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Zachariah Elledge (1815-1891)

This is a study page, my worksheet for Zachariah Elledge. He is my 3rd Great-Grandfather.

1840 Census Orange County Zacheriah Elija   1 male under 5, 1 m 20-30, 2 F under 5, 1 F 20-30
The 1830 census finds only Benjamin and Boon Elledge in Indiana in Harrison County, both have proven families & are not Zachariah’s father
Elledge, William and Polly Samples married on 10-5-1815 in Posey Co Indiana, then Tabitha Bell in 1819 in Harrison County (source:Posey County Marriages 1814-1831, compiled by J. Oscar Phillips, Boonville) William is in Madison County, Prairie Twp, Illinois in 1820 Census; pretty well have ascertained William can’t be the father of Zachariah. So who is?

he is living in Orange County in 1840
son b bet 1835-1840 (Joseph – see 1850 census)
he is born between 1810 and 1820
2 daughters b. bet 1835-1840 (Elizabeth and Matilda see 1850 Census)
a wife b. bet 1810-1830 married bef. 1840 (Silvia see 1850 Census)

brother named Zepheniah Elija b. bet 1810-1820
with a wife b. bet 1810-1820 and no children, married bef. 1840
living on same farm or on adjacent farm as they are enumerated side by side

1850 Census French Lick Township, Orange County Zachariah Elledge, age 35, bp Indiana, farmer no RE value listed, Silvia, age 37, bp Ky, Joseph age 11 bp In, Elizabeth age 12, bp In, Matilda age 14 bp In, Zephaniah age 9/12ths, bp In, Prudence age 9, bp In, Rebecca age 5 bp In

Indiana Marriages before 1850 from website at Zacariah Eledge and Sylvia Taylor Orange County, Jul 17, 1836

2 Deeds from the heirs and widow of Joseph Hankins/Hawkins/Hanks to 2 quarter quarter sections of land (20 acres) in Township one range two Zachariah Elegr/Ellege for $60, Nov of 1854 and recorded on 31 Jan 1855

1855 Deed in orange County makes Z.B. Elledge a trustee of the Methodist Episcopal Church. I suspect this is his brother, but it could be Zachariah, and it also leads to believe he was probably a member of this church even if this is his brother.

1 April 1859 Zachariah Elledge bought a forty acre parcel of government land the southwest quarter of the Northeast quarter of section 17 in Township one. This adjoined the lands he’d bought in 1855, giving him 60 acres total. BLM-GLO Vincennes certificate #28570

1860 Census – Zechariah Ellige, age 45, farmer, RE $740, personal estate $300, bp Indiana; Sylvia Ellige, age 45, cannot read or write, bp Ky; Joseph Ellige, age 20, farmer, bp In; Elizabeth age 22, bp In; Zephaniah, age 9, bp In; Prudy Ellige, age 17, bp In; Rebecca age 14, bp IN – Matilda does not appear, probably married or maybe died

1870 Census, Lawrence Co, Indiana Zack Elledge, age 50, shoemaker, pb In; living with Barnard Clark and daughter Elizabeth Clark in Mitchell, Indiana; Barnard Clark, age 33, Farmer, pb IN – no estate info listed. Living in the next house is Elijah C Clark, a saloonkeeper age 61, bp KY and his wife Kate, age 62, bp Ky   RE $1000, personal $75.  Possibly Barnard’s father and mother?:Elizabeth Clark, age 26, cannot read or write, bp In; Joseph Clarke, age 8 bp In, Charley Clark, age 4 bp In, Anice Clark age 3, bp In; Rose Clark, age 1, bp In

1880 Census Mitchell, Lawrence County, Indiana Zacariah Eledge, age 45, single, widowed, Laborer, bp IN, fathers bp unk, mothers bp NC, The age must be incorrect as he is shown with Prudy, a daughter age 35, so he could not be 45, 65 is his actual age, everything else fits with Zachariah; Prudy Barrnard, age 35, single, widow, keeping house, bp IN, fathers bp IN, mothers bp IN, living with father Zacariah; Edward age 3, male, son of Zachariah; Ella Barnnard, age 8, daughter of Prudy

From the 1840, 1850 and 1860, 1870 & 1880 censuses, the 2 Hawkins deeds, the trustee deed, the BLM Deed & the Marriage entry we can extrapolate this much:

Zachariah Elledge (alt= Zacheriah Elija, Zechariah Ellige – 1860 census + variant spelling for some of the 1850 children, Eledge – marriage record variant, Elegr, Ellege Deed variants, Zacariah Eledge 1880 census)
He was familiarly known as Zack (1870 CENSUS)
born: about 1815 his mother was born in NC, father’s bp is unknown (1850 & 1880 census)
birthplace: Indiana, probably a south central or south western county since that is where he is in the first census he appears in by name
he had a married brother Zepheniah, close to him agewise, who lived near or with him in 1840 but has moved away (or died) by 1850 since he is not in the Orange Co census
he was in Orange County in 1836, 1840 and in French Lick Twp of Orange County in 1850, probably either squatting on land or renting, since he lists no RE Value in 1850
he married a Silvia (Sylvia) Taylor on 17 July 1836 in Orange County (marriage entry)(the age of their oldest child given as 14 in 1850 census)
Sylvia Taylor was born in Kentucky between 1813 – 1815, and emigrated to Orange County before 1836, probably with her family; as she is between 23 and 21 at marriage it isn’t likely she’s a widow although that cannot be ruled out
They had three children in 1840 and all survive in 1850 plus they have three more children surviving by 1850. All appear on 1860 census except Matilda. She has married or died.
Zachariah is a farmer by occupation and also a shoemaker (1850-1860 census; 1870 census)
He purchased 20 acres of land recorded in January 1855 in Township One, Range two of Orange County from the heirs and widow of Joseph Hawkins. No relationship is known to this family although it is possible.He paid $60 for the land.(Need to see where the Hawkins family was in 1850 to see if they were living close to Zachariah’s family, then 1840 to see if that name is close to the Elledge brothers therein; if they are nearby in both a relationship is certainly possible maybe even probable)
There children, all born in Indiana (probably all in Orange county) are:
1. Matilda, about 1836
2. Elizabeth, about 1838
3. Joseph, about 1839 (1860 says 20 that is wrong he is on the 1840 census & 1850 says he’s 11)     these three children match the 1840 census as to age, sex and number
4. Prudy/Prudence, about 1841
5. Rebecca, about 1845
6. Zephaniah, November 1849 (9/12ths in Jul 1850 would be Nov 1849)(1860 census says age 9 – that is wrong. He is on the 1850)
Zachariah was probably a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church in French Lick Twp & either he or his brother was a trustee of the church, if his brother then it means Zephaniah has either moved back to Orange county or is in a surrounding county and prominent in church affairs (to be named trustee from afar). Either Zachariah or his brother has a middle initial of “B”
Zachariah had a son Edward in 1877 -this suggests four possibilities – 1/Zachariah had him out of wedlock, 2/Zachariah remarried after 1870 and she died before 1880 3/Edward is actually a son of Prudy, perhaps born after her husband died, 4/Edward is a grandson of one of his other children

1815 born in Indiana (best source: 1850 census)
1813-1815 His wife Sylvia is born in Kentucky
bef 1836 Silvia and probably her father’s family, emigrates to Orange COunty or an adjacent county from Kentucky
1836 married Silvia Taylor in Orange County Indiana (Indiana Marriages Before 1850)
1836 daughter Matilda born, Indiana (1850 Census)
1838 daughter Elizabeth born, Indiana (1850/1860 Census)
1839 son Joseph born, Indiana (1850 Census)
1840 appears on census with family & brother/sister-in-law in Orange County (1840 Census)
1841-1843 daughter Prudy/Prudence born, Indiana (1850/1860 census, most likely 1841, the 1850 census is closer to her birth)
1845-1846 daughter Rebecca born, Indiana (1850/1860 census)
1849 son Zephaniah born, Indiana (1850 census)
bef 1850 his brother Zephaniah moves from Orange County or has died (1840 & 1850 censuses)
1850 appears in 1850 census in Orange County, French Lick Twp (1850 census)
1855 purchases 20 acres in Twp One of Orange County from Hawkins family (2 deed records)
1855 Either Zachariah or his brother are appointed Trustees for the Methodist Episcopal Church in French Lick Twp, Orange County (deed)
1859 Zachariah bought 40 acres of government land adjoining the land he bought in 1855 (BLM IN2610_340.1)
bef 1860 marriage or death of daughter Matilda (she is not on the 1860 census with her family or her maiden name)
1860 appears in 1860 census with his same family members from 1850 less Matilda (1860 census)
bet 1861-1862 His son Joseph joins the Union army with Company C 43rd Indiana Infantry (etching on Joseph’s gravestone lists his Company)
bet Jul 1860 and 1862 daughter Elizabeth is married to Bernard Clark (1870 census)
1862 grandson Joseph is born in Indiana to his daughter Elizabeth ( almost certainly named after his uncle who is serving with the Union army)
1864 20 March son Joseph marries Caroline Frentress, daughter of Emsley (DuBois County Indiana Marriages 1839-1872 to Jan 1873) Books A-1-2; Book 2 pg 104)
1864 grandson Thomas is born to his son Joseph in Ireland, DuBois County, Indiana
1866 grandson Charley Clark is born to his daughter Elizabeth (1870 census)
1866 granddaughter Joanies is born to son Joseph in Ireland, In (1870 census)
1867 granddaughter Anice Clark born to daughter Elizabeth (1870 census)
1869 granddaughter Rose Clark born to his daughter Elizabeth (1870 census)
1869 granddaughter Catharine “Carrie” is born to his son Joseph in Ireland, Indiana
bef 1870 Silvia, his wife dies (she is not on 1870 census and he has moved and is living with his daughter)
bef 1870, Zachariah sells or transfers his land in Orange County and moves in with daughter Elizabeth’s family in Mitchell, Indiana (1870 census)
1870 He appears on the census living with Barnard and Elizabeth Clark in Mitchell, Indiana listed as a shoemaker (1870 census)
bef 1872 daughter Prudy marries a ____Barnnard (1880 census)
1872 granddaughter Ella Barnnard born to daughter Prudy (1880 census)
1872 grandson Alfred Zephaniah is born to son Joseph (1900 census)
bet 1872-1880 daughter Prudy’s husband dies (she is a widower in 1880 census)
1875 granddaughter Minnie born to son Joseph (1880 census)
1876 July son Zephaniah marries Frances Frentress, sister of son Joseph’s wife in Orange county (Orange co Marriage Index H4 p2)
1877 Zachariah has a son Edward (1880 census)
1877 granddaughter Lucinda born to son Joseph <need proof>
1878 granddaughter Lizzie born to son Joseph <need proof>
granddaughter Elizabeth born to son Zephaniah (1900 census)
1880 grandson John Wesley born to son Joseph <need proof>
1880 granddaughter Ella born to son Zephaniah (1900 census)
1880 He appears on the census in Mitchell, Indiana with Prudy Barnnard his daughter, he widowed, she a widower (1880 census)
1880 granddaughter Elzara born to son Zephaniah (1900 census)
1882 granddaughter Saranda born to son Joseph <need proof>
1883 granddaughter Clarinda Anice born to son Zephaniah (1900 census)
1886 grandson Joseph Albert born to son Zephaniah (1900 census)
1889 grandson William born to son Zephaniah (1900 census)
1890 son Joseph dies on Feb 24th in Orange County
1891 Feb 3rd Zachariah dies in orange County, Indiana <need proof>

Records yet to find
brother Zephaniah in 1850 and 1860 censuses
Hawkins family in 1840/1850 census
Clark family in 1860
Taylor family in 1830 Indiana/Ky
Patents for Taylor southern Indiana
Hawkins/Hankins patent Orange County
deeds transferring or selling Zachariah’s lands in Orange county between 1860-1870
Silvia Elledge grave, inscription, photograph if possible
Methodist Episcopal church records in Orange Co for 1850 on?
Matilda’s marriage or death record
Joseph’s Civil War service jacket and his pension records
find Prudy’s marriage record
find Mr. Barnnard’s grave and death record
1880 census for son Joseph
1900 census for John Wesley
1880 census for Zephaniah
1880 census for Zephaniah
marriage or death of Rebecca between 1860 and 1870
Elizabeth and Barnard Clark in 1880 census
need proof of Zachariah’s death and burial, his grave and cemetery

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  1. I am wondering if my Absolam Eledge whom cannot be found before 1844 when he married Mary McBryan in Andrew County Missouri. Absolam Eledge was born about 1822 in Indiana, but cannot find him anywhere in Indiana. Do you have any family documents that could prove the siblings of Zachariah or Zephaniah. Naming conventions among these 3 make me suspect that there is a connection somewhere. Would love to find out who their parents are!!!

    Comment by Tammy Eledge | April 11, 2010 | Reply

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