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Chapter 11 – ELIZABETH HAYES part 5

page 254
Charles Hollis Gooch (1-8-5-1), born October 12, 1881, married Agnes Thompson, daughter of David Thompson, April 16, 1907, and lives at Mt. Shasta. Children: (1) Donald Charles; and (2) Gerald Thompson.

Emerson Arthur Gooch (1-8-6), born February 16, 1859, married Mary Arnett, January 15, 1885, and moved to Michigan. His wife died about six weeks after their marriage. He died on the 19th of August, 1898.

Silas Foster Gooch (1—8-7), born March 18, 1861, married Virginia Alice Arnett, daughter of Thomas Arnett, January 26, 1884, and lives at Mannington. Children: (1) Cecil Jay; (2) Beulah Fern; (3) Cleo Beatrice, died in childhood: (4) Arkey Amos; (5) Roy Oscar; (6) Walter Arnett; and (7) Orion Lyle.

Cecil Jay Gooch (1-8-7-1), born March 1, 1893, married Helen B. Arnett, daughter of B. E. Arnett, October 18, 1919, and lives at Caudersport, Pennsylvania. Children: (1) Everett Neil; (2) Lester Phalon; (3) Mary Marjorie, deceased; (4) Wanda Virginia: and (5) Dana Arlene.

Beulah Fern Gooch (1-8-7-2), born December 19, 1894, married Robert E. Mackey, son of Samuel Mackey, December 18, 1915, lives at Mannington, and has one child, Silas Samuel.

Arkey Amos Gooch (1-8-7-4), born August 12, 1899. married Evelyn N. Starkey, daughter of Albert Starkey, April 10, 1929, lives near Mannington on rural route No. 2, and has one child, Melvin Le Verne.

Roy Oscar Gooch (1-8-7-5), born November 2, 1901, married Nola M. Michael, daughter of Dell Michael, October 14, 1925, and lives at Mannington. Children: (1) Merle Eugene; (2) Iris Evelyn; and (3) Irvin Dale.

Walter Arnett Gooch (1-8-7-6), born September 10, 1904, married Verneda P. Toothman, daughter of Peter Toothman, August 30, 1926, and lives at Hornell, New York. Children: (1) Arnold Russell; (2) Doris Arlene; and (3) Argil Leon.

Orion Lyle Gooch (1-8-7—7), born May 13, 1907, married Virginia M. Keenan, daughter of Henry P. Keenan, June 2, 1930, and lives near Mannington on rural route No. 2.

Charles Ellsworth Gooch <1-8-8>, born January 6, 1864, married Carrie M. Baker, daughter of O. E. Baker, December 25, 1895. She died on the 2nd of December, 1896; and he afterwards, April 7, 1900, married Zettie P. Ostrom, daughter of Richard Rush Potter. They live at Bieber, California. Children: (1) infant (daughter of first marriage), died in infancy; (2) Ora Ellsworth; (3) Mazella Agnes; (4) Rush Potter; (5) Hazel Dale; (6) Carrie Grace; (7) Nettie Itha; and <8> Charles Elmer, deceased.

Mazella Agnes Gooch (1-8-8-3), born June 28, 1903, married Leonard August Oilar, son of Frank Oilar, January 31, 1920, and lives at Day, California. Children: (1) Lester Herman; (2) Dorothy Pearl; (3) Edris Undeen: (4) Leona Evelyn; (5) Hiram Leonard; and (6) Edna Walthy.

page 255

Hazel Dale Gooch (1-8-8-5), born May 4, 1908, married Hiram Leonard Wertz, son of U. S. Wertz, January 17, 1927, and lives at Bieber. Children: (1) Nola Jean; and (2) Evelyn Doris.

Carrie Grace Gooch (1-8-8-6), born July 13, 1909, married Royal W. Harvey, son of George W. Harvey, July 23, 1927, lives at Bieber, and has one child, Royal William, Jr.

Olive Elizabeth Jones (1-8-9), born August 18, 1870, married Charles S. Pitzer, son of John E. Pitzer, January 14, 1899, and lives at Fairmont. Her husband died on the 18th of January, 1917. No children.

Adam Rufus Ice (1-9), born March 11, 1835, married Ann Doughty, daughter of William Doughty, October 30, 1854. They lived nine years in West Virginia and then moved to Clements in Chase County, Kansas, where they spent the remainder of their lives. He died on the 2nd of April, 1902: his wife, on the 29th of July, 1877. Children: (1) Pheonora, died at 20; (2) Arthur McDonough; (3) Cleopatra; (4) Rufus Lee; (5) Josephine; and (6) Clement Valandigham.

Arthur McDonough Ice (1-9-2), born April 4, 1858, married Margaret Ann Penny, daughter of William Penny, February 28, 1882, and lives at Cedar Point, Kansas. His wife died in November, 1923. Children: (1) Nora Glick Beflvjlle; (2) Cleo Cornelia; (3) Mary Ann; (4) Isa Margaret; (5) William Rufus; (6) Josephine Cora; (7) Franc; and <8> John Clement.

Nora Glick Bellville Ice (1-9-2-1), born December 21, 1882, married Raney S. Showalter, son of Henry M. Showalter, in October, 1910, lives in Pittsburg, Kansas, and has no children.

Cleo Cornelia Ice (1-9-2-2), born January 14, 1885, married Edward B. Laughridge. son of Samuel B. Laughridge. June 23, 1909, and lives at Cedar Point, Kansas. Children: (1) Arthur Edward; (2) Robert Raney: (3) Frank Ice: (4) Annabel; and (5) Laura Lee.

Mary Ann Ice (1-9-2-3), born April 1, 1886, married Milton Rothermel, son of Mossir Rothermel, February 3, 1917, and lives at Springfield, Missouri. Children: (1) Charles William; (2) Margaret Johnson; (3) Bettie Marie; and (4) Arthur Morris.

Isa Margaret Ice (1-9-2-4), born April 16, 1887, is single and lives at Cedar Point, Kansas.

William Rufus Ice (1-9-2-5). born March 25. 1888, married Semira S. Cogswell, daughter of Frederick Cogswell, February 10, 1919, lives at Cedar Point, and has one child. John William.

Josephine Cora Ice (1-9-2-6), born June 29, 1893, married Frank C. Veatch, January 3, 1921, lives at Emporia, Kansas, and has no children.

Franc Ice (1-9-2-7), born July 25, 1896, married Samuel E. Blowers, son of Arthur L. Blowers, December 6, 1920, and lives at Forney, Texas. Children: (1) Bettie Louise; (2) Peggie Ann; and (3) Patsy Jo.

John Clement Ice (1-9-2-8), born March 15. 1898, married Myrtle

page 256

Freeborn, daughter of William Freeborn, June 3, 1922, and lived at Florence, Kansas. His wife died on the 12th of July, 1927. After her death he joined the U. S. Army and was a sergeant in Battery C-76 at Fort Warren, Wyoming, in 1929. No children.

Cleopatra Ice (1-9-3), born August 5, 1860, is single and lives at Clements, Kansas. She spent several years in New York City and was a stenographer in Washington during the World War.

Rufus Lee Ice (1-9-4), born October 25, 1862, married Lida Jane Kelley, daughter of Roach Kelley, October 25, 1886, and lives at San Angelo, Texas. His wile died on the 23rd of December, 1922. Children: (1) Dora Ann; (2) Earl Columbus; and (3) Gertrude.

Dora Ann Ice (1-9-4-1), born September 28, 1887, married Charles Nowell, son of William C. Nowell. March 29. 1922, and lives at San Angelo, Texas. Her husband died on the 23rd of September. 1928. Her only child is Lida Jane.

Earl Columbus Ice (1-9-4-2), born December 14, 1894, married for his first wife Sallie Wilson, daughter of James Wilson. May 5, 1917. Afterwards he married Leslie Lee Erickson, daughter of Fletcher Erickson, January 24, 1926. He lives at San Angelo, Texas. Children: (1) Virginia; and (2) Earl Columbus, Jr.

Gertrude Ice (1-9—4-3), born October 28, 1899, married William W. Wagner, son of John Wagner, September 7, 1927, and lives at San Angelo, Texas. No children.

Josephine Ice (1-9-5), born February 21, 1866, married Horace P. Jackson, son of George W. Jackson, June 18. 1885, and lives at Clements, Kansas. Children: (1) Marian Rita, died single at 25; (2) George W., died in childhood; and (3) James Edwin.

James Edwin Jackson (1-9-5-3), born March 22, 1892, is not married.

Clement Valandigham Ice (1-9-6), born November 4, 1872, married Jessie Shaft, daughter of Clay Shaft, May 5, 1897. and lived at Clements, Kansas, until his death on the 26th of July, 1903. His widow afterwards married Richard A. Stephenson and lived in 1931 at Clements. Children: (1) Ann Weesner; and (2) Clarence Frederick.

Ann Weesner Ice (1-9-6-1), born April 26, 1899, graduated from the Newton High School in 1918 and married Ernest Meierhoff, son of Adolph Meierhoff, May 21, 1924, and lives at Clements. Children: (1) Ruth Ann; and (2) Jessie Irene.

Clarence Frederick Ice (1—9-6-2), born October 30, 1901, graduated from Kansas University in 1924; was admitted to the bar in 1924; practiced law at Newton and Peabody; and was elected county attorney for Marion County in 1926. He married Mildred Branine, daughter of Ezra Branine, June 24, 1924, lives at Newton, Kansas, and has one child, Winifred.

Rawley Ethan Ice (1-10), born May 6, 1837, married Thirza Snodgrass, daughter of Dearborn Snodgrass. She died on the 10th of May,

page 257

1894; and he afterwards married Ella Johns, daughter of Eli Johns, in 1898. She died soon after their marriage. His last wife was Lizzie Wilcox. They were married on the 18th of July, 1900. Children: (1) Armena Arlington, died young; (2) Charles Wellington; (3) Rachel Arizona; (4) George McClelland, died in childhood; (5) Anna Lulu; (6) Mary Wiseman; (7) Nancy Bessie, died at 20; <8> Rawley Dewey; and (9) Cleo Nawasa.

Charles Wellington Ice (1-10-2), born September 3, 1857, married Malissa Ellen Sturm, daughter of Peregrin B. Sturm, July 21, 1878, and lived near Mannington. He died on the 8th of October, 1928; his wife, on the 1st of May, 1903. Children: (1) Howard Leslie; (2) William Perry; (3) Bertie Blanche; (4) Bruce Jackson, died at 14; (5) Charles Edward, died in infancy; (6) Benjamin Harrison; and (7) Roy Earl.

Howard Leslie Ice (1-10-2-1), born May 30, 1879, married Agnes Rebecca Bartrug, daughter of 0. J. Bartrug, December 19, 1900, and lives at 1306 Brady Ave., Brownwood, Texas. Children: (1) Charles Oliver; (2) Myron Edwin; (3) Melba Agnes, deceased; and (4) Ruth Bartrug.

Charles Oliver Ice (1-10-2—1-1), born January 11, 1902, married Mildred Elizabeth Griffin, daughter of James W. Griffin, December 24, 1922, and lives at Brownwood. Children: (1) Peggy Joyce; and (2) Charles Oliver, Jr.

Myron Edwin Ice (1-10-2-1-2), born December 11, 1903, married Hilda K. Gray, daughter of James T. Gray, September 8, 1926, and lives at Oden, Texas. He has one child, Myra Sue.

William Perry Ice (1-10-2-2), born March 4, 1881, married Jemima C. Alcorn, daughter of Samuel W. Alcorn, August 1, 1900. She died on the 6th of September, 1903; and he afterwards, June 5, 1907, married Mayme C. Braun, daughter of George Braun. They live at 201 Boyles Ave., Newcastle, Pennsylvania. Children: (1) Bertha Malissa: and (2) William Howard Braun.

Bertha Malissa Ice (1-10-2-2-1), born July 13, 1901, married Thomas W. Anderson, son of Frank lvi. Anderson, June 4, 1919, and lives at 327 Bloomington Ave., Wooster, Ohio. Children: (1) Robert Madison; and (2) Joan Norrene.

Bertie Blanche Ice (1-10-2-3), born February 10, 1883, married Dallie Leslie Hall, son of Wilson Hall, August 27, 1899, and lives at Mannington. Children: (1) Lyndon Vane: (2) Margaret Bernice; and (3) Wilbur Dallie.

Lyndon Vane Hall (1-10-2-3-1). born July 20, 1901. married Vivian S. Ashcraft, daughter of A. Clarence Asheraft, March 5, 1919, and lives at Mannington. Children: (1) Glyndon Lorene; (2) Doris Jean: and (3) James Edward.

Margaret Bernice Hall (1-10-2-3-2). born December 31. 1907, married Ralph A. Carr, son of John T. Carr, August 13, 1925, and lives at Mannington. Children: (1) Margaret Gene: and (2) William Howard.

page 258

Benjamin Harrison Ice (1-10-2-6), born December 12, 1888, married Kathryn Virginia Guthrie, daughter of Wesley A. Guthrie, December 9, 1911, and lived at Mannington. He died on the 20th of March, 1936. Alaire Geraldine is his only child.

Roy Earl Ice (1-10-2-7), born December 8, 1891, married Nina M. Heflin in 1917 and lives at 1054 Coraopolis, Pennsylvania. Hie wife died on the 3rd of November, 1924. Children: (1) John Millan, deceased; and (2) Dorothy Marie.

Rachel Arizona Ice (1-10-3), born October 3, 1860, married George W. Mason, son of Charles Mason, April 16, 1878, and lived at Grangeville, West Virginia. He died on the 1st of January, 1894; his wife, on the 21st of April, 1925. No children.

Anna Lulu Ice (1-10-5), born September 25, 1869, married a Moore for her first husband, and afterwards, September 17, 1908, married George Hoy, son of Benjamin F. Hoy. They lived near Mannington on rural route No. 2. Children: (1) Burch Hamilton Moore; (2) Arnold Ross Moore, died in infancy; and (3) Edna Kathleen Hoy.

Burch Hamilton Moore (1-10-5-1), born May 21, 1888, married Lola Morris, daughter of George Morris, in 1916, and lives at McArthur, Ohio. His wife died on the 15th of April, 1921. Children: (1) Mary Emaline; (2) Bert Hamilton; and (3) Betty Ann.

Mary Wiseman Ice (1-10-6), born November 5, 1873, married Ellis A. Duncan, son of John W. Duncan, October 25, 1894. and lives at Mannington. Children: (1) Glenn Arnold; (2) Gypsy Fay; and (3) Paul Edward.

Glenn Arnold Duncan (1-10-6-1), born September 12, 1896, married Hazel M. Ritchea, daughter of Memzie Ritchea, March 26, 1925. and lives at Littleton, West Virginia.

Gypsy Fay Duncan (1-10-6-2), born July 1, 1899, married James Walter Hess, son of Taylor Hess, June 23, 1918, lives at Mannington, and has no children.

Rawley Dewey Ice (1-10-8), born January 26, 1899, married Bessie Hayes, daughter of Bishop Hayes, April 4, 1920, and lives at Logansport, West Virginia. Children: (1) Dale Marie; (2) Daniel Edwin; (3) Robert Ethan; (4) Bert Lee; and (5) Betty Mae.

Cleo Nawasa Ice (1-10-9), born April 20, 1901, married Beecher McMullen, son of Henry McMullen, July 26, 1917, and lives at Logansport. Children: (1) Freda; and (2) Irene.

Phoebe Jane Ice (1-11) was born on the 6th of May, 1837. She learned to play the violin when she was a girl. In those days there was a family of Thorns in the neighborhood of Rivesville, all of whom were musicians, one of the sons being called John. He was a violinist of more than ordinary ability. About 1853 or 1854 he visited a brother who lived on Buffalo Creek about six miles above Mannington, where the village of Rymer now stands. On the way home he stopped at the residence of Rawley Ice to hear Phoebe, the daughter of Mr. Ice, play

page 259

the violin. She was then about sixteen years old and had a reputation in the neighborhood of being a “fine fiddler.” She had recently learned a new piece of music, which at that time was called “The Scolding Wife.” This she played for young Mr. Thorn, who became so delighted with it that he insisted on its repetition until he had thoroughly mastered it himself. When he returned home he passed the new piece of music on to his friends. He had utterly forgotten the name of it, but he could remember the name of the young woman who had played it for him. So he called it “Phoebe Ice,” a name it has borne ever since. Its reputation among the dancers in country communities extends throughout several of the counties of northern West Virginia. When they want something to quicken the step and put more life into a dance they usually call for “Phoebe Ice.”

Phoebe Jane Ice married John D. Watson, son of James Watson, November 23, 1855, and lived near Logansport, West Virginia. He served three years in the Union Army, in Company B, 6th W. Va. Infantry. She died on the 11th of November, 1902; her husband, on the 30th of July, 1889. Children: (1) James Buchanan, died in childhood; (2) Edwin Rawley, died in infancy; (3) Hillery Fleming; (4) Marcellus Ward; (5) Rose Ella; (6) Ethan Grant, died in infancy; (7) Minnie Elwin; <8> Martha Elizabeth; (9) Dottie Dimple; (10) Ulysses Franklin; (11) Robert Edgar; and (12) Ruemma Pearl.

Hillery Fleming Watson (1-11-3), born January 25, 1859, married Clara Belle Monroe, daughter of George A. Monroe, January 30, 1889, and was living in 1931 near Wallace, West Virginia, on rural route No. 2. He served as a justice of the peace in Marion County from 1896 to 1898. Upon the breaking out of the Spanish American War he resigned as justice and enlisted in Company G, 2nd W. Va. Vol. Inf., as a sergeant and served till the end of the war. Children: (1) Phoebe Lenore: (2) Loris Arnold: (3) Bonnie Eloise, died in infancy; (4) Trilby Lorena: (5) Hazel Grace; and (6) Margaret Louise.

Phoebe Lenore Watson (1-11-3-1). born April 27, 1890, married Claude Raymond Sine, son of Nelson Sine, January 1, 1914, lives at Mannington, and has no children.

Loris Arnold Watson (1-11-3-2), born June 13, 1892, married Anna Belle Conaway, daughter of Frederick E. Conaway, January 18, 1921, lives in Grafton, West Virginia, and has one child, Hilda Virginia.

Trilby Lorena Watson (1-11-3-4), born January 25, 1897, married Charles Etzel. son of George Etzel, September 17, 1919, lives at Wheeling, and has no children.

Hazel Grace Watson (1-11-3-5). born September 18, 1905, married Berlin B. Chapman, son of George W. Chapman. August 10, 1927, lives at Wallace and has no children.

Marcellus Ward Watson (1-11-4), born December 1, 1860, married Malissa Cartright in 1884. He next married Lillian Cora Davis, daughter of Ulysses Davis, September 1, 1889. She died on the 9th of January, 1930: and he afterwards, April 23, 1931, married Kate Starkey Martin

page 260

and lives at Wyatt. Children: (1) Carteth, deceased; (2) infant, died in infancy; (3) Arval; (4) Pearl; (5) Beda Audra; and (6) Everett. deceased.

Arval Watson (1-11-4-3), born October 23, 1895, married Addie Carpenter, daughter of James T. Carpenter, lives at Wyatt, and has no children. (See 1-7-1-7 in Chapter XIX.)

Pearl Watson (1-11-4-4), born December 29, 1897, married Gordon Merrifield, son of Ellery Newton Merrifield, June 10, 1918, and lives at 626 Cleveland Ave., Fairmont. Children: (1) Edith Jeannette: and (2) Robert Edgar.

Beda Audra Watson (1-11-4-5), born November 16, 1899, married Samuel Stout, son of John Stout, November 19. 1917. and lives at Wyatt. Children: (1) Ernest Edwin; (2) Betty Jean: (3) Ward Watson: and (4) William Edward.

Rose Ella Watson (1-11-5), born September 2, 1862, married Lee Roy Hamilton, son of Fielding Hamilton, December 29, 1881, and lives at Watson. Her husband died on the 28th of December, 1940. Children: (1) Dollie Pearl, died in childhood; (2) Eva Earl; (3) Walter Ward, died in infancy; (4) Lawrence Linden; (5) Minnie May; (6) Nola Nile; (7) Jennie June; <8> Ruby Mabel; (9) Rexford Fielding: and (10) Franklin Burke. (See 1-6-2 in Chapter XIX.)

Eva Earl Hamilton (1-11-5-2), born December 8, 1884, married Clarence P. Freeland, son of Emanuel Freeland, December 9. 1901, and lives at Farmington. Children: (1) Leroy Emanuel, deceased; and (2) Drexel Arnold.

Lawrence Linden Hamilton (1-11-5-4), born January 26, 1887, married Rose May Edgar, August 15, 1911, lives in Cleveland, and has two children. One of them is called Ralph Emerson.

Minnie May Hamilton (1-11-5-5), born March 24, 1890, married Wesley S. Sypult, son of Everett J. Sypult, June 26, 1909, and lives at Watson. Children: (1) Gretchen Rose; (2) Freda Alma; (3) Walter Linden, deceased; (4) Carrol Robert; (5) Clyde Causey; and (6) Mary Belle.

Nola Nile Hamilton (1-11-5-6), born September 11, 1892, married Alpha V. Thompson, son of John C. Thompson, and lives at Watson. Her husband died on the 26th of October, 1918. Children: (1) Virginia Wilma; (2) Charles Chester; (3) James Alpha: (4) Margaret Elizabeth; and (5) Ruby Nile.

Jennie June Hamilton (1-11-5-7), born November 22, 1894, married Frederick B. Ensminger, son of Jacob S. Ensminger, June 26, 1911, and lives near Watson. Children: (1) Blame Arlington; (2) Waneta Garnetta; (3) John Lee; (4) Rex Cha1mer, deceased; and (5) Betty Jo.

Ruby Mabel Hamilton (1-11-5-8), born March 17, 1897, married Pedro Rolls Edradin, son of Pedro H. Edradin, November 13, 1919, and lives at Watson. Her only childs is Marcela Rose.

page 261

Rexford Fielding Hamilton (1-11-5-9), born April 12, 1901, married Eva May Gump, daughter of John Gump, May 13, 1921, and lives at Watson. His wife died on the 26th of August, 1928. Children: (1) Lawrence Lee; and (2) James Alpha.

Franklin Burke Hamilton (1-11-5-10), born January 9, 1906, married Virginia Nina Wilson, March 11, 1928.

Minnie Alwin Watson (1-11-7), born November 12, 1866, married John V. Ashcraft, son of Ezekiel Ashcraft, December 20, 1888, and lives at Wyatt. Children: (1) Verda Hollis, deceased; (2) Gordie Arlene; (3) Archie Bertis; (4) Olive Gladys; (5) Bertie Irene; (6) Goldie Madyline; (7) Ira Robert; and <8> Roy Edward.

Gordie Arlene Ashcraft (1-11-7-2) was single in 1930.

Archie Bertis Ashcraft (1-11-7-3), born May 6, 1895, married Estella Jett, daughter of Marshall Jett, March 27, 1917, and lives at Owings, West Virginia. Children: (1) Archie Bertis, Jr.; (2) John Marshall; and (3) Robert Gail.

Olive Gladys Ashcraft (1-11-7-4), born February 18, 1897, married John T. Hiteshew, son of William Hiteshew, September 12, 1918, and lives at Jackson’s Mills. Children: (1) Harold Ralph; (3) Gladys Madeline; (3) John Thomas, Jr.; (4) Roy Clark; and (5) James Edward.

Bertie Irene Ashcraft (1-11-7-5), born September 8, 1898, married Isaac C. Swiger, son of Ellis Swiger, April 1, 1918, and lives at Wyatt. Children: (1) Hilda Irene; and (2) Garvin Victor.

Goldie Madyline Ashcraft (1-11-7-6), born June 30, 1900, married Ward D. Beane, son of Harlie Beane, June 21, 1921, lives at Rochester, Vermont, and has one child, Donald Ashcraft.

Ira Robert Ashcraft (1-11-7-7), born September 16, 1903, died single on the 12th of July, 1929.

Martha Elizabeth Watson (1-11-8), born December 1, 1868, married Jacob Walter Martin, son of William Hamilton Martin, June 16, 1887, and lived near Mannington on R. F. D. No. 4. She died on the 16th of December, 1928. Children: (1) Hallie Opal; (2) Ruby Gladys, died in childhood; (3) Olga Lois; (4) Paul Watson, died at 8; (5) Lester Gerald; (6) Fara Gladys; and (7) Clark Ralph.

Hallie Opal Martin (1-11-8-1), born November 19, 1888, married Howard Earl Martin, son of Melvin M. Martin, September 5, 1909, lives at Farmington, and has one child, Leo Donald.

Leo Donald Martin (1-11-8-1-1), born August 8, 1910, married Ethel Lorraine Dupree, daughter of T. L. Dupree, June 9, 1940, and lives in Texas.

Olga Lois Martin (1—11-8-3), born April 23, 1892, married Willie Earl Jones, son of Isaac Luther Jones, July 30, 1913, and lives at Wyatt Children: (1) Reva Kathleen; and (2) Mary Frances.
Reva Kathleen Jones (1-11-8-3-1), born June 21, 1915, married Orville E. Glover, son of E. B. Glover, August 3, 1940, and lives at Mannington.



  1. Thank you very much for posting all of this great information. My husband is related to Zettie, the wife of Charlie Ellsworth Gooch, and this has been a goldmine! Thanks again! 🙂

    Comment by Carolyn Jorgensen | June 16, 2010 | Reply

  2. I am interested in any information about Mrytle Thelma Baker and her daughter. I believe this is the family I have been looking for. If so, Mrytle was married to Leslie Kirkland.

    Comment by Martha Lou Holland | November 4, 2010 | Reply

  3. I would like to contact any one with information on Myrtle Thelma Baker Kirkland and her daughter. I hope this is the family I have been looking for. If so, Myrtle’s husband was Leslie Kirkland. Thanks, Martha

    Comment by Martha Lou Holland | November 4, 2010 | Reply

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