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WILLIAM FLEMING was born in Kent County, Delaware, on the 4th of April, 1775. He married Ann Fleming, sometimes called Nancy, a daughter of Matthew and Mary Fleming, January 4, 1798. She was born on the 23rd of October, 1775. Their home was on a farm along the West Fork River between Fairmont and Clarksburg. He owned several tracts of land in that region. On the 15th on September, 1815, his father conveyed to him 123 acres of the home farm. Three years later he bought of John Bates and others 465 acres on Buffalo Creek. In 1825 he got the 111 acres that Nathan Fleming conveyed to Matthew Fleming in 1820.

On September 12, 1835, he gave to his sons, Isaac and Josiah, each a farm of 103 acres. He conveyed 87 acres to his brother-in-law, Henry Hayes, in 1826. His son Benjamin got 83 acres in 1835 and another son. Solomon, got 48 acres in the same year.

William Fleming died on the 1st of March, 1855; his wife, on the 25th of March, 1835. Children: (1) Andrew; (2) Lydia; (3) Isaac; (4) Amelia; (5) Josiah William; (6) Benjamin Franklin; (7) Solomon Stevenson; and <8> Mary Ann.

1 ANDREW FLEMING was born on the 22nd of October, 1798. He probably died young. The members of the family now living can give no account of him.


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2 LYDIA FLEMING was born on the 25th of August, 1800. She married Ferrell Dunn, January 27, 1819. He was born on the 4th of May, 1796, and was one of the Rangers in the Black Hawk War. Their home was at a place in Bureau County, Illinois, called “Indian Town,” now Tiskilwa. She died on the 3rd of November, 1880: her husband, on the 29th of October, 1869. Children: (1) Elizabeth; (2) Fleming; (3) Ellis; (4) William Fleming; and (5) Lewis Durly.

Elizabeth Dunn (2-1), born August 21, 1820, married Matthias Fritchey, December 24, 1844, and lived at Tiskilwa, Illinois. She died on the 28th of January, 1898; her husband, on the 17th of April, 1895. Children: (1) Sarah; (2) William Ellis; (3) Arwood; and (4) Louis, died in childhood.

Sarah Fritchey (2-1-1), born August 23, 1846, married Chauncey Gardner, son of Rev. Ansel Gardner, March 10, 1870, and lived at Audubon, Iowa. Children: (1) Matthew; (2) John; (3) Frederick, died young; and (4) Lois.

Matthew Gardner (2-1-1-1), born September 22, 1871, was living at Audubon, Iowa, in 1931.

John Gardner (2-1-1-2), born July 9, 1877, died on the 28th of June 1931.

Lois Gardner (2-1-1-4), born August 29, 1883, married B. Frank Wilson, son of Henry B. Wilson, February 4, 1903, and lives at Fort Dodge, Iowa. Children: (1) Marjorie; and (2) Donald.

William Ellis Fritchey (2-1-2), born May 22, 1849, married Emma Bogart, daughter of Peter Bogart, October 31, 1869, and lived at Tiskilwa. He died on the 15th of April. 1926; his wife, on the 29th of January, 1928. Children: (1) Minnie: (2) Edward; (3) June; and (4) Nina.

Minnie Fritchey (2-1-2-1), born March 7, 1872, married Clem Kitterman, son of Robert Kitterman, March 7, 1894, and lives at Tiskilwa. Children: (1) Grace; and (2) Helen, died in infancy.

Grace Kitterman (2-1-2-1-1), born October 16, 1898, married Harold Smith, son of Homer Smith, June 30, 1926, and lives in Princeton, Illinois. Children: (1) Mary; and (2) Sarah, deceased.

Edward Fritchey (2-1-2-2), born March 9, 1875, married Theresa Spaulding, daughter of Junius Spaulding, in 1890, lives in Lima, Peru, South America, and has one child, Lawrence.

June Fritchey (2-1-2-3), born June 28, 1888, married Otto Swanstrom, son of Lars Swanstrom, May 7, 1917, lives at Kootenia, Idaho, and has no children.

Nina Fritchey (2-1-2-4), born January 4, 1890, married Fred Holler, son of William B. Holler, August 15, 1913, lives at 5034 E. Commerce St., Spokane, Washington, and has no children.

Arwood Fritchey (2-1-3), born October 29, 1855, married Ida Mor-

page 195
gan, daughter of Daniel Morgan, and lived in Chicago till his death on the 22nd of December, 1924. Children: (1) Carrie; and (2) Burrell.

Carrie Fritchey (2-1-3-1), born February 23, 1880, married Lennie Wilkins, son of John Wilkins. September 17, 1924, and lives in Tiskilwa. No children.

Burrell Fritchey (2-1-3-2), born January 15, 1882, was single and was at Graham, Wisconsin, in 1931.

Fleming Dunn (2-2), born September 21, 1822, went with his brother Ellis to California during the gold rush in 1849, where he died from the bite of a scorpion on the 13th of June, 1849.

Ellis Dunn (2-3), born January 23, 1827, died in California of Mountain fever on the 10th of November, 1849.

William Fleming Dunn (2-4), born October 21, 1828, in Brown County, Ohio. In the fall of 1854 he located in Bureau County, Illinois, where he engaged in farming till the Civil War broke out, when he enlisted in Company E. 93rd Illinois Volunteer Infantry. While in the service he received a gunshot wound that resulted in the loss of one of his legs, which necessitated his discharge from the army. After the war he served as postmaster at Tiskilwa for 29 years. On May 29, 1855, he married Harriet W. Baker. She died on the 28th of February, 1863; and he afterwards, June 28, 1883, married Julia Houghton, who was still living at Santa Clara, California, in 1931. He died on the 4th of April, 1912, at Urbana, Ill. Children: (1) Julia Alice; (2) Hattie Belle; (3) David Ellis, died in childhood; (4) Mattie Lizzie; and (5) Harold Houghton.


Julia Alice Dunn (2-4-1), born May 14, 1856, married Wilson S. Swain, son of William T. Swain, June 26, 1877, and lives at 308 Knox Ave., Spokane, Washington. Her husband died on the 14th of May, 1918. Children: (1) Ethel Marion: and (2) Clara Louise.

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Ethel Marion Swain (2-4-1-1), born August 19, 1882, married Arthur Linville, son of George Linville, February 3. 1905, and lives at 1394 Webb Ave., Cleveland, Ohio. Children: (1) Helen Maxine; (2) Alice Joyce; and (3) Arthur William.


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Helen Maxine Linville (2-4-1-1-1), born October 29, 1906, married Gerald C. Patterson, son of David E. Patterson, January 1, 1926, and lives in Cleveland, Ohio.

Clara Louise Swain (2-4-1-2), born December 25, 1885, married Harold B. Thompson, son of James Thompson, December 30, 1912, and lives at 308-1/2 Knox Ave., Spokane, Washington. Her only child is James Swain.

Hattie Belle Dunn (2-4-2), born March 25, 1858, married Charles S. Betz, son of Philip Betz, October 2, 1878, and lives at Checotah, Okla­homa. Children: (1) Edward St. Clair; and (2) William Lewis Fleming:

Edward St. Clair Betz (2-4-2-1), born July 30, 1880, married Bertha Mummie, December 1, 1906. For his second wife he married Anita Raymond, March 10, 1921, and lives at Lawton, Oklahoma. Children: (1) Ruth Edwina, died in childhood; and (2) Naomi.

Naomi Betz (2-4-2-1-2), born October 20, 1911, married Earl A. Pelt, son of Judge John A. Pelt, January 5, 1930, and lives at 916 Dearborn Avenue, Lawton, Oklahoma. Children: (1) Patricia Ruth; (2) Eliza­beth Blanche; and (3) Naomi Faith.

William Lewis Fleming Betz (2-4-2-2), born February 27, 1887, mar­ried Hazel Martin, December 12, 1911. For his second wife he married Ufa Meyer, January 10, 1916, and lives at 7125 S. Cedar Street, Huntington Park, California. No children.

Mattie Lizzie Dunn (2-4-4), born February 19, 1863, is single and lives at Audubon, Iowa.

Harold Houghton Dunn (2-4-5), born October 20, 1884, graduated from the University of Illinois in electrical engineering, and served a few years as a member of the faculty of that institution. Afterwards he went to New York City, where he has since been engaged in elec­trical engineering work on a large scale. He married Cora Alice Tanner, daughter of Alfred W. Tanner, August 23, 1911, and lives at Scarsdale, N. Y. Children: (1) Harold Houghton, Jr.; and (2) Richard Franklin.

Lewis Durly Dunn (2-5), born September 18, 1834, began the study of medicine under the direction of Dr. S. S. Nichols. He spent a year at a seminary in Providence, Rhode Island, and then entered the University of Vermont for a short time, being obliged to quit school there to earn money to continue his studies. In 1856 he became a student at Rush Medical College in Chicago and graduated the next year. He began the practice of his chosen profession in his home town of Tiskilwa, where he was highly successful for eighteen years. For many years he was one of the local surgeons for the Rock Island Railroad and was the pension examiner for Bureau and Stark Counties. After moving to Moline in 1875 he was named by Governor Altgeld as surgeon for the Illinois naval militia and was for several years on the staff of St. Anthony’s Hos­pital of Rock Island. He also held membership in the leading surgical and medical societies of the country. His keen sense of responsibility to his community led him to accept several public offices, which came

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to him unsolicited and took up considerable of his time. But in all of them he performed the services expected of him faithfully and well. He married Julia Mills, daughter of Harry L. Mills, May 19, 1857. She was born in Edinboro, Pennsylvania, in 1837. After moving to Moline she became active in literary work. She was the author of “Saukenak,” an Indian story of the Black Hawk Watch Tower, also the writer of a history of Rock Island County, and of “Days We Celebrate,” a O. A. B. manual. She helped to organize the Illinois Equal Suffrage Association, of which she was president for a year and a half. In recognition of her work with this association her name was selected as one of the fifteen names of leading women of the State of Illinois to be on the roll of honor of the National League of Women Voters in 1931.

Lewis Durley Dunn died at Moline, April 6, 1916; his wife, June 13, 1922. Children: (1) Clara Mabel; (2) Marion Douglass, died single at age of 26; (3 and 4) twin sons, died at birth; and (5) Louis, died in childhood.

Clara Mabel Dunn (2-5-1), born November 25, 1858, was single and lived at 1808 6th Ave., Moline, Illinois, till her death a few years ago.

3 ISAAC FLEMING was born in Harrison County, Virginia, September 13, 1803. He married Amelia Fleming, daughter of Thomas Fleming, March 27, 1828, and lived for a time near Newcastle, Indiana. Later he moved to Muncie. He died on the 18th of February, l857 his wife, on the 24th of March, 1892. She was born on the 12th of December, 1812. Children: (1) Ann Amanda, died at 9; (2) Harriet; (3) David Milton; (4) Jonathan Preston; (5) Charles Newton; (6) Amanda; (7) Lydia; <8> Leroy Seaton, died in infancy; (9) William Patton, died in infancy; and (10) Hugh Hamilton.


Harriet Fleming (3-2), born May 4, 1832, married Archibald Hamilton, December 15, 1887, and lived in Muncie till her death on the 16th of May, 1904. Her husband died a few years after their marriage. No children.

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David Milton Fleming (3-3), born February 20, 1835, married Caroline Lockwood Watts, daughter of Isaac Lockwood, December 24, 1874, and lived in Muncie till his death on the 10th of June, 1878. His widow lived until the 12th of April, 1925. Children: (1) Gertrude; and (2) Harry Lockwood.

Gertrude Fleming (1-3-1), born March 5, 1876, married Foster A. Albright, son of John Albright, October 10. 1894, and lives at 731 S. Michigan St.. South Bend. Indiana. Children: (1) Marjorie Caroline; and (2) John Paul.


Marjorie Caroline Albright (3-3-1-1), born January 19, 1896, married Henry M. Ullery, son of Cory N. Ullery, February 17, 1919, and lives on Jewell St., Dixie Gardens. South Bend. Children: (1) Richard; and (2) Jack.

John Paul Albright (3-3-1-2). born June 13, 1897, married Gertrude

page 200

M. Snyder, daughter of Elmer Snyder, December 26, 1918, and lives on Jewell St., South Bend.

Harry Lockwood Fleming (3-3-2), born May 9, 1878, married Florence E. Wightman, April 1, 1902, and lived in Muncie till his death on the 15th of March, 1915. His wife died on the 10th of October, 1916. No children.

Jonathan Preston Fleming (3-4), born September 17, 1837, was a soldier in the Union Army during the Civil War and died in the service at Richmond, Kentucky, August 30, 1862. He was not married.

Charles Newton Fleming (3-5), born September 19, 1838, married Emma Wilson, daughter of Alexander Wilson. December 20, 1864, and lived at Muncie. He died on the 14th of February, 1888: his wife, on the 6th of August, 1892. Children: (1) Nellie: (2) Frank Ellsworth, died at 9; and (3) Bessie Gertrude.


Nellie Fleming (3-5-1), born December 14, 1865, married Edward Hunter, son of Dr. Joseph Hunter, June 14, 1888. Their home for several years was at Clinton, Mo. Her husband died on the 14th of April, 1918. She was living with her daughter at Oakville in 1931. Her only child is Louise.

Louise Hunter (3-5-1-1), born October 24, 1889, married Edwin T. Carpenter, September 8, 1915. For her second husband she married A. F. Yoss, August 14, 1937, and lives near Newcastle, Indiana, on R. F. D. No. 5. No children.

Bessie Gertrude Fleming (3-5-3), born November 17, 1874, married Wilbert C. Gillespie, August 3, 1893, and lived in Zanesville, Ohio, till her death on the 12th of July, 1896. No children.
Amanda Fleming (3-6), born July 19, 1842, married Zelomor Coffeen,

page 201

June 27, 1872, and lived in Muncie, Indiana, till her death on the 15th of July, 1898. Her husband died on the 18th of January, 1893. Children: (1) Howard, died single in 1897; (2) Leroy Fleming; and (3) Nora, died in childhood.

Leroy Fleming Coffeen (3-6-2), born August 19, 1875, married Laura A. Leiske, February 7, 1909, lives at 1419 N. Marshall St., Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and has no children.

Lydia Fleming (3-7), born November 24, 1844, married George H. Andrews, son of William Andrews, October 12, 1875, and lived in Muncie. Her husband died on the 30th of November, 1897. After his death she went to Long Beach, California, and lived with her son till her death on the 8th of May, 1914. Children: (1) Arthur Fleming; and (2) Robert, died in infancy.

Arthur Fleming Andrews (3-7-1), born September 1, 1876, married Myrtle May Thomas, daughter of Daniel S. Thomas, April 14, 1896, and lived at Long Beach at the time of his death on the 20th of March, 1930. Children: (1) Hartley Burns; and (2) Charles Fleming.

Hartley Burns Andrews (3-7-1-1), born August 13, 1897, married Wanda W. Martin, daughter of Fred Martin, January 27, 1918, and lives at 327 W. 6th St., Long Beach. He served in the World War as a Flying Cadet. Children: (1) Betty Jane; (2) Levonne; and (3) Jack Hartley, died in infancy.

Charles Fleming Andrews (3-7-1-2), born November 15, 1902, married Freda Ann Hamilton, daughter of Henry Lee Hamilton, June 18, 1936. and lives at Whittier, California.

Hugh Hamilton Fleming (3-10), born March 27, 1854, married Carrie B. Weiler. daughter of William Crawford Weiler, May 11, 1882, and lived in Sedalia, Missouri. He died on the 23rd of January, 1916. His widow died at Kansas City, July 2, 1938. Children: (1) Gail; (2) Hugh Weller; (3) Elma; (4) Amelia; and (5) Allan Wood.

Gail Fleming (3-10-1), born September 28, 1883, married Alberta Gordon Norris, son of Daniel H. Norris, April 12, 1905, and lives in Corpus Christi, Texas. Children: (1) Hugh Hogan; and (2) Elma Ann, died April 26, 1930.

Hugh Hogan Norris (3-10-1-1), born April 30, 1906, married. Mary Louise Scott, daughter of Rev. A. K. Scott of Ft. Worth, Texas, June 1, 1936, and lives at La Jolla, Texas.

Hugh Weiler Fleming (3-10-2), born October 17, 1884, married Helen Spencer, daughter of Ned Spencer, September 9, 1912, and lives at 901 S. 38th St., Birmingham, Alabama. His only child is Hallie Spencer.

Hallie Spencer Fleming (3-10-2-1), born November 2, 1917, married Edward Cooper and lives at Jonesboro, Arkansas.

Elma Fleming (3-10-3), born August 10, 1887, married Henry Forrest Imhoff, son of Martin Luther Imhoff, September 11, 1911, and lives at 5123 Walnut St., Kansas City. Her husband died on the 20th of October, 1932. Children: (1) Jean Fleming; and (2) Alan Forrest.

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