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PREFACE – Early Conway Origins

I have added the numbering system to make the family record of Edward understandable since the form it appears in originally is unnumbered, and extremely confusing. If you wish to view this original format I have linked a photocopy of that page conway-line

page B5

Sir EDWARD CONWAYE, Knighted by Robert E. of Essex, General of 2. Eliz. forces at ye sacking of Cades in Spaine, where he comanded all the foote 1596, after he served as a gt coman in ye Netherlands and was deputie governor of ye garisone townes of Brill in Holland tell ye Cautionary towes were yeilded up he was after lieutenant of ye countye of Southampton and Captayne and gouonor of Isle of wight Principall Secretary of state abrode ambassador extraordinarie into Germani and at his death Lo President of ye Privie Cownsell in ye tyme of K. James and King Charles he died ye 3 of January at ye age of 67 at his howse in St. Martins lane by Charingcrosse whose bodye was honorably accompanyed wt noble men beyonde Charingcrosse ye 8 of February following and so to Ragley in Warwicksh; where it was intered yet 12 of the same month, 1632. (1630-1.)

1. Sr. Edw: Conway Kt. barron Conway of Ragley in com war: & Vicount Kilulla in Ireland and Viscount Conway of Conwa Castell in Wales + Dorathe dau. to Sr. John Tracy of
Tudding in com. Glostr Kt. wydow to Edw. Braye sonne & hr apparent to cdw. Braye of Barington in com. Glostr. Children: (1) Edw.; (2) Sr. Tomas; (3) Ralph Con; (4) Frances; (5) Brilliana (6) Heligawith; and (7) Mary

Edw (1-1) now Lo. Con. eldest sonne age 38, 1632 + Franc., dau. to Sr. Francis Popham of Wellington in com: Somersett Kt. Children: (1) John Conway eldest sonne & he age 9; (2) Edward 2 sonne age 7; (3) Thomas 3 sonne age 4; (4) Frauncis 4 sonne age 2; (5) Dorathe only daughter

Sr. Tomas (1-2) 2nd sonne age 30 lieutenant Co. conell to  General Morgan in Germani

Ralph Con (1-3) youngest son age 24

Frances (1-4) married to Sr.William Pelham of Brokles in Lycolnshire Kt.

Brilliana (1-5) married to Sr. Robt. Harley of Bromton in Heref Kt.of ye bathe to K. James & Mr. of ye minte.

Heligawith (1-6) married Sr. Willm Smith of Thiydom monte in Essex Knight.

Mary (1-7) unmd.


Visitation of Essex 1558. Harley 1137 (British Museum Mss.)

page B6

“This family now of Ragley in Com. War. ( a Lordship obtained by purchase towards the latter end of Queen Elizabeth’s Reign) do derive their descent from Sir Henry Conway Knight wch Sir Henry, having been knighted by Edward Mortimer Earl of March & Ulvester about the beginning of King Richard the Second’s reign was by Identure, bearing date 1st of August 5 R 2 retained to do him service, as a Knight during all his Life & in time of Peace to have Diet for Himself, one Esq. one chamberlain & four Grooms, as also Hay, Oates, Horseshoes, & Nails for Six Horses, or Reasonable Allowance for the same. And whensoever he should be required to make his attachment on him for service of war, the like Diet, or Wages in Lieu thereof, for himself his Esquire. Chamberlain, & Five Grooms, with Hay, Oates, &c for eight horses & likewise allowance for the like Wages and reward as he gave others of their quality, for so many Men at Arms & Archers as he should bring to him for the Service of War. From this Sir Henry descended John Conway of Potrithan in Com. Flint Esq., who had issue two sons; Hugh & Edward which Hugh in 1 H 7 was Imploied by Margarat Countess of Richmond, to Henry earl of Richmond, her Son, then in Brittany with money; as also with directions to assure him of the good affections wch most of the Nobility of this Realm did bear him; and to Incite his Speedy coming into England. And being master of his ward­robe, shortly after he obtained the Crown of this Realm, received the honour of Knighthood at the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth (Wife of that King) & became one of the Privy Council as also Knight for his Body & Treasurer of his Household. In 7 H 7 he was likewise retained to serve him in his Wars beyond Sea, with twenty Men at Arms, besides himself. But of him I have no more to say, the line continuing through Edward. Which Edward taking to Wife Ann the daughter & sole heir of Richard Burdet of Arrow in Com. Warr. Esq. enjoyed that Lordship as Her right; and being a Gentleman Huisher of tha chamber to King Henry the Eighth obtained a Special License under the Privy Signet, dated (2 Feb. 3H 8 to retain certain men, Voluntiers for the service in the Wars; & departed this Life on Thursday next ensuing the feast of St. Bartholomew the Apostle 38 H. 8 leaving John his Son & Heir 35 years of age & upwards. Which John being soon after Knighted, was in that great Expedition made into Scotland in 1 E 6 where he merited so well for his valour manifested in those services then performed, as that upon the 28th of Sept. the same year he was made a Banneret. He wedded Catherine daughter of Sir. Ralph Verney Knight & by his Testament bearing date 22 Julii 6. E 6 bequeathed his Body to be buried in the Church at Arrow & dyed leaving Issue another Sir John Conway Knight his Son & Heir, who married Elena the daught of Sir Falke Gravill of Beruchamp’s Court in Com. Warr. Knight. And being a person of great knowledge in military affairs was made Governor of Ostend by Robert Earl of Leicester 39 Dec. an. 1586 (29 Eliz.) that Earl being then General of tha English Auxiliaries, in behalf of the States of the United Provinces; & departed this Life 4 Oct. 1 Jan. leaving Edward his Son & Heir, Knighted by Robert Earl of Essex, at the sacking of Trade in Spain, in An. 1596 (38 Eliz.) where he command­ed a Regiment of Foot. After which he served in the Netherlands, as a Governor of the Brill, & upon the 30th of Jan. 20 Jac. was made one of the principal Secretarys of State. Also upon the 32 of March 22 Jac advanced to the dignity of a Barren of the Realm by the title of Lord Conway of Ragley & upon the 8th of December following Captain of the Isle of Wight. Moreover in I Car, 1 he was constituted one of the powerful Secretarys of the Isle of State to that King (23 Mari) & in 2 Car 1 created viscount Killuliagh (Killullagh of the Com. of Antrim

page B7

in Ireland). Also upon the 6th of June 3 Car. 1 Viscount Conway of Conway castle, in Com. Caernarvon. He was afterwards also made Lord President of His Majesty’s Privy Council; and employed into Germany as Embassador Extraordinary. And departing his Life at his House in St. Martin’s Lane; in the Liberties of Westminster 3 Jan. An. 1620 (6Car 1) was buried at Ragley, leaving Issue by Dorothy his Wife Daughter of Sir John Tracy of Codington in Com. Glouc. Knight (Widow of Edward Bray son & Heir of Edmund Bray of Bannington in Com. Glouc. Esq.) Three Sons; Edward his Son & Heir, 2 Sir Thomas Conway Knight, Lieutenant Colonel to Colonel Morgan in the wars of Germany And 3rd Raphe; And Four Daughters; Frances, married to Sir William Pelham of Brocklesby, in Com. Line. Knight; Brilliana, to Sir Robert Harley of Brampton Brian in Com. Haref, Knight of the Bath; Heligawith to Sir William Smith of Cheyden Monte, in Com. Essex Knight and Mary. Which Edward Succeeding him in his Honours; First married Frances Daughter to Sir Francis Popham of Littlecot, in Com. Somers. Knight departed this life at Paris in France in An. 1655 leaving Issue by her Four Sons; First John who died young. 2 Edward, 3 Francis, and Fourthly Thomas who died in childhood. Also 2 daughters; Dorothy, married to Sir George Rawlon of _____ in Ireland, Baronet. And Anne. And to his second Wife Katharine Daughter to Giles Harriblock of Gant in Flanders, widdow of Fusse, a merchant in London & had no issue by her. To whom succeeded Edward his Son & Heir, which Edward married Anne, Daughter of Sir Heneage Finche of Kensington in Com. Midd. Knight sometime Recorder of the City of London by whom had 3 sons, one Son called Heneage, who died young.”


Conway Coat of Arms


One of the most ancient and frequently used of the several coats of arms of the Welsh and English family of Conway is that described as follows (Burke, General Armory. 1884):

Arms. — “Sable, on a bend cotised argent, a rose between two annulets gules.”

Crest — “A Moor’s head sidefaced proper, banded round the temples argant and azure.”




  1. My great-grandmother, Lavina Conway Price was married to Daniel Amos Price on 19 July 1868. It seems that Daniel Amos Price drops out of Lavina’s life sometime between 1870 and 1880. I would like to know what happened to Daniel Amos Price, when he died and where he is buried. I do know he was born in abt 1847 in Wetzel County WV the son of Merriman and Lydia Price and he and Lavina lived in Jackson County, WV. Lavina died 16 May 1929 and her grave is at the Drift Run Cemetery in Jackson County, West Virginia.

    Comment by Paul Conger | February 28, 2011 | Reply

  2. Hi, I wonder if you would be interested in a electronic copy of an oil painting that I tracked down of Sir Thomas Conway, the brother of Viscount Edward Conway? There was a reference to it hanging in Rainham Hall in an book that described a walking tour of Norfolk in England. The contents of the hall were auctioned in the late 1800s and the painting was ultimately purchased by Louisiana State University. A graduate student Quincy Lee did a thesis on their art collection, including the portrait. I believe she incorrectly identifies the subject of the portrait as the son of Viscount Edward Conway when in fact it is the Viscount’s brother. Anyway, some of your readers on this blog may like to see the image, as it’s possible it may be one of their Conway ancestors. My email is
    Laverne Conway

    Comment by Laverne Conway | September 24, 2011 | Reply

  3. I sent you an email and hopefully will soon have a copy of this painting to post on the blog! Thank you!!!

    Comment by Grandpockets | November 12, 2011 | Reply

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