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Fleming William (John, Archibald, Alexander and Isabel McKnith) Will Abstract Monongalia County

Will dated 10 Oct, 1849

Will probated January 1853

Nancy Fleming, wife;

James & William, sons; John Rogers Fleming, son;

John Franklin Fleming, son; Mary Ann Fleming, daughter; Volinda Jackson, daughter;

Isabella Henderson, daughter


John Rogers, Mathias Tilton, James H. Rogers


Nancy Fleming, John Rogers Fleming

Film 250081 (LDS) Monongalia Wills Typescript

Will Book 1 page 63

William’s wife was Nancy Donaldson, married 8 Jun 1815

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  1. Hi Chuck,

    Exactly what is Alexander Fleming’s (m. Isabel McKnith)relationship to Wm. Fleming & Jane (Jean) Frame? I thought they might be brothers but Alexander is not mentioned as a brother.


    Comment by Sue Howell | January 14, 2009 | Reply

    • They are brothers. Both were married to Jean (Jane) Frame, too. It makes for a very interesting family tree. Brand mentions them as brothers in his book, so does Don Norman a researcher I respect a lot who posts online. Alexander and Jane didn’t have children, though. After Isabel and William died I just think the older Alexander and Jane saw a lot of sense in keeping the family lands in the family and they already were comfortable with each other . Not really that uncommon in those days but today we find it disconcerting. Just like all the cousin marriages then. People gasp today but then it was simply survival and keeping hard to get and essential for living properties in the same family, as well as the lack of alternatives on the frontier. As the population in a region expands the 1st and 2nd cousin marriages always die out.

      Comment by Grandpockets | January 18, 2009 | Reply

  2. I recently found some information that said Alexander was William’s half brother.
    I think Alexander was the son of William Fleming & Jane Clark who married aft 1710. Jane must have died soon after Alexander was born because Wm. then married Martha N.

    William was the son of William Fleming & Martha N. who married 5 Dec 1714.
    This seems to make sense to me. Jane must have died before 1714. This would explain why Alexander’s birth date is before their marriage.

    Also, I often find some websites which say that Jean Frame was married to BOTH Wm. Fleming, b. 1717 AND his father, Wm. Fleming, b. 1691. The father never left Scotland and she never went to Scotland. This MUST be an error, but it seems like no one corrects it.

    Another thought.

    Also, it looks like Jean died less than 1 month after having Benoni in 1768.
    She had children with Wm. from 1745 to 1768 when she died.
    Alexander had children with Isabel McKnith from about 1740 to aft 1750. It does not seem possible for her to have been married to both brothers.

    Am I just confused, or could I be right?

    Comment by Sue Howell | November 5, 2011 | Reply

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