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William and Dwight Sapp Biography Knox County Ohio


Dwight E. Sapp is a typical representative of the progressive American spirit which has wrought such a rapid and wonderful development in this country. Energy, industry and a laudable ambition form the basis of his career and have proved a strong foundation upon which to rear the superstructure of his success. He is not only well-known as an able practicing attorney at Mount Vernon, but is connected with many corporations, which not only return good dividends to the stockholders but are also of value to the communities with which they are connected.

Mr. Sapp was born in Mount Vernon in 1863 and is a son of William C. Sapp, a retired merchant of this city. His paternal grandfather, Levi Sapp, was a native of Maryland and from that state emigrated westward in 1805, continuing his journey until he reached Knox county, Ohio. Here he secured a tract of land in Union township, whereon he continued to engage in agricultural pursuits until his retirement from business life. He then removed to Mount Vernon, where throughout his remaining days he enjoyed a well-earned rest. He was an active pioneer who took a prominent part in the early development and improvement of the county, doing all in his power to advance its interests.

In his business affairs he was also energetic and resolute and became one of the prosperous farmers of the community. He wedded Mary Colopy, of Union township, a daughter of Jacob Colopy, one of the earliest settlers of Knox county. Unto Levi and Mary (Colopy) Sapp were born ten children, namely:
William C., the father of our subject;
L. W., a successful practicing physician of Cleveland, Ohio;
J. A., who served as a surgeon in the Civil war and is now a physician of Salina, Ohio;
Julius B., who was a soldier in the war of the Rebellion and is now practicing dentistry in Cleveland, Ohio;
Solomon, who was also a soldier in the same war, and was long identified with the United States postal service, serving as postmaster of Mount Vernon during the Harrison and Cleveland administrations;
Amanda, the wife of Dr. F.W. Wernette, of Coshocton, Ohio;
Martha F., wife of Colonel L. G. Hunt, of Mount Vernon;
Lucinda, the widow of John Durbin, a prosperous farmer of Union township, Knox county;
Sarah A., widow of J. W. Bradfield, an ex-commissioner of Knox county; and
George Sapp, who lives on the old home place in Union township.

William C. Sapp, the father of our subject, was born on the old family homestead in Union township in 1828 and, leaving the farm, became identified with mercantile interests in Mount Vernon prior to 1860. He gave close attention to business and his honorable policy and earnest desire to please secured to him a liberal patronage, which he enjoyed until his retirement to private life in 1880. He was married, in 1801, to Miss Francis P. Sapp, daughter of Dr. Enoch Sapp, who for many years was a practicing physician of Coshocton, Ohio.

He married Ruth Shaw, a daughter of one of the pioneer settlers of Ohio, who came from Maryland. The Doctor was a son of Daniel Sapp, who laid out the town of Danville, Knox county, which was named in his honor. He was a magistrate of the county for many years and was a leading and influential citizen in local affairs, his opinion being a potent force in molding public thought and action. In addition to Dr. Enoch Sapp his children were as follows:
-Major William R. Sapp, now deceased, who for many years was a prominent attorney of the county and also held many offices of public trust, being internal revenue collector through a long period,while for several terms he also represented his district in congress;
-John, of Knox county, now deceased, who was the father of Colonel William F. Sapp, who commanded a regiment in the Civil war and was afterward for several terms prosecuting attorney of Knox county, whence with his wife, a daughter of Colonel Brown, he removed to Council Bluffs, Iowa, where for many years he successfully practiced law and for a number of terms represented his district in congress.

It will thus be seen that on both the paternal and maternal sides the Sapps have been prominent people in whatever communities they have resided and have won distinguished honors in both military and professional circles. Dwight E. Sapp was an only son, but has a sister, Estelle, the wife of William E. Fisher. They formerly resided in Mount Vernon, but are now living in London, England.

After leaving the common schools Dwight E. Sapp continued his education in Kenyon College, where he was a member of the class of 1884. Leaving college he began the study of law under Colonel W.C. Cooper, of Mount Vernon, and later was a student in the law office of the firm of McClelland & Culbertson, attorneys of this city. In 1887 he was admitted to the bar and the same year was appointed county recorder, to which position he was afterward elected for two subsequent terms, serving from 1888 until 1894.

In the latter year he began the practice of law alone in Mount Vernon and in April, 1900, he entered into partnership with H. C. Devin, under the firm name of Sapp & Devin. They have a large clientage of an important character and rank high at the bar of Knox county. Mr. Sapp is also connected with many important business concerns. He is a director of the Knox National Bank, of Mount Vernon, president of the Coshocton Gas Company, counsel for and director of the Millersburg, Wooster and Orrville Telephone Company, director of the Hillsboro Light , Fuel and Power Company, secretary of the Central Ohio Electric Railway Company and secretary and treasurer of the Sunbury & Galena Telephone Company. He has done much toward the development of the gas and telephone industries in this portion of the state —two branches of business which are widely acknowledged to be of signal importance and benefit to the communities with which they are connected.

In 1895 Mr. Sapp married Miss Alice Evelyn Thompson, of Mount Auburn, Cincinnati, a daughter of Frank and Anna (Reakirt) Thompson. Her father was for many years engaged in a wholesale business in Cincinnati and during his life occupied many positions of public trust. He was one of the first residents of Mount Auburn. His widow is still living and is a representative of an old and prominent family of that por-tion of the state. The marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Sapp has been blessed with one child, Allen. The warm-hearted and cordial hospitality of their home is enjoyed by their many friends in Mount Vernon, where they are widely and favorably known.

In his political views Mr. Sapp is an active and earnest Republican and socially he is identified with the Masonic fraternity. Varied and important are the business interests to which he has given his attention and the number of these is indicative of the ability and character of the man—resolute, determined, far-sighted and with strict regard to the ethics of business life. He is a valued factor in the community and ranks among the leading and influential citizens of the county with which his ancestors have been identified from the beginning of the nineteenth century.

Page 48-50

The Biographical Record of Knox County Ohio, Illustrated, Lewis Publ Co, Chicago, 1902

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