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The Jeweler of Winter:Poetry

Winter is here. It’s colder than the proverbial well digger’s heinie outside. Already had a radiator problem and a dead battery. Just when it seems too frustrating the sun goes down and its rays are reflected off the ice crystals encrusted like diamonds on every branch, twig and brave brown shred of grass in the field across the street. The Good Father is telling me to slow down and savor it all. It’s ironic that the greatest beauty in nature goes hand in hand with the harshest weather isn’t it?  Truly Ice is…


The Jeweler of Winter

Ice is the anvil

Its hammer, the wind

As the smithy of winter

Gets busy again.

Ice sings on wires,

Makes rifles of limbs,

Rivers seem solid

But shiver within.

Frozen and flaring,

Reflecting the light,

Ice is the jeweler

Of cold winter nights.

© Chuck Elledge 2001




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