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Conaway Grafton Stump Research Study

Name: Grafton Stump CONAWAY
Birth: 13 DEC 1831 in Virginia [19 Dec 1832]
Death: 30 OCT 1902 in Fairmont, Marion County, West Virginia
Burial: 1 Nov 1902 Woodlawn Cemetery Fairmont

Father: John “Big John” CONAWAY b: 7 APR 1795 in Virginia
Mother: Sarah FLEMING b: 13 AUG 1798 in Virginia

Marriage 1 Maria\Mary Mason BOOR b: 1828 in Virginia
Married: 18 Oct 1855 Farmington Va

Name: Mary Melinda Boor
Birth: 13 Sep 1839 in Va
Death: 2 Jan 1918
Burial: Woodlawn Cemetery
Father: Benjamin Boor

sister of Elizabeth Boor who married Grafton’s brother Andrew

1. Charles Edward CONAWAY b: 1864-1865 in Va d. 20 Jan 1908 in marion County WV (Woodlawn Cem), in 1893 married Zella Atha (1874-1948>
2. John Morgan CONAWAY b: 28 NOV 1867 in Marion County, West Virginia, on 17 Feb 1892 married Eva Wilkinson [Wilkerson] (1871-1894)
3. Benjamin F. Conaway  1856   3-3-1857  11m-2d  son of Grafton and Mary Conaway (Clelland Cem)
4. Margaret Elizabeth b. 1858 in Va, married John W. Morgan b. bef 1858
5. Lydia Ann b. Oct 1860 in Va married Col. Wm. Hood b. bef 1860 d. bef 1900 remarried a Parrell
6. Hannah b. cir 1862 in Va died bef 1895, married Elbert Price b. 1862
7. Amos Lee b. Nov 1869 in Va
1831  He has conflicting birth information of 19 Dec 1831 and Middleton,
Monongalia Co, VA, USA. About a mile from Fairmont, or Middleton as
it was then called. Later this part of Monongalia County became Marion
and Middleton’s name was changed to Fairmont.

1850  He was educated from 1842 to 1850 in Paw Paw District, Marion County,
WV. in the early and primitive Fairmont subscription schools.

1850  He was working as a Laborer on 17 Sep 1850 in Western District of
Marion County. Mary M., age 20, birthplace: Virginia.

1850  He was living with his father’s family in Sep of 1850.

1890  He was working as a Farmer from 1853 to 1890 in Paw Paw District,
Marion County, WV. (3)

1889  He was living from 1855 to 1889 in Gray’s Flats, West Virginia.
Actually a farm near the hamlet of Gray’s Flat.

1858  On 5 Jul 1858 he & Mary received 100 acres on Panther Lick Run from Benjamin Boor’s estate, his father-in-law

1860  He appeared on the census in 1860 in Hoodsville, Marion Co, VA, USA.
Grafton S, age 28, farmer, birthplace: Virginia. Margaret E., age 2, birthplace: Virginia
A Melissa WILSON, age 12, birthplace: Virginia, lived with them.

1865  He was working as a Road Surveyor before 1865 in Marion County, WV.
Appointed by State

1865  He was elected as a Judge for the Paw Paw District for 20 years.

1867  On may 25th he bought another 100 acres from his father-in-laws heirs on Panther Lick Run then on the
27th, two days later he bought 3.5 acres on Panther Lick Run from George Swisher

1867  On Sep 21st the same year he bought another 80 acres in 3 parcels on panther Lick Run from Benjamin Davis

1869  In the Circuit Court of Marion County October 17, 1869 Grafton S. Conaway Complainant
Edmund M Conaway & others Defendants. Grafton brought suit against his father’s
estate because of advancements made his siblings.It is further adjudged, ordered and
decreed that Grafton S. Conaway do hold in fee simple the lot or parcel of land mentioned
and described in said report of partition as Lot No.5. containing 30 acres, and bounded as
follows to wit:Beginning at a white oak corner to Marshall T. Fleming’s heirs and running
thence with a line of the same in part S.59-3/4 W.14 poles to a stone in said Pike and comes
to Lot No.4. and with said Lot and said Pike N76 W.4 poles, thence S.73 W46 poles, thence N42
W28 poles thence N3 W10 poles. thence leaving the Pike N.53 E22 poles to a stone thence N.28-1/2
W22-1/2 poles to a stone corner to lot No.3. thence with three lines of the same reversed N.59 E.18
poles to a stone. N4-1/2 E25-1/2 poles to small willows on the south side of Ice’s Run N.80
E.21-1/2 poles to a white oak corner to said Ice’s heirs, thence with the same N.86 E.5 poles to
a stone in said Ice’s Run corner to Lot No.6. thence with the same S.21 E55 poles to a stone pile,
thence S.15 E.32-1/4 poles to the beginning.

1870  On the 5th of February he bought 5.5 acres from his brother John C. Conaway

1870  On June 6th he sold 35.5 acres on Ice’s Run to his brother Andrew F. Conaway

1870  He appeared on the census in 1870 in Paw Paw District, Marion County,
WV. Grafton S, age 39, Farmer, RE $5400, Personal $1000, bp Virginia
Mary M, age 30, bp Virginia Margaret E, age 12, bp Virginia, school
Lydia Ann, age 10, bp Virginia, school; Hannah, age 8, bp Virginia, school
Charles E, age 5, bp Virginia; John M, age 3, bp Virginia; Amos Lee, age
7/12ths, bp Virginia

1878  On 11 July he sells 25.5 acres on Little paw Paw Creek to FC Morris

1880  He appeared on the census in 1880 in Paw Paw District, Marion County,
WV. Grafton S. CONAWAY, age 49, farmer, birthplace: Virginia,
father’s birthplace: Virginia, mother’s birthplace: Virginia.
Mary N., age 40, wife, keeping house, birthplace: Virginia,
father’s birthplace: Virginia, mother’s birthplace: Virginia.
Lydia A., age 19, daughter, birthplace: Virginia.Hannah, age 17, daughter,
birthplace: West Virginia.Charles E., age 15, son, works on farm, birthplace:
West Virginia.John M., age 13, son, works on farm, birthplace: West Virginia.
Amos Lee, age 10, son, works on farm, birthplace: West Virginia.

1889  He was working as a County Tax Assessor in 1889 in Paw Paw District,
Marion County, WV. He was appointed by Governor Fleming.

1889  On July 22nd he sold an Oil Lease on 180 acres on Paw Paw Creek to CJ Ford

1890  He sold his farm in the PawPaw District in 1890 and moved to

1902  He was working as a Salesman for Mowing machine Firm from 1890 to
1902 in Fairmont, WV. (3)

1902  He was living from 1890 to 1902 in Fairmont, WV. (3) He built a fine
home in the Arnett Addition of Fairmont.

1891  On July 2nd he and his son Amos Lee buy 6 lots in Fairmont

1892  On February 15th he and Amos Lee buy 6 more lots in Fairmont

1894  On the 7th and 14th of August he bought his son’s shares of 12 lots in Fairmont from Amos Lee Conaway

1895  His son Amos has moved to the western states and become and insurance and
real estate broker

1896  On 21 May he bought a lot at Woodlawn cemetery

1897  On 12 July he sold 3/5ths share of 15A in Fairmont to Thomas D. Conaway, his brother

1898  On 29 March he sold 3 lots in Fairmont to James Barnes

1899  On the 28th of February he sold his lot at Woodlawn Cemetery to his daughter Lydia to bury William Hood

1899  At about this time his son Charles E. becomes very active in real estate and from his land sales I believe
Grafton may have sold him or assigned him most of his property when he decided to retire to Fairmont.

1900  In 1900 Grafton and Mary were living with their daughter Lydia Ann in Harrison County, West Virginia.
Lydia A. HOOD, head, date of birth: October 1860, age 39, birthplace: West Virginia, father’s
birthplace: West Virginia, mother’s birthplace: West Virginia. Grafton S. CONAWAY, father,
date of birth: December 1831, age 68, married 44 years, farm laborer, birthplace: West Virginia,
father’s birthplace: Ireland, mother’s birthplace: West Virginia. Mary M. CONAWAY, mother, date of
birth: September 1838, age 61, married 44 years, mother of 8 children, 5 children now living, birthplace:
West Virginia,father’s birthplace: West Virginia, mother’s birthplace: West Virginia. Camden G. CONAWAY,
nephew, date of birth: March 1893, age 7, birthplace: West Virginia, father’s birthplace: West Virginia,
mother’s birthplace: West Virginia. (Camden is John & Eva’s son)

1902  At his death his wife was the informant on his death register (MM Conaway) he died of Bright’s Disease.
Parents John and Sallie Conaway

1910  Mary living in the household of her daughter, Lydia Conaway Parrell

1919  January 2nd – Mary’s death register Harrison Co, cause: chronic nephritis, WM JS Harmes & Sons Undertakers
widow  80 yrs 3 months 19 days died at Shinnston

Political Affiliation: Democrat.

Biography: “GRAFTON S. CONAWAY, a respectable and intelligent citizen
of Fairmont, West Virginia, is a son of John and Sarah (Fleming) Conaway,
and was born December 19, 1831, in Fairmont district, about one mile from
Fairmont, West Virginia….
Grafton S. Conaway received his education in the primitive
subscription schools of Fairmont district, and was reared upon his
father’s farm. Upon arriving at his majority he took up agricultural
pursuits in Paw Paw district, Marion county, where he was thus
successfully engaged for thirty-seven years. In 1890 he sold his farm and
removed to Fairmont, where he has built a fine residence in what is known
as the Arnett Addition. Since locating in Fairmont, aside from
representing, as agent, a mowing-machine firm, he has not been actively
engaged in any business. Politically, Mr. Conaway is a democrat, and
served for one term by appointment by the court, as road surveyor, and
for twenty years as judge of the election in his district. In 1889, he
was appointed by Governor A. B. Fleming to value the real estate of the
western district of Marion county for taxation purposes.
On October 18, 1855, Mr. Conaway and Mary M. Boor, a daughter of
Benjamin F. and Margaret (Mason) Boor, were united in marriage. To this
union have been born the following children: Margaret Elizabeth, wife of
John W. Morgan, a farmer of Paw Paw district, this county; Lydia Ann, the
wife of Colonel William Hood, of Harrison county, a farmer by avocation;
Hannah, deceased, was the wife of Elbert Price; Charles E., who married
Zella Atha, and now resides in Fairview, Paw Paw district, this county;
John Morgan, who married Eva Wilkinson, now deceased, and Amos Lee, who
is now in the west in the real-estate and insurance business.”
[Biographical and Portrait Cyclopedia of Monongalia, Marion and Taylor
Counties, West Virginia, (Philadelphia, PA: Rush, West & Company, 1895),
Marion County, p. 60.]
West Virginia Cemetery Readings, 1941
Name: Grafton S. Conaway
District: Fairmont, Cemetery: Woodlawn
Birthdate: 19 Dec 1831, Death Date: 30 Oct 1902
1. 1850 Census of Marion County WV (mf #432-958 at Mid
Continent Library), West District 35, 17 Sep 1850, Jnoi Musgrave, page 206.

2. Franklin Marion Brand, The William Fleming Family (A Genealogy) With a Brief
Account of Some Other Flemings of Delaware (1941: Morgantown, WV, p126.

3. Rush, West & Co, Biographical and Portrait Cyclopedia of Monongalia, Marion
and Taylor Counties, West Virginia,(Philadelphia, PA: Rush, West & Company,
1895) Marion County page 60.

4. 1870 Marion Co, Virginia Census. p458, PawPaw Twp, dwelling 195, family 197.

5. Conaway, Orrin Bryte, Conaway Family History W929.2 C743.c
WVU Library, Morgantown, WV (Boston Univ Press, 1951
Xerox Copy reproduced by the library for Patty Cox and mailed to me), p26.

6. International Genealogical Index v4.02 North America (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day
Saints), film 452882 reference 16763.

7. 1860 Census of Marion County, Virginia,(microfilm 1361)
Distr 5 Hoodsville PO, M653-1361, p632, 3 Aug, lines 2-5, dwell 1391, fam 1322.

8. 1880 Census of Marion County WV, PawPaw Distr, T9-1407, p506A, ED92, 16 Jun, lines 28-34, dwell 198, fam 207.

9. 1900 U. S. FEDERAL CENSUS: Harrison County, West Virginia, Clay District, NARA Series T623, Roll 1760, page 61,
Enumeration District: 44, Sheet Number: 3A, Enumeration Date:    5 & 6 June 1900. Lines 35-38, dwelling 51, family 55:

10. Daniel Harnden, Harnden Family File,( world connect id = 2937955) Tree #3273.

11. Tombstone. Woodlawn Cemetery

12. 1910 census Clay, Harrison County, West Virginia

13. Marion County Deeds and Deed Indexes, Grantor and Grantee

14. Harrison County WV Death Register 1902


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