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Conaway John from John W. Davis, Deed 1857 Marion County WV

John W. Davis Trustee


John Conaway: Deed

This deed made the 2nd day of February 1857, between John W. Davis party of the first part and John Conaway party of the second part, Witnesseth: That whereas James McDefit of the County of Marion heretofore to wit: on the 13 day of September 1855, by his deed of record in the clerks office of the County Court of Marion county e d. to the said John W. Davis a certain tract or parcel of land situate lying and being in the County  aforesaid being the Same on which said McDefet then resided and bounded by lands of Jacob Talkington F. M. Roby and others containing one hundred acres more or less, with the appurtenances thereon, In trust to secure the payment of a certain debt therein mentioned from the said McDefit to Elias Blackshire, and whereas the debt therein mentioned not having been paid and discharged within the time specified in said deed of trust the said John W. Davis proceeded in front of the Court house of Marion county on this day to sell at public auction to the highest bidder the tract of land conveyed to him as aforesaid, he having previously advertised the time terms and place of said sale as directed by the said conveyance at which sale John Conaway being the highest bidder for said tract of land became the purchaser thereof at the price of four hundred and eighty four dollars, which sum was paid in hand by said Conaway to said Davis.

Now this deed witnesseth that the said John W. Davis in consideration of the premises aforesaid and of the sum of 484 dollars to him in hand paid doth grant with special warranty to the said John Conaway the tract of land conveyed to him by the deed aforesaid reference to which is here made for a more ful description of said tract of land.

Witnesseth the following signature and seal

John W. Davis Jr. (seal)

(abridged) Davis and deed Examined and certified by Thomas Boggess, Clerk of the County Court on 2 February 1857.

(abridged)recorded on 4 Feb 1857 in Deed Book 8 page 533 by Thomas Boggess, clerk.

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