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page 166
Samuel Lee Arthaud (3-1-2-3), born March 11, 1887, is single and lives at Manly, Iowa.

Vernie Arthaud (3-1-2-4), born August 4, 1891, married Irwin Camp, son of Simeon Camp, September 29, 1914, and lives at Everly, Iowa. Children: (1 and 2) Guyle and Lyle—both deceased: (3) Maurice Carmen, died In childhood; (4) Lauraine Patricia; (5) Garlow Clayton; and (6) Donald Dean.

Nina Geneva Arthaud (3-1-2-5), born October 27, 1893, married Clayton S. Rogers, December 24, 1917, and lives at 1909 S. 18th St., Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Her only child is Lowell Wesley.

Viola Lenora Arthaud (3-1-2-6), born February 9, 1896. married David Morgan, October 20, 1821. For her second husband she married Oliver S. Sneider and lives at Mobile Villa, North Broadway, Marshfield, Oregon. No children.

Leroy Elliott Arthaud (3-1-2-7), born November 26, 1899, married Frieda Higgins, daughter of Fred Higgins, September 21, 1929, lives at Sac City, Iowa, and has one child, Kay Frieda.

Odle Wilford Arthaud (3-1-2-8), born March 3, 1901, is single and lives in Sac City, Iowa.

Myrtle Zingg (3-1-3) married a Hagie and lives at Wayland, Iowa. Her only child is Bertha, now deceased.

Ottway Curry Zingg (3-1-4), born March 5, 1873, married Bernice Kina Mowry, daughter of Robert Mowry, September 1, 1898, and lived at Boulder, Colorado, till his death on the 29th of August, 1935. Children: (1) Robert; (2) Ruth; and (3) Esther.

Robert Zingg (3-1-4-1), born April 8. 1900, married Mabel Brubaker, daughter of B. F. Brubaker, in the Philippine Islands, May 19, 1926. For his second wife he married Christina Busch, January 10, 1936, and is a professor of Anthropology in the University of Denver. Children: (1) Juanita Marjory; (2) Henry Pfeiffer; and (3) Robert Mowry.

Ruth Zingg (3-1-4-2), born June 27, 1901, married Forest Tilton, August 25, 1920, lives at Palisade, Colorado, and has one child, Barbara Jean.

Esther Zingg (3-1-4-3), born July 12, 1910. married Russell Wilson and lives near Boulder, Colorado, on rural route No. 1.

William Franklin Fleming (3-2), born October 5, 1835, married Lydia Ann Warren, daughter of Wheeler Warren, March 27, 1860, and lived at Conway, Iowa, He died on the 10th of March,1911; his wife, on the 19th of April, 1923. Children: (1) Herschel Ellsworth; and (2) Mary Ellen.

Herschel Ellsworth Fleming (3-2-1). born October 30, 1861, married Jennie H. Snyder. daughter of Joseph C. Snyder, May 16. 1883. and lives at 4017 Binney St., Omaha, Nebraska. Children: (1) Clara Belle; (2) Charles William, deceased: and (3) Mildred Lois.

page 167

Clara Belle Fleming (3-2-1-1), born October 12, 1887, married Samuel L. Laird, son of Joseph A. Laird, September 5, 1906, and lives at 3830 Binney St., Omaha, Nebraska. Children: (1) Ruth Lois; (2) Jennie Elizabeth; (3) Myria Lydia; (4) Ellsworth Lewis; and (5) Gerald Fleming.


Mary Ellen Fleming (3-2-2) born October 1, 1864, married Addison T. Wentworth, son of Andrew T. Wentworth, December 16, 1883. They lived in Taylor County. Iowa. Her husband died on the 21st of August, 1902: and she afterwards, September 12, 1906, married William V. Parks, son of Marion Parks, and lives at Maywood, Illinois. Children: (1) Iva May Wentworth: and (2) Ethel Howe Wentworth.

Iva May Wentworth (3-2-2-1), born May 25. 1886. married John O. Tracy, son of Levi Tracy. December 23. 1903. lives at Bedford, Iowa, and has one child. Doris Wentworth.

Doris Wentworth Tracy (3-2-2-1-1). born August 24. 1908. married Andrew P. Wolverton, son of Howard Wolverton, June 24, 1929, and lives at Bedford. Iowa. Nancy Diann is her only child.

Ethel Howe Wentworth (3-2-2-2). born November 11. 1890. married George W. Redman, son of Joseph W. Redman. December 19, 1917, lives at 636 S. 16th Ave., Maywood, Illinois. No children.

Virginia Martha Fleming (3-3) married Frank Johnson and had a daughter, Edith Ledgerwood, living at Gravity, Iowa. in 1931. No further record.

6 ELIHU FLEMING was born on the 12th of June. 1812. He first married Clarissa Southard and next Emily Cordray, November 30, 1848. They lived at Mattoon. Illinois. There was one daughter of the first marriage and perhaps children of the second marriage. But nothing is known of the second set. The daughters name was Lydia Jane.

page 168

Lydia Jane Fleming (6-1), born June 8, 1844, married Pierce Starrett. Children: (I) Clara M.; and (2) Anna Elizabeth.

Clara M. Starrett (6-1-1), born January 1, 1863, married Theodore N. Mathias and lives at West Fork, Arkansas. Her only child is Jessie C.

Jessie C. Mathias (6-1-1-1), born February 2, 1882, married Edgar H. Williams and had one child, Lydia Jane. She died on the 26th of September, 1928.

Anna Elizabeth Starrett (6-1-2), born October 27, 1867, married William Wilmeroth. She died without children on the 21st of July, 1897. Her husband was living in 1931 at 34 E. Summit St., St. Paul, Minnesota.

7 SUSANNAH FLEMING was born on the 2nd of April. 1814, and died single on the 23rd of February, 1836.

8 ROANNAH FLEMING was born on the 31st of January, 1816. She married William R. Bothwell and died without children on the 20th of December, 1839.

9 ARCHIBALD FLEMING was born near Fairmont on the 1st of March, 1818. He went with his parents to Irville, Ohio, where he was to grow up. He taught school for several years and then joined the Ohio conference of the M. E. Church. During the period of his ministry he had appointments at Point Pleasant, West Virginia, and at various places in Ohio. After 1870 he went to reside at Urbana, Ohio. He married Minerva Baker, daughter of Melyn Baker, June 20. 1848. His death occurred on the 6th of April. 1900. His wife died on the 26th of August, 1888. Children: (1) Mary Ellen, died at 11; (2) Lydia Ann, died in infancy; (3) Aurilla Jane, born November 17, 1853, died single October 5, 1926; and (4) Flora Alice.

Flora Alice Fleming (9-4), born November 21, 1865, married Joseph Laycock, April 27, 1905, and lives at Catawba, Ohio. No children.

10 JANE FLEMING was born on the 9th of December, 1819. She married John Clark on the 7th of March. 1843, and died on the 13th of February, 1844.

11 MARY ELLEN FLEMING was born on the 21st of May, 1822. She married James Sherrard, son of Rev. David Sherrard, February 12, 1840; and they lived at Haydenville, Ohio. She died on the 21st of October, 1899; her husband, on the 28th of August, 1911. Children: (1) Sylvester, died at 5; (2) David Archibald; (3) Martha Ellen; (4) Daniel Carey; (5) Mary Ann; (6 and 7) George Washington and Winfield Scott—Winfield Scott died in infancy; <8> James Fielding; (9) Ida Victoria; and (10) Charles Lincoln.

David Archibald Sherrard (11-2), born May 19, 1843, married Mary Elizabeth Fluhart, daughter of Stephen Fluhart, November 11, 1871,

page 169
and lived at New Straitsville, Ohio, till his death on the 22nd of February, 1892. His widow was living in 1929. Children: (1) Margaret, died in childhood; (2) Charles Arthur: and (3) Deborah.

Charles Arthur Sherrard (11-2-2), born January 28, 1875, married Evelyn Brown, daughter of Thomas H. Brown, November 29, 1896, and lives at New Straitsville. Children: (1) Charles Rainy; (2) Beatrice: (3) Beulah; (4) Florence: and (5) Catharine.

Charles Rainy Sherrard (11-2-2-1), born April 19, 1901, married Helen Ann Boehm, daughter of Peter Boehm, November 8, 1927.

Beatrice Sherrard (11-2-2-2), born July 19, 1903, married Ralph Arthur Feigley, son of Arthur Feigley, July 21, 1928, and lives at Newark, Ohio.

Beulah Sherrard (11-2-2-3), born August 5, 1907, married Robert J. Harris, son of Reese Harris, September 1, 1927, and lives at New Straitsville. Children: (1) Helen Roberta; and (2) Robert, Jr.

Florence Sherrard (11-2-2-4), born February 28, 1909, married Wilham Roy Pargeon, son of Thomas Pargeon, September 1, 1927, and lives at Shawnee, Ohio.

Deborah Sherrard (11-2-3), born July 11, 1878, married William E. Conn, son of John Conn, April 26, 1899, and lives at Oxford, North Carolina. She graduated from Marshall College, Huntington, West Virginia, and taught school at Holden in Logan County. She lived in Montana and taught school there for seven years and then went to Idaho, where she taught for six years. During the summer months she has attended Columbia University and the University of Chicago. Her husband has been engaged in the general merchandising business in West Virginia and North Carolina. No children.

Martha Ellen Sherrard (11-3), born August 17, 1843, married Samuel Ogle. After his death she married John Quillen. She died on the 3rd of October, 1881. Children: (1) James Ogle; and (2) Anna Ogle.

James Ogle (11-3-1) was at Sugar Creek, Ohio, in 1931.

Anna Ogle (11-3-2) married a Blackburn and was living at Logan, Ohio. in 1931. Children: (1) Rosella; (2) Carl: and (3) Herbert.

Daniel Cary Sherrard (11-4), born December 25, 1847, married Catharine Walters, daughter of Daniel Walters, January 25, 1872, and lived at Logan. Ohio. He died on the 7th of July, 1921; his wife, on the 6th of April, 1915. Children: (1) James Daniel; (2) Nellie Grant: (3) Edith Darrell: (4) Fred; (5) Charles Lysle: (6) Robert William: (7) Kenneth McKenzie; <8> Walter Delmar; (9) Ruth Walters: (10) John Sidney; (11) Mary Fleming; (12) Paul Stanley; (13) Uree Catharine; (14) Mark Norman: and (15) Sabinus Sprague, died in infancy.

James Daniel Sherrard (11-4-1) married Stella Carpel and was living a few years ago at Accoville. West Virginia.

Nellie Grant Sherrard (11-4-2), born January 1, 1874, was single and was living at 1725 Park Ave., Los Angeles, in 1931.

page 170

Edith Darrell Sherrard (11-4-3), born November 19, 1875, married James W. Woodard, son of William Woodard, April 8, 1896, and lived at Nelsonville, Ohio. She died on the 7th of January, 1902; her husband, on the 29th of November, 1918. Children: (1) Mabel Clare; and (2) Florence Edith, died in infancy.

Mabel Clare Woodard (11-4-3-1), born April 24, 1898, married Clar­ence W. Weedfall, son of Otto Weedfall, June 4, 1924, and lives at 87 Thornhill Drive, Cleveland, Ohio. Her only child is Robert William.

Fred Sherrard (11-4-4), born October 1,1877, married Daisy B. Keller, daughter of William Keller, July 24, 1905, and lived at 893 Miller Ave., Columbus. He died on the 20th of April, 1936. Children: (1) Margaret Lucille; (2) Eunice Louise; (3) William Daniel; (4) Catharine Jeannette; and (5) Pauline Bethena.

Margaret Lucille Sherrard (11-4-4-1), born November 4, 1906, mar­ried Vernon B. Smith, son of Frank Smith, May 30, 1927, lives at 1010 Buck St., Columbus, Ohio. Children: (1) Bonny Jean; and (2) Carolyn Lucille.

Eunice Louise Sherrard (11-4-4-2), born February 12, 1909, married Hubert E. Carson, son of Wilbur Carson, September 20, 1929, lives in Milwaukee, and has one child, Susan Louise.

William Daniel Sherrard (11-4-4-3), born June 28, 1911, married Dorothy Louise Gooding, daughter of Walter Gooding, May 18, 1933, and lives at 966 Linwood Ave., Columbus. Children: (1) Kathryn Louise; and (2) Shirley Anne.

Catharine Jeannette Sherrard (11-4-4-4), born December 27, 1913, married Lowell Burke, son of Tracy Burke, August 16, 1933, and lives at 893 Miller Ave., Columbus. Her only child is Don A.

Charles Lysle Sherrard (11-4-5), born September 10, 1879, married Love Colletta Wickham, daughter of James Wickham, November 17, 1904, and lives in Canton, Ohio. His only child is Robert Dwyer.

Robert Dwyer Sherrard (11-4-5-1), born July 20, 1907, married Evelyn Burke, daughter of William Burke, October 6, 1932, and lives in Canton. Children: (1) Sandra Colletta; (2) Adrienne, deceased; and (3) Gary Michael.

Robert William Sherrard (11-4-6), born September 23, 1881, was single and was at Wadsworth, Ohio, in 1931.

Kenneth McKenzie Sherrard (11-4-7), born November 27, 1883, mar­ried Nina Johns, daughter of James Johns, and lives at 115 Sheridan St., Zanesville, Ohio. Children: (1) James Daniel; (2) Mary Elizabeth; and (3) Donald Sidney.

Walter Delmar Sherrard (11-4-8), born October 26, 1885, was single and was at 252 West Miller Ave., Akron, Ohio, in 1931.

Ruth Walters Sherrard (11-4-9), born October 2, 1887, died single on the 25th of January, 1905.

page 171
John Sidney Sherrard (11-4-10), born October 8, 1889, married Mildred B. Ledlie, daughter of Joseph Ledlie, December 30, 1914, and lives at Athens, Ohio, where he was assistant cashier of the Athens National Bank in 1931. Children: (1) Mary Kathryn; and (2) Patricia Louise.

Mary Fleming Sherrard (11-4-11), born October 5, 1891, married Merrill H. Lenhart, son of William F. Lenhart, August 24, 1909, and lives at 1140 S. Ohio Ave., Columbus. Her only child is Frances Ruth.

Frances Ruth Lenhart (11-4-li-fl, born June 12, 1910, married Robert C. Tumbleson, son of Carl Tumbleson, July 15, 1936, and lives at 224 E. Capitol St., Washington, D. C. No children.

Paul Stanley Sherrard (11-4-12), born July 31, 1893, married Wyoma N. Jolly, daughter of Levi M. Jolly, June 16, 1914, and lives at 333 Poplar St., Akron, Ohio. Children: (1) Maxine Eleanore; and (2) Thomas Stanley.

Uree Catharine Sherrard (11-4-13), born June 8, 1895, married Albert P. Renz, son of John J. Renz, April 30, 1917, lives at 756 Kolb St., Akron, and has one child, Delmar Albert.

Mark Norman Sherrard (11-4-14), born July 26, 1897, married Flossie M. LaBelle, daughter of Henry LaBelle, January 31, 1925, and lives at 4516 High St., Ecorse, Michigan. Children: (1) Douglass Norman; and (2) Gwynneth Nadine.

Mary Ann Sherrard (11-5), born January 16, 1851, married Amos H. Norman, son of Benjamin Norman, September 4, 1869, and lived at White Cottage, Ohio, till her death on the 19th of July, 1923. Her husband was still living at White Cottage in 1930. Children: (1) Charles Homer: (2) Frank Milton: (3) Harry Wells: (4) Cyrus Carl: (5) Florence: and (6) Arthur Emmett.

Charles Homer Norman (11-5-1), born December 11, 1870, married Garnet M. Cooper. daughter of Andrew Cooper, September 16, 1903, and lives at Pleasant Valley. Ohio. His wife died on the 13th of November 1923. Children: (1) Virginia Mae, died at birth; (2) Florence Gertrude; (3) Homer Johnson: (4) Walter Wales: (5) Mary Lucille: (6) Amos Andrew; (7) Emma Pauline; and <8> David Cooper.

Florence Gertrude Norman (11-5-1-2), born September 4, 1906, married Vaughn Williams, son of Fred Williams, February 1, 1926, and lives at 1845 Aberdeen Ave., Columbus. Children: (1) Dorothy Belle: (2) Norman Frederick; (3) Garnett Louise: and (4) Donald Eugene.

Homer Johnson Norman (11-5-1-3). born September 12, 1908, married Violet Hutt, daughter of William Hutt. March 8, 1932, and lives at East Fultonham. Ohio. Children: (1) Norma Jean; (2) Geraldine Helen and (3) Maxine Mae.

Walter Wales Norman (11-5-1-4), born December 10, 1912. is single and lives at Hopewell, Ohio.

Mary Lucille Norman (11-5-1-5), born November 22, 1914, married

page 172

Milford Gutridge, son of Samuel Gutridge, January 5, 1931, and lives at Brownsville, Ohio. Children: (1) Evelyn; and (2) Roma Louise.

Amos Andrew Norman (11-5-1-6), born October 25, 1916, is single and lives at Glenford, Ohio.

Emma Pauline Norman (11-5-1-7), born September 11, 1921, married Richard Smith, Jr., son of Richard Smith, August 29, 1940, and lives at 613 Somerset St., Zanesville, Ohio.

Frank Milton Norman (11-5-2), born January 5, 1873, was single and was at Hopewell, Ohio, in 1931.

Harry Wells Norman (11-5-3), born September 14, 1875, married Jennie Swenson. His death occurred on the 25th of June, 1911. No children.

Cyrus Carl Norman (11-5-4), born August 9, 1877, married Bertha Mavey, daughter of John Mavey, July 10, 1920, and lives at Akron, Ohio. Children: (1) Harry; and (2) Mary.

Florence Norman (11-5-5), born July 19, 1879, married Frank Johnson, son of John Johnson, July 6, 1900, and lives at Akron. Children: (1) Alice; and (2) Mary.

Arthur Emmett Norman (11-5-6), born September 3, 1881, was single and was living at Hopewell, Ohio, in 1931.

George Washington Sherrard (11-6), born July 22, 1853. was married and lived in San Francisco, where he was killed in a railroad accident on the 30th of December, 1918. Children: (1) William; (2) Alice: (3) Margaret; and (4) Dorothy.

James Fielding Sherrard (11-8), born December 31, 1855, married Matilda A. Losey, daughter of Abiel Losey, August 20, 1878, and was living at New Straitsville in 1931. Children: (1) Henry Harold; (2) John Wesley; (3) Mattie Lillian; (4) Isabel; (5) David James: (6) Flora May; and (7) Gladys.

Henry Harold Sherrard (11-8-1), born April 4, 1880, served in the Philippines during the Spanish American War and remained there, where he married Lucia Baral, daughter of Eugenio Baral. August 1, 1905. They live at Jaro, Ilio Province. Children: (1) Robert Henry, deceased; (2) Edna May; (3) James William, deceased; (4) Fe’ Esperanza; (5) Flora Ellen; (6) John Wesley; and (7) David Alfred.

John Wesley Sherrard (11-8-2), born September 27, 1882, married Margaret Gardner, daughter of John N. Gardner, July 16, 1923, and lives at Mingo Junction, Ohio. Children: (1) James Nelson; and (2) Sarah Elizabeth.

Mattie Lillian Sherrard (11-8-3), born August 1, 1885, married Clarence Riley, son of James F. Riley. Afterwards she married Hiram B. Drumm, son of Adam Drumm, July 22, 1914, and lives at New Straitsvile. Children: (1) Edith Fern Riley; (2) Julia May Drumm; (3) Gladys Catharine Drumm; and (4) Margaret Anna Drumm.

page 173

Edith Fern Riley (11-8-3-1), born April 27, 1907, married Philip Hammond, son of William Hammond, October 28, 1922, lives at Columbus, Ohio, and has one child, William.

Isabel Sherrard (11-8-4), born September 16, 1888, married John M. Hudson, son of John Hudson, April 22, 1918, lives at Logan, Ohio, and has no children.

David James Sherrard (11-8-5), born June 7, 1891, married Belle Snyder, daughter of John Snyder, July 9, 1918, and lived at Wheeling, West Virginia. He died on the 26th of June, 1919. No children.

Flora May Sherrard (11-8-6), born May 7, 1894, married Michael E. Mullen, son of John F. Mullen, June 12, 1916, and lives at Logan, Ohio. Children: (1) Vera Margaret; (2) Doris Claire; and (3) John Francis.

Gladys Sherrard (11-8-7), born April 24, 1897, was single and was at New Straitsville in 1931.

Ida Victoria Sherrard (11-9), born October 14, 1857, married Wesley Baird and was living in 1931 at 822 Logan St., Saginaw, Michigan.

Charles Lincoln Sherrard (11-10), born July 17, 1860, married Fannie Matheny and lived at East Fultonham, Ohio, till his death on the 15th of November, 1924. His only child was Homer.


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