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Biography of Charles Wright Durbin of Fredericktown, Ohio


The subject of this sketch, who was a prominent citizen of Fredericktown, Knox county, Ohio, was born in Morris township, that county, August 17. 1864, and died at Fredericktown, December 25, 1891. His parents were John and Elizabeth (Wright) Durbin, who settled at Fredericktown when Charles was six weeks old. There the boy grew up and was educated in the village school, later taking a classical course at the Wesleyan University, at Delaware, Ohio. For five years succeeding his graduation he was superintendent of schools at Fredericktown, and for about four years he filled the office of county examiner of teachers. In politics he was a Republican, and his convictions on religious questions led him to affiliate with the Methodist Episcopal church.

Mr. Durbin married, December 28, 1886, Lina Craven, daughter of Leander and Leonora (Ewers) Craven, who bore him three children :

-John Vincent, born May 2, 1888;

-Pauline, born June 29, 1889; and

-Elizabeth, Lorn September 7, 1891.

Mrs. Durbin was born in Wayne township, Knox county, March 7, 1865, and was educated in the district schools near her childhood home and at the Union school at Fredericktown, graduating in the latter in May, 1882. Her parents were natives of Loudoun county, Virginia. Her father was born in 1818, her mother in 1824, and the former died November 28, 1895, the latter June 20, 1898. They were the parents of five children. Their daughter Clara died in infancy, their son, William Franklin, at the age of seventeen years, and their daughter, Marcella, married Elias Cooper and died in 1886, aged thirty-eight years, leaving daughters named Mildred and Ada. Their daughter, Lilian Elizabeth, married Milton Grove and lives in Morrow county, Ohio.

Mrs. Durbin’s paternal grandfather, Mahlon Craven, was born in Virginia March 13, 1786, and married Hannah Iden March 11, 1810, and they had children named Shelton, Samuel, James, Leander, John W., Thomas, Martha, Sarah E., Eliza and Mary. “When their son Leander, father of Mrs. Durbin, was about fifteen years old they located in Knox county, Ohio, and in 1857 Leander settled in Wayne township, where he cleared and improved a large farm.

Mrs. Durbin’s maternal grandfather, Gregg Ewers, married Elizabeth Ashford, who bore him the following children: Leonora, Elizabeth, Harriet, William Fenton and Mary. Leonora and William Fenton Ewers are dead. Mr. and Mrs. Ewers were of English birth, and they seem to have been brought when young to America by their parents. Mrs. Durbin has a sugar bowl that one of her great-grandmothers brought over with her from her native land, a memento which Mrs. Durbin prizes highly and which is an object of much interest to her many friends.

page 294-295

The Biographical Record of Knox County Ohio, Illustrated, Lewis Publ Co, Chicago, 1902

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  1. Hello, I have been tracking down information about the Ewers Barn that has been relocated to Olde Avon Village. I lived in Fredericktown from 1950 until 1966. I remember my dad taking me out to the barn to get something (don’t remember what) and seeing a man call Burr Ewers in town on occation. I don’t know if this was his real first name or not. Could you be any help to me in telling the name of the man I am referring to? I’m working on a scrapbook of my Fredericktown memories and this is one that stuck with me.

    Comment by Dixie (Henry) Talbott | April 8, 2010 | Reply

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