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Chapter 5 Alexander Fleming, son of Mary and Matthew Fleming, part 6

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(2) Edmund Marvin; (3) Georgia Evans; (4) Gertrude May; (5) Genevieve Sturm; (6) Olive Belle; (7) Thurman Ernest, deceased; <8> Irma Dell, deceased; (9) Clark Brady; (10) William Linn; (11) Paul Bryan, deceased; and (12) Roselyn Pearl.

Edmund Marvin Conaway (4-1-2-2), born December 2, 1881, mar­ried Estella Bridges, daughter of Abraham Bridges, February 16, 1910, and lives at Cumberland, Md. Children: (1) Albert; (2) Virginia; (3) Lena Gertrude; and (4) Pearl Olive.

Georgie Evans Conaway (4-1-2-3), born December 28, 1883, died single on the 19th of February, 1938.

Gertrude May Conaway (4-1-2-4) lives near Barrackville.

Genevieve Sturm Conaway (4-1-2-5), born October 19, 1886, married Fred Granville Moore, son of Jackson Moore, June 21, 1911,, and lives at Fairmont. Her husband died on the 15th day of September, 1923. Children: (1) Olive; (2) Charles Jackson; (3) Fred Granville, Jr.; (4) Eugene; (5) Helen; and (6) Mary Maria.

Olive Belle Conaway (4-1-2-6), born April 18, 1888, married Guy C. Toothman, son of Christopher Toothman, April 21, 1909, and lives near Barrackville. She died in 1960. Children: (1) Marion; (2) Ruth; (3) Katherine married James F. Wilt; (4) Robert; and (5) Rex.

Clark Brady Conaway (4-1-2-9), born January 19, 1893, married Nellie Dragoo, b. 2 Nov 1899 in Fairmont, daughter of A. Dragoo, April 1, 1922, and lives at Bar­rackville. Clark died 19 March 1953 in Fairmont. Nellie died 29 January 1989 in Landhaven, Md. Children: (1) Betty Catharine; and (2) Martha Ellen.

William Linn Conaway (4-1-2-10), born November 3, 1896, married Virginia Shriver, daughter of Edgar Shriver, December 11, 1915, and lives at Barrackville. His only child is Charles Coleman.

Roselyn Pearl Conaway (4-1-2-12), born August 30, 1898, married Allen Ray Dragoo, son of A. Dragoo, in 1917, lives at Barrackville, and has one child, John William.

Sarah P. Conaway (4-1-3), born October 1, 1856, married George S. Evans, June 23, 1875. After his death on 24 Dec 1883 she married O. H. Pennock, May 29, 1888, and lived at Barrackville till her death in 1919. Her only child was Harry Pennock.

Harry Pennock (4-1-3-1) b. 16 February 1889, is married and is reported to be (1941) in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He died in 1963 in California.

Thomas Dunn Conaway (4-1-4), born April 10, 1858, married Ella Hayhurst, daughter of Orlando Hayhurst and Dorcas J. Constable, September 11, 1888, and lived at Board Tree, West Virginia, till his death in 1931. Ella and sister Inez married the brothers, Thomas and John Conaway. Children: (1) Edmund McCauley; (2) Thomas Earl; (3) Jessie Phyllis, deceased; and (4) Flossie A.

Edmund McCauley Conaway (4-1-4-1) is single and lives at Board Tree. Edmund was a Democrat and a  Delegate to the Democratic National Convention from West Virginia in 1932; and defeated in the primary for U.S. Senator from West Virginia in 1934 by Rush Holt.

Thomas Earl Conaway (4-1-4-2), born July 9, 1891, married Ethel Burley, daughter of Lindsey Frank Burley and Rachel Blake. She had 5 siblings; in April, 1921, and lives at Denver,

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West Virginia. Children: (1) Kathleen; (2) Marjorie; (3) Marguerite; (4) Louise; (5) Thomas; (6) Robert; and (7) Rosemary.

Flossie A. Conaway (4-1-4-4), born August 10, 1895, married Elihu Prendergast, son of Michael J. Prendergast, November 4, 1922, and lives at 105 Bellview Ave., Fairmont. Children: (1) Edmund; (2) Betty; (3) Thomas; (4) Jo Ann; and (5) Richard.

Nathan Fleming Conaway (4-1-5), born December 5, 1860, married Flora Elizabeth Merrifield, daughter of Nelson Merrifield and Malinda A. Hunter, April 2, 1893, and lived at Fairmont till his death on the 5th of May, 1928. Flora died 14 August 1940. They are both buried at Barrackville’s Baptist Cemetery. His only child is Herschel.

Herschel Conaway (4-1-5-1), born November 18, 1898, married Edna McCune and lives on Peacock Avenue in Fairmont. No children. [They did have 1 son, Robert F. Conaway. Edna died April 1920 from complications in childbirth]

Robert Lee Conaway (4-1-6), born May 8, 1862, married Elizabeth Whoolery, daughter of Samuel Norris Whoolery and Elizabeth Hall, August 5, 1883, and lived at Littleton, West Virginia, till his death on the 8th of November, 1910. His widow was living in 1932 at 2914 Middletown Road, Pittsburgh, Pa. She died 29 Mar 1953 in Marion County, WV. Children: (1) Mabel Frances, deceased; (2) Lawrence Fleming; and (3) Elizabeth Ruth (18 October 1901 – 10 July 1903)

Lawrence Fleming Conaway (4-1-6-2), born April 18, 1890, married Nellie Virginia Jobes, November 18, 1908, and lives at 2914 Middletown Road, Pittsburgh.  Children: (1) Mabel Roselyn; (2) Robert Lee; (3) Claude Fleming; (4) Elizabeth Jane; (5) Paul, deceased; and (6) Jack Edward.

Eliza Ann Conaway (4-1-7), born December 19, 1864 in Barrackville, WV, married Charles L[uther “Lute”] Gould [born 26 April 1861 in

Lute and Eliza Gould

Lute and Eliza Gould

Worthington, Va], son of George Washington Gould and Julia Ann Metz, March 20, 1893 in Farmington, WV, and lived at Loveland, Ohio. They emigrated to Loveland from Marion County, WV in 1901 or 1902. She died on the 12th of December, 1921 and is buried at Miamiville Cemetery beside her husband. Lute died 6 October 1930. Children: (1) Lawrence Jay; (2) Glenn Marmaduke; and (3) Charles Edmund.

LJ and Mary Ellen Gould

LJ and Mary Ellen Gould

Lawrence Jay Gould (4-1-7-1), born March 31, 1895 in Barrackville, WV, married Mary E[llen]. Montgomery, daughter of J. G. [John Grafton] Montgomery and Nancy Moore, September 15, 1915, and lives at Loveland, Ohio. [LJ was a blacksmith for years and then took a position as a heat treater at Cincinnati Milacron when the smithing trade dried up. He was active in the affairs of the Loveland community serving on the city council, and was a member of the volunteer fire department for many years] Children: (1) Ruth Evelyn, born 1916 in Loveland,  married Rodney Van Duren Turner 1st, then Earl Merrill second, and Ernie Keethler third; (2) Georgia Dale; (3) Robert Lee; (4) Melva May; (5) Patricia Eileen.

Georgia Dale Gould (4-1-7-1-2) was born in Loveland, Ohio in 1918 and was a school teacher in southern Ohio for many years. She married Raymond Henry Whitacre, born 1916 in Ohio. They lived in Wilmington, Ohio. Children: (1) William Ray (2) Wayne Gould (3) Wesley Dale.

Robert Lee Gould (4-1-7-1-3) was born in Loveland Ohio, 18 November 1921. He married Edith Rose Leonard. They had 3 children: (1) Lawrence Frederick (2) Elizabeth Ellen; and (3) Gary Lee. Robert and Edith were divorced after the children were grown. He died 13 April 1988 in Wilmington, Ohio.

Melva May Logemann (4-1-7-1-4) was born in Loveland , Ohio in 1928. She married William Carl Logemann, son of Fritz Logemann and Grace Wagner; born 14 September 1927 in Loveland. He died 17 June 2006 in Lebanon, Ohio. Children (1) Julia Ann.


Patricia Gould and Russell Elledge Wedding

Patricia Eileen Gould born 9 May 1936 in Loveland, Ohio, married Charles Terrell Durbin in November 1953. Children: (1) Charles Lawrence (2) Linda Lee, d. in infancy; they divorced in 1955. She then married Russell Oran Elledge Jr., 8 December 1956 in Newport Kentucky. Children (3) Carol Lynne (4) Susan Leslie (5) Leigh Ann. Charles Lawrence was legally adopted in Lima, Ohio in 1968 and has been known as Charles Lawrence Elledge his entire life.

Glenn Marmaduke Gould (4-1-7-2), born August 20, 1897, enlisted for service in the World War, April 9, 1917, and served with the 37th (Buckeye) Division, 136 Field Artillery, in France, being engaged in five different sectors at the front. He was honorably discharged on the 10th of April, 1919. He married Emily H. Spaulding, daughter of Chauncey H.. Spaulding, June 2, 1922, lives at Loveland, and has no children.

Charles Edmund Gould (4-1-7-3), born December 30, 1902, was single and was living at Loveland in 1930. He later married Martha Stagge and lived near Loveland, Ohio. He is buried at the Miamiville Cemetery near Loveland.

Charles Edmund Gould

Charles Edmund Gould

Isabel M. Conaway (4-1-8), born June 16, 1867, married James R. Floyd, son of John W. Floyd, November 9, 1884, and lived at Fairmont. She died on the first of February, 1902. Her husband died on the 24th of August, 1903. Children: (1) William; (2) Pearl; (3) Frederick; and (4) Walter.

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John Basil Conaway (4-1-9), born June 16, 1872, married Inez Hayhurst, daughter of Orlando Hayhurst and Dorcas J. Constable in 1895 and lived at Fairmont. He died on the 24th of December, 1922; his wife, on the 8th of January, 1914. Children: (1) Claude; (2) Romanza; and (3) Lucille.

19150422-001Claude Conaway (4-1-9-1), born August 14, 1897, served in the World War and has been in the U. S. Navy for over 20 years.

Romanza Conaway (4-1-9-2), born May 23, 1900, married Harry Norma. She died on the 22nd of December, 1922. No children.

Lucille Conaway (4-1-9-3), born March 16, 1902, married James Albert O’Brien, son of Mike O’Brien, January 3, 1924, and lives at 4064 Washington Ave., St. Louis, Missouri. Children: (1) Bettie Romanza; and (2) Charles Lindberg.

pic129Andrew Fleming Conaway (4-2), born November 21, 1823, married Elizabeth Boor, daughter of Benjamin F. Boor, April 8, 1858, and lived at Barrackville. He died on the 18th of April, 1879. Children: (1) John Franklin; (2) Martha; and (3) Minerva Jane.

John Franklin Conaway (4-2-1), born April 17, 1860, married Laura Belle Floyd, daughter of John W. Floyd, February 8, 1883, and was living at 1501 Delafield Place, N. W., Washington, D. C., in 1930. His wife died about 1931. Children: (1) Lulu Edna; (2) Dora Belle; (3) Eva May; and (4) Ola Lee.

Lulu Edna Conaway (4-2-1-1), born February 27, 1884, married Will McClaine, son of Samuel McClaine, July 7, 1909, and lives at Arlington, Virginia. Her only child is Clarence Conaway.

Dora Belle Conaway (4-2-1-2), born July 18, 1887, married Walter Irwin Campbell, son of Thomas A. Campbell, December 31, 1913, lives at Charleroi, Pennsylvania, and has no children.

Ola Lee Conaway (4-2-1-4), born June 26, 1892, married Ernest R. Bell, son of Emerson Bell, December 28, 1916, and lives at Fairmont. Her only child is Bettina Lee.

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Martha Conaway (4-2-2), born April 5, 1861, married Caleb Davis, son of Caleb Davis, December 27, 1877, and lived near Fairmont. She died on the 27th day of August, 1923; her husband, on the 4th day of May, 1909. Children: (1) Abner Andrew Clark; (2) Carl Franklin Hugh, died in infancy; (3) Willey Maud; (4) Gypsy Jo; (5) Caleb Fred Ebert; (6) Jacob Claud Fleming; (7) Winnie Kate; <8> Mary Alice; and (9) James Ernest Conaway.

Abner Andrew Clark Davis (4-2-2-1), born December 14, 1878, married Sara A. Asbury, daughter of James Asbury, July 21, 1915, and lives at Charleston, West Virginia. Children: (1) Eleanor Arminta; (2) Kate; (3) Alice; and (4) Bettie Anne.

Gypsy Jo Davis (4-2-2-4), born October 6, 1883, married Oren Gaige Carr, son of William L. Carr, December 18, 1921, and lives at Charleston, W. Va. No children.

Caleb Fred Ebert Davis (4-2-2-5), born October 27, 1885, married Pearl T. Hall, daughter of James R. Hall, March 2, 1910, and lives at Pineville, Ky. Children: (1) Eleanor, deceased; and (2) Raymond.

Jacob Claud Fleming Davis (4-2-2-6), born January 22, 1889, married Anna B. Harmison, daughter of John Harmison, July 21, 1916, and lives at Shadyside, Ohio. Children: (1) Gypsy Jo; (2) James Caleb; and (3) Patricia Ann.

Mary Alice Davis (4-2-2-8), born May 25, 1894, married Russell M. Evans, son of James O. Evans, December 18, 1920, and lives at Charleston. Children: (1) Mary Caroline; and (2) Davis Mahau.

James Ernest Conaway Davis (4-2-2-9), born May 12, 1896, married Frank R. McGee, daughter of Dr. Frank L. McGee, December 30, 1925, lives at Charleston, and has one child, James Oren.

Minerva Jane Conaway (4-2-3), born July 4, 1862, married James F. Snodgrass, son of Enos E. Snodgrass, April 6, 1889, and lived at Barrackville till her death on the 2nd of September, 1893. Her husband married again and now (1941) lives in Lima, Ohio. Children: (1) Frederick William Conaway; and (2) Mary Elizabeth.

Frederick William Conaway Snodgrass (4-2-3-1), born June 17, 1890, served in the World War. He married Josephine D. Marmon, daughter of Gustavus F. Marmon, September 1, 1920, and lives at 2141 W. 95th St., Cleveland, O., where he practices law. Children: (1) Mary Elizabeth; and (2) James Marmon.

Mary Elizabeth Snodgrass (4-2-3-2), born September 9, 1891, married John Ralph Poole, son of George W. Poole, January 1, 1914, and lives at 2728 Withers Avenue, Pueblo, Colorado. Her husband died on the 29th of December, 1933. Children: (1) Jack William; (2) Margaret Minerva; (3) George Fielding, deceased; and (4) Robert Lee.

Jack William Poole (4-2-3-2-1), born September 23, 1914, married Kathryn Helen Cole, daughter of Leonard Eugene Cole, December 17,

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1938, and lives at 1545 A, Linden St., Long Beach, California. He has one child, William Leonard.

Margaret Minerva Poole (4-2-3-2-2), born September 30, 1916, married Fred Leonard Pearl, son of Fred Lorenzo Pearl, November 9, 1932, and lives at 135-1/2 Idaho Ave, Pueblo, Colorado. Children: (1) Fred Ralph; (2) Virginia Lee; (3) Vivian Sue, died in infancy; and (4) Leona Beth.

Nathan P. Conaway (4-3) was born about 1830. He was a miller and for the most of his life lived in the region around Fairmont. During the Civil War he was taken to Camp Chase as a Southern sympathizer, where he contracted a fever which resulted in his death on the 16th of October, 1865. He was not married.

Grafton Stump Conaway (4-4), born December 19, 1832, married Mary M. Boor, daughter of Benjamin F. Boor, October 18, 1855, and lived at Gray’s Flats in Marion County. He died at Shinnston on the 30th day of October, 1902. His wife died on the 3rd day of January, 1919. Children: (1) Margaret Elizabeth; (2) Lydia Ann; (3) Hannah; (4) Charles Edgar; (5) John Morgan; and (6) Amos Lee.

Margaret Elizabeth Conaway (4-4-1), born May 21, 1859, married John W. Morgan, son of Joseph Morgan, October 26, 1876, and was living in 1934 near Fairview, WV. Her husband died about 1904. Children: (1) Clarence; (2) Jessie; (3) Lydia May; (4) William; and (5) Opal.

Clarence Morgan (4-4-1-1), born about 1880, married Olive Neptune, daughter of William Neptune. July 22, 1900, and lived for a time on Chunk’s Run in Marion County. He died at Pittsburgh several years ago. He had two children.

Jessie Morgan (4-4-1-2), born September 6, 1882, married Theodore Moore, son of Simon Moore. Children: (1) June; (2) Gay; and (3) Robert.

June Moore (4-4-1-2-1) married a Huffman and lives at Rivesville. He has several children.

Lydia May Morgan (4-4-1-3) is married and lives in Pittsburgh.

Opal Morgan (4-4-1-5) married Lawrence Wells and lives near Fairview on Farmington R. F. D. No. 2. She has five children.

Lydia Ann Conaway (4-4-2), born October 8, 1860, married William Hood, April 22, 1890. He was commissioned a colonel at the close of the Civil War. After his death she married Joseph Parrill, January 22, 1901, and lived most of her life in Fairmont. She died at Pittsburgh in 1940. Her only child is Mary Ella Parrill.

Mary Ella Parrill (4-4-2-1), born August 8, 1902, married Admiral Dewey Wolfe, March 8, 1922, and lives in Pittsburgh. Children: (1) George Parrill; and (2) Donald A.

Hannah Conaway (4-4-3), born October 28, 1862, married William

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page 132
Elbert Price, son of Ulysses Price, March 6, 1881, and lived at Fairview till her death about 1904. Her husband died about 1923. Children: (1) Saffie; (2) Bertha; and (3) Vaughn.

Sallie Price (4-4-3-1) married E. M. Reardon and was living in 1915 in Red River Parish, Louisiana.

Bertha Price (4-4-3-2) married W. T. Stephens and was living in 1915 in Blair County, Pennsylvania.

Vaughn Price (4-4-3-3) was single in 1915 and was in Honolulu.

Charles Edgar Conaway (4-4-4), born January 22, 1864, married Zella Atha, daughter of Jacob Atha, September 28, 1893, and lived at Fairmont till his death on the 25th of January, 1908. Children: (1) Elizabeth; (2) Mary Louise; (3) Donald Edgar; (4 and 5) Etta Atha and Willard, both died in infancy; (6) Charles Overholt; and (7) Marzella Virginia.

Elizabeth Conaway (4-4-4-1), born April 6, 1896, married Thomas M. Zumbrunnen, son of Christopher Zumbrunnen, June 19, 1919. and Lives at Elkins, W. Va. Children: (1) Charles; and (3) Mary Elizabeth.

Mary Louise Conaway (4-4-4-2), born December 23, 1897, married George Henry Augustus Kunst, son of John H. Kunst, March 5, 1921, lives at Grafton, West Virginia, and has one child, Florence Elizabeth.

Donald Edgar Conaway (4-4-4-3), born December 27, 1898, married Jane Preston Finley, daughter of Dr. F. W. Finley, October 14, 1924, and lives at Oil City, Pa. Children: (1) Donald Edgar; (2) Betsy Preston; and (3) Charles Finley.

Charles Overholt Conaway (4-4-4-6), born February 20, 1904, married Marie Dunn, daughter of Robert Dunn, October 20, 1930, and lives at Rew, Pa. Children: (1) Robert; (2) Barbara; and (3) Elizabeth.

Marzella Virginia Conaway (4-4-4-7), born December 29, 1907, married John Lucas, son of George Lucas, December 29, 1938, and lives on Benoni Ave., Fairmont. Children: (1) Doris Lou; and (2) John Conaway.

John Morgan Conaway (4-4-5), born November 28, 1866, married Eva Wilkinson, daughter of Thomas Wilkinson, February 17, 1892, and lived at Fairmont till his death in January, 1932. His wife died on the 27th of July, 1894. His only child is Camden Garlow.

Camden Garlow Conaway (4-4-5-1), born March 3, 1893, married Beryl Watson, May 15, 1915, and lives in Fairmont. Children: (1) Martha; and (2) Camden Garlow, Jr.
Amos Lee Conaway (4-4-6), born November 5, 1867, married Carrie Garlow. After her death he married again and was living in Des Moines, Iowa, a few years ago. He had two children.

John Coleman Conaway (4-5), born in 1834, served in the Union army during the Civil War. He married Elizabeth Tennessee Metz, March 7, 1862, and lived at Enterprise. He died on the 27th of June,

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1906; his wife, on the 7th of April, 1919. Children: (1) Steenrod; (2) John W.; (3) Cora; (4) Ida Belle; (5) James; (6) Francis Marion; (7) Mollie; <8> Robert Riley; and (9) Julia Ann.

Steenrod Conaway (4-5-1), born December 15, 1862, married Emma Cunningham, daughter of Martin Cunningham, October 26, 1895, and lives in Elm Grove, West Virginia. Children: (1) Cora; (2) Oscar; Jesse Coleman; (4) Vinna Maude; (5) Iva Pearl; (6) Lester Paul; (7) Stella May; <8> Vanzy Lee; (9) Martha Elizabeth; (10) Naomi Ruth, died in childhood; (11) Alma Eileen; and (12) Robert Franklin. There were six other children in this family to die in infancy, which makes this the largest family in this geneaology.

Cora Conaway (4-5-1-1), born August 26, 1896, married Edwin Dorsey, son of Charles Dorsey, June 26, 1927, and lives at Ridgewood, New Jersey. Her only child is Carl Edwin.

Oscar Conaway (4-5-1-2), born February 11, 1898, married Minnie Mikallen, daughter of Edward Mikallen, December 27, 1930, lives in Wheeling, and has no children.

Jesse Coleman Conaway (4-5-1-3), born August 23, 1899, married Myrtle Bertha Walker, February 10, 1919. For his second wife he married Catharine Hans, daughter of Richard Hans, February 18, 1928, and lives in Wheeling. Children: (1) Edwin; (2) Beverly; (3) infant, died in infancy; and (4) Glenn.

Vinna Maude Conaway (4-5-1-4), born October 14, 1900, married Frank Amos Kellison. son of Morton H. Kellison, November 12, 1921, and lives at Spelter, West Virginia. Children: (1) Violet Eileen: and (2) Dora Lee.

Violet Eileen Kellison (4-5-1-4-1), born October 8, 1922, married Everett Pigatt, son of Homer Pigatt, November 20, 1940, and lives near Shinnston.

Dora Lee Kellison (4-5-1-4-2) married Frank Belcastro and lives at Meadowbrook, West Virginia.

Iva Pearl Conaway (4-5-1-5). born September 9, 1901, married Arthur Kellison, son of William Kellison, March 9, 1919. He died on the 31st of May. 1924: and she afterwards, February 2, 1928, married George Weisenborn, son of George L. Weisenborn, and lives in Wheeling. Children: (1) Ruth Pauline Kellison; and (2) Marylin Weisenborn.

Ruth Pauline Kellison (4-5-1-5-1). born January 1, 1920, married Herman Ickler, son of George Ickler. September 7, 1940. and lives in Wheeling.

Lester Paul Conaway (4-5-1-6). born April 22, 1905, married Nellie Wojek, daughter of Frank Wojek in December, 1933, and lives at Elm Grove. Children: (1) Norman: (2) Anna; (3) Virginia; and (4) Charles. One other child died in infancy.

Stella May Conaway (4-5-1-7), born August 12, 1907, married Max

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Wright, June 23, 1928, and lives at Chester, West Virginia. Children: (1) Shirley; (2) Ronald; (3) Lawrence; and (4) Carol. One or two others died in infancy.

Vanzy Lee Conaway (4-5-1-8), born February 9, 1911, married Sarah Papina, daughter of Frank Papina, November 3, 1934, and lives in Wheeling. Children: (1) Robert; (2) Shirley; and (3) Gerald.

Martha Elizabeth Conaway (4-5-1-9), born June 13, 1914, married John Dornan, son of Charles Dornan, May 22, 1931, and lives in Wheeling. Children: (1) Barbara Ann; and (2) Thomas Steen.

Alma Eileen Conaway (4-5-1-11), born March 1, 1918, died single at the age of 22.

Robert Franklin Conaway (4-5-1-12), born October 13, 1919, married Garnet Stephens, daughter of George Stephens, August 5, 1939, lives in Wheeling, and has one child, Robert Franklin, Jr.

John W. Conaway (4-5-2), born about 1864, was killed in the mine explosion at Newburg in 1886. He was not married.

Cora Conaway (4-5-3), born about 1865, married John Morgan Freeman, son of John William Freeman, in 1883. He lost his life in the mine explosion at Newburg, January 21, 1886. His wife died in 1889. Children: (1) Clarence Earl; and (2) John Morgan.

Clarence Earl Freeman (4-5-3-1), born November 10, 1884, married Ava E. Cunningham, daughter of Martin L. Cunningham, November 3, 1904, and lives at Reynoldsville, West Virginia. Children: (1) Mabel and (2) Cora Euphamy.

Mabel Pearl Freeman (4-5-3-1-1) married Kenneth Ashcraft, son of Adolph Ashcraft, February 16, 1924, and lives near Wolf Summit. She has two children.

John Morgan Freeman (4-5-3-2), born May 22, 1886, has been twice married, lives at Glendale, West Virginia, and has no children.

Ida Belle Conaway (4-5-4), born October 9, 1868, married John Walker Saunders, son of B. F. Saunders, April 24, 1890, and lives at 1614 Pike Street, Clarksburg. Her husband died on the 18th of July, 1937. Children: (1) Elsie Dean; (2) Orgie Ray, died in childhood; (3) Gladys Frankie; (4) Hobart Emmens; (5) Mollie Kathryn; (6) Jeanette Rhoda, died single; (7) Virginia Harriet; <8> Ray Stanley; and (9) Dennis Ra1ph.

Elsie Dean Saunders (4-5-4-1), born March 29, 1891, married William Henry Snyder, Jr., son of William Henry Snyder, March 21, 1911, and lives at 1637 Marshall St. Benwood, West Virginia. She has one daughter, who married Kenneth Henderson.

Gladys Frankie Saunders (4-5-4-3) born September 21 1894 married David Charles Henry, son of William Henry, April 21, 1919, lives at McMechen and has no children.
Hobart Emmens Saunders (4-5-4-4), born September 16, 1896, mar—

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red Dessie Parrish, daughter of Newton D. Parrish, and lived at Shinnston till his death on the 24th of December, 1937. He had two children.

Mollie Kathryn Saunders (4—5-4-5), born October 31, 1898, married I. Frank Haller, son of Watson Haller, April 20, 1921, and lives at 1614 West Pike Street, Clarksburg. Children: (1) Mary Jane; (2) Betty Lou; and (3) Peggy.

Mary Jane Haller (4-5-4-5-1), born March 7, 1923, married Edward Rebrook, son of Edward Rebrook, November 12, 1940, and lives in Clarksburg.

Virginia Harriet Saunders (4-5-4-7), born December 7, 1905, married William Ogden, son of Clyde Ogden, October 16, 1926, and lives at Shinnston. Children: (1) Dorothy Irene; (2) Phyllis Jane; (3) Helen Margaret; (4) Donna Lou; (5) Rebecca Sue; and (6) Richard Dale.

Ray Stanley Saunders (4-5-4-8), born June 27, 1907, married Margaret Harbert, daughter of Nathan G. Harbert, September 2, 1933, and lived at Shinnston till his death on the 31st of March, 1937. No children.

Dennis Ralph Saunders (4-5-4-9), born September 14, 1910, married Grace Squires, daughter of Raleigh Squires, September 2, 1933, and lives at Enterprise. Children: (1) Ralph Edward; (2) infant son, died in infancy; and (3) Mary Lou.

James Conaway (4-5-5), born about 1870, married Laura Green and died several years ago. Children: (1) James, Jr., died young; (2) William; and (3) Lydia May.

William Conaway (4-5-5-2) served in the World War and died in France after the armistice was signed.

Lydia May Conaway (4-5-5-3) married William Johns. After his death she married a Pavolic and was living a few years ago in Gary, Indiana. Children: (1) Katherine May; (2) Betty Lee; (3) James Franklin; (4) William Joseph; (5) Thomas Lawrence; (6) Jack Evan; and (7) Lydia Belle. These are all of the first marriage. She has two or three by the second marriage.

Francis Marion Conaway (4-5-6), born October, 1872, married Iona McCloud, daughter of W. M. McCloud, October 26, 1899, and lives at 533 Chestnut Street, Clarksburg. Some of his children are: (1) John; (2) Ruth; (3) Agnes; (4) Farrie Virginia; and (5) Irna.

John Conaway (4-5-6-1), born in 1902, married Edna May Freeland, June 28, 1936.

Ruth Conaway (4-5-6-2), born September 7, 1905, married Fred Brady Johnson, son of Henry Johnson, September 9, 1927.

Farrie Virginia Conaway (4-5-6—3), born in 1910, married Denver C. Queen, August 4, 1928, and lives in Clarksburg.

Mollie Conaway (4-5-7), born November 3, 1874, married John W.

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Freeman, Jr., son of E. A. Freeman, August 19, 1894. He died on the 14th of June, 1901; and she afterwards, March 14, 1904, married William Allen Rader, son of George A. Rader, and lives at Spelter, West Virginia. Children: (1) Mona Dale Freeman; (2) Ruby Willa Freeman; (3) Lonnie Eugene Rader; (4) Blanche Rader, died in childhood; (5) James Earl Rader; and (6) Richard Claude Rader.

Mona Dale Freeman (4-5-7-1), born February 3, 1897, married Harris Henry, April 13, 1919, and lived at Spelter at the time of her death on the 1st of February, 1929. Children: (1) Charles Evan; and (2) Lois Minnette.

Ruby Willa Freeman (4-5-7-2), born November 10, 1901, married Shafter Drummond, son of Stephen A. Drummond, October 4, 1919, and lives at Spelter. Children: (1) Robert Austin; (2) Lucille Eileen, died in childhood; (3) Eugene Allen; (4) Donald Jack, died in infancy; (5) Marybelle, died in childhood; (6) Stephen Edward; and (7) Shafter Roy.

Lonnie Eugene Rader (4-5-7-3), born February 3, 1905, married Hattie G. Barker, daughter of John Barker, July 6, 1924, and lives at Spelter. Children: (1) Gerald Vance; (2) Richard Allen; (3) Patricia Ann; and (4) Dorsey Lee.

James Earl Rader (4-5-7-5), born July 6, 1909, married Geneva Barbara Kesling, daughter of Huston E. Kesling, February 20, 1929, and lives at Spelter. Children: (1) Blanche Jeannette; (2) Lida May; (3) James Earl, Jr.; and (4) William Huston.

Richard Claude Rader (4-5-7-6), born September 21, 1911, married Dorothy V. Michael, daughter of Floyd E. Michael, June 5, 1935, and lives at Spelter. Children: (1) Richard Claude, Jr.; and (2) Winona.

Robert Riley Conaway (4-5-8), born February 16, 1877, married Dora Isabella Walker, daughter of Joseph Walker, May 17, 1899, and lived at Shinnston. He died on the 28th of February, 1930; his wife, on the 5th of February, 1931. Children: (1) Beatrice Irene; (2) Nora Lillian; (3) Hugh Richard; and (4) Violet Virginia.

Beatrice Irene Conaway (4-5-8-1), born November 12, 1900, married Joseph Frank Rowand, Jr., son of Joseph Frank Rowand, October 18, 1934, lives at Shinnston, and has no children.

Nora Lillian Conaway (4-5-8-2), born March 5, 1902, married William Clyde Johnson, son of James Thomas Johnson, April 19, 1921, and lives at Everettsville, West Virginia. Children: (1) Robert Dale; and (2) Betty Elaine.

Hugh Richard Conaway (4-5-8-3), born August 17, 1910, married Mary Madeline Cline, daughter of Floyd Cline, February 10, 1934, and lives in Fairmont. His only child is Robert Ronald.

Violet Virginia Conaway (4-5-8-4), born September 2, 1913, married Ray Duane Martin, Jr., son of Ray Duane Martin, June 2, 1940, and lives at 611 Houston Ave., Cleveland, Ohio.



  1. My full name is Eugene Robert Poole. I am the son of Jack William Poole and Kathryn Helen Cole Poole Clough. In addition to William Leonard Poole, I have two other siblings, James Victor Poole and Krystal Kathleen Poole. William and James are both deceased, as is our father. Krystal and our mother live in Lakeview Terrace, California. I currently live in Torrance California.

    I am also the great grandson of Frederick William Conaway Snodgrass.

    Thank you for putting this information on the internet. I now know that my paternal grandfather was George W. Poole, a fact that I had no knowledge of prior to reading it here.

    I would be interested in learning where I can trace the George W. Poole lineage further.

    Comment by Bob | June 5, 2009 | Reply

  2. Do you have history on Barrackville Wv?If you do would you please Email it to me? Thank You very much.

    Comment by Clara Hoy | February 11, 2010 | Reply

  3. this is to long and it doesnt really say much i can read fast and this took me all day to do lmao!!!

    Comment by kristina thompson | May 28, 2010 | Reply

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