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Chapter 4 Jane Wolcott, Daughter of Mary and Matthew Fleming, part 3

page 66

Charles Lowrie King (1-4-5), born March 19, 1855, died single on the 12th of June, 1920.

Lucy Belle King (1-4-6), born May 27, 1859, married Carson Newham and lived at Grafton till her death on the 27th of January, 1917. No

Frank Nichols King (1-4-7), born May 24, 1864, was still living and not married in 1929.

Thomas Dunn King (1-5), born October 17, 1819, married Ann M. Frankenberger, daughter of John Frankenberger, October 11, 1849, and
lived in Marion County. He died on the 20th day of July, 1887; his wife, on the 6th of August, 1854. Children: (1) Sarah Hedges; (2) John
Frankenberger; and (3) Joshua Hedges.


Sarah Hedges King (1-5-1), born June 28, 1850, married James W. Brumage, January 10, 1878, and lived in Marion County. She died on the 11th of October, 1926; her husband, on the 5th of December, 1924. Children: (1) Joshua Hedges; (2) Edwin Lester; (3) Albert Posten; and (4) Annie Kassiah.

Joshua Hedges Brumage (1-5-1-1), born November 26, 1878, married Anna Frum, daughter of George Frum, September 28, 1904, and lives
at Monongah. Children: (1) Harry Jay; (2) Phyllis Margaret: (3) Beatrice Geneva; and (4) Robert Frum.

Harry Jay Brumage (1-5-1-1-1), born July 20, 1905, married Anna Bee Martin, daughter of Harrison Martin, June 21, 1928, and lives in
Fairmont. Children: (1) Dorothy Lou; (2) Suzann; and (3) James Douglas.

Phyllis Margaret Brumage (1-5-1-1-2), born August 5, 1907, married

page 67

Carrol Vaughn Shaver, son of William Jesse Shaver, August 15, 1925, and lives at 2209 North Dayton St., Phoenix, Arizona. (See 1-2-4-2
above and 2-4-7-1 in Chapter V).

Beatrice Geneva Brumage (1-5-1-1-3), born February 19, 1912, is single and lives at Monongah.


Robert Frum Brumage (1-5-1-1-4), born October 3, 1915, married Mary Elizabeth Lee Fleming, daughter of James Glenn Fleming, June 1,
1935. and lives at Monongah. Children: (1) Betty Sharon; and (2) Connie. (See 1-9-4-2 in Chapter V.)

Edwin Lester Brumage (1-5-1-2), born January 10, 1881, died single on the 29th of May, 1927.

Albert Posten Brumage (1-5-1-3), born March 20, 1883, married Dessie Pearl Toothman, daughter of Cyrenus Toothman, February 6, 1910,
and lived on Ice’s Run in Marion County till his death on the 27th of August, 1924. Children: (1) Milla Berl; (2) Elsie May; (3) Clara Rose;
(4) Irene Opal; and (5) Leota Maxine.

Milla Berl Brumage (1-5-1-3-1), born December 23, 1910, married Melville R. Lowther, in November, 1934, and lives at Four States, West
Virginia. Children: (1) Vera June; and (2) Samuel Lee.

Elsie May Brumage (1-5-1-3-2), born September 27, 1913, married William Frederick Harris, son of Frank Harris, July 18, 1940, lives in
Fairmont, and has one child, William Frederick, Jr.

Clara Rose Brumage (1-5-1-3-3), born October 1, 1914, married Alfred Clyde Heck, son of Albert G. Heck, December 28, 1933, and lives near

page 68

West Middlesex, Pennsylvania, on rural route No. 1. Children: (1) Albert Ray, died in infancy; (2) Juanita Marie; (3) Rosanne, died in
childhood; (4) Lillian Grace; (5) Alfred Lee; and (6) Mildred Irene.

Irene Opal Brumage (1-5-1-3-4), born April 17, 1918, is single and lives at Ravenna, Ohio.

Leota Maxine Brumage (1-5-1-3-5), born July 16, 1920, married Joseph Spurr, son of Ralph Spurr, and lives at Four States. Children:
(1) Alice Jo; and (2) Harry Wayne.

Annie Kassiah Brumage (1-5-1-4), born December 11, 1884, married Clarence Brown Smith, son of James Smith, April 18, 1918, lives near
Fairmont on rural route No. 1, and has no children. (See 3-2-5 in Chapter III).

John Frankenberger King (1-5-2), born January 9, 1852, married Dorcas Thorn, daughter of Thomas Thorn, September 10, 1872, and
lived near Monongah. He died on the 8th of May, 1922; his wife, on the 24th of December, 1919. Children: (1) William Thomas; (2) Anna
Margaret; (3) Charles Henry, died at 14; (4) Joseph Elliott, died at 20; and (5) Susie Ethel.

William Thomas King (1-5-2-1), born July 25, 1873, married Artie M. Bradford, daughter of Morris Bradford, January 21, 1895, and lives
at Pennsboro, W. Va. Children: (1) Emory Morris; and (2) Roy Joseph.

Emory Morris King (1-5-2-1-1), born October 25, 1896, married Lena M. Hall, daughter of I. S. Hall, November 27, 1919, and lives at Penns-
boro. No children.

Roy Joseph King (1-5-2-1-2), born February 20, 1899, married Goldie G. Hayhurst, daughter of Alonzo Hayhurst, December 25, 1921,
and lives at Pennsboro. Children: (1) Doris Gene; (2) Mildred Elaine; and (3) Glenn Roy.

Anna Margaret King (1-5-2-2), born January 25, 1875, married Thomas W. Davis, September 6, 1900, and lived near Fairmont till her
death on the 15th of March, 1905. Children: (1) Lena Belle; and (2) Ethel Violet, deceased.

Lena Belle Davis (1-5-2-2-1), born August 4, 1901, married Hobart Berry, son of French E. Berry, January 20, 1919, and lives at Barrack-
ville, West Virginia. Children: (1) Charles Hobart; (2) Marjorie Lee; and (3) Paul William.

Susie Ethel King (1-5-2-5), born September 21, 1896, married Hugh S. Davis, son of Wesley Davis, September 14, 1915, and lives near Wat-
son, West Virginia, on rural route No. 7. Her husband died on February 6th, 1927. Children: (1) Helen Marie; (2) Carl Stanton; and (3)
Walter Raymond.

Joshua Hedges King (1-5-3), born September 27, 1853, married Annie M. Ross, daughter of Howard Ross, September 4, 1878, and lived at
Monongah. She died on the 15th of April, 1880; and he afterwards, May 15, 1882, married Lucretia C. Davis. daughter of Alpheus Davis, and

page 69

lived at Fairmont. He died on the 18th of January, 1890; his last wife on the 25th of March, 1898. Children: (1) Howard Spray, died at 13; (2) Alpheus Page; and (3) Lousetta Davis, died at 18.

Alpheus Page King (1-5-3-2), born September 16, 1884, married Sarah Ann Doolittle, daughter of Ephriam Doolittle, September 12, 1906, and lives at Catawba, W. Va. Children: (1) Sylvia Lucretia; (2) Marner Ephriam; (3) Vanden Page; and (4) Howard Sydney.

Sylvia Lucretia King (1-5-3-2-1), born December 21, 1908, married Walter Paul Pheasant, son of Delbert Pheasant, February 14, 1933, lives near Catawba, and has one child, Archie Page.

Marner Ephriam King (1-5-3-2-2), born January 8, 1910, married Opal Lucille Moran, daughter of Joseph W. Moran, October 20, 1931, and lives near Catawba on rural route No. 1. Children: (1) Sarah Ellen; (2) Lucretia Ann; (3) Edward Sydney; (4) James Marner; (5) Betty Jean; and (6) Joselyn March.

Vanden Page King (1-5-3-2-3), born March 24, 1912, married Dorthea Cyrena Rumble, .daughter of William A. Rumble, November 5, 1940, and lives near Fairmont.

Howard Sydney King (1-5-3-2-4), born November 10, 1915, married Marguerite Sleek, daughter of H. R. Sleek, February 15, 1940, and lives at Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania.

Mary Ann King (1-6), born January 23, 1822, married Joseph Ratray, son of Joseph Ratray, July 1, 1852, and lived near Monongah. She died on the 9th of February, 1904; her husband, on the 18th of January, 1893. Children: (1) James Elliott, died in childhood; (2) William Wolcott, died single at 25; and (3) Helen.

Helen Ratray (1-6-3), born May 1, 1861, married Albert A. Fesler, son of Frederick Fesler, October 4, 1894, and lived near Monongah till her death in 1936. Her husband died on the 28th of May, 1919. No children.

Elizabeth King (1-8), born April 21, 1827, married John Donehue, January 1, 1850, and lived at New Milton, W. Va. She died on the 26th of January, 1903. Children: (1) William, died single at 30; (2) Joshua King; (3) Mary Elizabeth; (4) Michael O.; (5) Joseph Ratray; (6) Jane Holbert; and (7) Patrick Francis.

Joshua King Donehue (1-8-2), born September 3, 1852, married Lucretia Burkhammer and lived in Clarksburg. No further record.

Mary Elizabeth Donehue (1-8-3), born February 25, 1855, died single at Cavello, California, February 7, 1879.

Michael O. Donehue (1-8-4), born June 1, 1857, died single. Joseph Ratray Donehue (1-8-5), born October 12, 1860, died single.

Jane Holbert Donehue (1-8-6), born July 23, 1864, married Bert Cottrell and lived at Coldwater, W. Va. Some years ago her son Charles was living in Clarksburg and another son, Smith, was at Salem. No further record.

page 70

Patrick Francis Donehue (1-8-7), born August 18, 1868, was married and was reported to be living somewhere in Massachusetts in 1931.

Dorcas Leaper King (1-9), born July 12, 1330, married John Keane, February 6, 1851, and lived at Grafton. She died on the 6th of January,
1899; her husband, on the 10th of December, 1902. Children: (1) James Wolcott, died at 13; (2) John M., died single; (3) Thomas Herbert, died
single in 1928; (4) William Berton; (5) Francis Marion; (6) George Emery, died single; and (7) Emma Leaper, died in childhood.


William Berton Keane (1-9-4), born August 22, 1859, married Sadie Limbers, daughter of David Limbers, and lived at Elkins, West Virginia. He died on the 1st of July, 1906; his wife on the 7th of April,1925. Children: (1) Emma Alberta, died in childhood; (2) Ada Belle, died in childhood; (3) Eva Dell; (4) Charles Herbert; (5) Mallie Marie; (6) Nellie Natalie; (7) George Washington; <8> William Berton; and (9) Edward Salisbury.


Eva Dell Keane (1-9-4-3), born October 25, 1883, married Dr. Charles

page 71

N. Brown, son of Dr. Ashford Brown, September 2, 1903. Her husband was born in Independence, Preston County, January 16, 1869. He at-
tended the Fairmont Normal and the College of Physicians and Surgeons at Baltimore and took his medical degree at the Hospital College
in Louisville in 1894. During the World War he was commissioned a captain in the Medical Reserve Corps and served as surgeon in various
military camps in the United States until he was discharged in June, 1920. He practices his profession at Swandale, Clay County, West
Virginia, where the family lives. Children: (1) William Byrne; (2) Evelyn Charlene; and (3) Charles Samuel.

William Byrne Brown (1-9-4-3-1), born August 2, 1904, married Kathryn Elizabeth Boundy, daughter of J. J. Boundy, May 26, 1933,
and is at Stephens College, Columbia, Missouri. His only child is Thomas Byrne.

Charles Herbert Keane (1-9-4-4), born August 9, 1885, married Hallie M. White, April 11, 1918, lives at Swandale, and has no children.

Mallie Marie Keane (1-9-4-5), born August 27, 1887, married William P. Beveridge, son of Andrew Beveridge, February 25, 1917, and lives
at Whitesville, W. Va. Children: (1) Andrew; (2) Elizabeth Jean; and (3) Mallie Marie.

Nellie Natalie Keane (1-9-4-6), born June 10, 1890, married A. N. Peters, lives at 328 Hazelwood Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pa., and has one
child, Delores Lee.

George Washington Keane (1-9-4-7), born February 22, 1892, served in the World War through all the major battles and was decorated by
the French and Italian governments. He married Annie Gilnet, daughter of Levi Gilnet, June 24, 1909, lives at 50V2 S. 17th Street, Wheeling, and has one child, Eva Louise Cole.

William Berton Keane (1-9-4-8), born August 16, 1894, married Olive May Kline, daughter of George W. Kline, December 27, 1913, lives at
Grafton, and has one child, William Berton III.

Edward Salisbury Keane (1-9-4-9), born August 29, 1902, married Ethel Frances Hoskinson, daughter of John T. Hoskinson, February 22,
1927, and lives at Elizabeth, West Virginia. Children: (1) Sarah Roane; (2) Amos Stephen; and (3) Edward Michael.

Francis Marion Keane (1-9-5), born March 22, 1864, married Elda Virginia Morgan, daughter of William H. Morgan, April 20, 1884, and
lives at 310 Thayer Avenue, Grafton. Children: (1) John William, died in infancy; (2) Lena Dale, died at 14; (3) Lila Clare; and (4) Loar Lee.

Lila Clare Keane (1-9-5-3), born May 13, 1892, married James Riddle Mantz, son of Louis Mantz, November 25, 1915, and lives at 260 Thayer
Avenue, Grafton. Children: (1) Frances Beatrice, deceased; (2) James Alfred; (3) Helen Lee; and (4) Jeane, deceased.

Loar Lee Keane (1-9-5-4), born November 26, 1893, married Leslie

page 72

Jonathan Loar, son of William Loar, August 30, 1919, and lives at 747 Maple Avenue, Grafton. Children: (1) Lelie Jonathan; and (2) Robert Keane.


2 JOSIAH WOLCOTT was born on the 22nd of October, 1789. He married Jane Miller, daughter of Peter Miller, January 9, 1812.
Later, February 15, 1825, he married Elizabeth Fleming. The record shows that she was a daughter of Samuel Fleming. It is a matter of
some speculation as to which Samuel Fleming was her father. He was probably the same man that witnessed the deed of Boaz Fleming and
Benoni Fleming when they conveyed their land in Delaware to Benaiah Fleming. It may be assumed from the fact that no further reference to
him can be found on the records in this section that he went back to Delaware. There were several Samuels in Delaware.

The Peter Miller referred to here had a very large family, several of whom became connected with the Fleming family, as will hereafter appear.

He was born in Woodbury, New Jersey, May 15, 1759. During the Revolutionary War he served for five months in Captain Blauvett’s
Company, Col. Blake’s Regiment, and for short periods of time in other companies. The maiden name of his wife is not known. He was married
in Goshen, New York, February 5, 1785. On the 14th of June, 1796, he and John Miller purchased 348 acres of land from Levi Springer for
240 pounds. The land had been granted to Samuel Hanway on the 16th of December, 1784. It lay between the land of Boaz Fleming and
Thomas Fleming and adjoined Reuben Wolcott and Benoni Fleming on the south. His will was dated on the 14th of June, 1837, and admitted
to probate in May, 1838. In this will he mentions his wife Mary and fourteen children, ten daughters and four sons. The sons were: Elisha,
John, Peter, and Henry. The marriage records of Monongalia County show the marriages of all these daughters.

Jane married Josiah Wolcott, January 9, 1812;

Elizabeth married Henry Amos, January 22, 1807;

Margaret married Edward Hartley, December 19, 1808;

Mary, called Dolly in her father’s will, married John Amos, January 20, 1814;

Hannah married William B. Fleming, May 13, 1823;

Sarah married John Evans, February 23, 1809;

Rosanna married Isaac Brumage, May 4, 1809;

Lucinda married Elijah Morgan, March 19, 1826;

Eleanor married William Leeper, November 23, 1818;

and Nancy married Samuel Jackson, May 27, 1817.

Henry Miller, the son of Peter, married Rebecca Jackson, daughter of James Jackson and sister of Samuel, June 3, 1817.
Both Henry Miller and Samuel Jackson received their marriage licenses on the same day, each being surety for the other on the bond; and both
Peter Miller and James Jackson filed writings consenting to the marriages of their daughters. The other sons of Peter Miller cannot be
identified with certainty on the county records, since there were several Miller families here in the early days.

Josiah Wolcott bought 47-1/2 acres of land along the river near Middletown, which was a part of the Asa Hall tract, from Henry Barnhouse on
the 28th of February, 1818, for $400.00. He sold this to John Irwin on the 4th of November, 1819, for $600.00. On the 9th of September, 1820,

page 73

Reuben Wolcott and Boaz Fleming conveyed to him 8% acres on both sides of Coal Run lor $100.00. In this deed the name of the run is
spelled “Cole.” But in later conveyances it appears as “Coal Run.” He afterwards bought Lot No. 2 in Middletown of Boaz Fleming, April 15,
1822, for $10.00. Lot No. 1 was included in the 8-1/2 acres.

He sold 6 acres to Samuel Jackson, May 21, 1824, for $100.00. Just one year later he sold Lots 1 and 2 and the rest of his land, including
the ferry, to Thomas Fleming for $500.00. The records indicate that he established the first ferry at this point. It seems that he made his first
application to the County Court in April, 1819, when the court ordered the sheriff to summon and impanel a jury of twelve disinterested free-
holders “to view the Monongahela River near Jacob Polsley’s in the said county where a public road crosses the said river, and upon their
oaths shall say whether in their opinion public convenience will result from the establishment of a ferry across the said river at the place
aforesaid.” This order recited that he had advertised his intentions of making this application on the court house door for the several court
days, which the law evidently required.

It seems plain from the language of this order that Polsley’s mill was a more important place than Middletown at that time. This was the
year in which Boaz Fleming began to sell lots, as will be seen later on. But the place had not then attracted the attention of the County Court.

In pursuance of the above order Rawley Evans, the sheriff, selected Ebenezer Vandergrift, James Morgan, Samuel Merrifield, Horatio
Hartley, Ralph Hoult, John Miller, Joseph Hartley, James Nuzum, Jacob Wagner, Thomas S. Haymond, Jacob Polsley, and Joshua Hickman to
make this report. It does not appear what their decision was. But they evidently favored the project. For some reason, not disclosed by the
record, nothing more was done for two years. However, on the 28th of May, 1821, the County Court entered the following order:

“On the motion of Josiah Wilcutt it is ordered that the said Josiah keep a good and sufficient boat sufficiently large to carry
a wagon and four horses, also the said Josiah is permitted to keep two persons for the purpose of attending his ferry near
Polsley’s mill across the Monongahela River to Middletown in this county; and thereupon the said Josiah entered into bond in
the penalty of $60.00 with John Carpenter his security, conditioned as the law directs, and on motion of the said Josiah a
license is granted him (without the payment of any tax) to keep an ordinary at his said ferry, he having entered into bond in
the penalty of $150.00 with Reuben Wilcutt his security, conditioned as the law directs.” (See Order Book No. 8, page 118.)

These bonds were given on the same day and are filed with the old records of the County Court in the Circuit Clerk’s office. The ferry bond
simply required him to “keep the said ferry or cause the same to be kept according to law and shall give immediate passage to all public pas-
sengers and expresses when required from time to time.” The other bond was much broader in its requirements. Under it he had to “find
and provide in his said ordinary good wholesome & clean lodging and diet for travelers and stableage, fodder, and provender or pasturage and
provender, as the season shall require, for their horses for and during

page 74

the term of one year from the date of these presents and thence until the next court to be held for the said county in Monongalia & shall not
suffer or permit any unlawful gaming in his house nor on the Sabbath day permit any person to tipple or drink more than is necessary.”

Unfortunately this bond fails to show who was to be the judge of the amount of liquor necessary on a Sabbath day. Apparently the quantity
was unlimited on other days.

[Whiskey making was one of the biggest money makers on the frontier and many a field of corn or rye was used not for food but for distilling batches of corn whiskey that could be easily sold for ready cash or bartered for necessities. These Scots and Irish pioneers remembered “receipts” from the old country for whiskey-making and adjusted it to the crop and clime of America. Thus were born the various bourbons and blends, some of which are major labels today. The government tried to tax the stills and the “revenooer” fables were launched.]

There are several references to Josiah Wolcott in connection with the establishment of roads and their maintenance in the region around
Middletown. On the 11th of February, 1811, he was appointed surveyor of the road from Coal Run to the Harrison County line. The County
Court appointed him, Elisha D. Barrett, and Samuel Jackson on the 26th of April, 1824, to view and mark out a road from Buffalo Creek
near John Hall’s to intersect the road near Elizabeth Hall’s. He. Benjamin Burns, and Alien Hall were likewise designated on the 24th of
August, 1835, to lay out a road from Middletown by way of Alien Hall’s and Abraham Ice’s to William Whiteheads. He was recommended
to the executive of the state for captain in the 118th regiment of militia to take the place of Nathan Hall, July 28, 1817.

No record has been found of the death of Josiah Wolcott or of the death of his last wife. They probably moved to some of the western
states. Some of the older members of the Elizabeth King family say that Josiah had three sons, Milton, Minor, and Benoni.

His two daughters remained in Marion County. They were: (1) Lavina; and (2) Elizabeth. No record of the sons can be given here.

Lavina Wolcott (2-1), born about 1813, married Benjamin Bowman, son of David Bowman. Their marriage bond is dated on the 17th day
of March, 1836, and is signed by Milton Wolcott as surety. Their home was in Marion County, probably on or near Mill Fall Run. Benjamin
Bowman died on the 5th of October, 1875. His wife lived until the 14th day of May, 1887. The death records of Marion County show that she
was 74 years old and that she was a daughter of Josiah and Jane Wolcott. These facts were reported by A. B. Morgan, her son-in-law.
Children: (1) William Harrison; (2) Virginia; and (3) Isabel.




  1. The family name “Brumage” is actually “Brundage” according to my friend Jane Lee Rust Brundage

    Comment by cheryl | August 25, 2009 | Reply

    • And Brummage, Brudage, Brummige, etc. Most surnames will have dozens of variants found in the records as spelling was phoneticized. Don’t fall in the trap of looking for a name by a specific spelling. Lee Rust Brundage’s family name has been standardized in modern times but very likely other branches of his tree have modern standardized spelling differing from his.

      Comment by Grandpockets | November 11, 2011 | Reply

  2. Good morning. I found this web site in searching for ancestors of my former wife, Sarah Mae King. You seem to have tracked them very well. Her father was Syd (Howard Sydney) King. This page is titled “Chapter 4…” – What is this Chapter 4 of? Is there a book that is being cited? How can I find other chapters?

    Thank you very much for a reply and information.

    Jerry Muckel

    BTW – my genealogy data is on

    Comment by Jerry Muckel | October 17, 2010 | Reply

    • This is a copy of Marion Franklin Brand’s Book “The William Fleming Family”

      Comment by Grandpockets | November 11, 2011 | Reply

  3. Hello:
    Part of my family came to Indiana from Morgantown, W.V.
    My gg grandmother Mary Elizabeth Brunmage married
    John Nugent in 1842 in Union County, Indiana.
    They were the parens of my g grandfather William J Nugent.
    Have a web site for them:
    Love to hear from any Nugent/Brumages of this family line.
    thank you,
    Donna Jones
    Paisley, Florida

    Comment by Donna Jones | October 24, 2011 | Reply

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