newburgh Mine Disaster 39 Die including John Conaway Jr.

54. Edwin Conway Estate Inventory

55. Lydia Conaway and John Hawkins FamilyResearch Sheet

56. Andrew Fleming Conaway Research Study

57. Grafton Stump Conaway Research Study

58. Conaway Edmund from Elias Dudley Deed to Barrackville lot

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