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page 220

Frederick Fleming Wilkinson (7-6-1), born January 25, 1872, married Lena M. Riffee, daughter of James Riffee, and lived at Clarksburg till his death in 1899. His only child was Agnes Gertrude.


Agnes Gertrude Wilkinson (7-6-1-1) married Alexander C. Osborn, son of Alexander C. Osborn, December 26, 1923, lives in Clarksburg, and has no children.

Archibald Solomon Wilkinson (7-6-2), born March 2, 1875, married Launa M. Wilson, daughter of Alexander Wilson, and lived at Shinnston till his death in 1899. No children.

Anna Mary Wilkinson (7-6-4), born October 29, 1884, married John H. Quinn, July 3, 1912, and lives at Lost Creek, West Virginia. Children: (1) Margaret Wilkinson; (2) Patricia Lee; (3) Mary Augusta; (4) John Henry; (5) Josephine, deceased; (6) Anna Louise; and (7) Dora Joanne.

George Sidney Wilkinson (7-6-5), born August 20, 1886, married Eunice Doheny, daughter of John Doheny, June 5, 1917, lives in Fairmont, and has one child, Margaret Irene.

John Albert Fleming* (7-7), born June 22, 1850, married Sallie Gallahue, daughter of William Harvey Gallahue, June 21, 1877, and lived at Clarksburg, West Virginia. He died on the 29th of September, 1913; his wife, in 1904. Children: (1) Alice Columbia, born July 3, 1878, died single August 6, 1914; (2) Frederick Hugh, born December 12, 1879, died single June 17, 1905; (3) Harvey Lewis, born February 7, 1882, died single December 25, 1919; and (4) Boyd Solomon.

Boyd Solomon Fleming (7-7-4), born February 25, 1885, married Evelyn Bartlett, daughter of Meigs J. Bartlett, December 14, 1914, lives at Clarksburg, and has no children.


*In the Mary Fleming family he is the seventh child of the seventh child for three generations. Another one is Daniel Bartholow (Chap. XI). Others for two generations are: Francis M. Robey, Carroll McCray, Cora J. Henry, Jacob N. Hamilton, Dottie Jewel, Samuel Fleming, and Charles H. Fleming.

page 221

8 MARY ANN FLEMING was born on the 25th of September, 1816. She married Albert Shore, son of Simon Shore, September 15, 1836, and lived at Shinnston. She died on the 22nd of March, 1853. Children: (1) Virginia Ann; (2) Susannah Almira; (3) Harriet Louisa; (4) William H., died in infancy; and (5) Albert Simpson, died single at 22.

Virginia Ann Shore (8-1), born April 14, 1838, married Van Buren Hall, son of William Hall, May 6, 1858, and lived at Wheeling, West Virginia. She died on the 29th of October, 1896; her husband, on the 20th of January, 1887. Children: (1) Mary Fatima; (2) Frank Pierpoint; and (3) Charles Granville.

Mary Fatima Hall (8-1-1), born February 22, 1859, married Charles H. Carlin, November 10, 1884, and lived in Brooklyn, New York. She died on the 18th of July, 1918. No children.

Frank Pierpoint Hall (8-1-2), born April 3, 1861, was single and was living at 1855 E. 21st St., Brooklyn, in 1931.

Charles Granville Hall (8—1-3), born September 24, 1874, married Josephine L. Tostain, daughter of Pierre Tostain, June 12, 1898, and lives at 1855 E. 21st St., Brooklyn. Children: (1) Virginia Davis; and (2) Gertrude May.

Gertrude May Hall (8-1-3-2), born November 12, 1901, married Christian G. Nelson, son of Frank Nelson, April 16, 1928, lives at Fort Monmouth, New Jersey, and has one child, Doris Ann.

Susannah Almira Shore (8-2). born December 2, 1840, married John M. Knox, son of Purnel Knox, January 16, 1860, and lived at Shinnston. She died on the 14th of February. 1915; her husband, in 1869. Children: (1) Frank, died in infancy; (2) William Albert; (3) Charles; (4) James Newton; and (5) John Marshall.

William Albert Knox (8-2-2). born July 20, 1861, died single on the 14th of August, 1894.

Charles Knox (8-2-3). born May 6, 1866, married Myrtle Jarrett, daughter of Mortimore C. Jarrett, June 26, 1889, and lives in Santa Monica. California. Children: (1) Glenn Jarrett; and (2) Roy Stanley.

Glenn Jarrett Knox (8-2-3-1). born April 16, 1892, married Thelma I. Morris, daughter of Herbert Morris. August 29, 1919, and lives at Riverside, California. His only child is Virginia Lee.

Roy Stanley Knox (8-2-3-2), born December 5, 1897, married Harriet E. Oman, daughter of Joseph Oman. August 29. 1919, lives at Venice, California. and has no children.

James Newton Knox (8-2-4), born April 25. 1868, married Martha May Robinson. daughter of Allison Robinson, April 27, 1898, lives at Santa Barbara, California. and has no children.

John Marshall Knox (8-2-5), born October 26, 1869, married Ella Martin, daughter of Felix Martin. May 3, 1893, and lives at Clarksburg.

page 222

She died on the 5th of May, 1927. Children: (1) Helen; (2) Irene; (3) John; and (4) Frank.

Helen Knox (8-2-5-1), born July 31, 1895, married William Hyre, son of William K. Hyre, June 16, 1919, and lives at Eastland, Texas. Children: (1) Helen Virginia; and (2) Betty Lee.

Irene Knox (8-2-5-2), born November 12, 1897, married Roy F. Ash, son of Henry H. Ash, February 21, 1923, and lives in Clarksburg. Children: (1) Roy F., Jr.; (2) Rose Ann; (3) John Henry; and (4) Carolyn Virginia.

John Knox (8-2-5-3), born February 2, 1901, married Katie Dickey on the 1st of January, 1924, and lives at Eastland. Texas. Children: (1) John M. III; and (2) Ella Jane.

Frank Knox (8-2-5-4), born July 20, 1905, is single and lives at 12½ Wright St., Stoneham, Massachusetts.

Harriet Louisa Shore (8-3), born November 29, 1843. married Henry E. Janes, son of James Janes, March 26, 1865, and lived at Shinnston. She died on the 15th of May, 1917. Children: (1) Mary Myrtle: (2) Clifford Reed; and (3) James Albert.

James Albert Janes (8-3-3) married Eva M. Martin, April 3, 1901.


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